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How to Create your very own Home Spa

Hi Loves!

I don’t know about you, but I love going to spa because of the relaxing ambience and luxurious pampering. Don’t you think that it’ll be wonderful if we can integrate elements of the luxurious spa into our own home and bathroom? Here are my ideas on how you can create your own Home Spa in your bathroom! 🙂

1. Get Inspired

First of all, decide on what concept you would like. Do you prefer clean and fresh decor, blue and comfy or brown and cosy?


Clean & Fresh. Refer to online product catalog here.20152_coba10a_01_PH121841

Blue and Comfy. Refer to online product catalog here20134_coba10a_01_PE362683

Brown, warm and cosy. Refer to online product catalog here.

2. Get Scented

A Spa’s relaxing ambience is created with the warmth of lighted candles and soothing scents. Decide on your favourite scents, candles and candle holders to create your own scented haven.


LUGGA scented candle in glass, fresh linen, white.sinnlig-scented-candle-in-glass__0331359_PH122232_S4

SINNLIG Vanilla Scented Candles in glass.sinnlig-scented-tealight-lilac__0247753_PE387469_S4

SINNLIG scented tealight, full blossom, lilac.


BLOMSTER candle holder, set of 3, white.lugga-scented-candle-in-glass-white__0372838_PH124742_S4

GOTTGORA Lantern in light pink.rotera-lantern-for-tealight-white__0124202_PE280408_S4ROTERA, lantern for tealight.

3. Wrap up in Style

Hotels and Spas always use thick and comfy towels, now that’s the way to conclude your Home Spa experience!




I hope you’re inspired and will thoroughly enjoy your own Home Spa! All items and photos credits to IKEA Singapore.
It’s been my pleasure working with IKEA Singapore for the last 4 months and featuring their wonderful products and collections on my blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them!

Bedroom Makeover under $300

Hi Loves!

It feels like a while since I last published a post (just check it was 1 week ago)… Time is whizzing by incredibly fast isn’t it? >u<

One of the things I accomplished over my fruitful weekend was to pay a visit to IKEA to pick up items for a mini Bedroom Makeover under $300!

IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 003 IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 002

I’ve long wanted to get a laptop cushion, for when I use my laptop while on the sofa or on the bed, and I finally found Byllan ($29.90). I got it with the white cover and a multicoloured cushion cover, so pretty! It’s also available in grey, for all you monochrome lovers. There is also a matching swivel chair which I think would be super lovely as guest chairs in a creative office space (note to self; bookmark for future office, hehe). I also got a lovely new quilt and pillow casing in Angsskara ($14.90) and a Tejn faux sheepskin rug ($19.90) which I think makes my room look super snug and comfy~

IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 001

I’ve accumulated quite an amount of shoes and products from my own vanity creativity and from blogging. Thus it has resulted in the need to put in 2 shelves in the last year, when my room’s wall was originally clear/ empty. HAHA. And I also just acquired Breim Wardrobe ($39.90), with all the miscellaneous items that were piling up in my room. It’s super affordable and relatively easy to put together (my sister helped to put them together, thanks Er Jie!!!).IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 005

I decided to get Ditte fabric ($4.90) and cover the shelves by attaching it with Velcro to the top of the shelves and also hem it down with SY Iron on hemming strip ($2.90) at the bottom. I’m thinking of going back to buy a few more fabrics from the wonderful array available so I can switch them from time to time! 🙂
IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 004

I thank God for SKUBB shoe box ($14,90, Set of 4), they’re seriously god-sent! Bless those clever designers. These replace the odd shape and coloured shoe boxes that my shoes come in, so they look so much better now when stacked together. Plus, the design allows me to see through into the mesh and easily take out the shoes! I’m super stoked and happy with them! 😀 They also come in Pink and White colours~ They’re only 16cm high, so they can’t fit shoes taller than that, but as they’re pretty long (34cm), as long as the shoes aren’t too wide, you can still fit them in, lying down. I got a total of 5 sets. Yes, I have more than 20 pairs of shoes. That’s why I need to store most of them in my own room cause my family’s shoe cabinets ain’t got enough space for me. Hahaha. 😛

To get more bed & bathroom makeover inspiration, check out IKEA’s online bedroom gallery here and bathroom gallery here as well as this hilarious video on “How to Improve your Private Life”:

There’s also a cool microsite as part of this “Private Life” campaign with product info integrated into the slideshows, check it out here!

IKEA’s also releasing 4 cute & pretty series/collections, visit them to see the new products!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.21.50 am Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.38 am Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.29 am Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.10 am

Thank you IKEA Singapore and BBH for the products and updates!



Usher The New Year Into Your Home with IKEA

Hi Loves!

Well, this isn’t exactly part of the 3 Chinese New Year special features I have in mind, but it fits right in, so it’s the bonus feature I guess! 😀 So far I’ve got your stomach and style covered, now we’re onto dressing up your home for CNY! 😉

As you probably know by now, this year IKEA’s teamed up with a few bloggers, myself included for a special blogger program with special tasks each month. This month, it’s all about redecorating your living room and I’ve decided to do so before CNY! 🙂

Now, check out how my living room looks like before the new decorations come in:

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 001Simple, cream, white and blu-ish coloured decor.

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 006

Check out the IKEA decor (except for the two pineapple lanterns, hahaha) I brought home with me! Special thanks to Lionel for accompanying and sending these back with me HAHAHA. 😀

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 002This is how my living room looks like after! When I sent the photos to my close friends, they like how colourful, vibrant and festive it looks! 😀

Putting the before and after photos side by side, for comparison:

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 003 Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 004

Items featured include: Solymys Lantern in White, $14.90, Vintermys Unscented Block Candle in Red, $6.90. Love the weave pattern on it, so pretty.

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 007
I bought white because I like how classic and simple it is. I also specially went to google to check that there’s nothing inauspicious about white lanterns, white means health and red means prosperity guys! 😉Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 005Featured in this photo are 3 batches of IKEA Pussy Willows in Pink, Purple and Red, $6.90 each. So super affordable! The cylinder glass vase,$34.90.

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 011Knappsave Cushion with festive prosperous pineapple at $9.90. Craftholic Bear in Pineapple print is a gift from my bestie. <3

Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 008 Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 009

You might want to get some cheery flowers and colourful assorted decorations  like I did for my coffee table. 🙂
Items featured include 7pcs of Smycka Art Flowers 45 at $3.90 each, Ensidig Vase 18 at $1.90, Rotera Lantern at $7.90, Sinnlig orange scented candles at $4.90 for a pack of 30, plus a really super cute bird Barbar Tray 33x at $9.90
Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 010

Cute hor? >U<
Also featuring Fantastisk Napkins in Yellow and Orange, $3.90 each These are fabulous quality napkins, guys.Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 013

Pssst, grab these cute floral and fish ice trays at $1.90 each only! Fish stands for 年年有余, meaning there’s always excess, while flowers stand for 花开富贵, prosperity blossoms. Isn’t it wonderful? 
Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 012 Chinese New Year IKEA Decor Blogger Review 014

Happy shopping at IKEA loves! Thanks IKEA for the gift card so I can pick out these wonderful new goodies for my home. <3