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Hello July

Hello July

Hello July~!

& HELLO my dear readers! 😀

Ok so, this post is gonna be another one of those long rambling-ish thought post.

July is my month, my birthday month! So I am very happy! 😀

But I am also not so happy because I have not received a favourable reply from the company that I would like to work with… I have not received a confirmed YES or NO reply from them.

But I feel that I need to document this moment down, this state of – uncertainty, not knowing where exactly I am headed towards, what step I am going to take next.

And the reason is, I am not worried, I am assured that I WILL have job. Not only I will have a job, but I WILL HAVE THE JOB THAT GOD HAS PLANNED FOR ME. AMEN!!!

Ok so, this post really is just a declaration of faith, that I am ready to receive the next step of my career, my life direction from God… 😀

And I hope this post will encourage you, if you are feeling lost, don’t know what to do, just pray, declare out loud that you are ready to receive what God has in will and plan and mind for you!

Now go and enjoy your July, my July, our July! And I will update where I am headed to next when I know it! Like soon!

Be Beautiful, Inside and Out!