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My 24th Birthday @ TCC

Hi Lovelies~

You might know that I turned 24 last July and here’s some photos from the night I celebrated my 24th with my family and friends! 🙂

For dinner, my family and I enjoyed our meal at TCC @ airport, Terminal 3 #01-22. As I have the TCC card, I enjoy 50% discount on my birthday month! 🙂

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 20.04.07_newEna 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.10.31_new Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.11.02_new

Some of the pretty cakes on display.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.11.19_new

“If you’re gonna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.” Did Marilyn Monroe really said this? 😛 Well for the records, I don’t think we should be two-faced. There’s no harm having a pretty face tho! 😉

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.24.20_new

My parents. We forgot to take a family photo that day. 🙁 Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.31.37_new

My sister’s seafood baked rice.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.21_new

My dad’s braised beef baked rice which was really yummy; much like a East meets West fusion cuisine. Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.44_new

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.54_new

My red wine beef steak, which I really enjoyed! I rarely eat steak outside (I find chewing steak a hassle and painful at times) but I was in the mood to and this was really delicious. I had mine in medium well, no blood, still tender and chewy. I highly recommend it!
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.33.13_new

My second sister ordered a spaghetti bolognese, which was also a rare choice but it was delicious! We all didn’t think that a simple dish like this could astound us but it did.
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.35.15_new

My mum’s salmon dish.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.34.28_new

We didn’t think we would all be so full with out own dish and we had a side order of this beef ball skewers which was really yummy but we couldn’t finish the last ball. hahaha.
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 20.44.30_new

I always love going to the airport for travels, send off and meals. It’s a beautiful place of departures and arrivals!

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-20 21.28.04_newSome of the gifts and angbaos from close friends, colleagues and family! 🙂

It felt kinda weird to celebrate my 24th this year because I’ve started saying I turn 24 this year since the start of this year. So when I finally turned 24, it felt kinda underwhelming and also because I’m starting to face a new stage in life where I don’t want to turn older, lol.

Nonetheless, I have been exceedingly blessed this year; with a great family, work and friends. My wish for the year ahead is that my family and friends will enjoy the best of health and that I will work harder and smarter for my career ahead.

That is all!



B’s La Luxe Vita Birthday

Bini La Luxe Vita


This year, my best friend in Lasalle, Bini threw a luxe party at Marina Bay Sand’s Ku de ta, treating a cozy group of her closest friends to dinner and after dinner drinks! 🙂

I count myself very blessed to have B as my best friend, having gone through most parts of Lasalle together and many similar friendship related mis-experiences/dramas that I’m sure in time to come, we will look back in laughter and hopefully fondness as well.

Check out Bini’s blog here.

I’ll now let the photos do the talking! (:

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday5

Ku de ta has a mix japanese and western fusion cuisine.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday7Bini's La Luxe Life Bday6

It was really dim inside, very atmospheric, heh.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday4

Tasty mixed sushi & sashimi appetizer.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday3

Foie gras! 😀

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday11

Was busy indulging in the other dishes so I didn’t take photos of them! This was the final dessert.

A mixed platter of chcolates, cream, cake, sweet pineapple puree and savory sauce.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday9

Then the restaurant served up a cake for B! 🙂

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday10


Photos taken outside Ku te da restaurant. 🙂

 Bini's La Luxe Life Bday18

Then we went out to the bar side and we celebrated with a double tiered cake prepared by Bini’s bf, served up by the Ku de ta staff. Check out the cake, from 1 Caramel @ Rochester.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday13

With fireworks! Heh.

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday14 Bini's La Luxe Life Bday15

Happy birthday girl blows out the candles in excitement. ^^

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday16Bini's La Luxe Life Bday17

Taking her birthday wishes very seriously! 🙂

Bini's La Luxe Life Bday19

Face of satisfaction! 🙂
2012-10-30 00.29.10
Posted this series of images on my instagram @ena_teo, after using filter from Poco app. 🙂
Bini's La Luxe Life Bday1
Bini's La Luxe Life Bday2
The beautiful scenery from atop Marina Bay Sands.
Bini's La Luxe Life Bday12
Next to the infinity pool
Following a series of photos by Arjohn, one of Bini’s close and talented graphic designer friend. 🙂
With the group!
Girls only.
Arjohn’s requested photo with the ladies, lol.
T’was was a beautiful night!
Till the next post,