#FreeInMySkin with Physiogel and the body care product I didn’t think I needed


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Do you suffer from sensitive skin such as dryness, redness and itchiness of the skin? Well, you’re not alone! An alarming rate of 1 in 2 women suffer from dry and sensitive skin,  with skin flare ups at an average frequency of 12.1 times a month, according to recent findings from Physiogel’s Skincare Asia study.

And if you’ve been following my blog for a long time, you’d also know that I have a history of mild facial and back acne which is why I became super interested in skincare at a young age of 18.

When I was 18, I battled mild acne and there wasn’t a day where my face was clear from fresh acne spots or blemish. It was so bad that I had to ask my mum to sponsor facial treatment which helped me to clear up my skin over the course of a few months. Since then it’s been years since the blemishes cleared up and I am still en route to recognizing clear, blemish free skin as my status quo rather than the exception.

Whilst my facial acne is kept to a minimum now and my friends have often complimented on my radiant skin on good days, not many know that I still battle with back acne, which can be a struggle especially when they flare up after I’m out under the sun or somewhere warm and dusty (which can be quite often considering my job as a property agent). To prevent my back acne from flaring up, I always ensure regular baths, twice daily and apply powder after baths,  however these measures are not fool proof and I still suffer from the occasional back acne spots every month. Also, the powder can sometimes be quite drying for my skin, but I honestly didn’t know what else I could do! T_T

So it’s not until very recently when I was introduced to Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Shower Cream that I found the product that my dry and sensitive back skin needed!!! 

You can use the Physiogel Daily Moisture Shower Cream on its own and as well as for the face, but I like to double cleanse and use it on my back after my usual body cleansing gel. What this product does is that it cleanses and moisturizes the skin, in the shower! It truly feels like freedom for my back skin when my dry and sensitive skin is moisturized throughout the day. It has helped prevent my usual and frequent back acne flare ups and I am looking forward to the gradual clearing up of my back skin blemishes after prolong use.

Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Campaign Eunice Olsen 001

I am not alone in my struggle with dry and sensitive skin, as Eunice Olsen also shares her story and how she’s now feeling confident with the help of Physiogel’s products. Watch the beautiful Eunice Olsen in her video testimony here:

If you’re looking for a solution to your dry and sensitive skin, check out this handy info-graphic by Physiogel to find out what products to use to meet your needs:
Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Campaign Eunice Olsen 002

Also, give Physiogel’s Freedom List Quiz a go! I got “Inspiring Innovator” and they’re seriously spot on! I totally want to achieve the 5 suggested ideas on the Freedom List! HAHA! 😀Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Campaign Eunice Olsen 003Last but not the least,  I’ll be hosting a giveaway on the 2nd of August to give away 15 sets of Physiogel hamper (worth more than $100) that includes:
1)  Physiogel DMT Cream 150ml
2) Physiogel DMT Lotion 200ml
3) Physiogel DMT Shower Cream 150ml

Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Hamper Giveaway

Stay tuned for the giveaway blog post, Facebook and Instagram announcements and be sure to take part to win the awesome product hampers! 😉

Thank you Physiogel Singapore and Oglivy PR for the products for review and giveaway~



2 thoughts on “#FreeInMySkin with Physiogel and the body care product I didn’t think I needed”

  1. Hello there,
    I am too suffer from body acne since high school until now age 28 years old..
    I am glad tht my search for this blog promote this kind of products that i’m looking for many years..
    So my question are, do u just use the showe cream for body acne??… Or need to use together with cream and lotion??
    And how long it takes to see the result?
    Thank you..

    1. Hi Kim, since this post back in 2015, I have been trying different lotions. I highly recommend “Bio-piel body lotion”, a korean brand body lotion to apply after bath. Another one I been using of late is a “Japanese Kobayashi pharmaceutical genuine Qu Acne spray back chest Acne Spray” I apply after shower as well, specially formulated to combat back acne – I bought it when I was in Japan last yet and highly recommend this as well. I would use them interchangeably, advise you to see which you can get first, try one at a time and see which works better for you. Here’s to a clearer back! Sending my love. <3

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