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Kose Sekkisei Cinderella Contest Audition & Updates


Hi lovelies! <3 <3 <3

By now I’m sure you’re aware that I’m one of the 6 finalists in running to be
Kosé Sekkisei Cinderella for Singapore.


I want to specially dedicate a post to share with you all the audition process and the month long process thus far! 🙂
KOSÉ SEKKISEI Cinderella Contest

Prizes for the champion for the Kosé Sekkisei Cinderella Contest
includes SGD$6,000 cash &
an invitation to the Sekkisei 30th Anniversary Birthday Party to be held in Japan in spring 2015 (next year).

There will be special prizes:
Ms Popular & Kosé Judges Special Prize where the winners win a year’s supply of Sekkisei products.

I’ve previously shared the reason why I wanted to take part in the contest on my instagram and my contest Facebook page.
It’s also featured on the contest dedicated site, a screenshot here:

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.25.56 pm

And that’s the reason I am blogging about my journey, to share with my readers about Kosé products, the journey of this contest, beauty tips and my personal thoughts. This is in line with my blogging philosophy; to share about my personal experiences and hopefully it brings a smile to your face and inspires you to pursue your own interests and make wonderful memories of your own! 🙂

KOSÉ SEKKISEI Cinderella ContestSchedule KOSÉ SEKKISEI Cinderella Contest Schedul 2 KOSÉ SEKKISEI Cinderella Contest Schedule 3

This is the contest schedule, we’re just done with May’s Facebook postings and June’s public voting has just began! More on that later. Results will be out in July, exciting times and it’ll also be my birth month! 🙂

Now let’s rewind back to the audition evening:Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Audition 1

I first came to know about the Kosé Sekkisei Cinderella Contest on Facebook in passing and it was only when I attended the Kosé workshop with June that she encouraged me to take part and so I did!

On the evening of audition, there were about 20 shortlisted ladies present. We were spilt into groups of 6-7 and each batch took turns to go into a room with a panel of Japanese and local Kosé representatives who asked us questions and we had to reply them one by one. They asked questions like why did we take part in this competition (my answer above) and what is our idea of a Cinderella. If you’re curious, my idea of a Cinderella is someone who is kind and gentle. I am definitely not a perfect Cinderella, but I do aspire to be a kind and gentle lady! 🙂

Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Audition 2 Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Audition 3

Some of the refreshments served for the audition evening, including special Japanese snacks brought by the representatives from Japan.

After some consideration, the panel of judges decided on the 6 finalists and we were given a briefing on what to expect and also took photos for our contest Facebook page profile, with a tiara no less! ^^ Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Audition 4b Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Audition 4 Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Audition 6 Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Audition 5 Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Audition 7

Here with one of the Kosé staff who was also our host for the evening, who speaks fluent Mandarin, Japanese and basic English. I am always in awe of multi-lingual people!

Everyone who came down for the audition went home with a Kosé Sekkisei goodie bag, and of course the 6 finalists got a complete set of Kose Sekkisei skincare regime to use, review and share on our contest Facebook page:Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Finalist 1Truth: Kosé Sekkisei Cinderella Contest is influencing me to be a big fan of the deep sea blue. <3

I’m reposting from my Instagram how I’ve been using Kosé Sekkisei products for my morning and night routine:

Kosé Sekkisei Morning Skincare & Beauty Routine

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Morning Skincare Routine 1

1. White Liquid Wash, 140ml, $46
I use 1 pump, lather on my hands for a foamy and gentle facial cleansing.

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Morning Skincare Routine 2

After cleansing, I use 2. Emulsion, 140ml, $82
A small dose is sufficient moisturizer my entire face.Kosé Sekkeisei Review Morning Skincare Routine 3

 3. Sun Protect Essence Gel in 50+SPF PA++++, 80g, $50
is a milky gel that applies smoothly and keeps my face protected against the damaging sun rays.
On days when I don’t want foundation (on days when I don’t have to attend to any appointments or events), I end my skincare at this step. Kosé Sekkeisei Review Morning Skincare Routine 4

4. White BB cream, 30g, $39
Is my current go to BB cream. It’s lightweight yet provides a good coverage for a dewy look on camera. 🙂Kosé Sekkeisei Review Morning Skincare Routine 5

With these 4 skincare and beauty products, my skin is pampered, protected and I’m good to go!Kosé Sekkeisei Review Morning Skincare Routine 6

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Morning Skincare Routine 7

This is how I look after 2 weeks of using the products, photos with no filter.

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Morning Skincare Routine SummaryMy current Kosé Sekkisei Morning Skincare & Beauty Regime Summary as posted on my Instagram.

