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Rue Madame, All things French and Fabulous

This is a guest post contributed by Sabrina from Rue Madame, I trust that you will enjoy the post, while you gain insights on the French style boutique! 😉

I know that when I’m feeling for some Parisian inspiration, the one stop shop has to be Rue Madame. The French style boutique has an incredible selection of French fashion designers, European and US designers all showing their own individuality. A Parisian heaven in one super cute boutique! The store has an inviting presence with colorful pieces that I just want to go through every single piece. Just incase I find that extra special piece.

RM Store

What really caught my eye was the Figurine Doll Necklaces by Servane Gaxotte! I have never seen anything like them, they are so adorable and I am obsessed! It’s handmade and no doubt a cute statement piece that is stylishly chic and playful. I could wear it with anything, even with a nice plain white t shirt so that the doll pops out more.

servaneg servanegaxotte

Spring is a time where I can express my feminine side with fancy frills and floral fun.  I especially love the flirty off shoulder pieces they carry, and I know that it’s going to be a massive hit this Spring. Valerie Khalfon does an elegant collection of the off shoulder that is decorated with floral embroidery. So feminine and girly and perfect for Spring. 

The boutique has a true Parisian feel to it and offers something for everyone. All collections are one of a kind and handpicked by Rue Madame in order to stand out from the rest. Even better yet they have now officially launched their online shop I know I’ll be visiting more often now.

Thank you Sabrina and Rue Madame for making this guest post possible.

Project Facelift: Helpling lends a helping hand to Boon Lay residents

Hi Loves! 

Today I’d like to share a guest post from my friends from Helping. I’m really happy to be sharing what they’ve done, in doing their part and contributing to society. Hope you’ll enjoy the post!

Between SG50 celebrations, a national election and battling the haze, it’s been a hectic couple of months in Singapore. With so much happening across the island, and so little time to do it all, it goes without saying that Singapore’s residents have been very busy!

But amidst all the commotion, we sometimes forget about what motivates us in the first place to do the things we do. Take Helpling, for example, which provides a platform for customers to book part-time cleaning services. The company has its beginnings as a community project to help locals in lower-income households find part-time domestic cleaning jobs. These values remain a core part of Helpling, with many of its cleaning partners from low-income households, or unable to take a full-time job because of elderly or childcare responsibilities.

So in July, Helpling contacted Boon Lay constituency’s grassroots organisers to participate in its Project Facelift. Helpling Singapore CEO Hoe Yeen Teck and his team, together with some of their cleaning partners and volunteers, spent a day cleaning the homes of low-income residents with health and mobility issues.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.18.58 pm

It was an important reminder for the staff and volunteers, especially in the 50th year of independence, that while Singapore is an economically advanced and prosperous country, many Singaporeans could still do with support. Many of Helpling’s cleaning partners themselves come from underprivileged backgrounds, so it was doubly meaningful for them to participate in Project Facelift.

Yeen Teck said, “The most memorable part of the day was not so much the scrubbing and cleaning, but the humbling conversations we had with residents and the heartwarming stories by our cleaning partners about overcoming their own challenges.”

And it wasn’t just the Helpling staff who were touched. One of Helpling’s cleaning partners added, “I am able to relate very well to what these residents are facing. I enjoy helping others, and I am glad for this chance to give back.”

Participating in Project Facelift was a great experience for everyone involved, especially for the Helpling team to experience the values behind its service, while assisting those in need of a helping hand. You can watch the Project Facelift video below.

Helpling is an online cleaning services platform in Singapore. Hire a legal and experienced part-time cleaner through Helpling from just $18 per hour.

Thank you James & Helping for the post. Kudos and well done to team Helping for bringing smiles to the residents of Boon Lay as part of Project Facelift!



SK-II’s #ChangeDestiny Campaign, From Lawyer to Fashion Designer

This post is sponsored by The 7th Chamber.

Hi Loves!

Do you believe that you have the power to change your destiny?

When I look back at my old self, I’m glad that I’ve dared to take the path less travelled. I decided to go to LASALLE College of the Arts when most of my peers went to the top 3 local universities. I dared to take up extra real estate classes and eventually obtained my property agent license while I was juggling with classes and extra-curriculum activities. And even now, sometimes I wonder why do I tire myself out with property, blogging and extra passive income businesses – and I always come back to the realization that I can’t give up on any of these activities because I am passionate about what I am doing and i know that I am working towards my dreams and my future.

So, when I found out about SK-II’s latest campaign #ChangeDestiny that aims to inspire women around the world to pursue a life that they are passionate and happy with, it really struck a chord with me. I love how SK-II dares to take women around the world literally beyond the skin and into their hearts. Inspire and ignite their dreams and passions once again.

