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April Boulevard Japanese Masks Review

Hi lovelies~

Don’t you love a good mask after a day’s of work, just to relax in before you rest for the night?

Well, I know that I do! ^^

Thanks to April Boulevard, I’ve been able to enjoy the pleasure of a good mask nightly for many weeks now!

April Boulevard is a local Singapore company that brings in Japanese masks not yet found in Singapore.
They believe that quality masks does not necessarily need to come with a hefty price tag.
The masks are made of 100% Japanese cotton and suitable for daily use.  They are also infused with high tech beauty essence and are consistently top ranked in Japan’s ultra competitive domestic market.
With product prices ranging from $23.90 to $34.90 for a month’s supply (each box comes in a pack of 30 sheets),
April Boulevard is proud to boast that no other product on the local shelves comes close in terms of pricing for the quality of masks offered.

April Boulevard sent me 3 of their best sellers for review:

April Boulevard Japanese Skincare Review April Boulevard Japanese Skincare Review

April Boulevard Japanese Skincare Review

Such a sweet note from them! ^^

The formula for these daily masks are not as potent or concentrated as the weekly masks.
Thus they are meant for daily maintenance and can be used / replacement for moisturizers at night.
One may choose to apply moisturizers after the masks, if one feels the skin requires.

Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes. No washing required after application.

Their best selling masks are:
April Boulevard Japanese Skincare Review

April Boulevard Japanese Skincare Review

1. SPC Japan Snail Mask
Though snail essence is not new to Japan’s skincare industry,
this ingredient is only starting to gain popularity in Singapore.
The mask is great for treating dull skin as snail secretion helps regenerates the skin cells.
Available online here.

~My review~
The mask itself is colourless, scentless and fragrance-less.
After using this masks continuously for a few days, my skin feels hydrated and smoother.
The effect is also visible and retained after a night’s rest.
This formula feels slightly richer / more nourishing when compared to the other two masks.
The cutting of the mask is slightly off compared to the other two Japan Gals masks.
It might affect me as my face is slightly smaller than usual. But I don’t have an issue for the Japan Gal masks. 🙂

April Boulevard Japanese Skincare Review
2.  Japan Gals 
Pure 5 Essence (Hyaluronic Acid)
Hyaluronic Acid is well known for its intense hydration effect on the skin.
This range is superb for those with sensitive skin as it has no alcohol content.
Available online here.

~My review~
I am a fan of hyaluronic acid skincare products, whether it’s in moisturizers or lip gels as it keeps my skin
that much more hydrated by locking the moisture in for a longer period of time.
After use, my skin is visibly refreshed and more supple.
The mask has a refreshing and light aqua scent, which may appeal to those who love aqua-based products.

April Boulevard Japanese Skincare Review

3. Japan Gals VC+Nano-C mask
VC stands for Vitamin C and Nano-C stands for nano collagen.
These are the 2 key ingredients for this mask. There are no artificial colouring, fragrance and mineral oil.
It has anti-aging, whitening and hydrating functions all in one mask.
Hence this is a favourite among  April Boulevard’s customers.
Available here.

~My review~
Vitamin C is known for its many positive effects of boosting restoration
as well as lightening blemishes and whitening to one’s original skin tone.
Nano-C helps to retain and firm one’s collagen in the skin.
After use, my skin is hydrated and fairer.
I can’t attest to the anti-aging aspect cause I haven’t used it for super long and plus my skin is still young. (Cue awkward smile.)
Nonetheless, it’s hard to top a mask that has hydrating, whitening and anti-aging functions.
Even if I can’t see the anti-aging effect, it’s like an added bonus to the other two functions.
This is my favourite mask of the 3! 🙂

I like the Japan Gals masks as the quality is good in terms of the cotton, cut as well as the essence used.
Also the packaging is super pretty for the VC+Nano-C mask, so you can also consider buying it as a gift. 😉
I think girls always love receiving masks as gifts cause you can never have enough
and they can always be kept for use in the future (not to long away).

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Thank you for reading~! <3