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Why You’re Still Single (For Guys)

I’ve blogged a version for Girls, check it out if you haven’t!

This is totally bias and from a girl’s POV.


1. You think you are not good enough for the girl you like.
Unfortunately she thinks the same way too.

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2. You comment on every single Instagram, like every FB posts and repeatedly asks her on FB message “Where are you?” And it totally freaks her out so she blocks you on social media.

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3. You are constantly juggling nth number of girls on your whatsapp and have lost track of the number of girls you’ve sent your after shower naked abs showing selfies to, that you have no energy to invest in an exclusive relationship.

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4. You post photos of your car and cash (yes seriously) on your Facebook and wonder why girls don’t love you or want a relationship with you. That’s because girls who look for you are only interested in you car and cash.

Grown-Man-Cryingc/o Uproxx.com

5. You are too busy with school /work.


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6. All you ever talk about is school, work and/or army.
The girls just don’t get it or understand you.

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7. You wait for the girl to ask you out because you fear rejection. It rarely almost never ever happens.

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8. You love watching anime and playing game at night more than talking to a girl.

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9. You think you are drop dead gorgeous and when you look into the mirror you see a handsome hunk. You don’t understand why girls don’t appreciate your huge biceps that’s the size of their thighs. That’s because it scares them and they think that you like guys cos you seem obsessed with trying to impress guys with your physique.

ian-somerhalder-vampire-diaries-i-know-youre-obsessed-with-mec/o Teen.com

10. You just want to focus on your studies / career because having one woman ie Mom nagging at you is more than enough.

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