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Style your iPhone with Man&Wood

Hi Lovelies!

Recently I’ve been gifted some real lovely phone covers by Man&WoodSG and I’m excited to be sharing with you about this chic brand! 🙂

Let me present to you the photos before going to the review!

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 1 2_new

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 1 3_new

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 1 1_new
Which do you prefer, the wood or the mother of pearl design? 😉

If you’re intrigued, continue reading to know more!

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 4.55.36 pm

Man&Wood is a Korean brand name of eco-friendly products made by Inmok Co Ltd, based in Singapore. We believe in using only quality materials because authenticity is best felt in your hand.

Man & Wood Singapore

Man&Wood currently has 2 collections; Wood-Fit & Ikins.

Man&Wood Wood Fit Review

Man&Wood Wood Fit Phone Covers Review

These are just 4 of the 34 designs they have under the WoodFit collection. Check out the full set on their site here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.07.13 pm

Yes, they have a selection for iPad Mini!Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.07.30 pmAnd they are also trés on trend with covers for iPad Air as well. 😉

Man & Wood Samsung Galaxy Covers

Users of Samsung Galaxy you’re in luck, there’s lots of designs available for you too. Hooray!

Now if Man&Wood’s Wood Fit Collection is all about Au Naturel & Wood, then Man&Wood’s Ikin Collection is Eclectic & Unique with materials such as Metal, Fabric or Mother of Pearls. Yes, Mother of Pearls, you read right!

Man&Wood Ikins Review

Man & Wood Ikins Cover

Some of the really gorgeous Mother of Pearl designs available. See the full Ikins collection here.

Man&Wood Ikins Samsung Galaxy CoversMan & Wood Ikins Collection Samsung Galaxy Covers are more limited but no lesser in beauty!

Now let’s check out the designs I picked out in detail. The beauty of Man & Wood phone covers is all about the details! 🙂

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 2_new

I picked out Nerolex from Man&Wood’s Wood Fit Collection and Cube from the Ikins Collection for my iPhone 5.
Each comes in a solid paper casing with the respective gorgeous image as seen on the site. It’s always good to see consistency from what’s online to what you open to when it’s received at home, isn’t it? 

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 3_new

I can’t fly to winterlands on whim nor do I often head out to the woods to caress the trees. But with Nerolex, nature’s wood is brought to my hands! What a privilege this is. 🙂Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 4_new

I was pleasantly surprised to open the box to reveal a pretty Nerolex covered with clear plastic. You know, like doubly protected!
Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 5_new

Beautiful wood grain in the sunlight.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 6_new

Under the shade.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 7_new

With Nerolex & Man & Wood’s Wood Fit collection, nature is literally always within your reach. I know it’s cheesy, but true… Like love. 😉Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 8_newThe feel of my new Nerolex cover is much like running your hands through a brand new wooden table, impeccable enmeshed/put together with smooth plastic which allows you to easily slot your phone in and out.

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 9_new Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 10_new

When I was selecting which cover to review for this post, Cube was love at first sight for me. It’s glamour and chic combined into one kickass cover. I’d like to think that it kinda represents my personality. HAHA. #NotShyAtAllMan & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 11_new

Under direct sunlight.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 12_new

Under the shade.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 13_new

Appreciate that Mother of Pearl sheen… SO GORGEOUS guys, I die.

For basis of comparison, the Cube cover is visibly shinier, smoother on the surface and it is also thicker than Nerolex. The Mother of Pearl is coated with a layer of material which I think is plastic and you can easily wipe off any dirt. It looks very, very precious. The plastic layer is quite hardy but I do recommend to avoid putting it with keys as you would avoid/prevent from scratching your screen. I am honestly so impressed with the Cube design and the Mother of Pearl glow / sheen that I’m just picking up my phone every 5 minutes to gaze and admire it when I’m crafting this review. Hehe. 🙂

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 14_new

Now I feel that my wonderful phone and life companion is appropriately & honourably blinged out. 😀

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 15_newIf our clothes express our personality, then our mobiles which we use on a daily basis also expresses who we are. Whether it’s Wood Fit or Ikins collection, you’re bound to find a design that will express your phone personality! 😉

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 4.52.32 pm

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Be sure to check them out on Instagram @ManNWoodSG #ManNWoodSG & their Facebook page for new releases & promotions.

Thanks to Man&Wood SG for sending these lovely covers my way!

Thank you for reading! :*