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Limited Time Free Membership Sign Up for Beautiful.Me Asia’s Premier eShopping Club

Hi Loves!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.17.52 pm

Today I’ve got exciting news for you all! Beautiful.Me which promises to be Asia’s Premier eShopping Club for Beauty, Health and Baby is launching soon and having been invited, I’d like to extend the exclusive invitation to you and your friends! 🙂

What is Beautiful.Me all about?
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.18.01 pmBeautiful.Me is all about online value shopping! Think non stop Daily Deals, Group Buys (like Groupon), Flash Sales, Loyalty Points, Free Samples (Yay!) and Free Shipping (Hooray!).
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Plus, if you refer your friends, you get to earn perks and get paid! Basically perks are enjoying free memberships of 6 or 12 months and getting paid a share of what your referrals purchase! Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.18.20 pm

In case you aren’t already convinced, online shopping is usually the cheaper alternative to brick and mortar retail shopping because hey, no rental! So that’s why You can enjoy lower prices, higher savings and get paid to shop (cash back)! Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.18.28 pm

What brands do Beautiful.Me have, you may ask. Over 5,000 products from 300 top global brands including SKII, L’Oréal and Johnson & Johnson at special members’ prices that start lower.

Well, obviously I’ve signed myself up! 😉

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.20.26 pm

And I want to invite you to sign up too! Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.20.36 pm

Sign up for your Beautiful.Me account here  today for your free 6 months membership and you can start shopping and saving when it launches, better hurry before the offer ends on 26 August! Also invite all your friends (before they hear it from someone else, haha) with your own special code after you’ve signed up! 😉 Trust me, it’s gonna be so much fun, see you over at Beautiful.Me when it launches!

Thank you Beautiful.Me for sharing this wonderful news with me and my readers, looking forward to enjoying the perks and rewards!



New York Skincare Solutions Update

New York Skin Solutions

My previous review post on New York Skincare Solutions is really popular, and many readers have approached me either through the comments or email asking me about my treatments and experience with NYSS.

So I thought I’d compile my answers to the various questions which I’ve been asked and post them here.

If it’s the first time you’re here on my blog, you might want to check out my previous post here. Also as a background to this post, you might like to know that I signed up for NYSS package back in 2011. I have completed my treatment package of 20 sessions with NYSS since February 2013 and have not signed up with them since. The last time I had a facial was for my review for Glomax Aesthetics in June. At the moment I have not signed with any facial salons.

Also as with the previous post, I am not paid to provide this update on my blog. I also do not endorse NYSS. I do think they have helped to improve my skin condition, but I do not take responsibility for your experience with them, should you decide to sign with them. 🙂

Alright, enough with the introduction, let’s get the Q&A going! 🙂

1. How much is the price range for the 20 sessions?

I paid $2,200 for 20 sessions, 10 youth + eye treatment and 10 normal facial sessions. Back then I had face and back acne so I had the choice to use the “facial” for a “bac-ial” which was what I did for about 5 normal sessions.

I am fully aware that the package is very expensive for a student. And that is the reason why I am hesitant to state the price on my blog. But it is, in my humble opinion, a worthy investment because I am now so much more confident in person and on camera. It came to a point for me where I was sick of being troubled by problematic skin and I decided that facial was the best solution for me because it is a non invasive treatment and does not require me to take pills.

Additionally I want to repeat that facial did help but also with other factors like eating healthy avoid oily food, take Evening Primrose oil, and drinking more water.

2. Is the price inclusive of all the creams/facial products etc? If not inclusive, how much is the additional cost?

No, it is not inclusive. The creams and facial products differ from type to type. I have been sold their cleanser, toner but I only purchased their anti-bacterial powder which I applied on my face and back acne. It’s a small container about 30ml in size and cost $30. I think i paid $10 because I used $20 voucher to redeem it. Back then, I would get $10 voucher whenever I made an appointment before 5pm. Not sure if this is still applicable today.

3. Is the treatment addictive (meaning if you don’t go for treatments, will your skin problems return within say a few months)?