SK-II #ChangeDestiny Ong Shanmugan 002 SK-II #ChangeDestiny Ong Shanmugan 001

Priscilla Shunmugam decided to leave her job as a lawyer to pursue her true calling to be a fashion designer. She bravely changed her own destiny regardless of the little ‘dictators’ in her life. Watch Priscilla’s inspiring video here:

I don’t make it known on my blog or across my social media, but I always aspire to inspire my readers and followers with every blog/IG/FB post. Whether it’s a photo or a caption, I hope to bring a smile to your face and/or increase the zeal you have for your life. I want you to know that the woman in the SK-II video can be you, too. You don’t necessarily have to leave a lawyer job and become a fashion designer to #ChangeDestiny. If you feel that you have neglected your dreams, I hope this post inspires you to believe that you can and take that first step of faith in living the life you’ve always wanted. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – your destiny awaits you.

For more inspiring stories on this movement, you can check out SK-II’s site here:



Face Your Inner Demons // DEPRESSION Spring Summer 2015 @ DFW2014

DEPRESSION introduced their SS 2015 collection titled “Inner Demons” to much applause at Digital Fashion Week 2014. I love the womenswear in this very street style chic collection and would totes wear all of them out. DEPRESSION is arguably Singapore’s most recognisable local label and that is undoubtedly testament to the super duo Kenny & Andrew’s talent in story telling, persistent and unending efforts in introducing compelling collections every season and cross promotions with brands and celebrities. New and inspiring local designers and labels should definitely study them as a role model on how to succeed in SG and beyond. It is thus definitely well deserved that they are included in the SG50 book as one of the pride and representative of local brand and talents. Without any more further ado, check out the collection below!

Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 010 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 008 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 006 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 005Depression SS2015 DFW2014 Enabalista 002Depression SS2015 DFW2014 Enabalista 001Depression SS2015 DFW2014 Enabalista 003 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 009 Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 007

Images taken from DEPRESSION FB here and here. For the full collection album see here.

Event photos with friends:
Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 003

Dressed in NCE – Not Cool Enough, a sub label which i love from the DEPRESSION duo.Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 002

With HelenaDepression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 004

The duo, with Camy, Myke, Fenny & Smita
Depression Digital Fashion Week 2014 Enabalista 001

With Nigel & AmosKotsujuru Nabe Enabalista Blogger ReviewEnding the post off with dinner after at Bugis Junction, highly recommended Japanese dumpling soup Kotsujiru Nabe!



Ballerina Dreams with ETUDE HOUSE Dreaming Swan Collection only at Vivo City

Hi Princesses!

Today I’m super excited to share about ETUDE HOUSE new outlet opening at Vivo City! You know I’m super excited because this is not a belated post, hehe! 😛 I want to publish this post and share about the Limited Edition (LE) Dreaming Swan collection which is released ONLY at the new Vivo City outlet before it goes out of stock! OK, enough with introductions, let’s go Princesses!


Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 015

Thank you ETUDE HOUSE and Touch PR for the invite and making me feel like its a Princesses’ home coming! *inserts touched crying face* <3 <3 <3

I was already super excited when I received the invitation and I’m happy to say that the store and opening launch did not disappoint!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 026

Only at the Vivo City store, you have a FULL manicure and pedicure parlour which you can have your treatments in exchange for pink coins! Spend $20 to get a pink coin and then you get to redeem your Manicure (1 or 2 depends on the type) and Pedicure (3 coins)!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 006

Similar to the Wisma Flagship store, there’s also a makeup studio and there’s a HUGE array of testers from lipsticks to mascaras to blushers to foundations and a full shelf of nail polishes, in addition to a huge counter of nail polishes!
Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 024

Here’s me with the incredibly cute puff cushion *can I have one pls* at the Pedicure area~ Thanks Sydney for this pic! :*

Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 002

In true ETUDE HOUSE style, here’s tons of cute decorations and stands ! Here’s a “K Beauty Recipe” stand with cookie blushers, Liquid lips and Magic Any foundation cushions!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 003

MORE cute decorations – featuring K-star celebrity makeup artist Pony’s Play 101 Pencil looks, super cute cushion stool, ice cream decorations, castle lightning and a full array of Gel nail polishes to play with! It’s totally #PlaywithETUDE style!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 004

Super COOL selfie/photo wall:
1. Take selfie/s alone or with friends,
2.  Choose your character,
3. Send it out/over to the screen in front of the store! 😀

THERE’S TONS OF NEW STUFF, It’s almost impossible to capture all of the happening new items, so I am just cherry picking the items that caught my eyes!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 008

NEW Lock N Summer Precious Mineral Any Cushion that is Long Lasting Proof, for summer, as the name goes! I LIKE THE SAILOR-ISH PACKAGING. IF you’re planning to get it, there’s  super Grand Opening Exclusive set where you get a FULL bracelet + charms free, how wonderful!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 009 Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 013

This new Create your Makeup Palette look totally caught my eye! Pick 3 eyeshadows and make your own palette! Super love customizable makeup! Also how cute is Pony in the Baby Doll look? If you want, you can follow the instructions and buy the 101 Play Pencils to create the same look, how helpful!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 001

DJ Jia Hui was in the house hosting and explaining as the Korean makeup artist created a soft feminine look for the model using the latest LE Dreaming Swan collection! <3Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 005

Young, sweet and lanky actress Carrie Wong came with an entourage of fans (who enthusiastically waited and cheered outside for her) and joined in the fun at the opening launch!