Now onto my Kosé Sekkisei Night Skincare & Beauty Regime

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 1 Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 2

This is how I look like 3 weeks, photos without filter, after using Kosé Sekkisei products, with Kosé White BB cream, after a full day!
YES, can you see the dewy glow that the White BB cream gives? Well, of course there’s a bit of my perspiration at work, nonetheless this is the reason why the White BB cream is my go-to BB cream, I like that it is lightweight and has a smooth and dewy finish.Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 3

1. Cleansing Cream, 140g, $44
in cherry size. I use a cotton pad to pick the cream up and I love how cooling and gentle this cream is on my skin. Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 4

2. Facial Liquid Wash(140ml, $46) in the shower, same as the day.

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 6

3. Clear Whitening Mask, 76ml, $35
Apply an even layer over face, avoiding the eyes, hair line and lips. It dries taut within 20 min and removes cleanly, along with pore hairs so that my face is shiny & smooth!

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 6b

You have to apply a fair thick layer, it feels like I used up 1/10 of the bottle.
Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 6c

Remove the mask gently from the bottom first and then side, and try to remove from both sides of the face together with the nose being the last touch point, so that the mask removes the dirt and hair more effectively.
Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 5

4. Lotion (100ml, $41). Apply using Kose’s cotton mask and leave on for 15 min. Leaving my skin hydrated.

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 5a

Kose’s 100% Cotton Lotion Mask

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 5b

Tip: Use the bottle cap of the lotion as a mini container.Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 5c

Fill it up with the cotton in it.Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 5d

Fill to the brim.Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 5e

Till the cotton is fully absorbed with the Lotion goodness <32014-05-13 23.14.12

Leave in on your face for 15 min. Pat down gently.

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 9

5. Night cream, 40g, $82
use in pearl size, I love how hydrating this is and it has a refreshing aqua scent.

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 8

 6. Eye cream, 20ml, $82
use in rice grain size for each eye. I apply along with an eye massage, great for resting the eye.

Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine 5g

I love how my skin is hydrated and fairer after this regime! No filter and yes, it’s a nice blush and rosy cheeks I have there. HEH.
Kosé Sekkeisei Review Night Skincare Beauty Routine

The full Kosé Sekkisei Night Skincare and Beauty Regime Summary as posted on my instagram, @ena_teo.

I’m gonna repost the before and after photos, side by side for your comparison here:

Ena's Kose Sekkeisei Beauty Regime Results

 So, what do you think? My skin has gotten fairer, smoother and more radiant huh? ^^

The 6 of us finalists also had a photoshoot recently, with Tricia who’s the blogger mentor for this contest. Some of the behind the scenes photos of that day:

2014-05-27 13.58.34
Kosé skincare and Esprique make up for the day~
2014-05-27 14.29.16

Getting my hair done
2014-05-27 14.29.40 2014-05-27 15.17.45 2014-05-27 15.17.47 2014-05-27 15.52.16
Photos of our fittings at Tricia’s Vainpot Boutique. 2014-05-27 15.52.21

Visit Tricia’s online boutique vaingloriousyou.livejournal.com for her fab dresses! I’ve got my eyes on one of her Mary Katrantzou inspired designs. 🙂2014-05-27 15.52.29

Accessories in hues of blue…2014-05-27 15.52.41

Here’s the one matching my dress. From Lovisa if I’m not mistaken!

Getting my hair and makeup retouched just before the individual shots:2014-05-27 16.14.102014-05-27 16.14.20 2014-05-27 16.14.45 2014-05-27 16.30.25 2014-05-27 16.30.34

Giving my best mega-watt smile 😀 2014-05-27 16.55.41

With the other lovely finalists, Gina, Michelle, Elizabeth and Chloe, missing Cheryl while it was her photoshoot turn!2014-05-27 17.55.02-1

With Tricia! <32014-05-27 17.56.46

And UKay, the photographer of the day.2014-05-30 12.19.31

With Chloe, Michelle, Gina and Cheryl.2014-05-30 12.19.42

With all the finalists and the Kosé marketing team! 🙂

All of us finalists had dinner together and it’s a blessing to be taking part together in this contest with all these lovely ladies! <3
It’s been a rewarding journey thus far to be able to meet with all these lovely Kose Sekkisei Cinderella Contest team, Tricia herself, her team and Cinderella finalists. 🙂

2014-05-27 17.58.15

With the the make up team, Cleo, Cindy and MUA whom I didnt get the name, sorry!2014-05-27 18.47.42

Post-shoot photo. 😀

Couldn’t bear to remove the make up without some selfies to remember the look by, so here goes!:
2014-05-27 21.48.09 2014-05-27 21.48.28 2014-05-27 21.49.01 2014-05-27 21.49.29 2014-05-27 21.49.32

Please vote for me on my Kosé Sekkisei Contest page here. Arigato! <3

KOSÉ SEKKISEI Cinderella Contest Voters Coupon

When you vote, you’ll get an exclusive coupon code to enjoy Sekkisei Lotion 100ml at $25 worth $41! 🙂

Last but not the least, I’m having a mini Kosé giveaway worth $80!

