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Watsons Exclusive DHC Skincare delivers hydration, clarity & pore care for your skin

Hi Loves!

A few months back, I attend a Watsons and DHC media launch to learn more about DHC Japan’s eight new products to provide aqua goodness, effective cleansing solutions, combat excessive sebum, and help fight pesky pore concerns.

DHC Skincare Launch 006

The new range of products includes the Placenta2 Hyaluronic4 Watergel, Face Wash, Water-friendly Cleansing Oil F1, Rich Eye Zone Care Pack and the Pore Range. The new products focus on being natural, mild yet effective and are all free of colorant, fragrance, and paraben to provide optimum results without stripping the skin of its natural healing properties.

I enjoy using DHC’s Placenta2 Hyaluronic4 Watergel, which is a lightweight moisturizing gel to hydrate my skin after cleansing and toner and before my makeup.

More about the various products below!

DHC Skincare Launch 001DHC Placenta2 Hyaluronic4 Watergel (200ml, SGD 39.90)

A lightweight moisturizing gel, DHC Placenta2 Hyaluronic4 Watergel is formulated to provide optimum benefits to the skin. The product includes two kinds of placenta extracts to bring out clarity in skin, four kinds of hyaluronic acids for moisturisation, ceramide to act as a barrier from impurities, two types of collagen, elastin and proteoglycan for firmness and elasticity. It is the perfect solution to get hydrated skin with just one drop to seal in all the moisture.

DHC Skincare Launch 002DHC Water-friendly Cleansing Oil F1 (150ml, SGD 29.90)

Say goodbye to double cleansing with DHC’s Water-friendly Cleansing Oil F1 that acts as both a makeup remover and facial cleanser. It is a convenient and effective solution to remove makeup and cleanse pores while preventing dryness and roughness of the skin. The Water-friendly Cleansing Oil F1 efficiently removes even the toughest waterproof mascara, eyeliner and stubborn blackheads gently without having to subject your skin to harsh abrasions. The combination of ingredients such as licorice derivative and aloe extract prevents roughness of skin while virgin olive oil and squalene produces a moisturising effect, leaving skin feeling moist and supple after use.

DHC Skincare Launch 003DHC Face Wash (200ml, SGD 36.90)

Featuring purifying rosemary and various plant-derived moisturizing ingredients with low stimulus cleansing components which condition the skin to a smooth and moisturising texture, the mildly acidic and milky medicated face wash has a pH balance that is close to that of regular healthy skin. DHC Face Wash thoroughly removes dirt and dead skin cells without stripping the skin of necessary sebum while providing moisture. This mild yet effective product is especially suitable for users with dry or sensitive skin.

DHC Skincare Launch 004DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack (6 packs, SGD 23.90)

The DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack is a specially shaped eye mask sheet which cares for the corner of the eyes, eyelids and under-eye area in a single application. The care pack contains four kinds of multi peptide – Acetyl hexapeptide-8, Penta peptide-18, Acetyl decapeptide-3 and Ogligo peptide-20 to fight wrinkles caused by dryness. It also contains nano collagen, nano hyaluronic acid, nano elastin and virgin olive oil to provide moisture to the eye area. Featuring an airy sheet that is soft and gentle on delicate eye areas, the mask fits flexibly to cover both top and bottom eyelids and the corner of the eyes. This allows the mask to infiltrate beauty essences deep into the keratoid layer immediately upon application. This product is especially suitable for users concerned about wrinkles around the eye area caused by dryness and sagging.

DHC Skincare Launch 005DHC Pore Range

The new DHC Pore Range consists of four products – Pore Face Wash, Pore Lotion, Pore Essence and Pore Milk. Each product carries a unique function to help users fight elements that cause enlarged, saggy and clogged pores. The DHC Pore Range contains no artificial fragrance and instead consists of a natural citrus based formula that includes extracts of rum bud, calendula officinalis, mandarin orange skin, grapefruit skin, lemon skin and orange fruit to give off a light and soothing citrusy scent.

DHC Pore Face Wash (120g, SGD 24.90)

Designed to dissolve and remove oxidised sebum dirt that clogs pores, the Pore Face Wash contains fine baking soda powder to provide a gentle scrub wash texture that washes away keratin plugs. This ultra foaming wash also contains mild peeling ingredients, France brown algae and plantago major to brighten skin and plant-based ingredients like glycerin glucoside and trehalose derivative to lock- in moisture levels in the skin. In addition, the presence of olive leaf extract, which is high in anti-oxidant, protects the skin from elements that cause damage and gives off a refreshing sensation. The product, which comes in a paste-like consistency, is recommended for all skin types and can be used selectively on affected areas.

DHC Pore Lotion (120ml, SGD 31.90)

The Pore Lotion features a nano-micell delivery carrier system that helps discharge beauty ingredients into inner skin layers more effectively. The lotion also contains mushroom extract and PCA zinc that acts like an astringent to help tighten pores, provide moisture and suppress sebum production.

DHC Pore Essence (20G, SGD 34.90)

The DHC Pore Essence on the other hand, features a micro capsule delivery carrier system that detects ion imbalance within the skin, and discharges beauty ingredients where necessary. This helps the products to effectively react and discharge the ingredients to troubled skin areas. The DHC Pore Essence also contains mushroom extract that acts as an astringent to tighten and moisturize pores, Vitamin E derivative to provide enhanced antioxidation, anti- inflammatory, and sebum absorption powder to absorb excessive sebum and sweat.