New ITEMS: Cherry Blossom & Rose Garden Eye Palette. SO PRETTY, the colours!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 012 Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 011

I’d personally go for the Rose Garden, only because I already have a pink eyeshadow set at home – plus the coral colour for the Rose Garden set is UNIQUE.

Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 010

These chuby Bling Bling eyeshadow pens caught my eyes!!! I’d opt for Ivory Baby (middle colour) but I decided to go with a Play 101 Pencil in 4 which is a off white colour! Sorry forgot to snap a photo, but you’ll see it in my product photos later below. 🙂Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 028

Here’s a Sweet Catcher, which you can use 1 pink coin for 1 turn. I was super duper blessed and got a $50 voucher. Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 034

There’s this awesome DIY wrapping zone, spend $30 to get a chance to use this counter for free. 🙂 GREAT idea to buy and wrap gifts for friends!


Limited Edition ETUDE x KERRIE HESS NEW DREAMING SWAN collection.

Kerrie Hess is a renowned international fashion illustrator and her works are feminine and beautiful and she collaborated with ETUDE to release an enviable collection of super cute illustrations with a  ballerina theme, you’ll see!:
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 006

Limited Edition Dreaming Swan collection released in Singapore includes:  5 Eye & Cheek colours, 5 Lip colours, 1 Veiling Pact, 3 Any Cushion Cases, 1 Swan Pouch.

Close Ups:Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 004

Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 005 Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 003 Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 007

Swatches, these colours are slightly pastel when swatched, and even more pastel when applied on the lips – at least for the coral one which I have tried.  I like Jete Pink and En Haute Pink cause I am naturally drawn to pinks as they are more wearable for daily use and  I shall stop obsessing over dark pinks (the Arabesque Pink which I have 101 similar colours at home)! This collection of lipsticks are more matte in texture and thus not as moisturizing as the typical Dear My Wish Lips Talk collection. BUT OH SO CUTE CASING. I have this urge to go and buy another lipstick (after visiting the new store 2 times in 3 days) just because, you know, cute casing. SIGH. #lipstickobsession #suckerforcutepackaging

Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 001

I like the Eye & Cheek blusher in this no3. Arabesque Rosy too!Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 008

SO, my second time in the store on Sunday, I GOT THE LAST Eye & Cheek in no.5 in En Haute Pink. LAST PIECE = DESTINY. (Even thought I quite clearly liked no.3 the first time I went. Girls.)

I forgot to snap a picture of the brush sample, but the brush from this collection is also out of stock! So fans will have to hope and wait for restock, if any!
Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 014

There’s 2 sets of nail colours for this collection too! I picked out the Peach set. 🙂

Have I mentioned how every where in store is super photogenic with wonderful lightings for selfies? 😀Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 016

With Roanna & Sydney~Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 018

With Celine!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 019

Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 020

With Celine, Syd & Roanna~Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 021

With Rachel, Cheryl, Alethea & Celine!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 025

With Alene, Roanna (cute lips!) & Jerlene!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 027

With Jolynn!

Now on to the pretty product~

Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 002

Dreaming Swan Collection in Pointe Coral for the lipstick and Eye & Cheek blusher. In case you’re wondering, the pink case is a special media gift and the pink ice cream fan is a gift with purchase. 🙂
Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 023More cute makeup featuring Cushion Blusher in coral and pink!! Spot the edible Precious Mineral Any Cushion macaron~ 😛

Celine & I went back on Sunday to redeem our $50 voucher that we each won from the opening day!

Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 035

We were coincidentally both dressed in coral peach! 😀Vivocity HK Cafe Rickshaw Noodles

And we both love HK cafe’s Rickshaw noodles! YUM.

MORE GOODIES:Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 009

The full Dreaming Swan Collection (I have so far) in addition to the Pointe Coral lipstick and blusher, I have the light coral nails set & blusher in no.5 en haut pink (hot pink)! The special media gift pink train case is super cute right?Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 010

Got to say that the blusher colours are super on trend! I super love the cute puff applicator!
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 011

Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek in no.5 en haut pink (hot pink).Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 012

Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek in no.3 Pointe Coral.Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 013

The nail polish set comes with special prints on the cap & diamond stickers.Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 014

The adorable lipstick casing & packaging!Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 015

The Swan Pouch and the inner fabric tray – fits a Lipstick and Eye & Cheek set perfectly.Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 016

Lovely ballerina and ribbon details on the pouch.
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 017

The Dreaming Swan collection as featured above + the cushion casing in Pointe Coral, Play 101 pencil in 4 and nail polish peel off base, eye mask, foundation and lip tint samples. <3 <3 <3
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 018

Am also giving away 3 sets of ETUDE charms on my IG/FB – check out my accounts to find how to win. 😉Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 019

The paper bag is SO PRETTY, it’s absolutely frame worthy!
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 020It looks great with my coral outfit too! 😀

Hope you enjoyed the opening launch and Dreaming Swan collection and visuals as much as I do, hurry go down to buy your desired items before its OOS!

Good luck girls!

Thanks again to ETUDE HOUSE Singapore and Touch PR for the Princess treatment!