I wouldn’t say that the treatment is addictive. In fact the treatments did help me regain the balance required for my skin and my face and back is no longer as oily as before! In fact towards the end of the package, I only went back for treatments about 2-4 months interval.

4. Do they use many electrical treatments / chemicals?

I am not sure if they use electrical treatments, but from what I know, my facial did not include any electrical treatment. As for chemicals, I am sure they do, as do all the skin care products I purchase. But if you mean to ask if they are safe or not, I do think they are safe based on my personal experience.

5. I signed up for 20 sessions Youth treatment packages and 20 Ampules.. I tried to talk to my beautician on the possibility of selling this package to another customer, but she doesn’t respond well.. But from your blog, it seems that your beautician is nice.. I am wondering, do you think you will need more session of the treatment? 

I am sorry to hear about experiences such as yours, but I do not need more sessions and hope you can find someone else who will.

6. When did you start to see the results, after how many sessions?

I can’t remember after how many sessions but I think it is 4 sessions and I didn’t apply foundation and now I also don’t so it helped as foundation tend to clog pores.

7. What is the procedure like when you go for facial at NYSS?

First I went for a free facial (as seen on Newspaper advertisement) and it included a skin analysis. I decided to go for $2200 for 20 sessions. You can try to negotiate the price lower, but the package might change according to your budget…

On normal days, I have to book at least 2 weeks before hand, then go down at the appointed time, go into the room, change and wait for my facial. Post facial, some paperwork then that’s about its. 1hour 30 min in total for each session.

That is all for my update on NYSS, hope it sheds some light or answers the queries you may have!

Be Beautiful, Inside & Out!



My Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experience


So anyways, I blogged this before the last h’muse featured post but I shelved it cause I got caught up (went to watch Argo the movie) and conveniently (ahem) forgotten about blogging… until now my conscious tells me I really need/ought to clear all the backlog so I can start the new blogging year on a clean slate! HEHE.

— since the last time which is like almost 2 weeks ago —

It’s been such a long time since I last blogged and I feel a little shy blogging again! (Weird, I know)

Anyways I’ve been wanting to blog about this for like forever but I really didn’t have the time to…


So my wisdom tooth extraction started quite some time back, about June/July when my top right molar started hurting, so I went to a local polyclinic for a check up and the doctor referred me to National Dental Center for a visit scheduled 3 months later in September. So thankfully the pain didn’t persist and the day finally came for me to see the doc in September! I was first scheduled for an X-ray which revealed that I had a hidden wisdom tooth in my upper left gum which was impacted, i.e. it was coming out the wrong way and hitting my tooth instead of growing out normally.

So after the X-ray (which was immediate result, much like a digital photograph), the doctors – both the surgical and the braces doctor- and I discussed that I wanted to remove two of my upper molars and do a incision surgery to remove the hidden wisdom tooth.


— continuing now, sorry if this is confusing you guys, lol. —

… Interestingly/weirdly… I totally forgot what I wanted to say which was interesting/weirdly, seriously. T-T#

Anyways I guess this will more or less wrap up my wisdom tooth and molar teeth extraction experience, is that the hidden/impacted tooth that needed to be operated on to be removed, leaves a hole where it STILL HURTS whenever I drink or eat either too hot or too cold drinks or food. ARGH. Seriously! It’d literally leave my gum in pain for like the whole day. And it’s been like coming 3 months since the operation. ): Doctor did say it might take up to 6 months for the gum to fully recover. And I am only scheduled to see the braces doctor (fancy named Orthodontist) in March. Seriously, I think if they don’t call me, I’m super likely to forget, lol. Anyways I can really feel the tightness in my  mouth loosen up after removing the teeth and sans the pain when I eat/drink hot/cold, it FEELS GOOD not to have food stuck in my weirdly protruding teeth, post meal! I really wonder why/how I put up with all the inconveniences over the last almost decade. I should have removed those hideous teeth (to me, since you can’t see it unless I open my mouth at a weird angle for you to see since it’s at the back of my mouth) long ago.

It cost about $700 for the operation for the removal of the teeth. I went through full body anesthesia and I’m glad I did cause I have low tolerance for pain and can’t imagine if I did went through the surgery awake. o.O Its cheaper compared to outside private clinics cause I did it at NDC, as mentioned above.

