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Poulet Affordable French Restaurant @ Vivo City Review

Hi guys!

A while back I was at Poulet restaurant at Vivocity for dinner with my friends.
Check out the photos and my review at the end of it! 😉

Poulet Restaurant Review Enabalista2 Poulet Restaurant Review Enabalista Poulet Restaurant Chicken Review Enabalista

My friends and I shared the Poulet’s popular roasted chicken which is their signature dish.
The chicken was well roasted, has a unique sauce which I can’t put my finger on what special ingredient it includes.
The chicken itself could have scored better, it was neither very juicy or tender, but alright.
I would however, order it again when I’m back.

Poulet Restaurant Granny Apple Review Enabalista

My friend ordered Poulet’s chicken and granny smith sandwich and like it very much.
I am not a fan of sandwiches for dinner (only like them for breakfast)
but I have to say the filling in the sandwich (i tried a little of it) was good.

Poulet Restaurant Mash Potato Review Enabalista

Poulet’s mashed potatoes.Poulet Restaurant Review Mushroom Soup EnabalistaPoulet’s Mushroom soup is very unusual!

It tastes more like smooth butter with a tad of potatoes. HA.

Poulet Restaurant Bread Review Enabalista

The mushroom soup was a smooth blend of wild mushrooms and a little cream.
Definitely for those who like their mushroom soup with a raw-er taste. 😉
The bread comes with the soup isn’t remarkable.


Nice and quiet. Good for family and friends gathering.

#01-175/176/177, VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk
Call: 63769087
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:30 – 22:00

Find out a list of their other outlets here.

Till the next post! 😉