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Korean Celebrities Love FrancisKay Jewelry

Hi Loves~

As you should know by now, I’m a major Korean Drama fan and I’m almost always following at least 1 Korean drama serial a week and that sort of just very naturally developed my love for Korean fashion and Korean makeup, which is evident allll over my blog. So I discovered a gem of a website by FrancisKay that is a beloved costume jewlery brand worn and loved by many Korean celebrities and I just have to share it with you all!

Check out the  FrancisKay jewelry I’ve got!:2014-12-17 11.20.15-1

New Yorker chic simple Ring set of 3, US$27.56. Buy here.

2014-12-17 11.24.37-1

New Yorker Duo Earring Set, US$38.59. Buy here.2014-12-17 11.29.18-1

2014-12-17 11.31.04-1

Classic Emilia Pearl Set of 3, US $43.88. Buy here. 2014-12-17 11.16.59-1

Each set is beautifully packaged, comes in a chic & simple plastic zip bag and bubble wrapped. My 3 sets took about 1 week to reach me in a box in perfect condition.

Took a few pictures with my New Yorker rings + Dior-inspired New York studded earrings with Pearl back. I really love the design and the quality of the FrancisKay jewelry, you really get what you pay for~! 🙂 It isn’t flimsy metal but great quality that’s sturdy and can be worn repeatedly so I foresee myself wearing it for years or until I am bored of the design, lol~2014-12-21 02.47.17 2014-12-17 00.50.54-1 2014-12-17 00.51.43-1

That’s not all!

Check out the Korean celebrities that are wearing FrancisKay!! I have picked a few of my favourites:

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 005

I can’t be sure if Han Ye Seul is wearing a pair of Dior or FrancisKay in Birth of Beauty (which btw is TOTALLY awesome show everyone must watch!) but it definitely looks like either the New Yorker earring duo in the pearl back or New Yorker Volume to Pearl Earring! The latter which is also worn by another of my favourite Korean actress Jang Na Ra (Fated to Love You):Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 002

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 008Also acting in Birth of a Beauty, Wang Ji Hea is sporting 1 layer from Nature Multi Layer NecklaceKorean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 001

Another favourite Korean actress Park Shin Hye currently acting in Pinocchio which I am also following, is sporting FranisKay Capri Blue Mini Square Earring.Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 006

At her fan signing she’s wearing one ring from the Lady Rose Silver Ring Set.

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 004Shin Seong Rok is seen in Trot Lover wearing FrancisKay For You Special Silver bangle that comes with free engraving. This up and coming actor is also in The King’s Face which is another drama that I am also currently following. I should probably watch lesser Korean dramas, huh! >u<

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 007

Actress Choi Yeo Jin is seen wearing Francis Kay Lovely Initials necklace in Emergency Couple, which is a drama I have watched.

Korean Celebrities Love Francis Kay 003

If you buy now during the festive season, you can opt for their Christmas sets that come in special Christmas packaging with card, limited edition necklace & bracelet, each set starts from US$60.63.

Happy Shopping!

Stay beautiful my loves~!



Lapalette; Popular Korean Bag Brand in Singapore @ Suntec

Hi Lovelies!

A while back I had the pleasure to attend Lapalette’s fashion showcase at their Suntec store and here are the photos. Enjoy! 😉

La Palette Singapore 019_newLa Palette Singapore 024_new

Before the fashion show, the models were presenting the bags within the windows!La Palette Singapore 001_new

I wanted a selfie with the iconic lapalette horse motif…  One with the handsome horse kissing my cheek. 😛La Palette Singapore 002_new

Alas! There was a random guy that photobombed us! >.<#La Palette Singapore 004_new

La Palette Singapore 003_new

For that evening, there was a special booth for customers to order a handmade leather keychain with a bag purchase.
Whenever I see handmade accessories it always inspires me to want to design my own as well… 🙂

La Palette Singapore 017_new

There were these really awesome meringues, cake pops and cupcakes.

Usually the pretty cakes don’t taste that great, but the treats from this event was really awesome, so much so I took their  namecard so that I can share their details with you guys!  Check out the bakery’s site here: Spatula Bakery.

