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7 Recommended Beauty & Wellness Spots in Korea!

Are you planning for a pampering  trip with your girlfriends / mum or sisters soon?  I was just in Korea last month for a Beauty and Wellness trip and had the privilege to experience the best of Beauty and Wellness that Korea has to offer. Today’s post will cover 7 beauty spots and services that we visited which I highly recommend! Maybe you can KIV some spots for your next trip! 😉

(1) K-Beauty Makeover at Beauté 101

Beauté 101 is one of Korea’s top 1-stop shop for all your beauty needs; hair, makeup and nails. Need to prep for a night out in Korea? Fret not – just be in your outfit for the night, factor 2-3 hours with them and you’ll be ready to rock and roll in style, with your tresses, makeup and nails done. I also recommend checking out the nearby alleyways for cute spots for OOTDs like we did! For a basic hair styling, makeup and nails package like I did, it costs 242,000 won (S$298), add another 100,000 won (S$122) to upgrade to a party/special package. Located in Gangam, check out their Facebook page here and be sure to reserve in advance for your slot.

beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0027 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0026 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0028 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0019 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0014 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0015 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0016 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0023 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0024 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0025 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0017 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0018 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0020 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0021 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0022

(2) Luxe Facial Spa at Sulwhasoo Flagship Store

If you’re travelling with your mum or favourite aunt, may I suggest and recommend booking a luxe Facial Spa at Sulwhasoo Flagship Store – Korea’s equivalent of La Mer, whether it’s products, place or service, it won’t disappoint. On the ground floor, you’ll find exhibitions of past and present products and packaging. If you think that the ground floor is astounding, you’ll be further impressed by their second level where #interiorgoals abound. You’ll find a gift wrapping segment followed by an array of current ranges of products which are free for testing followed by a private lounge area where you can sip tea and enjoy testing out the products one by one, including the famed Sulwhasoo – Harmonizen Regenerating Cream which costs 650,000 (S$800). Yes that’s right you didn’t read wrong. After shopping (according to the local staff, the store is very generous with their samples and price after discounts for tourists is even better than airport). Before you’re ushered off for your spa, enjoy a vial of ginseng ampoule (drank, not applied), complemented with a cuppa green tea to balance the bitterness of the ginseng. Following which, you can proceed to their spa level and then into individual rooms which are designed like hotel rooms, with individual shower room. The facial spa begins with a foot soak followed by scrub with their special ginseng body scrub that’s not for sale and only available at the spa – talk about exclusivity! There’s even an iPhone cable charge in the spa room, super thoughtful. After the facial, which ends off with Sulwhasoo’s very thorough skincare regime, you can prep your tresses and apply their in house Sulwhasoo makeup foundation and blusher at the private makeup room. I also love that their staff speak basic conversational english pretty well. Visit them at 650, Sinsadong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

In case you’re wondering what’s in the Sulwhasoo facial, these are my notes – I can’t recall the entire skincare regime at the end as it was too extensive!:

Hot feet soak
Ginseng scrub
Facial portion:
Remove makeup
Cleansing oil
Hot towel
White ginseng scrub
Sleeping mask
After facial skincare:
First treatment essence

(Visit their site if you’d like to find out more about their Beauty Ritual)

sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0014 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0015 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0016 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0017 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0018 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0021 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0022sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0020sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0019 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0023 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0024 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0025

(3) Soak, spa & massage at women’s only Spa Lei

Lei Spa is a popular women’s only spa, and rated #7 out of 230 spas and wellness places in Seoul on TripAdvisor. As we were fully made-over after our Beaute101 experience and we were a little short of time during our visit to Spa Lei, we didn’t (want to) experience a full soak, sauna and massage which will ruin our hair and makeup, lol. We did however enjoy a drink and hot feet soak at both their outdoor and indoor foot spa. While their staff speak very limited english, I was very impressed with their 3 floors of facilities ranging from saunas, spa, massage, sleeping rooms, TV rooms, outdoor terrace, cafe, nails services and more – I can imagine it’s a place to hang out with my girlfriends for a whole day just doing sauna, spa, massage, meals, nails and more. For as little as 2000won an hour, it’s no wonder Spa Lei is a hit with both local and tourists alike. Do note that privacy is a huge concern, so you will need to keep your phones in the locker as no phones are allowed in the spa.spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006

