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Enabalista 2nd Birthday Giveaway Winner Revealed!

Hello All!

A big THANK YOU for all who took part in the giveaway that I’ve been holding on my humble blog in the past week!

Now for the big reveal… Winner is also revealed on the actual “live” but now “ended” Giveaway tab… *Drumrolls please*

Congratulations to Ng H.!

The winner was randomly selected using the PunchTab app, and she also happens to be my friend! 🙂 Therefore I will meet her and hope (if she’s ok with it) to take a photo with her and then upload and updated on this post later!  For those who took part, and those who didn’t or missed this one, fret not because I’m having another giveaway really soon again! I’m really happy to have giveaways on my blog and many more to come. ^^

I want to specially thank the following readers & friends for taking extra time and effort to comment on the giveaway app and supporting Enabalista.

Christabelle Peh, Jenny Soo, Jane Lee, Eddy Khoo, Jessie Sng, Loh Poh Yong, Ying Lan & Tarandip Kaur.

Thank you all specially for your kind comments and retweets for this giveaway! I am very touched by your support. :’)

I am really quite behind, more like super behind my blogging because I’ve been overwhelmed with a powerful combination of school, ECA (stands for extra curriculumm activities, for the non-Singapore educated/un-initiated) such as JRunway participation, Sofie’s wedding and church commitments the past 1 month…

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xoxo you know i love you,
Ena <3

Honestly can’t wait for school to be out, then I will be giving my first church sermon this Sat, then I can by blog-happy and HOLIDAY LOR (machiam like ORD-LOH, it’s supposed to have the feel/vibe, #incaseyoudidn’tgetit.) – I don’t know why this needs to be italicized. Really, I don’t.