Shall have no more angst about my teeth from hence forth but show lots of love to my teeth and think wonderful thoughts towards my teeth so I shall have very straight teeth for both my upper and lower gums! Oh this is really random, but whenever my teeth hurts, I weirdly think of having a boyfriend that’s a dentist, perhaps foolishly thinking if my boyfriend’s a dentist he can help relieve my gum ache, but then I actually just need painkillers (but the thing about them is that I don’t like to take them and I rather suffer the pain as much as I can or do whatever else it takes to lessen the pain). Anyways, enough random stream of consciousness posting! Lol. Photo time!

Ena Cool TeethCheck out my teeth. They are actually really milky cream (think baby milk powder) coloured and probably also coffee coloured from all the years of coffee drinking, lol. But for your eyes and mine, they are prettified in this pink purple hue. I kept them btw, I plan to encase them in silver and have them made into pendants so I can wear them around my neck. Not morbidly, but because I love how they look like!

2012-09-28 17.09.26

Yes this is how badly my gums swelled post surgery, also while biting the gauze. I bit them for about 5-6 hours post surgery until the wound stopped bleeding. And yes, thank you for being kind and not judging my swollen face, rofl.

2012-09-23 13.22.25

I shall post photos PRE surgery, in case you’ve forgotten how I really look like, LOL. Photo filtered with POCO app and also prettified in Rakuga-cute app. 🙂

2012-09-21 14.28.31This photo was taken at 313 Somerset mall toilet, it has this golden glow to it, in case you’re wondering where I took it and want to replicate the golden glow effect, LOL. Anyway these photos are back when my hair was still at its record length (I don’t think I’ve ever had my hair that long in my 22 years of living) and with the wild red turned copper dip dye. Kinda miss my long hair, and kinda wonder how I kept it so long cause now my past – shoulder length hair is already mighty irritating me. o.O

So that’s all folks! OH I really wanted to post the h’muse giveaway so you guys can start taking part until Christmas day BUT Punchtab refuses to send me my password (I forgot my password T-T) so I have to delay it till I get my password! Sorry guys!

Ok that’s all, for realz.


<3 <3 <3,

P.S. In case you wonder about what’s the whole point of this post, as I also wonder, it’s really just I sharing my experience cause to me, it’s really pretty epic. And when I was going through it I was curious to know all of my friends/peers experiences, those who went through it so I can know about it and be more prepared for it. Lol. For those who’s been through it, hope it was enjoyable reading mine, and those who haven/t, you can hope your experience won’t be as painful as mine! 🙂

Enabalista 2nd Birthday Giveaway!

Hi All!

As promised, here’s my blog, Enabalista’s 2nd Birthday Giveaway post! As the title goes, the purpose of the giveaway is to celebrate my blog’s 2nd Birthday and to thank my readers for following this blog! *Hint* Another giveaway is coming right up! 😉

The giveaway set includes: 1. Advance Night Repair Eye Serum 2. Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara and 3. Advance Night Repair 4. Pretty blue Estee Lauder pouch. Items 1-3 in tester vials / sizes. 

A close up of the ANR Eye and ANR vials.

I’ve been using ANR for a month plus and it’s no wonder that it’s Estee Lauder’s winning product over the last 30 years because it really soothes, restores and maintains the natural beauty of the skin.

Want to be able to win the ANR? It’s very simple, simply take part in the app below, all you have to do is to answer a question “Why do you like Enabalista?”! 😉

Take part in the giveaway on Facebook here, now! 😀

You can stand to gain more contest entries for each additional step through the app:

– 1 Entry by Facebook or Email connection
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– 1 Entry by tweeting about the Giveaway
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The giveaway starts today, 19 Nov Monday and ends this Sunday and the winner will be revealed and received a winning email within 2 days of the end of contest! The contest runs INTERNATIONALLY! 😀

If you are below 18 years old, please make sure your parents are ok with you informing me about your home address in event that you win so that I can mail it to you!

That’s all for now, toodles~!