Before I end off, quick shoutout to Blacklane for giving Celine and I a sweet ride to Vivo City! If you’re looking for a professional driver to chauffeur you, your business partner or VIP guest, simply go to their website and follow the easy steps to complete your booking. It’s best to book 24 hours in advance to get a confirmed booking. You can have a personalized message and enjoy great service from the driver too!

Enabalista Blacklane Chaffeur Blogger Review 001 Enabalista Blacklane Chaffeur Blogger Review 002 Enabalista Blacklane Chaffeur Blogger Review 003 Enabalista Blacklane Chaffeur Blogger Review 004

Have a great week ahead loves!



Why Is Singapore such a magnet for influential businesses?



Hi Loves!

Today I have an interesting article to share on my blog. Read on to find out the history and how Singapore came to become a magnet for influential businesses, enjoy! 🙂

Why is SIngapore a Business Magnet

For the past nine years, the Economist Business Unit has voted Singapore the world’s best place to do business. But what has made it such a magnet for companies from all corners of the globe?

Historically, Singapore’s geographical location was strategically important. Sir Stamford Raffles established a British East India trading post here in 1819. For the British, the city-state became both a trading center and key naval base, essential to maintaining control of its vast empire.

In more recent times, as international trade began to flourish, the government of Singapore took steps to capitalize on the state’s historical position as a hub for trade, not only within Asia, but also globally. In the 1960s, the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) was formed and tasked with attracting international businesses to the country. The next step was for the EDB to persuade foreign investors to help fund the establishment of export oriented businesses by first setting up offices in New York and Hong Kong, and later in Europe, Asia and the US.

With Singapore’s reputation for its reliable and skilled workforce, the EDB went on to raise global awareness of Singapore’s technological expertise by establishing links with Japanese, French and German technical institutions. The government, the EDB and the National Research Foundation have together been extremely successful in identifying new trends and technological developments in global commerce, international banking and finance and have continued to ensure the country possesses the expertise and infrastructure necessary to take maximum advantage of them.

By investing heavily in infrastructure projects and encouraging the construction of world-class hotels, retail centers and high quality housing, the government has also attracted highly skilled professionals and international entrepreneurs to settle here and establish locally based high-tech companies. The importance of persuading influential business leaders to relocate to the country cannot be underestimated. The mere fact that people of this stature have chosen to move here sends out a strong message to the rest of the world that Singapore is a great place to live and do business in. Words and phrases you commonly hear to describe the country include diverse, safe, multicultural, low taxes, cutting edge, relaxed and stable.

 Typical of the businessmen and women who have taken up residence in the state is Kuwait born and University of Washington educated Fahad Al-Rajaan. Chairman of Wafra Investments Group Inc. and Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium KSC, along with a number of other banks and financial institutions, he is ideally placed to spread the word about the benefits of investing in Singapore. An insight into his range of influence can be found by checking out Wikileaks – Fahad Al-Rajaan.

Two of the wealthiest individuals you may have heard of are brothers Robert and Philip Ng, whose Far East Organization and Sino Group is worth some US$4.6b. Their multinational business encompasses property development in Australia and Hong Kong, though they are currently investing US$328m in two new hotels on an ex-military barracks site on Sentosa.

Another name you may be familiar with is the Brazilian born co-founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin. Having renounced his US citizenship in 2012, he now lives here in Singapore, where he specializes in investing in international technology startup ventures.

Singapore has not become a world class financial and business center entirely by accident. A natural harbor located at the crossroads of global maritime trading routes was fundamental to the initial growth of the country. However, having a government with the vision to recognize future business trends, then enacting the legislation necessary to attract foreign entrepreneurs and multinational companies, and investing vast amounts in improving the state’s infrastructure have all combined to make Singapore the commercial powerhouse it is today.

True Beauty Without Photoshop #ChezVousBeautyIsReal #TheRealMe

Hi Loves!

It’s no secret that I always love and enjoy my trips to Chez Vous hair salon. Their service is attentive, friendly and has a personal touch. I’m also thankful to them for my happy tresses! As such, I’m so happy for Chez Vous as they’re launching their latest and new campaign, #ChezVousBeautyIsReal to celebrate the true beauty of real women!

Check out this video that shows how the same woman can look incredibly gorgeous in real life, the same as she would if she goes through photoshop – why digitally alter your image when you can look this good in person? Pick #ChezVousBeautyIsReal, pick #TheRealMe!

To reaffirm Chez Vous’s commitment to natural beauty, here’s a series of Photography created by Chez Vous to proving that beauty is attainable, tangible and empowering.

Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 001 Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 002 Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 003 Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 004 Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 005These image sets show that the same beautiful model may look plainer without all the makeup, costumes and hairdo – but with Chez Vous, you can look beautiful, naturally & confidently.

Chez Vous would like to invite YOU to their upcoming  #ChezVousBeautyIsReal Event! 

As one of the pioneers in the local beauty sphere, Chez Vous’ vision has remained steadfast since its inception – to inspire possibilities through the 100% reliability and expertise of their accomplished hair maestros to bring out each customer’s true personality and glamour. In other words, we keep it real.

