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Loss of Innocence

Loss of Innocence By Never Let Me Go
Recent violence in Egypt
Chuck & Blair on Gossip Girl
Fashion spread by photographer Terry Richardson

I think I have reached a state of saturation of violent/sex images from watching/reading news and fashion that seeing such images just doesn’t have a strong impact anymore. I am not saying that I wish to see worse things happening but rather I am so jaded from seeing such images. Jaded from what is happening in the world. Innocence once lost cannot be returned. How does one see from rose-tinted glasses again when the glasses are broken? I wish, I hope for a well of innocence again, of a renewed sense of joy, happiness on seeing colourful balloons, desire to taste cotton candies and be excited about life again.

On another note, Bini told me today that she thinks I’m the type who will attract the bad boy type of boys because I look like a lamb, very docile and submissive. I think I may appear very cheery and happy most of the time and I admit I can be very naive and ignorant (and I like to be in case you are wondering) but I am definitely not a lamb and I do not like bad boys type.