When I was attending the workshop, I bought these products to try, little did I know that I would later be selected as one of the 6 finalists and sponsored the same products (and more). Therefore I would like one of my lucky readers to win this set of Kosé Sekkisei star products which I’ve been enjoying:

2014-05-01 18.25.10

Kosé Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask 76g, $35 and Sun Protect Essence Milk 57g, $46.
2014-05-01 18.27.32They’ll come in these pretty blue and silver boxes! & I’ll be sending these to the winner via mail.


For a period of 2 weeks:
1. Vote for me on the site here (http://sg.sekkisei-cinderella.com/finalist/ena.html)
2. Like and Share this giveaway http://bit.ly/EnaKoseFBGiveaway on Facebook. (Make sure its public so I can see you’ve shared.)
3. Submit your details on this google form:bit.ly/EnaKose
to stand a chance to win a set of Kosé Sekkisei products including Clear Whitening Mask ($35) and Sun Protect Essence Milk ($46), total worth $81.

– Contest runs for 15 days, from 1-15 June.
– Winner will be randomly chosen using excel sheet and announced after on my Enabalista FB page (https://www.facebook.com/enabalista).
– Contest opens internationally.
– Winner will have to reply to my FB message or email within 3 days with his/her address and I will send it over within 1 week.


Kose Sekkeisei Cinderella Contest Finalist 1

In the event that I win the contest/crown title come July when the results are out, I will also be randomly picking 1 more local winner(based in Singapore) from this same giveaway list and the very lucky winner will win a handwritten note by me & $500++ worth of Kosé Sekkisei products, yes the very same set above!

Hope you enjoyed this post~ 😉

Thanks to Kosé Sekkisei Cinderella Team for the sponsorship and support to all of us finalists thus far.

Thank you for reading! <3



HABA Japanese Non-Additive Skincare Review


Today I’ll be reviewing a set of products from HABA, a Japanese skincare and beauty line. ^^

HABA Skincare Review

HABA the brand, is an acronym which stands for Health Aid Beauty Aid.
HABA believes in beauty from the inside out:
that the right skincare and healthcare will lead to a better life.

HABA also desires for their users to experience a Non-Additive mindset,
which originates from Hokkaido, Japan.

What is unique about HABA is that it boasts to be:
Mineral Oil Free
Artificial Colourant Free
Artificial Fragrance Free
Petrochemical Surfactant Free

These are common additives (aka preservatives) in many brands’ products
that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.
Instead, HABA uses ingredients such as sasa kurilensis water (bamboo extract) which acts as a preservative, contains antibacterial properties and helps to keep the skin moisturized. (Is that why bamboo juice is so refreshing on a hot summer day?!). HABA only uses ingredients that are safe  and healthy for the skin.

Enabalista HABA Skincare Review

Weeks back, I was invited down for a mini facial and skincare treatment at the HABA Suntec outlet.

The skincare treatment consists of the items which I also brought back for use to review.

The regime is as such:

HABA Micro Force Cleansing Review

1) Cleanse
with HABA’s Micro Force Cleansing
2 in 1 make up remover and cleanser

I pump 1-2 times on my cotton pad and wipe away my makeup.
Then I will gently cleanse my face with water.

After using this to remove my make up, it also cleanses my skin, so technically it saves me one step!
That said, however I still use a gentle cleanser in the shower. 😛

I love this water based cleanser as it is very hydrating and moderate in consistency,
much like a water based lotion and cleanses gently as much as  thoroughly.

HABA White Lady Whitening Serum Review

2) Special Care
with HABA’s best selling whitening serum, White Lady

I use 1 pump for my entire (small) face.
Pump generously into your palm for how much you require,
and gently pat on your face with your fingers.

This serum is developed from a doctor’s formula,
contains sasa kurilensis water (bamboo extract) and vitamin C,
it is moisturizing, antiseptic and has sterilizing effects.
The serum is light weight and is liquid in consistency.

HABA VC Whitening Healing Toner Review

3) Moisturize with
HABA’s VC lotion, whitening toner

Apply VC Lotion by patting lightly on the skin with both hands.
HABA encourages ladies to apply this toner 5 times during each use.
This way, the product can fully penetrate the skin, leaving it refreshed and supple.