DHC Pore Milk (80ml, SGD 31.90)

The Pore Milk similarly features the micro capsule delivery system and contains ceramide VI – the same beauty ingredient contained in milk that normalizes turnover. Beauty ingredients – African whitewood tree bark extract helps control oil while Japanese rose fruit extract helps fight blemishes and oxidization, acts as an astringent, conditions dead skin cells, moisten pores and promote elasticity and melanin production.

The Pore Lotion, Pore Essence and Pore Milk contain artichoke leaf extract to promote metabolism and moisture to help tighten enlarged, saggy and clogged pores and increase elasticity and firmness. The presence of vitamin C derivative in these three products helps to control sebum to clarify and brighten the skin. Furthermore, these products contain oxyresver atrol – an anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory ingredient and are all suitable for users with oily and combination skin.

DHC Skincare Launch 007 DHC Skincare Launch 008

I recommend DHC products if you re looking for natural, gentle/mild skincare. The new range of DHC products are exclusively at selected Watsons stores island wide.

Thank you Watsons, DHC Singapore and Touch PR for the event invite and products for review.



Tips to Fight Stress, feat. StressTabs!


Hi Lovelies! <3

How do you fight stress?

Recently at work my director and I were handling a challenging client.

It was so dramatic, we had so many ups and downs within a weekend, at first she wanted this, later she wanted that.

It was so stressful.

I remember it being on a Monday and usually Monday is quite a relaxing day for real estate work. But boy, that was quite an unforgettable Monday and I had to deploy all my stress-relieving methods!

I’m not gonna be stingy and I’ll share with you 3 usual ways + 1 new way that I fight stress:

 1. Drink Tea


Credits here.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of green tea and that I drink it almost on a nightly basis and I’ve long extol its benefits for detox, weight-loss (fat burning) & improving good health in general. Additionally, green tea has a soothing effect on me.

However when I am really stressed, one tea flavour works wonders for me:


Chamomile & Lavender Tea

This stuff, it’s awesome possum. I can’t describe the taste to you, both Chamonile & Lavender has relaxing effects on the body with an almost instant effect.
Definitely an excellent stress reliever! <3

2. Eat Chocolates 

2014-06-06 11.49.55 2014-06-06 11.50.54

Giotto Chocolates Hazelnut are awesome. Giotto Chocolates Almond, the bomb.

It’s widely known that chocolates releases endorphines, which is the same chemical that makes one happy.
Chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins, natural hormones produced by the brain, that generates feelings of pleasure and promotes a sense of well being. Chocolate may also make a person feel better by directly interacting with the brain. One of the ingredients in chocolate is tryptophan, an essential amino acid needed by the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a mood-modulating neurotransmitter, the brain’s “happy chemical.” High levels of serotonin can give rise to feelings of happiness. Credits here.

I don’t need to explain further, chocolates makes you happier, so you can battle stress with a smile! 🙂

3. Pray


Prayer does the work that our hands cannot do. When I’m stressed and I know that there’s nothing I can do about it, I just pray and release the worries and stress to God. It lifts my burdens and makes me infinitely better. :’)

Last but not the least.

4.Take STRESStabs
2014-05-27 11.05.25

The care package comes with Centrum’s StressTabs, nutrition support in times of stress, each tab comes with Vitamin B that helps maximize energy. Bottles for women comes with Iron while bottles for men comes with Zinc. Plus an Energy Booster drink by #MasonBottle, a yummy concoction of passion fruit & carrot & 2 cute windmill flowers!

Whenever I feel stressed, I take this after my meal and it gives me that burst of energy likened to a cup of coffee!

Before receiving this care pack from Watsons and Centrum, I didn’t know of STRESStabs.  So I was very keen to introduce it to my eldest sister who works as a lawyer (high stress job). So when I was telling her, she told me a lot of her lawyer friends takes this and recommended it and she personally takes this in replacement of her vitamin C tabs when she’s stressed cause in addition to Vitamin C, this has Vitamin B that releases energy. 😉

And as you would know, being a real estate agent can be a high stress job especially at times when it’s closing deals/sales.  So one of my colleague was stressed and I told him to take one pill at work…

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.11.38 pm

And he closed the deal! Awesome eh? Not saying that the pill will guarantee sales closings… 😛

Thanks Watsons and Centrum for the care package!

Thank you for reading! <3



Watsons on Wheels Launch Party

Watsons celebrates its 26th anniversary with a bang, introducing its first ever mobile bus, a 21st century digital kiosk and elite Watsons card!

The party was held at Harry’s at Dempsey, check out the fun~ 😉

Watsons on Wheels Cupcakes Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Cupcake Boy Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Food Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Truck 2 Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Truck Exterior 1 Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Truck Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Maybelline Truck Interior Blogger Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Goodie Bag Enabalista Watsons on Wheels Pillow Blogger Enabalista.jpg Watsons on Wheels NoteBook Blogger Enabalista.jpg

Watsons on Wheels Photos Blogger Enabalista.jpg Watsons on Wheels Commemorative Stamps Blogger Enabalista.jpg

Thanks Watsons for the fun and cute anniversary presents! 🙂

To celebrate its 26th anniversary, Watsons’ holding a month long daily giveaway on their Facebook page, take part here!


Another on-going fun promotion is to spend $15 on any Watsons brand on a single receipt to redeem a DIY photo fun pack worth $9.90. All you have to do is post a photo of your completed DIY Photo Fun packs on their Facebook or Instagram (@watsonssg) with the hashtag#watsonsDIYPhotoFunPack. The top 3 most creative works will bring home a Polaroid Camera each!

Don’t we just love Watsons for their customer loyalty program and promotions?

I just went shopping at Watsons today and redeemed by DIY Photo fun pack.
I will be uploading my creative work on my instagram @ena_teo. Be sure to follow me there! 😉

Thank you for reading~ <3