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Reflections 2017

Typing this while waiting for our bus to head to Holy Trinity Brampton church for Sunday service on the last day of the year.

Am really thankful for all that has happened in 2017, highlights being the travels with my family; visiting the flower fields in Hokkaido with my parents in summer, Christmas Eve dinner with my relatives at my big sister’s house, spending Christmas and New Year’s with my second sister in London and taking a trip out to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower when I’m here.

Career wise, I count my blessings especially with each and every client and referral that trust me with their business. Am particularly expectant for a productive and fruitful business year in 2018 with clients and cases lining up for follow up when I’m back!

Spiritually, increasingly I find myself living the “Let go” life that Pastor Prince spoke heavily about this year. It’s really a lot easier said then done but I believe after 4 years I am finally closer to what it really is to live a life surrendered and dependent on my savior, protector and provider, Jesus Christ.

Year after year I grow in appreciation of friends that continue to keep in contact with knowing how busy everyone gets and how priorities shifts with changes in life. For all my friends who are reading this, know that every time you spend with me over a meal, message you send on WhatsApp, comment you leave on Instagram is not lost on me and very much appreciated.

I wrote in a previous message that I want to “Value Add” to people all around in my 2018 and to that I also will make my 2018 the most productive and fruitful year.
I hope that you’re enjoying the last day of 2017 and that 2018 will treat you well.

Love & God Bless,


P.S. Fingers crossed I get to see Pastor Nicky Gumbel for service later, have been listening to his Bible in One Year all year long !

I will build my life upon Your love

It is a firm foundation

I will put my trust in You alone

And I will not be shaken

I will build my life upon Your love

It is a firm foundation

I will put my trust in You alone

And I will not be shaken

Wanderlust Strikes

Lately I think about the travels I’ve had abroad and a very strong urge of wanderlust strikes. I was very fortunate to travel to Japan, Hong Kong & London last year and this year I haven’t been abroad except for Malaysia…

I want to go to Paris, Italy (again) and Taiwan…

Let me leave you with a quote and pictures from my travels last year.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.










London Sights & Food! :D


Today I’m blogging about my London trip in early May! 😀 My family went over to attend and celebrate my 2nd sister’s graduation from Imperial College! 🙂

So my family stayed at Ibis hotel, Shepherd’s Bush branch. I think it’s a good and convenient place to stay, as its less than 5 minutes walk from the tube station. 🙂

Ena London Ibis 3

My angel & elder sister chilling in our room. We really enjoyed chilling in London, after my final semester from school and her taking a respite from her busy work schedule.Ena London Ibis 2

The TV area and mirror.Ena London Ibis 1

Upclose picture of the room, beds and table area.

Ena London Ibis 4

Toilet! The door has no twist knob, it’s just push and pull and makes a mighty bang noise whenever you open or close the door, haha!

Ena London Ibis Sleep App

Cool looking app Sleep Art app where it supposedly makes art when  you place it on your bed at night when you sleep, but it hanged when I used it twice. HAHA.

DAY 1 ! 😀

Ena London Profile

Hello good morning ya’ll! 🙂

Ena London St Pauls

View of St Paul’s cathedral from the outside.

Ena London Millenium Bridge

We came to the Millennium bridge, walking from St Paul’s towards my favourite London museum, Tate. It’s the one with the long chimney looking structure. 🙂 It’s my favourite because it has soo many amazing art works from Pop Art to Surrealist Art, artworks and artists which I read and studied about from my JC days! <3 We didn’t have time for me to pop in this time. I visited it the last time I was there about 3 years ago.

2013-04-29 14.07.30

View from the bridge, over River Thames. It’s beautiful.

So the first day we went shopping with my sister to get her stuff ready for her graduation.

2013-04-30 14.07.57

We bought cosmetics, I got this Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in 902 Fuschia Flash. It’s a hot pink colour. I love it!
Ena London Mall

London, the land of Topshop!

Then we came to the market and saw cool stuff.

Like refillable wine. hahaha.

Then we came to South Kensington, or affectionately called South Ken by the locals.

Ena London South Kensington

To have lunch at Comptoir, for fantastic lebanese food! Someone should bring this to Singapore. 🙂IMG_4794Ena London Comptoir Sisters

My lovely sisters.:D

Ena London Comptoir Parents

My Mamee and Papa. 😀

2013-04-30 11.53.02


2013-04-30 11.51.48

My eggplant dish!

We came to Selfridges…

Where people in love with fashion come, where people come and fall in love with fashion. It’s fantastic inside, looks more like a modern fashion museum, but I don’t think photos were allowed. Go visit when you are there. Or better, shop if you can afford. 😀


They have really cool and awesome, attractive window displays.
Ena London Selfridges 1

Ena London Selfridges 2Ena London Selfridges 3


Ena London Selfridges 4

More windows! And a black london cab!

Day 2!

In the morning we passed by cool places and sights.Ena London Gate

Like this wooden gate that opens into a secret garden. Not that it does, or maybe it does but I won’t know because I didn’t get to enter. 😛
Ena London Flower

And like pretty flowers!

We headed to Brighton village & market row to check out Honest burgers for lunch!


Ena London Honest Burgers

Ena London Honest Burgers 2

Honest Burgers.


Menu on the walls.

Ena London Honest Burgers 3

My burger!

Ena London Family Pic

With trees that are flowering in spring. 🙂 Family shot! My dad, sisters and my mum. <3 Ena London Family Pic 2

Another one!

Ena London Dog on Ride

Cute dog riding in style!

 We came to the park…

Ena London Tree Park

The view is amazing, Like a work of art. <3IMG_4878

Family pic! With me taking the photo. Kekeke.IMG_4916

We came to the Queen’s garden.Ena London Park Grounds

Rolling green. Ena London Girl on Park

And a scene out of a painting with a little cute girl running across the park. <3

Day 3!

2013-05-02 14.25.42

We came to Stratsford city, wanting to visit the Olympic park….. but *deng deng deng* it was closed. >.< 2013-05-02 11.42.27

We had lunch, fish & chips at the mall. It was so-so. :/2013-05-02 13.54.59

We checked out Primark! We love it. It super cheap lah. But ok, sustainably wise, it might not be a good thing to buy so many cheap clothes and maybe at the cost of some labour issues. BUT still. Cheap clothes. HAHA. Ok. moving on.

After a non-Olympic park morning and just walking around Westfield Mall at Stratford city, my parents and 2nd sister headed back while my sister and I went shopping! At Oxford Street and Bond street! Yippee!

2013-05-02 15.09.47

Oh yes, I love the sensibility of British fashion.Eh forgot what this brand is, sorry! 😛

2013-05-02 15.04.19

Me and the “wrong” side of Star Wars trooper. HAHA. This was at Hamleys! Famous toy shop. 🙂 Umm ok a little description of what I am wearing. Jacket and shoes from HK, you also saw during my Japan trip. Socks from Uniqlo, Japan. Don’t think it sells in Singapore cause they are long thick socks. I’ve been searching for them for ages until I found them in Japan, yay! Chambray top and red leather skirt from Bugis street, Singapore. Purple cardi from Mango. 😀 I love this look and it’s not something I can wear in Singapore. So I like to be dressy and layer while I can abroad. I was also wearing nude coloured stockings so I won’t get too cold incase the weather turned chilly or when the wind blew. 
2013-05-02 15.40.52

Weather actually turned pretty warm while we were window shopping… and Tea-shopping. My sister bought lots of Whitard tea back as souvenirs! Heh. Anyways here I am posing with the billboards but the bus came and yes I do look like I’m having a 1 million pound moment HAHAHA.
2013-05-02 15.39.10

With my elder sis!

Man skirt! Cool. 😀
2013-05-02 19.47.17
Hello Kitty is EVERYWHERE. Kekeke. 2013-05-02 19.09.47
Our sausage bread!!! <3 2013-05-02 20.28.42
And our snacks and dessert SPREAD back in the hotel. <3
Day 4~! aka Sister’s graduation day!
2013-05-01 20.21.23
Good morning~ Umm yes I look tired. HAHAHA. IMG_4964
My dad! <32013-05-01 12.31.33
BTS. Getting my sis ready for photos… 2013-05-01 12.31.41
Smile! That’s my sis’s friend, Han Teng. Helping out as photographer of the day!2013-05-01 12.31.54
Happy Graduate!IMG_4976
This one’s cute. With Lion!
My 2nd sis & I! Outside the graduation hall, Royal Albert Hall.
2013-05-01 21.01.08
Inside! Lovely isn’t it?
Then I took a very quick visit to V&A. Victoria & Albert Museum. Only caught the sculptures and fashion wings. Which I think I saw when I as there the last time. Just nice to revisit. But too little time so I didn’t take many photos.
2013-05-01 17.28.45 2013-05-02 00.12.44
Naked torso sculptures. Heh. Anyway check out this link of dressed sculptures looking uber hippy. Very cool and funny. IMG_5025 IMG_5024
Emo death related poems. HAHA.
I can’t remember if we came to Whitleys on which day. Anyway its a mall with Marks and Spencer (ok they are everywhere) and i just thought their ceiling was very nice.
So you get ceiling shots.
And another. HAHAHA.
Then we had famous duck and roasted meat rice at Bayswater, Gold Mine restaurant. Reasonably priced. Yes its delicious, so go there if you can!
2013-04-30 17.06.08
After dinner, my sister and I went to walk around Westfield Mall at Shepherds bush.
M&S really is everywhere. 🙂
Dalmations! Hehe.2013-04-30 19.08.38
Really cool shoes at New Look.2013-04-30 19.20.16
Love the fashion books at the bookshops!
Day 5! 
Last day of sightseeing! How time flies! So I took the liberty to walk around our hotel on my own before heading out with the family.
2013-05-03 17.21.16
Ibis hotel is along Rockley road. It’s a lovely place to live in.
2013-05-03 12.28.41
We visited the Buckingham palace park. We didn’t go in the palace.2013-05-03 12.42.59
Tulips, tulips everywhere! 😀 2013-05-03 12.46.48
More park views~2013-05-03 13.02.08
Squirrel! IMG_5189
Hehehe Cover Squirrel 😀
These cool statues were in front of the Buckingham palace.
 I think the branch in the hands means peace. Don’t quote me on that tho! Heh.IMG_5160
I can’t tell what this is. HAHA. Maybe you can enlighten me? 😛
We came to the famous Trafalgar square, where a Bollywood dance was going on. FIlming was taking place! Cool.2013-05-03 15.12.51
We came across many many british memorabilia shops. Here are some British dolls!2013-05-03 15.24.08
And bookshops! Read the quote. If you borrow from the library, it’s zero cost! Heh. 🙂 IMG_5274
Then we came to Green Park area for Burgers & Lobsters. While waiting, you have to queue to get in, I went to walk around the area on my own and found this gem of a bookshop! G. Heywood Hill Ltd. They have a 100 books selection wall with recommendations of books by 100 famous people, including Anna Wintour and the Pope! I was too shy to take the photos in store but I thought it was really really cool. #geekinme 🙂IMG_5273
PLUS Nancy Mitford a famous English author worked here! I mean how cool is that! I have not read her books before, but I shall take note to check them out the next time I am in the library. IMG_5276
Wait is over! Here it is and here we are! Burgers  & Lobsters!2013-05-03 17.41.39
We ordered this 70pounds +++ lobster for the family. I don’t eat prawns or lobsters as I am allergic so I had burger!2013-05-03 17.42.41
Yes it was great. But I don’t think it’s justified to pay 20 pounds or 40 sing for it tho! Ok if you don’t convert, it’s worth it,lah. 😛2013-05-03 19.05.45
We came to the Marble Arch!IMG_5293
And visited a rather newly erected Bombers memorial hall.IMG_5295
Han Teng the history buff shares interesting stories and history with us!IMG_5296
“The fighters are our salvation but the bombers alone provide the means of victory” Winston Churchill, September 1940.IMG_5297
“To remember HOW they lived and more… Remember WHY they died” Kathleen Partridge August 1945.
It’s like visiting a museum and artworks understanding about history, wars and their significance. I like it.
Spot Singapore! 🙂
A little further down, also recently erected Memorial Gates. To remember the troops fought alongside Britain & vice versa during major wars.
Day 6! We leave for home 🙂
2013-05-04 12.44.51
Comptoir, at Westfield Shepherds Bush! 2013-05-04 14.38.21
On our tube ride back to Airport. 🙂
2013-05-04 16.38.47
HAHAHA Bad lighting. But with Harrods bear! 😀
2013-05-04 18.08.00
All the chocolates we bought back!
And bye bye London, till we meet again! <3
I didn’t have time to plan for this trip at all because I was busy rushing my school submissions till the day we left. I packed like 2 hours before we left. I want to thank my sisters especially for funding me their student sister for this trip. HEHE. <3 I love London for its rich heritage, culture and fashion. Some people are impeccably dressed and chic here and it’s hard not to fall in love with the people and place. There will definitely be another time to return and I hope to check out different places and perhaps less touristy/shopping places and more food places ! Haha.
<3 Ena

Olympics Inspired Fashion 2012





It’s been a few days but…

Singapore won a bronze medal in Olympics! YAY!

Thanks to our star female table tennis player Feng Tian Wei for doing us proud!

Congrats to Feng Tian Wei for bagging a bronze for Singapore! Image credits to Redsport.sg

So while we are all still in the mood and heat of Olympics, here are a few fantastic Olympics inspired fashion items to ogle (maybe we call it google nowadays :P) over! 😀

1. Isabel Marant ‘Beckett’ trainers – mytheresa.com

These are the coolest kicks in fashion these days. Worn by lots of models off duty!