Let’s check out some of my top picks from the store!

La Palette Singapore 005_new

There are a few collections by Lapalette, but my favourite has got to be Most by Lapalette, which is a sub-line launched with Korean model Hyoni Kang in July 2013. She’s also the one fronting the campaign images below!
La Palette Singapore 006_new La Palette Singapore 007_new La Palette Singapore 023_newLa Palette Singapore 011_new

I love the modern clean chic designs in Most by Lapalette.
La Palette Singapore 012_new

La Palette Singapore 020_new

The bag packs are reminiscent of the popular bag brand MCM, this one’s with lovely floral prints!

I also really love the their bag charms!
La Palette Singapore 008_new La Palette Singapore 009_new

Aren’t these the cutest? La Palette Singapore 010_new La Palette Singapore 013_new

Lapalette also offers bracelets, these are just some available in store.

La Palette Singapore 015_new

The brand founder & CEO Mr Choi Moon Sik was also present for media presentation and interview.

La Palette Singapore 014_new

I found this British inspired clutch really cute!La Palette Singapore 022_new

So I took an ootd with it. 😀La Palette Singapore 021_new

With Hong Peng & Sheena at the event! It’s always fun attending events with friends. 🙂

Now check out some of my favourite campaign photos & product shoot images. 🙂La Palette Campaign Photos 001

La Palette Campaign Photos 007

Model Hyoni Kang with Lapalette bag.

And more eye candies from the Most by Lapalette collection!La Palette Campaign Photos 003 La Palette Campaign Photos 002 La Palette Campaign Photos 005 La Palette Campaign Photos 004 La Palette Campaign Photos 006I want them all!

Thanks Lapalette Singapore for the kind invitation. 🙂

Visit their stores:

2 Orchard turn ION Orchard #B3-36, S(238801) Opens daily from 10.00am – 9.30pm

3 Temasek Boulevard #02-368/369 Suntec City Mall S(038983)
Opens daily from 10.30am – 9.30pm (Mon-Thurs, Sun) / 10.30am-10.00pm (Fri-Sat)

1 HarbourFront Walk #01-K22 VivoCity S(098585) Opens daily from 10.00am 10.00pm


Like Lapalette Singapore on Facebook!



Behind the Scenes with Channel 8’s New Programme Eat & Be Merry

Hi guys!

Today I’lll be blogging about my experience being a participant of local Mandarin television
Channel 8’s new food programme “Eat & Be Merry”!

As it’s a relatively new show, the day before the show producer was asking my director at work if he knew anyone who would be keen to join, I thought it’d be fun to see what it’s like, so I joined with another colleague from work. 🙂

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 29

It happens to be the same day as I attended Shiseido brands’ bloggers appreciation party, thus the same outfit and look. 😀

Let’s find out if we really did “Eat & Be Merry”!

The filming was held at Han Sang Korean Restaurant at the Grand Stand, old turf club.
The entire restaurant is seriously huge, possibly can host up to 200 or more customers at any one time.

On to the food!

Oh, please let me apologize in advance for photos of half eaten food.
It only occurred to me after eating mid way that maybe I should blog about the experience. 😛

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 1

Korean Jajang Myeon / Noodles. It’s a very famous korean black bean noodle. Very delicious.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 2

Ginseng Chicken Soup.  There is rice cooked in, I didn’t particularly like this soup because it wasn’t clear and neither was it very herbal which is the way I like my ginseng chicken soup. However my colleague really likes this soup and apparently it’s a really popular korean dish. So it’s probably just me, that I don’t fancy Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup.
Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 3

Braised beef in pumpkin. Sorry it looks horrible cause it’s half eaten. This is really good. The meat is soft and tender and the pumpkin is delicious! As you can see, half of the pumpkin wall has been scrapped off and eaten. 🙂Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 4

Cold noodles. This was one of the last dish served up and I didn’t have any more stomach to try this, unfortunately. I didn’t even get to finish the delicious Jajang noodles! So I can’t give a proper comment for this. Such a waste of food right? >.<

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 7

The side dishes. Very good kimchi lettuce. I don’t like the long green beans and the anchovies due to personal tastes. I do wish they had egg white side dish though!

