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Search, Compare & Shop with Priceza

Hi Loves!

If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of online shopping. I mean, you don’t have to try the pieces and you don’t have to lug the items home. Plus, there are just so many websites to buy from. Whether you are looking for clothes, cosmetics, shoes, or electronics, there’s a website for it. But I think one of the biggest challenge is to find which website offers the best deal for what you are looking for. You end up having to go through 10 different websites to compare which one gives you the best price. What a hassle! BUT! I recently found this website, Priceza Singapore, where I can search the product I want, compare for lowest prices, and buy online!

pic 1

Priceza, in a nutshell is a price comparison website for all kinds of products such as electronics, cosmetics, groceries, and many more! This what their homepage looks like. To me, Priceza has a very friendly user interface. The first thing I notice when entering their website are the sliding banners at the top. Currently, it is featuring different popular products such as the Apple iPad, Go Pro Hero 4, and PlayStation 4. Once I click on one of them, it takes me to another page to see more details about the product.

Another thing that I notice right away are the round icons underneath the banner, which shows different categories of products that they have. They have everything from electronics, fashion items, health related products, and best of all cosmetics! If you notice on the left, the very first button is for “promotions.” Who doesn’t love a great deal? I will get to that in just a moment.

pic 2

Scrolling down further, you have a quick glance at products that are currently on sale from various categories. As you can see there is a dash camera, scarf, heels, and a baby stroller currently on special discount. You can also see which stores are offering that sale. Looks like Priceza has partnered with major websites that offer online shopping in Singapore.

Coming down a little more there is a quick preview of popular products under categories like smartphones, fashion, mother care, food, cosmetics, and even books! It seems like Priceza have compiled everything imaginable! Which gave me an idea.. let’s trying searching for something!

pic 3

Obviously, I love selfies. I mean, who doesn’t? 😛 Taking photos is pretty much my second nature, especially when cameras on smartphones these days are so advanced. So I’ve heard that Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best phones to take photos with, especially for selfies. So I went ahead and try to search for a Galaxy S6. I went back up to the search bar and typed in “Samsung Galaxy S6” and hit search!

pic 4

Voila, here’s what the search result looks like! Look’s like they do have the Samsung Galaxy S6 that I’m looking for. What I find frustrating in the past is that when I try to search for something, there’s a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with what I was trying to look for. If I look to the left side, there are also all kinds of filters that I can click to get even more specific with my search. I can filter for only the phone memory size that I want such as 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S6, or even toggle the price range.

Towards the right, there’s a lowest price listed for the Galaxy S6. Below it is a “Compare Prices” button. I went ahead and click on the button to see which stores are offering the cheapest and the most expensive price for the same phone.

pic 5

After hitting compare, this is what Priceza’s “Compare Prices” page looks like. Under the “Compare” tab, it shows 4 different websites that are competing for Samsung Galaxy S6. Currently the best price is shown at $739, while the same phone is selling for $894.99. Next to the price, there’s a button for me to go to that particular shop that I want to buy from! Easy! Instead on running around to see which store offers the best price, you can do it all right in one website.

What I like about Priceza website is that it shows the payment methods as well as the reviews of the merchants. With so many choices of online websites to buy from, I think it is really useful to read the reviews about that website before making a decision to buy. You want to make sure that your money is well spent by getting great products and services.

Not only that I could read the reviews of the merchants, but I could also click to read the reviews of the phone itself. I can write my own review for the Galaxy S6 if I want to!

pic 6

Scrolling down from the product itself are the related products section. I believe they are Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories. Below that are the “recently viewed” products. I am thinking about buying a Nike Roshe too. But leaving my guilty pleasures aside, I think this is great because I can have a little “history” to what products I was searching for. I can quickly check back to I previously looked for, in case I accidentally close the window.

pic 7

I’m curious if there’s fresh produce on sale so I went and look for some imported meat and seafood. I’m in luck! There’s a little tab for coupon on the product. So why wait? After clicking the coupon tab, ite coupon pops up with money saving details with codes that I can use to buy! I do not have to look at multiple websites to fetch the best deal, I could also save time by eliminating the process of visiting all kinds of coupon websites for a coupon code. So far I don’t see a lot of coupons yet, so I hope that they will update more coupons in the future. I think it is a really neat feature that Priceza website has if they add more coupons.

So far the website is pretty useful. There are just so many things that make my online shopping easier. Now, I’m interested in what other things that Priceza has to offer. I already know that the website has tens and thousands of products for me to search from. So, I went back to their homepage to check out if there are any other promotions that I need to take advantage of.

pic 8

After I click the button for “promotions”, here’s what the result looks like. There are many different promotions listed here. What’s convenient is that there’s an expiry date shown underneath each promotion. I always find it frustrating when I see a great promotion, but I just cannot find any information about it, especially about the date. Another great thing about this is that I no longer have to subscribe to different websites, expecting to receive promotions that ended up in the trash, or junk folder. Now I can just leave my email junk free and just check back to look at these selected promotions instead.

pic 9

I also notice that Priceza has product news and useful guides for shoppers. There’s a wide range of topics from new product releases, product recommendations, reviews, and other useful articles under “Recommended Products” from the browse menu at the top, as well as “Hot Contents” right on the homepage. Let’s check out one of their articles. Once I click on the recommended products, it takes me to their guide page. I went ahead and click on their latest article, which happens to be about a Nike Roshe. Perfect! After reading the article, there are related products that were talked about within the article as well. This Nike article also as a styling guide for Nike Roshe!

All in all, I think Priceza Singapore is a great shopping website for many reasons. It is a place where shoppers can truly make the most out of their online shopping. Instead of manually going around different websites to find prices for the things I want, Priceza lets me search, compare, and buy all in one place. The website complies amazing deals from all over Singapore online shopping platforms, as well as providing useful product reviews and buying guides to help shoppers like myself to make wise buying decisions while also getting great discounts. Time and money is no longer wasted. Online shopping becomes even more convenient with website like Priceza! Check them out at Priceza.com.sg!

Hope you find Priceza helpful as I do!