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Vanity Trove’s Get Snap Blingo Project Launch Party

Vanity Trove, a community to share & discover beauty recently had a Get Snap Blingo launch party at Zouk.

Here’s photos of what went down~ ^^

Vanity Trove GSB Enabalista Hall Vanity Trove GSB Loreal Enabalista. Vanity Trove GSB Cremeberry 3 Enabalista.jpg Vanity Trove GSB Cremeberry  Enabalista Vanity Trove GSB Cremeberry Enabalista.jpg Vanity Trove GSB Cremeberry 4 Enabalista.jpg Vanity Trove GSB Emicakes Enabalista.jpg Vanity Trove GSB Emicakes 2Enabalista Vanity Trove GSB Pink Nails Enabalista Vanity Trove GSB Pics Enabalista Vanity Trove GSB Pic Board Enabalista Vanity Trove GSB Pic Board 2 Enabalista

Let me just say that the food was ridiculously generous. It kinda helped that I was there early. 😀  The noteworthy desserts are pastries and macarons(or macaroons? :P) by Cremeberry and Push & Pop Cakes Emicakes. I tried the strawberry flavour and there’s real strawberry chunks (yes, chunks) and the cake is soft and the creme is rich, the way I like it! Who knew Push & Pop cakes could be SO DELICIOUS?   >.<  Speaking of which, do you know that Emicakes are famous for their durian cake? They use to have one at Marine Parade and my church friends and I would often buy cakes from there, years back. Ok, maybe just me buying cakes and indulging. Oops. OK… getting back to topic here…

Depending on what phone you use, download VanityTrove’s new app on iTunes here and GooglePlay here.
You can find me “@EnaTeo” and follow me there if you have an account. 😉 Check out my web profile here.
If you want to know why you need another photo-sharing app (isn’t Instagram enough?) on your mobile, the reasons I can think of are:
1. Good for stalking beauties that like to talk about beauty
2. Brand Promotions / Giveaways
Yes, you can do so on Instagram too, but VanityTrove has some brand engagements exclusive to their app. 🙂

If you’d like to read more about VanityTrove tech news, I recommend this Yahoo piece and these on TechInAsia.
Yes, in addition to being a lifestyle blogger, marketing enthusiast, I am also quite a #techgeek. Not extremely knowledgeable, but let’s just say I follow TechInAsia on Facebook. That makes me quite geeky, right? LOL. #GeekIsTheNewCool #IKnowHashTagsDontWorkOnWordPressButIJustDoItAnyways 😛

There were also Benefit and LO’real booths, both of which are brands I’ve blogged about just recently! Coincidence much? 😛 I got to be pampered at the Benefit booth but the queue was too long for L’Oreal’s. >.<

Vanity Trove GSB Bloggers 2 Enabalista

With bloggers June, Zean, Vera, Dorena & Melissa! Go and find the photo on my Instagram,
and you can stalk all of them on their Insta from there! 😀

Vanity Trove GSB Bloggers Enabalista

Another pic June and Cassandra, Lydia & Yvonne! 🙂
My champagne metallic dress’s from GoJane.com.
Vanity Trove GSB Enabalista Instagram PostEnding off with a collage I posted on my Instagram. Follow me for my updates on @ena_teo! 😉

Thanks to VanityTrove for having me and Leanne @loveforskincare for the invite!

Thank YOU for reading~ <3