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Ena Vlogs | My Skincare Routine with Estée Lauder Refining Pore Minimizing

Hello! In this vlog, I share and demonstrate my current skincare routine, one that I’ve been following day and night for about a month now.

Products in the video are from Estée Lauder’s Refining Pore Minimizing skincare set, kindly sponsored by Estée Lauder Singapore. All products featured in this video are non-comodegenic/non-acnegenic.

Product & Price list:
Erabelle Refined Cotton Squares 100 pieces – SGD$10.70
1. Optimizer Intensive Boosting Lotion Pore Minimizing + Refining (New) 200ml – SGD$70
2. Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher 50ml – SGD$136
3. Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Creme (Normal Combination) 50ml – SGD$92
Estée Lauder products in this video are made in the U.K. Available in store at all Estée Lauder counters in departmental stores such as Isetan and Metro.

Discover the right skincare set for your skincare concerns using Estée Lauder Skincare Finder Tool here.

I am wearing a Cotton On Body Vintage Inspired Sleepwear – SGD$20.

Do subscribe to me for more exciting posts via this blog / Facebook / Twitter or all of them if you haven’t!

LoL <3,

Sponsored Review | Mentholatum Medicated Lip Gels

In this installment of Mentholatum Sponsored Review (once again many thanks to the kind folks at Mentholatum & EK Media), I will be reviewing the Mentholatum Medicated Lip Gels which were introduced in May. The three Lip Gels came in three different colours albeit with the same shape and packaging format. I generally prefer to use Lip Balms over Lip Gels because Lip Balms are  more matt/less sticky. Nonetheless I was quite intrigued to test these babies out because it would be fun to make comparisons between them three. Compact and handy. Shaped for convenient application. Swatch-ing done on hand reveals colourless gels. Mentholatum Medicated Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Lip Gel

Mentholatum Medicated Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Lip Gel would be more appropriately named the “Intensive Moisturizing Lip Gel” because that’s exactly what it does. Hyaluronic Acid is “a substance that is naturally present in the human body. It is found in the highest concentrations in fluids in the eyes and joints. Hyaluronic acid is also used as a lip filler in plastic surgery. Some people apply hyaluronic acid to the skin for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a moisturizer. (Source: here.)” When applied on the lips it feels like an intensive water treatment, and it really does “lock in moisture” as boasted on the packaging. It is scentless and tasteless. I would strongly recommend this to people who find that their lips are drying or cracking due to lack of moisture either under the sun or in air-con environment. It would also serve as a very good base before applying lipstick.

Mentholatum Medicated Vitamin Lip Gel

Mentholatum Medicated Vitamin Lip Gel is a lip gel that protects and repairs dry chapped lips. With a hint of citrus flavour, it is also the only scented lip gel among the 3 lip gels. The gel is formulated to hasten recovery of dry lips with Vitamins C and E and to maintain healthy lips with Vitamins A and B2. I would recommend this lip gel to anyone who experiences chapped lips due to extreme weather or unpredicted circumstances, as well as for lovers of citrus flavour. (; 

Mentholatum Medicated Q10 Lip Gel

Mentholatum Medicated Q10 Lip Gel is formulated for those who wish to maintain healthy youthful-looking lips. Q10 refers to Coenzyme Q10 which is essentially a substance that serves as an anti-oxidant which thus helps maintain youthful lips. The Q10 lip gel has the thickest consistency among the three gels and thus it creates the most supple-feeling. Although it is the Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gel that has Collagen, it is the Q10 that feels like it has Collagen. I would recommend this lip gel to people who prefer a more tangible protection over their lips and of course to people who like having their lip gel in a pink tube. (;

Pictured with the Q10 Lip Gel and a hint of YSL Rouge Pur Couture 26.

If I had to choose between the 3 lip gels, I would definitely pick the Q10 Lip Gel based on how is looks (I know right, girls can be so superficial :P) but after testing out the 3, I would buy the Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Lip Gel because I really love the intensive moisturizing effect it has.

Free Samples

Do Like Lipice (Sg) FB page to redeem a LipIce Sheer Colour Sample!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I would like to know, which Lip Gel is the one that suits your need the most and why? Comment! (;

Sponsored Review: Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub

Have you seen Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub on the shelves and wondered if it was any good? Wonder no longer because today I’ll be reviewing it on my blog!

