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Part Time Job: Have Fun & Get Paid To Find Out If You’re Suited For The Job

Hi Loves!

I’ve told a few friends and juniors before, I had the privilege to know what jobs I liked and what jobs I didn’t like before I graduated and starting working, all because I took up internships and part time jobs in singapore during my school holidays.

My earliest memory of working during my school holidays was helping out at the stationary & book store in my secondary school. My friend Eunice and I would go back to school during school holidays for about 2 weeks to pack textbooks and help the bookshop auntie and uncle to sell them to our schoolmates. It wasn’t that difficult or tiring, in fact it was quite fun since when I was working together with my friend and the bookshop auntie was super nice! We even get paid and if my memory doesn’t fail me, that’s also how I partially funded my IPod (my kind parents paid the other half). If making your holidays fruitful and having fun with your friend at work isn’t something that motivates you, perhaps the income will.


Recently I reunited over lunch with the very nice bookshop Aunty Xiao Yan after 10 years!

It’s because I started working in my secondary school days that I know the value of every dollar earned. And of course, it’s working part time at the school bookshop that made me know that even though it’s an easy job, it’s not something that I’d want to do for the rest of my life. It’s working part time in retail that motivated me to try out different jobs (admin, accounts, marketing, yes I did all of these while still studying) and find out what jobs I did enjoy and would consider pursuing as a career.

Even though some of the fashion and beauty events I attend nowadays are very glitzy and glamorous, I’m actually still pretty low maintenance in real life (sans sponsored facials and branded skincare & makeup, keke). I’m sure glad that I took up part time jobs for students when I was still studying as it helped me to be more grounded about life and work.

If you’re still studying, or considering a career switch, I’d definitely encourage you to consider taking up part time jobs singapore opportunities, to find out if you suit the job, if it’s something you’d enjoy and have the passion to make a career out of!

Do you have any part time job stories to share? Let me know in the comments below!