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Retro Days with MAC Wash & Dry Collection & Huggable Lips Collection

Hi Loves!

I may profess to be beauty junkie, but my level is no where near MAC’s. What do I mean? I mean they launch some 3-4 collections a month, (yes that’s about 1 a week, or sometimes simultaneously they launch 4 collections in a month). So by the time you’re reading this, the collections here are most probably sold out, since my blog posts are mostly belated reviews, heh. Nonetheless, some of the key basics like the foundations would still be there, and if you’re in love in sometime LE featured here, you can try it to find it on Amazon or Carousell! If all else fails… Visit the shop to ask for similar colours, or buy something new from their current collections. πŸ˜‰

Anyhoo, read on to check out what went down in store on the day Smita and I went to check out Beno (MAC’s makeup artist) working magic on the model with Wash & Dry collection and of course also checking out the then new Huggable Lips collection. πŸ˜€

MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 001Beno highly recommends this as a skin prep all over the face before foundation. He says this is particularly good for models when they come in with dull skin, it helps to perk, brighten and hydrate their skin.

MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 002Beno also swears by Lightful C softening lotion(toner), a rather new product launched this year, Beno says that this product with Vit C helps to brighten the skin.Β 

MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 003MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 004MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 005Beno applied Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation on the model with a brush.
MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 006Already with a bright pop or green eyeliner on, Beno applies a more subdued lip colour on the model.

MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 007From the Huggable Lips collection.
MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 008

MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 009Enhancing the eyeliner. MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 010Now checking out the Wet & Dry collection. I love the psychedelic coloured packaging! Super gorgeous and trendy orange and golds.MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 011Smita lovesss theΒ highlighter Beno applied on her.

MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 012And the super gorgeous Wash & Dry collection. Really love the 2 face foundation brush.

MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 013

Now on to the Huggable Lips collection! These lipsticks are amazing. They give your lips a very bouncy feel and wet look. I have no idea how that is huggable. And I super love the sleek lip bullet, a change compared to the usual MAC lip bullets. Much prefer this actually!MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 014 MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 015MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 016 MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 017With the super cute bear mascot!

MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 018And the MAC makeup expert Beno, follow him on IG @benolim!

MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 020 MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 021I love the nude colour Soft Talkin’ and #MLBB (my lips but better) colour in All In.
MAC Wash & Dry MAC Huggable Lips 019Thank you Smita for the invite and MAC Cosmetics Singapore for having us! Also be sure to check out Smita’s beauty blog here, you’ll learn tons of expert tips from her too!

*Bonus Round* lol

Brunch at Paul Singapore 001 Brunch at Paul Singapore 002 Brunch at Paul Singapore 003 Otw to meet Smita, feeling camera trigger happy. Also love the ombre lips I did for the day! πŸ˜›Brunch at Paul Singapore 004With Smitaaa <3

Brunch at Paul Singapore 005My omelette at Paul’s.

Brunch at Paul Singapore 006Smita’s Beef Tar Tar.

So I left/dropped my wallet at Paul’s Takashimaya and the staff kept it for me. THANK GOD. Β Awesome food and staff here, definitely will go back again. <3

Makeupstore Artist Plexi Gloss LipglossSo we walked around Sephora and chanced upon the launch of Makeupstore’s Artist Plexi Gloss/lipgloss and I won the sample set and a pouch and a lip over. #Blessed. It’s true I am very blessed at winning lucky dips.Β 

Makeupstore Artist Plexi Lip Gloss Review

Here we are with our lip overs. I chose a bright red and I do love the lip gloss that gave very good hydrating and pigmented coverage without the typical sticky feeling.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Follow me on IG @ena_teo for my updates! πŸ˜‰