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Clinton’s Farewell Gathering @ Two Fat Men


I am finally updating after so long because I was sick the past week and been trying to recover by getting more rest and sleep! >.<

In this wonderful post I am going to share photos my friends and I took while we were at Two Fat Men Food and Bar place at Katong. I thought this place was pretty cool because they serve a mix of Thai and Western cuisine with lots of beer. Because you will find out that they are pretty fantastic from my review here, here’s their address and number to save you from googling! 😉

Two Fat Men

376 East Coast Road  Singapore 428984
6346 0046

As the title says, we were there for our dear friend Clinton’s farewell as he is going to UK to study Law. (At the time of post, he has left Singapore.) (:

I’ll now let the photos do most of the talking! Sorry I don’t have the prices but from my memory they range from $5 to $12 ish there abouts! (:

Basil Rice with Egg. We ordered this and shared so we each had a few spoonfuls. From the little I sample, I feel it is a little dry compared to the one I usually eat at Sunshine Plaza (Gold Thai). Which reminds me, I should review Gold Thai and other usual food haunts around my school! (: But Two Fat Men’s basil rice is definitely tasty so I would recommend it.

Chicken wing platter is awesome. They are in smaller servings (smaller chicken wings) but very tasty. MUST TRY!!! I am salivating as I type this, no kidding.

Prawn Tanghoon. I’m allergic to Prawns but I tried the tanghoon and I thought it had a bit of a sour pork smell which was quite weird, so I didn’t like it! But my friends thought it was ok though!Best Selling (According to their Blog) Grilled Pork Neck is GOOD. Also another must try dish!

Red Curry & Green Curry. I prefer their green curry because the Red curry was a little too spicy for my liking. Go for it if you like your food fiesty! (; Although over all I think both their curries are so-so. Jai-Thai (which is also at Katong) has better curries I feel! (: On hindsight I realize just how much Thai food my friends (different groups) and I savour and at different places! Hehe.

Nachos. This one. Can skip. I didn’t like it. Too much salsa for too little Nachos and the salsa was too sourish with too much garlic. I can’t remember the price, but I didn’t think it was value for money!

Basket of Fries (but in a bowl). This is great! Love the sauce, which we poured over the fries and even rice. Sauce is awesome. Fries are normal fries but cooked just nice! Another recommendation!

Check out the group savoring the food. ^^ From left to right: Ganda, Lorry, JJ & Siau.

JJ and Justin posing for the shot with Brothers Toffee Apple Cider which is mad awesome!!! Haven tried any cider like this. It’s a wonderful blend of Toffee & Apple. Must try!

The whole group at the dinner! Mao, Justin, Me, Lorry, Clinton, JJ and Ganda.

The boys!

We then walked along Katong, towards Teo Heng for a karaoke session and I had this idea of shooting a boy-band inspired shot. HEHE.

A bit blur I know.Still blur. 😛


With me in it and also blur! Haha! But it’s not bad huh! 🙂

Jump Shot! 😀 

One more group shot at Teo Heng karaoke room! (:

I am always grateful for this group of friends whom I’ve grown up with since secondary school! We’re gonna be there for each other’s graduations, marriages, baby’s 1st month… Love you guys! (((:
Photo Credits to Clinton! (: