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Discover Awesome Offers & Dining Options with OpenSnap, Your Must Have Mobile Food Guide

Hi Loves!

Well if you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of good food… who isn’t right? 😛 I think 90% (pulling number out of thin air, btw) of Singaporean gatherings include some form of food; dining or drinks. Us Singaporeans just love our food!

unnamed opensnap

As such, I honestly can’t believe how late I am to the boat of OpenSnap, which is an amazing food guide app, truly a wonderful work of art. With this app, you’ll never have to rack your brains over where to eat in Singapore~

I mean, what good is it for me to say so much? Take a good look for yourself!

OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 001

Browse the homepage with tabs such as “Offers” and “Editor’s Pick”. I love how the app’s interface is so clean and easy to navigate!OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 002

Obviously, we’re gonna check out the Offers tab…  Do you know that OpenSnap has the  most offers in one app available, with more than 500 unique restaurants and more than 900 offers on board?! Does this interest you already? 😉

OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 003

I’m not sure how much a slice of Lady M Marron Mille Crepe usually costs, but if you’re planning to head down, why not take advantage of this offer?
OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 004

Here’s another great offer, if you’re planning to head down to Lawry’s for your family’s Father’s Day Dinner… Lawry’s at Mandarin Gallery has a very nice ambience. 🙂OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 005

If you’re a fan of trying out new places and experiences, check out OpenSnap’s list of new restaurants! I’m looking forward to try out Milk Cow, when the queue isn’t that long, heh.OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 006

This has got to be one of my favourite tabs – “Editor’s Picks”. Seriously, it’s like they read my mind and catered the top two features for me… I’m a fan of salted egg yolk and matchaaaa! OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 007

Sorry if this post is making you hungry… Look at all these wonderful salted egg yolk dishes! The best part is that these images you see above are user submitted food photos and reviews, which comes with a dish rating feature (1-5 stars rating)! This means, you can decide which popular dish to try, based on the user ratings/recommendations, how helpful!
OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 008

Another thing is how pretty the app looks visually – some of the user uploads look like they came out of the magazine… it’s like searching on Instagram with #matcha, except the quality is higher and comes with more details like price! OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 009

This, am going back for this matcha soya soft serve for sure! OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 010

Scrolling down the homepage, you’ll see more useful features such as “Cafes” and “Open Till Late”.OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 011

Now you can go totally crazy on those #CafeHopping #Saturdates!OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 012

You can find out the Best Restaurants and Dishes in Singapore.

OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 013

If you’re out of new places to check out after midnight – this feature will give you new ideas!
OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 014

Another option to filter restaurants based on Location, and in this case, I picked “Bedok”. Essentially you can search for restaurants and new food places near your location!OpenSnap App Blogger Review Enabalista 015

Similar to Instagram, you can follow cool (or should I say Food, keke) users with lots of food updates and recommendations too!

If you haven’t already, go download OpenSnap here (Android) and here (Apple)!

Thanks OpenSnap for making this review possible. 😉