(4) Skincare and Makeup Shopping at Myeong Dong

If you count yourself a K-beauty lover, no trip to Korea would be complete without visiting Myeong Dong where there’s an endless supply and promotion of all things Korean skincare and makeup. If you’re a fan of new skincare brands, then you must pay a visit to Olive Young who stocks brands that are more under the radar before they are established enough to have their owns stores, such as CNP, WakeWake and ElishaCoy. If you’re like me and a fan of established skincare and makeup brands such as Laneige, EtudeHouse, Clio & TheFaceshop, then it’s best to plan your trip to coincide with Korea’s sales season which is start of October and the next one would be early next year, visit Visit Korea website or Korea Grand Sale website for updates. If you’re planning to buy in bulk, my local friend suggests visiting Duty Free at Lotte Mall for really awesome bulk discounts.

Also, no street shopping is complete without street snacks!I will be writing a separate article on recommended Korean food spots, but thought I should add this in as well. Speaking of street snacks, On my first night in Korea, I’d met up with my friend, Livia for Chimac dinner. Livia works at Charis and she gifted me with a Klairs Mochi Bb cushion, a lightweight foundation – you can get it from my Charis online store here~  Also, I have to mention that you can get lots of awesome Korean snacks at Big Mart at Myeong Dong, opens till 12am!

myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004

Second night at Myeong Dong (we were there most nights since it was a stone throw away from our hotel!):myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013

I also recommend staying at Lotte City Myeongdong Hotel which is a 10 minutes walk away from Myeong Dong shopping streets. A relatively new hotel with impeccable and friendly staff service, good breakfast spread, comfortable bedroom and great housekeeping service.

lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0014 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0015 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0016 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0017 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009

Apart from Myeong Dong, I also recommend paying a visit to Gangnam where you’ll find Style Nanda and many shop fronts with lovely visual merchandising in their windows and having a cuppa coffee at Coffeesmith, just to people watch – the dudes are particularly handsome there, haha.

Style Nanda store:

gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 Olive Young:gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005

Club Clio, got the colour I wanted in Celeb Rose which ran out at Olive Young!:gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008

If you have more time, you should also check out Hongdae where there’s more Korean makeup and skincare shops (no surprises, LOL) and more street fashion!

Cap shopping:hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000

Walked into Labiotte for their wine lipsticks!


Got one of these lipsticks, which is a lovely coral and hydrating formula:hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004

Burnt orange and browns colours are all the rage this fall!:
hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 Came by StyleNanda at Hongdae:
hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009

Love these new 3CE liquid lips shades in Lazy, Obsessed & New me, except I’d already bought like 8 lipsticks by this time, so I didn’t purchase any, lol! #onemouthonlyhongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008

Was super tempted to get this, but would be too creamy/shimmery/oily for SG’s humid weather, so I did not – but if I was staying in Korea would go for this!:hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011Also, Chuu official has nice lip tints!hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010

(5) Wellness Treatment at KwangDong Oriental Hospital

Have I mentioned that we’ve been treated to only the best in Korea during our trip? The same can be said of our visit to KwangDong Oriental Hospital – we were there on a Friday morning at 9.30am and there were already customers at the counters paying for their oriental medicine dosage/satchets after their check ups. My wellness session with KwangDong Oriental Hospital started with registration, followed by consultation with the doctor, interpreted by a very eloquent lady named Jenny – the doctor then administered my virgin acupuncture experience (pretty painless in fact) on my stiff shoulders and aching calves followed by a cold stone facial spa and hot herbal foot pack – it was an incredible and unique experience to have a cold and hot sensation simultaneously on the opposing ends of my body. I love my experience at KwangDong Oriental Hospital and hope to bring my parents there some day.

kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011

(6) Relaxing Spa Session at Herb Island

Last but not the least, if you’re a fan of whimsical European style, I recommend visiting Herb Island and experiencing the Spa session after lunch and staying until the evening when the place is lit in the night. The Spa session starts off with tea and registration followed by a foot soak, a hot pack experience while laying on a cloth over dried hay (I imagine that’s how Jesus felt when he was a baby in a manger, lol) and ending off with massage (choice of back or feet, I picked feet). Also, the shops are super pretty, if you’re a fan of aromatic oil, scents and tea, it’s a place you can stock up on supplies!

herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013
herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0047herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0014 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0048 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0015 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0016 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0017 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0018 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0019 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0021 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0022 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0023 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0024 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0025 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0026 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0027 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0028 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0029 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0030 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0031 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0032 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0033 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0034 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0035 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0036 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0037 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0038 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0039 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0040 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0041 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0042 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0043 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0044 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0045 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0046

If you enjoyed reading my Beauty and Wellness recommendations, stay tuned to my next post on Korean Food recommendations in Seoul! 😉

If you’d like a chronological update to my Beauty and Wellness Korean Trip visit my Dayre days 272-278 starting here.

Thank you Carolyn and Korean Tourism Organisation Singapore for making the trip to Korea possible!

Belated Updates | Etude House Curl Fix Mascara, Bling Me Prism & AW 2015

Have you seen my previous post on my belated CNY 2016 happenings and updates?  So, while working on that post, I realized that I’d already published the Etude House Berry Delicious event that I’d earlier scheduled to be part of the post. But while going through my blog drafts folder, I found 2 Etude House related folders that I’ve yet to publish, so here they are! 🙂

Etude House Curl Fix Mascara & Bling Me Prism

So I’d missed this event update from a year ago and I’m not sure if Etude House still carries the Curl Fix Mascara and Bling Me Prism. T_T
Etude House Curl Fix Mascara & Bling Me Prism Enabalista _0001 Etude House Curl Fix Mascara & Bling Me Prism Enabalista _0000Delicious fruity mocktail!Etude House Curl Fix Mascara & Bling Me Prism Enabalista _0002 Etude House Curl Fix Mascara & Bling Me Prism Enabalista _0003Super love the subtle shimmer in the Bling Me Prism collection!Etude House Curl Fix Mascara & Bling Me Prism Enabalista _0004Check out the look I wore using the Bling Me Prism collection! And yes I super love my grey hair (thanks to Chezvous hair salon at Takashimaya~) from a year back!

Etude House Autumn Winter & Wisma One Year Party

Etude House celebrated Wisma’s flagship outlet’s first year party (Time flies! Check out my entry for its opening party here!) and we saw Clarence Lee create wearable autumn looks.
Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0000 Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0001 Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0002 Cute nail treatment products!Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0003 A pic of the makeup Clarence used on the model!

Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0007Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0004 Lovely Halloween 2015 palettes. Etude House’s seasonal palettes are mostly always with very lovely, trendy colours and very value for money! Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0005 Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0006

Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0009 Etude House Fall Winter 2015 Enabalista_0008 The super popular Play 101 Pencil, a Pony x Etude House collaboration that’s now almost indispensable in many girl’s makeup pouch! Some colours are meant to be eyeshadows, others more as a lip and cheek product, it’s best to test and try them out in stores before making a purchase! 😉

Thank you Etude House Singapore for inviting me for the events! <3

An exciting skincare compilation blog post coming up next, stay tuned!

See you over at the other sides!
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Sweeten Up with Etudehouse Berry Delicious Collection

Hi Loves!

Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve posted something beauty related, isn’t it? I’m currently on a mission to clear my 100+ backlog blog post , as I’ve mentioned on my personal FB page. I don’t know exactly how I’ll do it, except it’s gonna be a lot of sleepless late nights with music blasting from my laptop and a lot of blogging in between property appointments from home or office. 😉

Introductions aside, I’m really excited to share about Etudehouse’s latest Berry Delicious & BIG foundation spring summer makeup and beauty collection! First of all, Etudehouse’s Berry Delicious collection comes in this amazingly adorable berry themed packaging, which honestly, which girl can resist? Secondly, they come in the sweetest, trendy colours that are totally on point for this season – pinks, oranges, dark reds and even a unique green lipstick colour that turns pink on your lips! How’s that for special?


Also, have I mentioned before that Etudehouse makes the best formulation and hues that’s just perfect for asian skins at an affordable price point? I’ve always been a huge fan of Etudehouse makeup for their cute concept, impressive formulations (lipsticks! eyebrow pencils! cc cushions!), trendy collaborations such as with PONY makeup and K-celebs and thus I have raved and recommended their makeup to a lot of my friends and readers. This collection is no different, though it probably doesn’t need much promotion – if it is not already sold out by now! XD

ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0001Check out my two picks from the Berry Delicious Colour in Liquid Lips Juicy ($17.90 each) RD306 red wine colour and OR207 – a fresh orange colour perfect for summer, I tell you!

Berry Delicious Colour in Liquid Lips Juicy swatches:berry-delicious-color-of-liquid-lips


Check out these swatches for Berry Delicious Strawberry Souffle Nails ($5.90 each):


Don’t ask me which is my favourite because all of them are so wearable for summer! I told you the colours are on point for this season right?  If I have to pick only 5, I’d go for pinks #1, #2, #4,  wine #8, & orange coral #9. 🙂

ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0003Some of the makeup on the table for us to check out~!

We were invited for the media launch of Berry Delicious collection at Karafuru desserts shop, which I totally recommend for you to check out for super cute and pretty authentic (looks and taste wise) Japanese desserts! ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0007And an even cuter display on carpet grass!
ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0006Decked out like they’re served with breakfast…. Berry Delicious Cream Blusher swatches:

ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0005YES the bread – Berry Delicious Bread Shower Sponger – is actually for sale at $5.90, girls. \(>U<)/
ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0004I’ve noticed that Etudehouse’s nail polishes come in smaller sizes, so you don’t face a situation of wastage when they dry up after a year, and you get a satisfaction of finishing them up. 😉
ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0009Trendiest strawberry buffet  in Korea comes to Singapore!
ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0008Super cute Lip scrub and Lip treatment! ($11.90 each)

ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0010 Legitimately good Japanese desserts and matcha latte! LOVE! <3ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0011Super cute cat calender! <3


(Berry Delicious) Color of Liquid Lips, 10 new colors; 3.5g, SGD$17.90.

(Berry Delicious) Cream Blusher, 3 colors; 6g, SGD$15.90

(Berry Delicious) Fantastic Color Eyes, 2 variants; 0.7x6g, SGD$19.90.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Souffle Nail, 10 colors; 8ml, SGD$5.90.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Body Soft Milk; 200ml, SGD$17.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Body Scrub Wash; 200ml, SGD$17.

(Berry Delicious) Bread Shower Sponge; SGD$5.90.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Jam Lip Jam Scrub; 15g, SGD$11.90.

(Berry Delicious) Strawberry Jam Lip Jam Treatment; 15g, SGD$11.90.


(Berry Delicious) Fantastic Color Eyes, 2 variants swatches. I prefer the left, Strawberry Fondue and it’s my current go to eyeshadow palette!:

etude house berry delicious palette1 ETUDEHOUSE BERRY DELICIOUS COLLECTION REVIEW_0015

Armed with its signature Big Cover technology, the solution contains two different sizes of cover powder – one 35nm in size and the other 10 to15nm in size – both much smaller than the usual 250nm cover powder found in regular concealers. The combination of two vastly smaller sizes of cover powder helps effectively provide coverage while minimizing caking and clumps thanks to the smaller sized particles. The BIG COVER concealer collection is available in four variations for your different needs – BIG COVER Concealer BB, BIG COVER Cushion Concealer, BIG COVER Tip Concealer and BIG COVER Concealer Kit.

