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My 24th Birthday @ TCC

Hi Lovelies~

You might know that I turned 24 last July and here’s some photos from the night I celebrated my 24th with my family and friends! 🙂

For dinner, my family and I enjoyed our meal at TCC @ airport, Terminal 3 #01-22. As I have the TCC card, I enjoy 50% discount on my birthday month! 🙂

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 20.04.07_newEna 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.10.31_new Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.11.02_new

Some of the pretty cakes on display.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.11.19_new

“If you’re gonna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.” Did Marilyn Monroe really said this? 😛 Well for the records, I don’t think we should be two-faced. There’s no harm having a pretty face tho! 😉

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.24.20_new

My parents. We forgot to take a family photo that day. 🙁 Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.31.37_new

My sister’s seafood baked rice.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.21_new

My dad’s braised beef baked rice which was really yummy; much like a East meets West fusion cuisine. Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.44_new

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.54_new

My red wine beef steak, which I really enjoyed! I rarely eat steak outside (I find chewing steak a hassle and painful at times) but I was in the mood to and this was really delicious. I had mine in medium well, no blood, still tender and chewy. I highly recommend it!
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.33.13_new

My second sister ordered a spaghetti bolognese, which was also a rare choice but it was delicious! We all didn’t think that a simple dish like this could astound us but it did.
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.35.15_new

My mum’s salmon dish.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.34.28_new

We didn’t think we would all be so full with out own dish and we had a side order of this beef ball skewers which was really yummy but we couldn’t finish the last ball. hahaha.
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 20.44.30_new

I always love going to the airport for travels, send off and meals. It’s a beautiful place of departures and arrivals!

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-20 21.28.04_newSome of the gifts and angbaos from close friends, colleagues and family! 🙂

It felt kinda weird to celebrate my 24th this year because I’ve started saying I turn 24 this year since the start of this year. So when I finally turned 24, it felt kinda underwhelming and also because I’m starting to face a new stage in life where I don’t want to turn older, lol.

Nonetheless, I have been exceedingly blessed this year; with a great family, work and friends. My wish for the year ahead is that my family and friends will enjoy the best of health and that I will work harder and smarter for my career ahead.

That is all!