Photos with the lovely hosts!

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Hosts Pornsak Korean Food Enabalista

With Jerry Yeo (left) and Pornsak! Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Hosts Vivian Korean Food Enabalista.jpg

With Vivian Lai! Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Hosts 2 Pornsak Korean Food Enabalista

Basically the show is split into 3 segments.

Each episode focuses on a certain type of cuisine, in our case, it’s Korean.

In round 1, 12 pairs of contestants get to enjoy dishes and then answer about 8-10 MCQ-type questions.
The 3 pairs that obtains the most correct answers proceeds to round 2 and 3.

In round 2, contestants continue to answer questions that are open ended.
in round 3, contestants will be tested by a simple dish creation.
The winner will be decided based by the judge’s vote.

The other 9 pairs of contestants will continue in the show by voting for their favourite remaining 3 pairs, beginning in round 2.
Those that voted the winning team will get to share a cash bounty of $1500 while the winning team brings home $5000.

I won’t spoil the episode and tell you who the winning team is, but quite obviously it wasn’t my team/ my colleauge and I, LOL.

So here are some photos from round 2!

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 9 Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 10 Basically a lot of waiting around in between takes…Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 12 Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 11

We very quickly made friends with the other teams… ^^Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 13

Here’s my view from round 3, behind the teams still in the running. Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 15

More waiting…Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 16

Hosts looking bored. 😛Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 18

Contestants explaining their dish.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 19

Chefs in the kitchen!Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 32 Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 20

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 33More filming, one of the last scenes.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 22

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 26

Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 30

Honestly surprised to see 6 sets of cameras and 2 man for each set.
Basically there’s 1 set of camera for each host and the rest on the teams.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 27

I think my colleague took this shot and sent it over. You can see the food prepared for round 3. Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 28

So this is what goes on behind the scenes of a relatively large scale food programme!
Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 31

Sneaking one selfie in between takes.Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 34 Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 36

With the team we rooted for… watch to find out if they won! Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 37
There’s also a mid size Korean mart in the restaurant.
Eat & Be Merry Channel 8 Korean Food Enabalista 38And to end off, Pornsak retweeted my tweet and made my day! 😛

If you would like to take part,  form a group of 2 to sign up for the game show.

Email, together with your age, contact details and photos to eatandbemerry@mediacorp.com.sg. 🙂

The episode will be up around Mid-May, if you would like to catch it.

Thanks to Eat & Be Merry crew and hosts for the lovely experience!

Thank you for reading~ <3



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Stylin’ in August!


August is zooming by and soon it’ll be September in a blink of an eye! I hope you’ve been enjoying August like I am! 😀

Here are the rest of the pics from Monday when Bini came over to my house for some playful styling!

Wore my heart-printed dress from Shenzhen to school that day! Matched it with red cardigan and white bow headband. Been carrying my LizClaiborne gold bag everywhere since I got it! (Gift from Mum’s friend :D) I think the red, blue and gold is very parisian, tres chic. Heh.

Look 1: Country girl~

Matched the dark blue lace dress (worn as top here) with denim blue vest. The lace skirt goes with the white rosettes on the vest. Beige heels completes the look!

Look 2: Chic girl

Here I’m wearing one of my favourite outerwear, a Korean multi-pastel-coloured tweed jacket with a plain white singlet underneath and H&M colour-block skirt.
Look 3: Girly Grunge
Matched the knitted brown top with lace-tiered skirt. Unusual and slightly quirky. For a more regular look, I can match the top with long skinny jeans as well.
Look 4: Boho-country
We were going kinda crazy and we got this look. Multi-layered top with singlet, Mango purple-blue plaid top, denim vest, pink skirt. The gold belt adds a zany twist to the look and the blue polka dot sandals makes the look ‘pop’! Hah! On the left photo, I was channeling my best Haute couture hunch-back pose and the look on the right is a candid happy pose. Heh.
Hope you had fun reading this post as much as we did coming up with the styles! 😛