I wish the BIG cover foundations came in cushions – I’m so used to them now, nonetheless the formulation gives stronger coverage, has a dewy effect and also lasts all day.  I personally love the Big Cover Tip Concealer,  I think it’s well designed with the q-tip design, I use it for my under eyes dark circle and I also think the Big Cover Cushion Concealers are a really nifty idea for concealing, colour correcting and highlighting with a soft cushion tip. I have yet to play and explore with the Play 101 sticks in Jumbo size! I will get some inspiration and share more over this Labour Day weekend on IG. 🙂

Big Cover Concealer BB SPF 50++/PA+++, SGD26.90 / 30g.

Big Cover Cushion Concealer SPF 30/PA++, SGD20.90 / 5ml.

Big Cover Tip Concealer,  SGD 11.90 / 10g.

Big Cover Concealer kit, SGD15.90 / 5g.


PLAY 101 STICK CONTOUR DUO,  SGD24 / 1.7g x 2.


With with Sydney for KodakIt App launch, I’m wearing Etudehouse Berry Collection makeup, Strawberry Fondue eyeshadow and lipstick in either PK15 or RD306 (sorry can’t remember exactly which!), blush in #2 – another of my current go-to blush!

ETUDE HOUSE Singapore boutiques are located at:

  1. Flagship Store at Wisma Atria #B1-20/21/22
  2. 313@Somerset #B2-30
  3. Bedok Mall #01-87/88
  4. Causeway Point #B1-K02
  5. Chinatown Point #01-12
  6. Clementi Mall #03-34
  7. JEM #02-44
  8. Junction 8 #01-48
  9. Jurong Point #01-57/58
  10. Lot One #01-19
  11. NEX #01-63
  12. Parkway Parade #01-23B
  1. Plaza Singapura #B1-26
  2. Tampines 1 #01-15
  3. Vivocity #B1-03
  4. Suntec City #02-601/601A

Thank you Etudehouse Singapore and Touch PR for the generous stash of products for review!

Happy Berry Delicious makeup shopping girls~ 😉



Cute & Fun TheFaceShop Animal Character Masks

Hi Loves!

It’s December~!!! Are you planning a sleepover or trip with family and friends? I always like to enjoy mask time, and what’s more fun than to enjoy some skincare loving, with cute animal mask?! ^^V
2015-07-19 13.27.37Super stoked to uncover what TheFaceShop sent me this time!
2015-07-19 13.30.49Super cute character masks!!
2015-07-19 13.33.27There’s even a quiz to see which character suits you the most, kekeke. Get the Tiger if your mama is a Tiger Mum… Only if she’s ok with good humour! 😛

tfs_character_animal_mask 1437085701Sleepover Mask Photo credits NanaLady.com. I’m still saving my set for a sleepover session with friends!!! 😛

Containing Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, the Character Mask Sheets delivers rich moisture to dry and flaky skin and are available in 5 unique animal characters: Sheep, Dragon, Panda, Tiger, Fox. They are also retailing in stores at SGD$3.90/pc.

Happy Masking!

Thank you TheFaceShop Singapore for the masks and love~ <3



Ballerina Dreams with ETUDE HOUSE Dreaming Swan Collection only at Vivo City

Hi Princesses!

Today I’m super excited to share about ETUDE HOUSE new outlet opening at Vivo City! You know I’m super excited because this is not a belated post, hehe! 😛 I want to publish this post and share about the Limited Edition (LE) Dreaming Swan collection which is released ONLY at the new Vivo City outlet before it goes out of stock! OK, enough with introductions, let’s go Princesses!


Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 015

Thank you ETUDE HOUSE and Touch PR for the invite and making me feel like its a Princesses’ home coming! *inserts touched crying face* <3 <3 <3

I was already super excited when I received the invitation and I’m happy to say that the store and opening launch did not disappoint!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 026

Only at the Vivo City store, you have a FULL manicure and pedicure parlour which you can have your treatments in exchange for pink coins! Spend $20 to get a pink coin and then you get to redeem your Manicure (1 or 2 depends on the type) and Pedicure (3 coins)!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 006

Similar to the Wisma Flagship store, there’s also a makeup studio and there’s a HUGE array of testers from lipsticks to mascaras to blushers to foundations and a full shelf of nail polishes, in addition to a huge counter of nail polishes!
Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 024

Here’s me with the incredibly cute puff cushion *can I have one pls* at the Pedicure area~ Thanks Sydney for this pic! :*

Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 002

In true ETUDE HOUSE style, here’s tons of cute decorations and stands ! Here’s a “K Beauty Recipe” stand with cookie blushers, Liquid lips and Magic Any foundation cushions!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 003

MORE cute decorations – featuring K-star celebrity makeup artist Pony’s Play 101 Pencil looks, super cute cushion stool, ice cream decorations, castle lightning and a full array of Gel nail polishes to play with! It’s totally #PlaywithETUDE style!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 004

Super COOL selfie/photo wall:
1. Take selfie/s alone or with friends,
2.  Choose your character,
3. Send it out/over to the screen in front of the store! 😀

THERE’S TONS OF NEW STUFF, It’s almost impossible to capture all of the happening new items, so I am just cherry picking the items that caught my eyes!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 008

NEW Lock N Summer Precious Mineral Any Cushion that is Long Lasting Proof, for summer, as the name goes! I LIKE THE SAILOR-ISH PACKAGING. IF you’re planning to get it, there’s  super Grand Opening Exclusive set where you get a FULL bracelet + charms free, how wonderful!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 009 Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 013

This new Create your Makeup Palette look totally caught my eye! Pick 3 eyeshadows and make your own palette! Super love customizable makeup! Also how cute is Pony in the Baby Doll look? If you want, you can follow the instructions and buy the 101 Play Pencils to create the same look, how helpful!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 001

DJ Jia Hui was in the house hosting and explaining as the Korean makeup artist created a soft feminine look for the model using the latest LE Dreaming Swan collection! <3Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 005

Young, sweet and lanky actress Carrie Wong came with an entourage of fans (who enthusiastically waited and cheered outside for her) and joined in the fun at the opening launch!

New ITEMS: Cherry Blossom & Rose Garden Eye Palette. SO PRETTY, the colours!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 012 Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 011

I’d personally go for the Rose Garden, only because I already have a pink eyeshadow set at home – plus the coral colour for the Rose Garden set is UNIQUE.

Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 010

These chuby Bling Bling eyeshadow pens caught my eyes!!! I’d opt for Ivory Baby (middle colour) but I decided to go with a Play 101 Pencil in 4 which is a off white colour! Sorry forgot to snap a photo, but you’ll see it in my product photos later below. 🙂Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 028

Here’s a Sweet Catcher, which you can use 1 pink coin for 1 turn. I was super duper blessed and got a $50 voucher. Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 034

There’s this awesome DIY wrapping zone, spend $30 to get a chance to use this counter for free. 🙂 GREAT idea to buy and wrap gifts for friends!


Limited Edition ETUDE x KERRIE HESS NEW DREAMING SWAN collection.

Kerrie Hess is a renowned international fashion illustrator and her works are feminine and beautiful and she collaborated with ETUDE to release an enviable collection of super cute illustrations with a  ballerina theme, you’ll see!:
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 006

Limited Edition Dreaming Swan collection released in Singapore includes:  5 Eye & Cheek colours, 5 Lip colours, 1 Veiling Pact, 3 Any Cushion Cases, 1 Swan Pouch.

