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3 Ways we can smile at the Haze

By now you should probably be aware of the haze situation that Singapore is in, with smog that comes from forest fires in Indonesia, as Indonesians choose to clear their forests by burning.

Yesterday it reached unhealthy levels of PSI (stands for Pollutant Standards Index) 155 at about 2pm.

Today the haze PSI stands at 115.

I know it’s really bad when I couldn’t sleep late Sunday night because I felt like I was choking instead of breathing and had to turn on the air conditioner.

I know it’s really bad when my family and I choose not to open our house windows because we didn’t want to let the smoke outdoors pollute our home indoor.

I know it’s really bad when I went out Monday evening (last night) and thought if there was any day I were to wear a mask out, it’s not because of H5N7 (new strain of avian flu) but because the haze is getting that bad.

I know it’s really bad because people are starting to curse on Facebook.

You get my drift.

So enough for how bad the haze!

Since the last weekend, I’ve been seeing some really creative and funny ways my friends / subscriptions have reacted on social media! So partly inspired by them, I’ll be sharing 3 Ways to smile at the haze. 😀

1. It’s time you can take memorable smokey and cinematic photos around Singapore, without actually having to lug a smoke-machine around because it’s actually there, and free! We know Singaporeans love a good freebie! 😀

Examples of creative smokey and cinematic photos around Singapore:

Haze Singapore Creative Okay, this is probably a photoshopped picture and not actually in Singapore, but it’s a creative inspiration! credits: igsg instagram

Mystic Falls Singapore

I didn’t get the #TVD (The Vampire Diaries) reference, but a quick google reveals that Mystic Falls is a place featured in the TVD drama series. Told you the haze makes cinematic photos right? ^^ Credits: jovial_jj instagram

2. Imagine you’re in a scene of Harry Potter / Your favourite movie scene which includes some copious amount of smoke. 🙂

Harry Potter Smokey SceneHarry Potter, Smokey, Movie Scene! Image credit:  here

3. Last but not the least, make all the Haze jokes while it lasts!

Heyz Haze JokeHehehe HEYZ! 😛 Credits: Sudy on Twitter

LOTS of creativity on SGAG’s FB!

969709_656996324315359_1773175903_n l-2344



Hope you’ve found a reason to smile at the haze now! ^^

x Ena

P.S. Let me know in the comments, on twitter or FB if you’ve got any Haze jokes to share! 😉

Trending | All Things Tribal Summer 2012

In continuation with my Summer Trends series, Tribal fashion is in right now.

Tribal Background from LayoutSparks.com

Whether it’s Tribal prints on dresses, bikinis, shoes, Tribal motifs on bags or Tribal-inspired accessories, All Things Tribal are trending this summer.

Tribal prints and Tribal inspired fashion is similar to Leopard prints, when worn appropriately; it adds character, individuality and a touch of exoticism to your wardrobe without ever going out of fashion.

We see it on celebrities Nina Dobrev and Heidi Klum…

Nina Dobrev in Tribal Skirt

I’ve only recently seen this young starlet in action in The Vampire Diaries after a friend’s (huge TVD fan) relentless persuasion and man, she is gorgeous on screen. She is seen rocking a Tribal Skirt here.

Heidi Klum in Tribal Dress image from Seventeen Mag

Heidi Klum, supermodel and of Project Runway fame looking chic in a Tribal print with modern silhouette dress.

Harper’s Bazaar UK tracks the trend on the runway, with Burberry’s tribal trench and accessories leading the trend.

Catwalk Report SS12 Tribal image from Harpers Bazaar UK

Balmain is also seen venturing into Tribal prints for its Resort 2012 collection.

Balmain Tribal Print Dress

My selection of Tribal-chic fashion pieces online…

1.  Reiss Athena Geometric Print Dress Off White

Available here.

Reiss Athena Geometric Print Dress Off White

2.  Reiss Albertine Triangle Print Bikini Off White

Available here.

Reiss Albertine Triangle Print Bikini Off White

3.  BB Dakota Hayley Shorts 

Available here.

BB Dakota Hayley Shorts

4.  Shine Necklace

Available here.

Shine Necklace

5. Ikat Cuff Bracelet

Available here.

Ikat Cuff Bracelet

6. Shazzam Platform – Ikat

Available here.

Shazzam Platform – Ikat

7. Inca Crossbody Bag

Available here.

Inca Crossbody Bag

8. Allende Weekender Bag

Available here.

Allende Weekender Bag

I hope your summer’s going great at the moment! Mine’s really warm here in Singapore. (;