I was sponsored two retail sized facial wash. The right one being Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub (one with cute “anti-acne beads” sticker) and the left is Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash. 

Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub is truly an all round anti-acne facial product with these features:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Beads for exfoliation and massage
  • Vitamin C & E to reduce blemishes and redness while lightening pimple scars.
  • Menthol refreshing feel and scent
My review: 
I like the Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub very much because of its anti-bacterial and deep cleansing effects. As a youth who has been battling acne for many years, I’ve grown to know by experience how important anti-bacteria in skin care product is in battling acne. Preventing bacteria means preventing acne. The beads serve effectively in scrubbing away dead skin. Together with the menthol, the facial scrub leaves a refreshing feel and scent on my face, which I love.

Mentholatum’s Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash

  • Remove excess sebum and keeps your skin soft & moist! Mild an non irritating creamy wash for daily use to effectively prevent pimples!
  • Anti Bacterial: Contains isopropyl Methyphenol(o-Cymen-5-ol) which penetrates deep into pores to fight against bacteria and prevent pimples.
  • Soothing: Helps sooth redness and skin irritation caused by acne. Prevent aggravation of pimples.
  • Deep Cleansing: Helps unclogs pores and reduce blemishes by deep cleansing to remove dirt, oil, impurities and excess sebum.
  • Moisture Retention: Contains Vitamin C with moisture retention benefits, leaving your skin soft and moisturized after wash.
  • Anti-oxidation: Contains Vitamin E, an effective anti-oxidant, to keep the elasticity of your skin

My review:

Mentholatum’s Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash is indeed a mild, soothing and non irritating creamy wash. I would recommend this wash for people who have more major acne outbreaks, or during periods of acne outbreaks.


I would recommend boys and girls who are battling with acnes to buy and use both wash. The daily scrub will serve well in the day and cream wash in the night. During times when the break out is more severe, I would suggest to use the creamy wash until the breakout is under control before using the scrub because the scrub can irritate moderate to severe acne condition.

Also remember to always drinks lots of water, eat healthy and exercise in order to have a well balanced, wholesome face and body! (;

The Acnes Daily Facial Scrub is retailing for $7.50 at Watsons, Guardian, pharmacies and supermarkets.
You can get the samples first to see if you suit the product before buying it.

Free Samples!

Like Acnes (SG) FB page to redeem a 3-step kit sample or alternatively, hit this link http://on.fb.me/L1xX7Z

Sorry to my international readers, free sample is only applicable to Singaporeans/Singapore mailing address.

I’ve been reading quite a bit recently and if you’ve noticed, also acquired quite a list of brands / banners on the sidebar –> (you’ll have to hit the home page if you don’t see them)  so a series of book reviews and fashion articles will be coming right up, stay tuned!

Credits: Thanks to the nice folks from EK Media and Mentholatum Acnes for making this skincare review possible!

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Sponsored Review: Mentholatum’s New Organic Lip Balm Range

When there are so many Lip Balms on the market and new ones keep coming out every month, how’s a girl/guy to know what’s good and which to buy?

That’s why I’ll be reviewing Lip Ice (SG)’s new Mentholatum ‘Eco-Certified’ Organic Lip Balms in this post and you can make an informed choice when purchasing your next Lip Balm! (;

Mentholatum Lip Care (#1 Lip Care brand in Japan) recently launched a new Organic range with the Highest Eco-Cert accreditation:

  1. Free of artificial chemicals, preservatives or colorants,
  2. Healthy, safe and gentle enough even for sensitive lips,
  3. Recyclable and biodegradable. (I love this point because I believe in Sustainability!)

Using a nourishing blend of natural oils from renowned organic farms globally, its creamy and non-sticky texture glides on smoothly for soft, silky lips.