2. Miu Miu special edition bags – available exclusively at Miu Miu’s London boutiques.

How cute that they come in Olympic medal colours… guess most women will go for the gold? (;


3. Anya Hindmarch X Dunlop, selfridges.com

I don’t fancy green much, but if it’s hot pink or purple I’d love it more! Find this cute because of the 5 Olympic coloured rings! 😀


4. Limited edition Proenza Schouler PS11 bag, openingceremony.com

One of the IT bag of the moment, Proenza Schouler PS11 in a winning colour! I’m glad to report that this colour will continue to serve you well into Spring Summer 2013. Metallics is gonna be in trend then!

That’s all for now~

Image credits from Telegraph UK here.

For more Olympics inspired fashion check out:
The Fashion Spot and Miu Miu Olympics inspired shoes and bags collection here.



<3 Scrapbooking for Family and Friends <3

I have always liked scrapbooks and I started with doing decorated mini name boards for friends and family as farewell gifts about a year back.

Recently my primary school friends Jonathan went abroad to UK, London to study so I made him this:

I bought the materials from a paper craft store at Simei, East Point Mall on the second level but very unfortunately the last time I went back this week, they either closed or moved! :'( But it is also ok… because I can buy materials at another place which I will tell you in a bit. 🙂

Basically the set I bought was a ‘Travel’ set meant to create scrapbook for your travels but it also makes sense to create paper craft gifts for friends going away. 🙂 I also bought the buttons from the same store. The ‘thickers’ alphabet stickers were bought at Spotlight if I didn’t remember wrongly. The coaster looking cardboard piece was also bought at Spotlight about a year ago. I went back wanting more but unfortunately it was either out of stock or discontinued. :/

The set comes with ribbons, papers and alphabet stickers. I bought them on offer for about $15. 🙂 Here you can see that I have cut the paper and stuck them on the cardboard. Scrapbooking tools, pencil for outlining on special papers before cutting with scissors. 😉

Next you glueeee!

Add on more decorative elements and some personalized message and Voila~! You’re done! 🙂 Heavier items will need to use liquid white glue which will become transparent when dried.

Another friend Wei Ren also left to study abroad… This time it was a bigger card to contain messages from other friends as well. 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to develop the photos professionally so it was from my home printer. Thankfully Wei Ren liked it nonetheless. 🙂

The next series of works are made using materials I bought from PaperMarket at Raffles City basement! 🙂 Surprisingly, students only needed $30 on a receipt to be members, so I was given a members card (yay!) after the purchase of two sets, one with a Baby Girl theme and another for a Girlfriends theme.

I belatedly realize all my best girlfriends are born in the last quarter of the year! September and October! Hahahah! And yes, all these paper crafts are like really belatedly birthday cards. 😛

For my girlies in Lasalle… Kat & Bini. 🙂

If you noticed, yes I did mix materials from the Travel set as well! I do take note of my friend’s personalities and preferences before I make the cards. 🙂

All these photos were printed professionally at the Kodak store at Marine Parade near Watsons. Only 25cents per photo! 🙂

For my bestie Ming~! And bestie YL~~~

And for Justin and Kim’s baby girl who just turned 1 month old, congrats! Baby Keren is so pretty! 🙂 It’s meant to be like a group card, the second page for cell group members to sign. 🙂

Then I made for my lovely sisters as well!!! I <3 my sisters. I am very blessed. We are very blessed, too blessed to be stressed! Hope you two are reading this! 🙂 <3

This is for my sister who graduated… not so recently. 😛 And enjoying friendships at work, yay!

A close up of the border, which is an original idea! 🙂Another for her more ‘private’ life. 😛 I was quite sad to find that I don’t have a recent picture with her.. But then belatedly realize there is one but it wasn’t on facebook so I forgot about it… 😛
For my sister also abroad… in UK.. (Seriously so many Singaporeans studying abroad, hahaha.) This is supposed to be a secret/surprise… Wonder if she will read this then it’s not so secret anymore! Hahahaha 😛I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did creating all these paper craft / scrapbook layouts and writing about them!

My advice for anyone who wants to start scrapbooking would be to buy good materials, preferably those pre-packed ‘sets’ for a start, as they come in co-ordinated colours, patterns and design theme. Some even have layout ideas at the back to spark your creativity! Honestly, as you go along, it’s very easy to then go free-style and design as you like.

If you are stuck for ideas, just google! Whether it’s “Best Friend Scrapbook layout” or “Birthday Scrapbook layout” or “Baby girl scrapbook layout” there are tons of ideas and inspirations online! 😉

Next up, I will post about the ICB styling event I attended last Saturday!

I also filmed a vlog…which I will post soon! <3

God bless!