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Super Seoul Day 3 & 4

Hello! I’ve been back from the Philippines mission trip for about 2 weeks but been busy working at Expo selling biscuits… So, I’m happy to finally bring you the last installment of my Super Seoul Trip – Days 3 & 4!

Day 3//

We headed to Shinsegae to shop in the morning and that’s where I got my super tasty korean seaweed snacks and biscuits! I will dedicate a whole post on that later…

I’m certain I took a whole host of pictures at Shinsegae… But it’s been so long and I can’t locate where the pictures are now. :O But it’s okay… I’ve got one here, a classy store in the men’s department where B shopped for her dad’s suits. (;

We had lunch at Shinsegae, where B recommends their traditional meals, we had to queue about 15 minutes before getting in. A pity it was just 2 of us because they only cater servings for like 4 people so we had to eat so much of the Octopus and meat stew! LOL.

Watch the transition from raw ingredients to tasty stew!

The Saba (i think) fish was tasty! 

Watching the Korean Ahjummas enjoying their get-together over lunch.

The wonderful Korean seaweed I bought in bags… You can’t find these tasty brands in Singapore! The ones that Shine department store in Singapore stocks aren’t as tasty as these.

We headed back to the hotel in the evening to put our grocery shopping down and called in Jajjangmyum for dinner! Apparently the hotel says we can’t but they let us do so this once. Haha!

Watching Chinese drama while eating… LOL.

Then we headed down to Myung Dong, night market street with lots and lots of skin care boutiques. I was looking for The Face Shop to buy some on YL’s behalf as well as to get some of the famed facial masks. My sister got us some the last time she was in Korea and it’s good so I also got some back. (: Umm but I didn’t take any pictures of the stores or boutiques. And I even got 10% off for buying like 100k won and above! I think that’s about S$120. You have to ask them for the discount if not they won’t give. HAHA. I’m such a #smartshopper. 😛

No idea how the Korean girls and ahjummas keep up with their high end labels? Here’s how! HAHA. Just kidding. But lots of pirated branded stuff on the streets! Hermes, LV and Chanel scarves above and Chanel accessories below.

LV bags… at a steal! HAHA.

A pretty lame store name, I thought they sold stationaries but it’s a beauty store.

You’d think we ended the day 3 at Myung Dong… But we didn’t! HAHA. We went back to the hotel and decided to head out to Doota again for midnight shopping because it closes at 5am anyway. We were mainly looking for a suitable luggage for B to store all her stuff on the flight back. LOL. So we survived the night till about 2am before going back for the night. And because we were too late to claim the refunds, we planned to go back again the next morning to claim the refunds (#firstworldproblems) before heading back to Samchungdong for lunch, as we did on the first day!
Day 4 // Packing up… Combined hauls. Mostly B’s lah. HAHA.
Back at Samchungdong for lunch!
With a few hours to spare after check out, we had post lunch tea… Mine’s green tea latte and B’s Americano. HAHA.
On our chartered ride to the airport. ^^,
At Incheon Airport…
We didn’t think check-in would take so long so we had to runnnn all the way for our flight and made it in with 5 min before the gate closed. #phew. Oh btw check out my pair of shoes from Myung Dong’s market. Only about S$30 and has been my go-to shoes since I got back. Been wearing it to death!
But thankfully we were rewarded with…
LOTS of empty seats HAHA. So we got to hog 3 seats per person. Awesome max. 😀
Hope you guys enjoyed my Super Seoul posts as much as I did experiencing & writing them!

Shopper’s Paradise // Super Seoul Day 2

For our Super Seoul escapade day 2, we headed out to Lotte department store to shop and lunch!

Check out all the pretty displays at Lotte department store!

Love this pair of shoe, got a pair of black sneaker wedges similar to this from Myung Dong!

There was a lot of attendants at this store, featuring local designer wears.

We had traditional korean food for lunch at level 11!

If you don’t like Korean food, it’s only because you have not tried the authentic korean food in Korea. Dae bak! (The best!)

Reminds me of Rei Kawakubo’s Lumps and Bumps Dress collection:

Love their window display! So artistic and bold.Korea’s Project Runway contestant designs on display~Had sandwich for tea while B was trimming and dyeing/inking her eyebrows!At dinner! We had meat stew for dinner at Hong Dae! We didn’t know how to order and had to trouble B’s friend to speak to the restaurant ahjumma over the phone. HAHA.
Lots of Soju! Bought one back to the hotel and it’s bland. So didn’t finish it. LOL.This meat stew was too much for two of us!At an indie store with a very friendly couple/owners. We told them we came from Singapore and they told us they visited Singapore before, with a $10 bill as proof on their desk. HAHA cute.

The store features some vintage branded clothes as well as some new designer clothes. Quite an eclectic selection. Basically most of the Hong Dae boutiques have their own individual, personalized style yet it’s not different enough to really stand out. 

It was a Wednesday night and the lines outside the clubs were INSANE. INSANELY LONG.Never-ending.Then we tumbled across this gothic building. Think it’s a pub of sorts, we didn’t venture in as we were headed back to the hotel for the night! 

Here’s one pic of me to end the post, nice? (:Will have the last installment of Super Korea Day 3 + 4 combined when I’m back from the Phillippines! Will be away for a week, on mission trip with my church friends! Do covet your prayers, please pray for our safety and good health while we are there!


Now or Never // Super Seoul Day 1

** Updated with more pictures**

About 2 months ago, B and I headed to Seoul, Korea for 4D3N. With thanks to my Aunt’s travel package, we managed to get a great deal on the plane and hotel fare there! (:

Titled Now or Never, the trip was planned about a month in advance and I procrastinated a lot before uploading because of all the photos I have from this trip! But since my last and final school submission is next Tuesday I can finally find time to upload them on this fine Saturday. (: Will share more about school after this post!

We didn’t have a good midnight flight to Seoul because the seat weren’t comfy to rest in. We landed at Incheon airport and we took a mini-van ride prepared for us as part of the package to our Seoul hotel, Vabien Suite II.

After checking in, we headed out to a trendy area called Samchang Dong with indie boutiques, a multi-level F21 building and the best Korean restaurant!

Picture taking along the road/pavement outside the boutiques! It was end of winter season and we’d be shivering as the wind blew~

We were finding a place for lunch and we were judging the stores by their exterior and the number of people in it. We saw that this store was quite popular so we headed in! 😀

Best Korean traditional meal for lunch, 7000won (~USD$7/SGD$10) per set meal.

Korea is FULL of bakeries and cafes!

Our purchases from Petite Baguette, a Paris-inspired bakery nearby our hotel. B loves their milk yougurt and their butter buns are tasty!

After lunch, we headed out to shop at Doota, another trendy shopping haunt with a lot of up and coming local designer stalls, think a more up-class version of Far East plaza in Singapore.

Will now let the pictures do the talking~!

After checking out about 3-4 levels, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant, Il Mare at the mall.

Mighty tired from the day! 

Very tasty cheesy honey pizza!

Days 2-4 another time soon!