Organic ingredients sourced:

1. African Organic Shea Butter – soothes and heals dry lips.

2. Spanish Organic Oil – Fights ageing & prevents chapped lips.

3. Argentinean Organic Jojoba Oil – provides long-lasting hydration

4. Columbian Organic Coconut Oil – Softens skin for silky smooth lips.

There are two flavours available, 1) Raspberry & Strawberry and 2) Lavender & Orange

And my review… (drumrolls please!)

1)    Raspberry & Strawberry

The Raspberry & Strawberry flavoured lip balm has a very faint strawberry scent and taste that is reminiscent of strawberry biscuits. I didn’t seem to detect any traces of Raspberry. The texture is indeed as promised, creamy and non-sticky. The Shea butter and organic oils make it creamier than the other Mentholatum Lip Balms I’ve tried before.

2)    Lavender & Orange

The Lavender & Orange lip balm has a good balance of both Lavender and Orange flavours which I found fantastic. Lavender is known to provide a soothing and relaxing effect while Orange promotes healing due to the vitamin C content.

Lips featuring only Mentholatum ‘Eco-Certified’ Organic Lip Balm, it’s colourless yet creamy and thus enhances your lip’s natural colour. Mine’s a nice healthy pink, hehe!

Over all, I would recommend the Lip Balms to health conscious individuals in particular as these Lip Balms are au-natural. Personally I prefer the Lavender and Orange flavour for its unique and refreshing blend of flavours.

Once again, Mentholatum ‘Eco-Certified’ Organic Lip Balms  is available in 1) Raspberry & Strawberry and 2) Lavender & Orange flavours. Prices at $7.90 each. Sold at Watsons, Guardian, Supermarkets and Departmental stores.


Do Like Lipice (Sg) FB page to redeem a trial size LipIce Fruity lip balm! (It’s not the Organic range, but do check it out nonetheless!) And sorry to my international readers, free sample is only applicable to Singaporeans/Singapore mailing address.

I hope you enjoyed this review. There will be another beauty product review coming soon, so stay tuned! (;


Sponsored Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk

If you’ve been following my tweets, you’ll know that I received a facial product in my mail last week and today I’ll be reviewing it!

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA+++ offers high sun protection while caring for your skin, 3 in 1 benefits such as sun protection, hydration and make-up base.

This is how the UV Moist Emulsion looks like. As per instructions on the package, you will have to shake the bottle well before squeezing the emulsion out, if not it will be watery.

As boasted on the packaging, the UV Milk emulsion has a light silky smooth texture, transparent and comfortable on skin.

Seen here only with Hada Labo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk (What a long name!), eyeliner, blusher and lip gloss. As I’m a believer of having good skin and not relying on foundation, it’s great that this product has 3 in 1 benefits such as sun protection, hydration and make-up base.

Personally, comparing this to the Kiehl’s sunscreen lotion that I am using, I still prefer Kiehl’s as I find Hada Labo’s emulsion just a tad too sticky, maybe it’s due to the extra moisturizing effect it has.

However, at only $19.90, Hada Labo’s product is a lot more affordable and I would recommend it as an effective product that’s also kind on your wallet!

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA+++ is exclusively available in Watsons at S$19.90 (38ml).

Do check out their FB (Singapore) page here.

Hope you enjoyed this review!


New York Skin Solutions Review

I’ve been wanting to review New York Skin Solutions since end of 2011 and I am finally getting down to it! Haha.

If you know me in real life, you might have realized that my skin condition has improved remarkably over the course of the last half a year. And it’s no secret!

I started to diligently take measures to improve my acne-ridden skin from last year but   despite drinking water regularly, eating healthily, doing masks at home and exercising (albeit very little) my skin condition wasn’t improving. I was very vexed and frustrated and I decided I will do something about it.

So between seeing a dermatologist, taking medicine that will reduce oil production in the skin glands but at the risk of liver damage and going for facial, I decided I will go for facial.

New York Skin Solutions was having a promotion on the papers then and so I called for a complimentary consultation and treatment and I decided to sign for 20 treatment sessions with them after that first session.

After 2-3 months of about 5 treatments, my skin improved remarkably. The acne marks were slowly fading and what’s better is that the oil glands on my face were kept under control after the treatments have successfully restored the balance of facial glands and hence, lesser acne/pimples!