In an unprecedented move, on the 7th June 2015, Chez Vous offers every woman, regardless of age and race, the opportunity to experience a full makeover session when they visit Chez Vous @ Ngee Ann City. Every customer is guaranteed no photoshopping and no digital enhancements, just pure pampering bliss. This will be a journey of positive transformation that is real and will hopefully change how women perceive true beauty. While there are no restrictions on the number of people entering the salon, the sessions will be subject to the availability of beauty consultants. 

The one day makeover event will take place at the Chez Vous hair salon and will see an attendance of 100 – 150 people, and each makeover participant will get a before, during and after photograph taken of them. Different booths set up at the salon will also include treats for:


  • Hair care & Styling Tips & Tricks
  • Wash & Style

*Not inclusive of haircut; chemical services or treatments

Make Up / Skincare:

  • Make Up & Skincare Tips & Tricks
  • Make Up


  • Fashion styling tips & tricks


  • Before & after photos

Chez Vous Salon, 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City #05-05.
Book your 7th June, Sunday to visit Chez Vous with your girlfriend or partner! 😉

All images and information credits to Chez Vous.



SFW 2015: Harper’s Bazaar’s Asia New Gen Fashion Designer Award 2015 Happening This Sat

Hi Loves!

It’s time for Singapore Fashion Week again!

If you haven’t, check out the video compilation of the awesome designs from last year’s designers! I personally liked the Harper’s Bazaar’s Asia New Gen Fashion Designer Award designs better then the Star Creations. As the designs were more wearable and commercially viable – I wanted to wear a lot of the designs! 😀

More about the Harpers Bazaar’s Asia New Gen Fashion Designer 2015,  the winner of the competition will be awarded a scholarship for a Master’s degree in fashion from the prestigious Istituto Marangoni (worth GBP26,700; about $56,430) in either its Paris, London or Milan campuses. He or she will also have the opportunity to retail their collection to a global market through online retailer, Inverted Edge. Over and above all this, the winner and all 10 finalists’ collections will be showcased in the five sponsoring Asian editions of Harper’s BAZAAR.

Since 2013, the top finalists from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore have received immeasurable publicity and support from the industry: From having their collections featured in the pages of the magazine, to getting the opportunity to showcase them at Fashion Weeks in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and more around the region.

The five editors from Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam will be on the judging panel in this regional competition. The finalists would be judged on the following criteria to ensure they have what it takes to succeed on a global scale: 1) Imagination and originality 2) Consistency 3) Technical knowledge in garment construction 4) Commercial viability of their designs and 5) Business and marketing acumen.

I’m looking forward to see the designers and their designs come this Saturday!



IKEA Project: One Night Without Lights


Hi Loves!

A group of bloggers, including myself are part of this blogger program which will include interesting activities each month and we were also given a tour of IKEA store at Tampines. If you haven’t read about the in depth and intimate tour, read it here.

As part of the blogger program, every month we’ll be given a gift card to make purchases from IKEA to fulfil our task for the month. For the month of January, we were given the task to experience what life is like for one night without lights, which inspired by IKEA’s current Brighter Light for Refugees campaign. As part of the campaign, for every LED light bulb sold during February 1 to March 28 2015, the IKEA Foundation will donate 1 euro to UNHCR. The funds generated will help improve access to lighting, renewable energy solutions and primary education in refugee camps across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Read more about it here.

Watch the video to find out more about this meaningful IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees campaign:

In line with the campaign about lights, from 6-8 February 2015, bring your used halogen or incandescent lightbulbs to the IKEA store for a 1 to 1 light bulb exchange. Up to 3 lightbulbs per person and exchange is limited to the first 1000 bulbs per day. 

So what is a night without light for me? As part of the #1NightWithoutLight project, IKEA gave each blogger a torch. A very special torch that’s movement operated, turn it 30 times and it will power light for 90seconds. So we’re cheating a little bit here, since I do have a torch light with me in the night. I’m not going to lie, I can’t survive my night without light. But I am going to bring you through what my night will be like, without light:

Well, when I reach home after work I usually have dinner that mum prepared or something I bought back home. Imagine me eating in the dark. Chewing on dishes without knowing it’s the meat, fish or vegetable dish I picked up until I taste it. And then I head to shower and it’s just scary and also inconvenient having to shower in the dark without being able to tell which bottle is for my facial cleanser, body soap, hair shampoo and conditioner. It’s not easy getting dressed in the dark either. When I’m back in my room, I am fumbling over which beauty product I am going to slather on my face. There’s so many products I have, skin prep lotion, moisturizer, pimple / blemish control gel. Let’s not even talk about hair maintenance, towel drying my hair isn’t a big issue, but I am too lazy to find my hair oil and apply it on my hair before I blow dry it – this is such a luxury / tedious process that without light, I would be disinclinced to do it. I know, this is absolutely #FirstWorldProblems to the max, I am not proud to admit about it here. And then there’s my nightly green tea routine. Again I am careful to walking to the kitchen, get a cup and find the green tea sachet, open it up and dispense hot water into my cup. Finally, assuming that my electricity power is still available, I run through updates on my social media before I say a quick prayer and go to sleep.

