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The Face Shop Best Selling Suncare; Sebum Control & Power Long Lasting

Hi Loves!

You know what are my top three tips for healthy skin?
1. Drink water regularly
2. Have sufficient sleep and sleep early (ideally by 11pm, unfortunately I always sleep late T_T#)
3. Sunblock is your best friend!
Basically the sun and dehydration of the skin is the cause of all, if not most of the skin problems. So keeping your skin hydrated and protected from harmful sun rays is essential to good, healthy skin! 😉

If you’re completely new to the realm of sunblocks, especially facial sunblock, then I’ve got good news and recommendations for you today!

A year ago, I blogged and reviewed THEFACESHOP’s then new Natural Sun Eco range and their Power Long Lasting Sun Cream (Sunblock). Fast forward today, this Sun Cream is now THEFACESHOP’s best selling product under their Natural Sun Eco range and it’s reportedly selling at 1 piece every minute. To recap the benefits of this product, in addition to UV protection, the Natural Sun Eco Power Long Lasting covers blemishes and corrects skin tone, doubling up as a light makeup base as well.

 This year, THEFACESHOP introduces yet another amazing sun screen- Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun SPF40 PA++. A lightweight textured sun block, this new sun screen contains eco-certified organic Sunflower extracts and controls excessive sebum. Unlike the usual sun creams in the market that is sticky and oily in texture, the Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun Cream highlights itself on its super lightweight texture and amazing sebum controlling functions.

The Face Shop Sebum Control and Power Long Lasting Sunscreen Blogger Review

I personally love THEFACESHOP’s new Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun Cream because it’s an effective sunblock while still being lightweight and able to provide sebum control – doesn’t clog pores or make my oily/combination skin feel more oily than it is! PLUS it has this really refreshing scent I love. I highly recommend this sunblock for everyday use for people with normal to oily/combination skin like me. And it’s affordably priced at S$23.90. I would recommend THEFACESHOP’s Power Long Lasting Sun Cream if you’re constantly under the sun or if you’re planning to head out to the beach. The beauty of this product is that it can double up as lightweight foundation and cover blemishes, so on days when you feel lazy or are running a quick errand, this is all you need for your base! This sunblock is available for sale at S$28.90.

Thank you THEFACESHOP for sending this super cute media kit and sunblocks for review!