Although I must stress that while going for facial, I continued to maintain drinking water regularly, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, taking lesser fried and sugary food (especially soft drinks), avoid the sun, put sun block and also taking Evening Primrose Oil supplementary pills nightly. So it’s a multi pronged approach that really restored the balance and health of my skin. ^^,

If you are a guy, (or a teenage girl new to all these skin care regime) you must be pretty awed at the tenacity of what girls like me go through to maintain good skin. The old adage “There is no ugly women, only lazy ones” holds true in the case of good skin care maintenance. Though one can also argue, money is also needed to fund all these, then I’d say go find a job to fund your beauty need(s)! I would say that it’s not cheap, but it’s the best investment I’ve ever made because it solved my skin problems and I have more confidence because I feel less inferior due to my skin condition. Even if you don’t go to NY Skin at the end of my post, I’d still encourage you to start going about resolving your skin condition because it’s worth it. (:

I’d briefly go through what New York Skin Solutions treatment is like and for images, I’d recommend checking on Holly’s blog review on them here.

I visit the New York Skin Solutions branch in Eastpoint Mall. There are many outlets all over Singapore, so if you are keen, give them a ring and ask them where’s the outlet most convenient for you.

If you are like me (in the past) and want to find a solution to your skin problems and you stay in the east, I’d recommend that you give the Eastpoint Mall branch (#04-01) a call at 6789 5566, ask for my beautician Yuki, and say that I (Jia En) referred you to her and you’d received a complimentary consultation and facial treatment. After the session, you can then decide for yourself if you want to sign a package with them or not. I am not paid to do this review for them but for every successful referral/sign up, I would in turn receive one facial treatment for making a successful referral. Yay for you and I, good things should be shared. (;

The consultation will begin with a skin analysis. I am no expert in this area, but I remember my pores were clogged up and that was why my acne and pimple condition persisted. Yuki explained to me that after the treatments, my pores would be cleansed and my skin health restored and my condition would improve. She also mentioned about the collagen of my skin if not properly maintained, would sag, but if properly maintained, it would retain it’s triangular shape. She compared enlarged digital snaps of my then oily facial skin versus my fair and smooth hand skin and I could tell that the condition of face was pretty bad.

The treatment will begin with cleansing then a mask, followed by extraction (of pimples) which will hurt especially at the first few treatments. Then there will be double mask, where they will apply serum/cream depending on your skin condition, a gauze, followed by a cold mask. This cold mask helps to reduce the redness after extraction and it’s especially good for sensitive skin. It’s also my favourite part of the treatment, haha.

My classmate also goes to NY Skin and she testifies that it’s better compared to others she’s been to because the post-treatment redness is the least. It’s true, nowadays after  I go for treatment, the redness is barely obvious.

Usually the treatment ends with a neck and shoulder massage but I usually opt out because it’s too ticklish for me.
If you’re wondering how long the whole treatment takes. it’s approximately 1-1.30 hour depending on the speed of the beautician that day, haha. This is how a typical session goes:
Cleansing (15 Min)
Mask (15 Min)
Double Ice Mask (20-30 Min)
Cleansing, Massage, Apply Sun block (15 Min)
So, to end off this review I shall post a pretty pictures as testament to the condition of my skin. post-treatments. HAHA. Actually I’ve been already posting a lot of my post-treatment photos already la, but indulge me. (:
This picture with B was taken in October last year about 2 months after I started going to NY Skin Solutions. The improvement of my skin was really remarkable and really when I started to take a lot of pictures. Haha.
This one’s in Dec last year and it’s when I’ve also stopped applying foundation on my skin because the NY Skin beautician says it clogs pores. So I only apply eyeliner, blusher and occasional lipstick! Besides, with good skin, there’s no need for foundation to cover uneven patches/scars etc. (:
Another pic with B, so you can see an up close picture of my face, taken in Jan this year. Again, it’s only eye liner and blusher here. I have pretty bad eye bags… from all my ill-disciplined late nights. Sobs. I need to really discipline myself to sleep early.
Another pic in Feb. Skin here looks really good. HAHA. Okay, but also because it’s taken with B’s magical Casio TR 100 Camera. With the awesome function, we look super good in them. HAHA.
Which leads me to… I will compose another post titled “Cheat sheet” to pretty profile pictures. HEHE. Mostly involves IPhone and wonderful IPhone Apps! (:
Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment if you have any questions and I will get back to you.