As I think through my night without lights, I am reminded of the times when I was away in Chiang Mai and Philippines, the former during a CIP trip when I was in secondary school and the latter when I visited with my church youth group. Up in the mountainous areas in Chiang Mai, water and light is precious because water is scarce and light is powered by generator(s) which requires fuel, which is not commonly available when it’s far from the city. In the Philippines, power shortages are common and therefore when I visited Laoag, which is the northern tip of Philippines, every household has torch and candles for when the power shortages happen. And when it does, everyone tends to be more careful because burglary and theft cases are more common on those nights. And I am reminded of how grateful I am whenever I return from these trips abroad; back to Singapore, back home where we take our daily water and light usage for granted. These necessities are denied from the refugees in the world, and we with our privilege, can surely do something to help them when we can.

IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees Night Without Light 004 IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees Night Without Light 001

The IKEA Ljusa LED hand driven torch, $9.90. See here.IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees Night Without Light 002

Lights up for 90 seconds. Not remarkably bright, but sufficient in the dark.IKEA Brighter Light for Refugees Night Without Light 003Just a glimpse of what it’s like for me to fumble in the dark trying to find which product I am going to use on my face/body…  >-<#

Thanks IKEA Singapore for the torch!



A Daughter’s Tribute

Hi Loves!

Sometime last year in May, I took part in Braun Buffel’s Art Competition and before the competition I was thinking of what my theme for the artwork would it. As the day of the Competition was on the weekend for Mother’s Day and my Mum’s born in the year of the Ox, I decided to dedicate my artwork to her. Titled “A Daughter’s Tribute”, my artwork is an appreciation and reminder of my Mum’s love for my family and I.

I had a lot of fun preparing for the competition beforehand and also attended the Award presentation thereafter – even though I didn’t win any of the top few titles, I still went home with a certification of participation, a Braun Buffel travel wallet and my little Braun Buffel artwork gets to travel around for the moving exhibition! 😀

I was very inspired to pick up my brushes and paint, do something creative again after dabbling a bit for this competition – in case you didn’t know, I studied and practised Art for A’s, O’s and also in Lasalle while studying for Fashion Media & Industries… 😉 I was also very inspired by the other participants’ artworks – the first place winner dressed up her Braun Buffel buffalo/artwork in rice grains – a reminder of the hard work of the farmers and the Oxen in the field as well as the Buffel founder’s efforts in missions that goes beyond fashion fads. It’s this kind of artwork that makes me think and wonder – why didn’t I think of something so deep and meaningful? 😛

Enjoy my photos from the two days as well as some random meals and encounters along the way! 😉

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 001

Bought some new materials for the competition.Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 002

Practised my ideas at home…Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 003 Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 004

Write up for my artwork “A Daughter’s Tribute”.

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 009

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 008

My blank canvas before the competition began…

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 005

Getting started on my artwork~

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 007
Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 006

“Mama” in English on one side and Chinese on another for “Mother”.

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 010 Drying the paint…Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 011

Was the first to submit my artwork!Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 012

With my artwork. 🙂

Vivo Lunch & Cafe Costa 002

After the competition, had lunch with my 2 sisters at Vivo City basement HK Cafe… love their beancurd skin! And also met Milo himself! 😛Vivo Lunch & Cafe Costa 001

Headed to Costa Coffee with my sister. We love their Mint slushie!

Braun Buffel Award Blog 010

The Award ceremony took place at ION atrium.Braun Buffel Award Blog 008

Participant’s Buffalos on display in public…
Braun Buffel Award Blog 009

Braun Buffel Award Blog 002

Some of my favourite picks…Braun Buffel Award Blog 007

Any my little Buffalo too!Braun Buffel Award Blog 006 Braun Buffel Award Blog 005

Summary of the history of Braun Buffalo.Braun Buffel Award Blog 003Braun Buffel Award Blog 001
Braun Buffel Award Blog 004

Top 3 artworks and I also snapped a picture of the first winner. Also got to speak to her to congratulate her for her brilliant concept and win. 🙂Braun Buffel Award Blog 011 Braun Buffel Award Blog 012

With Ritchie, one of the participants. 🙂Braun Buffel Award Blog 013

With the lovely ladies, MD & PR lady of Braun Buffel. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful and meaningful art competition!

Braun Buffel Award Blog 014

Braun Buffel Award Blog  1 001

For more information about the Buffel Art Project, visit their site here. Or check out Instagram #BuffelArt #BuffelArtProject and you just might find my artwork there too. 😛



Watch Coca Cola Transform Communities By Empowering Women Micro-Entrepreneurs

Hi Loves~

Today I’d like to share with you all about Coca Cola’s 5by20 initiative!


From fruit farmers to artisans to vendors, women around the world are already pillars of our business. The Coca-Cola Company is building on that foundation by implementing programs to help women entrepreneurs.
Through 5by20, Coca Cola help women to address the most common barriers to success, by giving them access to business skills training courses, financial services and connections with peers or mentors.
And their goal is the empowerment of 5 million women micro-entrepreneurs by the year 2020.

