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Are you a fan of US cosmetics like me? Do you regularly shop from US websites and pay a ton for shipping fees? Well, recently I made a purchase of mixed Colourpop and Girlactik cosmetics via MyUS and I’d like to share about their services!

How MyUS Worksscreen-shot-2016-12-21-at-3-55-50-am screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-3-55-59-am

Save on shipping costs when you order regularly from US websites! 

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-3-57-06-am Find the best plan for your shipping needs!

My readers get an awesome MyUS discount – when you sign up here, you’ll receive a 30-day free premium membership trial:   



When you’ve got your items delivered to your MyUS designated address, you’ve got to log into your dashboard to create ship request!screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-3-28-28-pmMake sure your items from various sites are consolidated, click the green “Create Ship Request”.screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-3-29-16-pm

And then you’ll come to this confirmation page! For any other questions you can head to this FAQ page!screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-3-30-08-pmI’ve been looking at Colourpop cosmetics’ IG page recently….collage_fotor1

So I was ecstatic when they finally arrived! My Colourpop cosmetic came delicately wrapped up by MyUS with paper cushion and within another carton! You don’t have to worry about precious items or eyeshadow or highlighter makeup shattering during the delivery process! colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0003

So cool that it even comes with a hand signed postcard!colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0000

Happy to open my Colourpop parcel! <3colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0001My purchase list!colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0002

Colourpop and Girlatik makeup haul! <3
colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0009 colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0011 colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0012

L-R:Girlactik Luxe, Colourpop: November, Femme, Baracuda, Love Bug, Time Square, Viper. I bold the 3 colours I super love. I literally wore November all November long, lol.colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0010Colourpop Foursome Zingara – Fall perfect colours!

And 2 really trendy dusty rose in matte and shimmer; Brady and Muse!

colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0014 colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0015 colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0016L-R: Paradox, Seeker, Elixir, Jinxie, Muse and Brady.colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0017

Wearing Time Square – no filters!
colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0004 colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0005

Wearing November, and the Zingara Quad eyeshadows! Nice? 🙂colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0006 colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0007 colourpop-us-online-shopping-made-easy-with-myus-enabalista_0008

Hope you’ve found this post useful, happy US shopping! There’s sure to be tons of year end sales, time to stock up on products and make new purchases! 😉

Thank you Allison + Partners and MyUS for making this post possible.



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