Close Ups:Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 004

Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 005 Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 003 Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 007

Swatches, these colours are slightly pastel when swatched, and even more pastel when applied on the lips – at least for the coral one which I have tried.  I like Jete Pink and En Haute Pink cause I am naturally drawn to pinks as they are more wearable for daily use and  I shall stop obsessing over dark pinks (the Arabesque Pink which I have 101 similar colours at home)! This collection of lipsticks are more matte in texture and thus not as moisturizing as the typical Dear My Wish Lips Talk collection. BUT OH SO CUTE CASING. I have this urge to go and buy another lipstick (after visiting the new store 2 times in 3 days) just because, you know, cute casing. SIGH. #lipstickobsession #suckerforcutepackaging

Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 001

I like the Eye & Cheek blusher in this no3. Arabesque Rosy too!Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 008

SO, my second time in the store on Sunday, I GOT THE LAST Eye & Cheek in no.5 in En Haute Pink. LAST PIECE = DESTINY. (Even thought I quite clearly liked no.3 the first time I went. Girls.)

I forgot to snap a picture of the brush sample, but the brush from this collection is also out of stock! So fans will have to hope and wait for restock, if any!
Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 014

There’s 2 sets of nail colours for this collection too! I picked out the Peach set. 🙂

Have I mentioned how every where in store is super photogenic with wonderful lightings for selfies? 😀Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 016

With Roanna & Sydney~Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 018

With Celine!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 019

Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 020

With Celine, Syd & Roanna~Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 021

With Rachel, Cheryl, Alethea & Celine!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 025

With Alene, Roanna (cute lips!) & Jerlene!Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 027

With Jolynn!

Now on to the pretty product~

Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 002

Dreaming Swan Collection in Pointe Coral for the lipstick and Eye & Cheek blusher. In case you’re wondering, the pink case is a special media gift and the pink ice cream fan is a gift with purchase. 🙂
Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 023More cute makeup featuring Cushion Blusher in coral and pink!! Spot the edible Precious Mineral Any Cushion macaron~ 😛

Celine & I went back on Sunday to redeem our $50 voucher that we each won from the opening day!

Enabalista Etudehouse Vivo City Opening 035

We were coincidentally both dressed in coral peach! 😀Vivocity HK Cafe Rickshaw Noodles

And we both love HK cafe’s Rickshaw noodles! YUM.

MORE GOODIES:Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 009

The full Dreaming Swan Collection (I have so far) in addition to the Pointe Coral lipstick and blusher, I have the light coral nails set & blusher in no.5 en haut pink (hot pink)! The special media gift pink train case is super cute right?Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 010

Got to say that the blusher colours are super on trend! I super love the cute puff applicator!
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 011

Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek in no.5 en haut pink (hot pink).Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 012

Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek in no.3 Pointe Coral.Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 013

The nail polish set comes with special prints on the cap & diamond stickers.Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 014

The adorable lipstick casing & packaging!Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 015

The Swan Pouch and the inner fabric tray – fits a Lipstick and Eye & Cheek set perfectly.Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 016

Lovely ballerina and ribbon details on the pouch.
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 017

The Dreaming Swan collection as featured above + the cushion casing in Pointe Coral, Play 101 pencil in 4 and nail polish peel off base, eye mask, foundation and lip tint samples. <3 <3 <3
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 018

Am also giving away 3 sets of ETUDE charms on my IG/FB – check out my accounts to find how to win. 😉Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 019

The paper bag is SO PRETTY, it’s absolutely frame worthy!
Enabalista Etudehouse Dreaming Swan Limited Edition Collection 020It looks great with my coral outfit too! 😀

Hope you enjoyed the opening launch and Dreaming Swan collection and visuals as much as I do, hurry go down to buy your desired items before its OOS!

Good luck girls!

Thanks again to ETUDE HOUSE Singapore and Touch PR for the Princess treatment!

Before I end off, quick shoutout to Blacklane for giving Celine and I a sweet ride to Vivo City! If you’re looking for a professional driver to chauffeur you, your business partner or VIP guest, simply go to their website www.blacklane.com and follow the easy steps to complete your booking. It’s best to book 24 hours in advance to get a confirmed booking. You can have a personalized message and enjoy great service from the driver too!

Enabalista Blacklane Chaffeur Blogger Review 001 Enabalista Blacklane Chaffeur Blogger Review 002 Enabalista Blacklane Chaffeur Blogger Review 003 Enabalista Blacklane Chaffeur Blogger Review 004

Have a great week ahead loves!