Watch how Coca Cola is transforming communities by empowering women and their businesses in the Philippines. It’s a heartwarming video and I find the stories at the Internet shop and how it’s a place for family reunions over Skype / Internet particularly touching! :’)



Spread the love this festive season with Singtel

Hi Loves!

What does Christmas mean to you?

To me, Christmas is a time for us to remember Christ’s birth and also a welcomed time to reunite with family and friends for delicious, hearty meals & fun times.

Christmas means different things to different people.

Growing up as fortunate young children, Christmas means getting gifts from our parents and relatives. As we grow older, it also means reunions and gifts exchange. For those of you who’ve entered into parenthood – it may mean playing the role of Santa and gifting to your child/children.

However not all of us are so fortunate to be able to give more to our family for the festive season. And for those of us who can, why not share the love and blessings?

With SingTel’s thoughtful and heart-warming Little Helpers initiative, this Christmas you can visit to choose from 3 tabs to explore daily “deals”, participate in “on the street” activities and “lend a hand” with the Willing Hearts and Lion Befrienders to bring some cheer to the less fortunate in our community.

I highly recommend you to visit the site, share the deals with your family & take part in the community activities with your friends!

Enjoy this festive video clip by SingTel, I especially love the little boy that answered “Binoculars” when asked what Christmas means to him and then his sister giving him this “what are you saying?!” look and squeeze. Too cute!

Thank you SingTel for letting me join your team to spread the word about this meaningful Christmas initiative! 🙂



Mane Changing Experience at Revamped Chez Vous Salon

Hi Loves !

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently had a mane changing experience; I now have shorter shoulder long hair with a red dye at the ends and beneath my hair surface.

Today I’m sharing about my experience at this marvelous salon that is the newly revamped Chez Vous hair salon!

A little history and background about Chez Vous Hair Salon before we begin. Founded by Thomas Teo & Riz Tan, they first started out at Bugis before becoming today’s 30 seat luxury salon at Ngee Ann City. Chez Vous Salon’s been around for 19 years and they’re also the only salon in Singapore with an “OHDA” policy with stands for “Only Hair Directors Allowed”. So you can rest assure that your mane is in good hands when you’re there! In fact a lot of Chez Vous’ clienteles are C-level executives, man and women who hold high level positions at work and need to maintain a professional image without any hassle.

So, Chez Vous Hair Salon’s just undergone a revamp and other than bringing in a redefined thematic layout and designer interior, part of the reason for this revamp stems from the founders & partners desire to re-inject the joy of a hair salon experience. They realized that customers are increasingly grumpy and stressed whenever they come for their hair cut and treatments, sometimes even whipping out their laptops and busy at work even while at the salon. So with this revamp, Chez Vous salon hopes that their customers can come to find joy at the salon; be pampered, feel soothed and relaxed with the services and facilities in place!


At the entrance of the salon, a wall of colourful hands welcome customers and is also symbolic of all the staff that has built Chez Vous to what it is today. Such a beautiful concept!

At the HYDRA BAR, customers can fill up with Laduree chocolates, sweets & tea, should they be required to wait when they arrive at the appointment time.

The WOW private room is decked in rainbow lights and is prepared for the most discerning of clients, it’s also fitted with hair scalp diagnosis equipment and a fully fitted room for all hair treatments.

There are 3 COCOON domes located the the center of the salon for customers who prefer a little more privacy for their treatments and makeovers.

At the back of the salon is the SPLASH room with coloured soft fabrics decking the ceiling, each Colour representing a value that the salon believes; White for Peace, Orange for Energetic, Red for Passion and Purple for Joy. 🙂

Another remarkable key design piece in the salon is this handsome wood panelled face sculpture that transforms according to the viewers’ perspective. This is evocative of Chez Vous’ experimental and innovative ways, constantly transforming and improving their skills and treatments in the hair industry that makes them one of the leading salon in Singapore.

As a show of support to the local fashion design scene, Chez Vous will also feature fashion designs from local personalities in store. At the time of my visit, they were showcasing Depression’s FW2014 designs. Coincidentally, on that very Sunday evening, I was attending Depression’s SS2015 runway at Digital Fashion Week! So I was very pleasantly surprised to find their pieces in the salon.

After a tour of the salon, I was ushered to my seat and reviewed the two books. The first serves as a guide to all the services available at the salon.


Complimentary services include wifi, Samsung tablet for games, web surfing, movies, free mobile phone charging service, pillow & newspapers.

A generous array of teas & coffees for selection. I had a latte!


You’ll find a tablet at each pod, so that each customer can be kept entertained throughout the session!


After a hair wash, hair director Jamie proceeded to chop off a substantial portion of my hair. What do you think?


A look at the Experligent Service guide book shows the types of services and treatments you can choose from, or you can simply discuss with the hair directors and they can recommend you what’s best and tailor make a treatment for you.

Next I had my hair coloured, by Slicer, whose name is inspired by “潇洒”,which roughly translates to Cool in English. He is pretty cool, isn’t he?



Then I had a hair treatment session, as per Jamie’s recommendation for my slightly dry hair.


The final result of my new hair colour & cut, under the expert hands of Jamie & Slicer! ^_^

Thanks to Eugene, Chez Vous’ brand director for giving me such a detailed tour and background of the salon and for also providing me recommendations with addresses for my upcoming trip to BKK! So thoughtful and considerate!!!


