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MyLuvMe.com & Hyo Yeon The First Treatment Essence Review

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Today I’m very glad to be sharing about an online beauty shop, MyLuvMe.com! 😉

MyLuvMe.com focuses on supplying beauty products from skin care, hair care, body care, to make-up and color cosmetics, to health food, as well as beauty tools and accessories to consumers. All brands that are selling under myLuvMe.com are 100% guaranteed genuine and supplied directly from their authorized distributors. Along with offering international delivery all around the globe, they also provide free return within 14 days. Cool, huh?

Let’s check out the site together, shall we? ^^

MyLuvMe.com 1

Home page, the top bar promises free return within 14 days, authenticity guarantee, free international delivery upon 2nd purchased item. COOL.MyLuvMe.com Review 2

Go ahead, check out all these acclaimed beauty brands! I spot a few of my faves, Kose, Dior, Estee Lauder… ^^

MyLuvMe.com 5

It seems that they have a featured brand every week and promotions going on for the featured brand… So you just gotta check back every week! 😛MyLuvMe.com 4

These are their new arrivals, featuring Lancome, Estee Lauder, Dermalogica, Eve Lom.
MyLuvMe.com 3

Hot items include bliss, what seems like a slimming machine, La Prairie cream, Glam Glow Bright Mud Eye Treatment (being seeing a few raves on blog and social media!) and Valmont (haven’t heard or seen this brand before!).MyLuvMe.com 6

PLUS they have a customer review segment, so awesome. I LOVE a site where I get to read customer’s review of the products before I buy, just so I know I’m buying a product that is well loved, hehe! I’m also the kind of person that goes to a restaurant and orders the food with the “Popular!” “Chef’s Recommendation!” stamps next to the food item on the menu when I am ordering… 😀

Thanks to MyLuvMe.com and Welcos, they sent me a Hyo Yeon The First Treatment Essence for review and here’s my review!

Hyo Yeon The First Treatment Essence Review 1

Before my review, just a little more about Welcos, the company and the brand Hyo Yeon.

Welcos is a Korean company that is all about a “Total Beauty Solution” manufacturing their own products and using natural ingredients mostly if not all grown in Korea. You can check them out on http://www.welcos.com/.

Their current model ambassador is Seo Hyun Jin:

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.21.11 amScreen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.19.17 am

Check out their 5 beauty brands: Hyo Yeon, Puretem, Eco ennea, Kemuel and Lian. I feel a bit like a beauty geek right now, but I really enjoy reading up and knowing about beauty brands and their mother companies. It’s just, nice to know where a product comes from and what the brand stands for, don’t you agree? 🙂

Coming back to the brand I’m reviewing: Hyo YeonScreen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.19.29 am

They use special ingredient: Lotus Stem Cell. Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.19.44 am

The product feature is it’s 92.98% Pomegranate Lacotbacillus Extract which works to enhance the skin’s condition to its best level, keeping it healthy, protecting it and boosting the skin’s original health. Recommended to use after cleansing face, apply to face with cotton, wiping or dabbing to allow skin to absorb. 
Hyo Yeon The First Treatment Essence Review 2

This is how the Hyo Yeon First Treatment Essence looks like, watery with slightly thick consistency, like syrup.Hyo Yeon The First Treatment Essence Review 3

After the Hyo Yeon FTE is absorbed into my skin. My skin is more hydrated and supple and slightly brighter.

Hyo Yeon The First Treatment Essence Review 4

I did a test, to see if water would be absorbed faster into this hand after applying FTE.Hyo Yeon The First Treatment Essence Review 5

VS my right hand, which I didn’t apply FTE. The verdict is that the rate of absorption was not the crucial point, but rather, the one with Hyo Yeon’s FTE gave my skin a more supple and firmer look, the lines were less obvious and is also smoother to the touch. Pretty awesome!

 My review after using it for 2+ weeks is that I enjoy using this product. I use it in my first step of skin care, after cleansing. I will use this product generously on my face ensuring that all my face, neck and arms area are covered with this product. All without cotton, as I think it’s a waste to use it with the cotton as most of the product will end up on the cotton instead of my face. Then I will apply on my toner, moisturizer and make up.

I can tell you that my arms were having slight rashes due to the odd weather in Singapore blowing hot and cold. And all I did was simply to apply this FTE to my arms (both day and night) and a little of my normal lotion at night and the rashes would disappear soon and stop itching almost immediately. What I would highlight is that this product has a slight oriental ingredient scent, reminiscent of ginseng, I can’t read Korean, so I cannot confirm if there really is ginseng, however it is very light and should not put you off from using it unless… you have phobia of ginseng, lol. I would definitely recommend this product to all FTE fans and Hyo Yeon’s 200ml bottle is only S$41 on MyLuvMe.com as it’s currently on sale. U.p. is $58. Awesome much!
Buy it here. Check out other Welcos products here.

That’s all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you MyLuvMe.com &Welcos.

Thank you for reading! <3