Thank God for good health! :)

My mother is not having a case of a tumour re-growth but rather a hormonal imbalance that’s been causing her lethargy and headaches! So thank God! 😀

It’s really a case of doctor’s mis-communication because the hormonal doctor wanted to wait and consult the brain tumour doctor before administering medicine but the brain tumour doctor was like, no it’s ok, the hormonal doc can go ahead it’s got nothing to do with brain tumour and in the end no medicine was given for my mother’s condition and hence she experienced headaches, vomiting and admission to A&E… Stupid doctors.

But we’re superrr glad she’s ok now after having the right dosage of hormonal medicine as well as sodium (which she was lacking but to reasons unknown) she’s recovering well! 😀

THANK GOD for His providence!!!

My mum is currently in a C-class, 7 beds ward. On her right is an Indian lady who recently had her foot or a part of her foot amputated due to gangrene caused by diabetes. She was mostly half asleep during my hour plus long visit and was moaning in pain. I felt really bad for her to be suffering so much physically.

On my mum’s left is a Malay lady whom I’m not sure what illness she’s suffering but she seemed quite bored as she was playing with a gadget that seemed like an I-touch and was playing oldies like “Sunshine in the rain” and “All by myself”. She didn’t have any visitors while we were there during visiting hours and she even had a plastic bowl of chips which I found quite amusing.

Opposite to the Malay lady was a Chinese lady whom I overhead the nurse telling her son to advise and motivate the mother to stand and walk around as lying in bed all day does not improve the condition and in fact causes a whole lot of other problems like constipation and lack of blood circulation.

A trip to the hospital is always a sobering one. After my mum’s two brain tumour operations and my sister’s several also brain tumour and shunt operations, my family is quite familiar to hospital visits. But seeing people suffering physically is always a good reminder to be thankful for our abled bodies and good health that God blesses us with.


Hopefully third time’s the charm

It seems that my mum’s brain tumour has acted up once again. 4 years back she had her 1st operation to remove the tumour, another one 2 years back and now it seems the never-ending tumour is back to haunt her and my family once again.

When her headaches came back about 3 weeks ago (maybe even more I didn’t keep a close record) with a renewed intensity, my first reaction was for her to visit her brain tumour specialist doctor for an update on her situation.

Her appointment came on the Thursday that just passed and the doctor was reluctant to give her immediate attention and operation because he didn’t want to expose her to another operation at her age unless absolutely necessary. He slotted her another MRI this Saturday willing to put my Mother through her prolonged misery.

Alas, my mother’s brain acted up and she started to vomit this morning at 6am and my dad and my sister accompanied her to the hospital at 9.30am (while I was soundly asleep). I woke at 11am thinking my family went about their Saturday rountine as usual, my parents out checking wet markets and hawker centres while my sister at her church music rehearsal. Only to receive a call by my mum at 12.45pm that she’s in hospital.

We’re not alarmed. I can only say that a situation like this, a third time round mostly just makes us jaded. Like, you know, the re-growth of the tumour, a trip to the hospital, another operation is just a part of life. But of course it disturbs us, it causes anxiety and worry. I go to sleep praying to God for my mother’s good health and worrying that I’d lose my mother before I turn 21.

Fortunately, led by my father’s example, we entrust our mum into God’s hand and trust that He’ll bring her through again. When I asked my dad over lunch if he was worried about mum’s situation, he calmly said no because he entrusted her to God’s hand and that although her tumour’s re-growth is not something he can control, he told God to do what us humans and doctors cannot do, to stop it from re-growing.

I pity my mother for a situation like hers, it makes her suffer for weeks but the doctor won’t operation and relieve her of her misery because it’s not serious enough. Are we suppose to wait till it becomes serious then we solve the problem? Sigh. Hopefully third time’s the charm, after a third successful operation and the tumour never grows again.