I was quite amazed at why I was never previously educated on this method,
it does make a lot of sense since toner bottles always come in such big bottles and take forever to finish.
That said, it’s still important to check and follow the recommended dosage for different brands
as not all toners are formulated in the same way. 🙂

VC lotion is a moisturizing alcohol free toner infused with Vitamin C derivative
which can penetrate the skin better and is non irritating to the skin.
It also contains Ceramide nanosome which
helps to keep moisture levels in your skin for a longer time.

HABA Squalane Beauty Oil Review

4) Protect 
with HABA’s Squalane

With hands and face still moist from toner lotion,
apply one drop of Squalane on your moist hands,
spread the Squalane on your palms and press them gently on your moist face.

This is also one of HABA’s best selling products.
Extracted from deep sea shark’s liver oil, this is the same oil
that is in our skin that created a protective film to retain hydration.

After using this set for weeks in the morning and evening, I feel that my skin is pampered and properly hydrated. I would definitely recommend this to ladies who are looking for natural skin care products, for hydrated and supple skin, especially in dry weather. 

The prices of the featured products are as such:
– Micro Force Cleansing (Makeup Remover) 120ml, S$46
– White Lady (Whitening Serum) 30ml, $78
– VC Lotion 180ml, S$85
– Squalane (Beauty Oil), 15ml $29
I’ve been using these products for about 3 weeks now,
and I approximate that these will last for 3 months.

2014-02-25 00.28.36

5) Moist White Beauty Drink 
A fresh, crisp beauty drink that contains Haskap (blueberry honeysuckle),
a fruit that is coveted for its powerful whitening and anti-aging properties.
It also includes collagen, ceramidea and L-Cystine
which helps to enhance skin clarity and firmness.
Each bottle contains 3,000mg of collagen and on 21 calories per bottle. 🙂

The taste is sweet, smooth and I love the blueberry flavour.
I only got to try 1 bottle, so I can’t attest to it’s longer term effect.
Also, as I am also in my early 20s I don’t (yet) have to worry about collagen loss.
Altho’ I’m quite sure when the time comes (another 5-10 years) I’ll start collagen intake regularly
as it’s been said that collagen drink works wonders for your skin! 😉
$49/box (of 10 bottles).

ION Esthe II Review

When I was in their store, I als got to try their Ion My Esthe II,
a home esthetic treatment device that cleanses and treats your skin with the power of ion.
It performs two basic function in two modes:
Ion Cleansing Mode and Ion Care Mode.

I tried their  Ion Care Mode as such:
Apply 8-10 pumps of White Lady Serum on face
Soak a face sheet with VC Lotion
Put the mask on face and slowly roll on Ion My Esthe II on my face
At approximately 8 minutes, a beeping sound will go off to indicate that the treatment is done.
Remove the mask and apply lotion Squalane on your face.
It is recommended to perform Ion Care Mode twice a week
and Ion Cleanse Mode once a week for maximum results.

I am quite amazed at how ION treatment works, in the sense that I am unsure how it works.:P
(Maybe my learned chemical engineering sister can tell me how?)
It’s also hard for me to say how effective it is as I’ve only tried it once.
However I can attest that it’s definitely safe, it uses our/my own body’s ION power to
charge this instrument. Cool huh?!
That’s one of the reason why I love being a blogger!
Getting acquainted and to be able to try new and cool
beauty products and treatments to share on my blog. ^^
Given the chance, I would definitely love to try using it for a longer period. 🙂

 The Ion My Esthe II (Facial Instrument) costs $350.

HABA also has make up products, which I had the pleasure to try during my visit.
Their make up products are light and feels very natural
and also creates a very Japanese look, in my opinion.
If you’re a fan of natural/non-additive products, do give their make up range a try. 🙂

~ For my dear readers ~ ^^
Quote my name “Ena” and get 15% discount, valid till April 2014.  

I will also be having a HABA GIVEAWAY &
1 lucky winner will win more than $200 worth of HABA products consisting of:

– 1 make up remover

– 1 White Lady (whitening serum)

– 1 toner

– 1 Squalane oil

To join, simply do the following:

 Step 1: LIKE HABA’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/haba.com.sg

Step 2: Like my blog Enabalista Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/enabalista

Step 3: SHARE this Facebook post here.

Deadline: 30 March 2014, Sunday 7pm.
Winner will be announced here and on my Enabalista FB page shortly after.

Winner will have to provide his/her email address and pick up the products at the Suntec store!
HABA staff will select the suitable products after checking your skin type. ^^

You can find HABA outlets at:

Suntec City Mall #01-306

Ngee Ann City #B2-13A

And their *NEW* OG Orchard !
To celebrate this event, they are having an exclusive promotion, see below image for more info.:

HABA OG Orchard EDM_edited-4

Follow HABA on their Facebook here.

Thanks for reading! <3