The list of recommended places to visit while at BKK.



So happy with my new hair cut & colour. ^^


The Redken shampoo & conditioner that I brought home to lock in the colours for my hair. The brown and red colours were indeed very much locked in and I didn’t have much colour fade out during the initial washes! There’s also a tub of hair masque that I didn’t capture, but it’s this really awesome hair salon grade masque given by Chez Vous that makes my hair really soft. ^^

Eugene was showing me their Amplified Hair Rebonding solution used to break the hair bonds, in PH6, unlike the usual PH9. Paper remains yellow for the PH6 solution versus paper turning green for the PH9 solution. Undoubtedly the PH9 solution is stronger but also more damaging. With this PH6, and the Amplified Hair Rebonding treatment, customers can rebond their hair up to every quarter of the year and get smoother hair yet without compromising on the health of the hair!!! I hope to be able to try this treatment the next time! ^^

Chez Vous will be introducing a Expertligent Fix You Programme! If your hair is damaged either by cut, colour or any other hair chemical services within 5 days in any other salons in Singapore, regardless if you are one of Chez Vous’s guest, Chez Vous will attempt to fix it for free. Only available for 1 customer a day from Sunday to Thursday only & you’ll have to call in to fix an appointment. 

Another initiative is “Mix, Mingle & Makeover” where customers can book the salon in advance with their family or colleagues and have a makeover party with macarons, food & drinks together. I can imagine this would be a a totally cool pre wedding bride & bridesmaids party idea!

Visit Chez Vous Salon:
391 Orchard Road Ngee Ann City #05-05 Singapore 238872
Tel: (65) 6732-9388

Check out their website here, visit their Facebook page here and Instagram @chezvoushair for their latest treatments, hair initiatives and promotions!

*Reader Perks!*
My dear Enabalista readers can enjoy 10% off all hair and scalp services when you quote “Enabalista” from now till 15th January 2014. Not to be used in conjunction with other in-salon perks, offers, vouchers or promotions.

Thank you Chez Vous Salon & Heat PR for making this session possible!


Firefly In The Light Musical by Prodigy Shayna Toh

Hi Loves!

I may be an effusive writer and blogger when it comes to topics, food, music and products that I really like. But I do know that the term “Prodigy” is only reserved for a select few that truly deserve it. Shayna Toh is the prodigy in mention here:

Shayna Toh, a seventeen-year old Junior College student, has been studying and composing music since she was six. With a love for theatre as well as pop music, she is also an avid writer, having had several stories published since 2008 and in 2013, a children’s book (on urban nature deficit) published. Shayna made her first foray into the theatre scene at eleven, in 2008, when her script “Where Your Dream Takes You” directed by Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) Director, Michael Corbidge, was performed by actors from SRT and MediaCorp at the DBS Arts Centre.

Seriously, what was I doing when I was 17? I was a SAJC student busy coping with school subjects, CCA & fund raising activities. This girl is busy preparing for her debut full length pop musical! This is the kind of stuff that a full grown adult and musical talent dreams and spends half their life trying to achieve but she’s already doing it. O.O And she was only 11 when her script, “Where Your Dream Takes You” was directed and performed! Kudos to the girl!

This time around, Shayna Toh has written the book/script, music and lyrics to her new musical “Firefly In The Light”.

Firefly In The Light, a new pop musical, tells the story of Wendy, a beautiful and talented teenage school- girl, who knows she is destined for great things. In her shadow, is her childhood “friend”, Jake, unassuming and insecure – who (finally) finds his strength in Wendy. Beckoned by the brightness of a future in a city thousands of miles away, Wendy leaves her small hometown to follow her dreams.

A protective mother, her elusive husband in the entertainment business, a shrewd artist manager, amidst adoring friends and fans alike- all wittingly or unwittingly direct the destinies of Wendy and Jake as they search for themselves, love and success, finding themselves treading on similar grounds but taking very different paths, not once but twice in their young lives.

With a collection of freshly minted songs ranging from rambunctious up-tempo pieces to soft ballads, this Musical, to be staged in the historic Chamber of The Arts House, promises the audience an intimate experience with the young, budding cast and musicians as they spin this tale of youthful hopes, discoveries and pain into an ending. 

The director Tabitha Loh, is yet another young talent at the age of 22:

Tabitha Loh, twenty-two, was first trained at ten, under The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Speech and Drama Program. Completing a year under LASALLE’s Performing Arts Foundation Course and a degree in Theatre and Performance, Tabitha has worked on assistant directorships including Peter Handke’s, Kaspar (2011) with director Natalie Hennedige, Fences (2012) an original opera by Dr John Sharpley and Robert Yeo, directed by Chandran K Lingam. She directed M. Lee’s Serangoon Sunset (2012) presented at the APB Drama Schools Festival, Taiwan.

Firefly in the Light Group Shot-w800-h600

Be sure to check out the work of young musical talents this weekend, 15 November 8pm @ The Arts House Chamber! Buy your tickets from Sistic here.