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Foodie Galore & La Pétanque!

Salut Les Amies! Hello my friends!

Thankfully I had a very enjoyable week and I hope you had too!
This will be a very image heavy post as I will basically just post a lot of pictures from last week! ^^

First up, I am going share photos from some of the meals I’ve had last week! As I am now interning at a company located at Liat Towers, next to Wheelock, I’ve had the good fortune of having my friendly colleagues bringing me around some of the good food places around town to eat! Don’t blame me if these photos make you hungry! 😛

First up, pepper beef rice lunch at Wisma’s Food Republic! It’s from the store that sells beef noodles. Very yummy, at $6.30 per set. 🙂

As I have French classes every Tues and Thurs, I’ve taken to eating sandwiches for dinner due to the convenience. I highly recommend this ham and lettuce sandwich from Sun Moulin bakery at Shaw House’s Isetan. Priced at $3!

As my parents were away for the week, my sister and I decided to meet up for dinner and we had delicious Japanese food at a shop at Raffles City basement. I forgot to take note what is the store name. Lol. This tofu side dish is not very tasty…

But this Soft shell crab Okos is highly recommended especially if you like soft shell crab! 🙂

This sandwich is from Taka’s Deck bakery… which has very tough bread but very yummy mayonnaise! I won’t buy it again cause the bread is too hard, but if you like hard bread then you can give this a try! It’s $3. 🙂 

My sister took pics of us on the train home and made this image compilation including my second sister! 🙂

This are the stuff I bought from Watson’s member’s sale! Hahaha. Pads, LoveMore facial masks and Majorlica eyeliner all on like 50% offer! ^^ The LoveMore facial masks come in very pretty packaging like an airmail envelope, I will take a picture and upload soon. 🙂

On Saturday, I went to Siloso beach to check out the La Petanque event organized by my colleagues at FCCS. ^^

It was a super beautiful and sunny day!

A pic with the lovely Cat.

Constance hard at work in the morning keeping scores!

With the event head, Valerie, dressed in the colours of France! 🙂

I wanted to explain the Petanque rules here but I am quite lazy and wiki-pedia explains it quite clearly so I would just recommend you to read it here. As an introduction, Pétanque (French pronunciation: [petɑ̃k]) is a form of boules where the goal is, while standing inside a starting circle with both feet on the ground, to throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (literally “piglet”) or jack. It is also sometimes called a bouchon (literally “cork”) or le petit (“the small one”). The game is normally played on hard dirt or gravel, but can also be played on grass, sand or other surfaces.

Met my French class classmate, Yu Xin at the event and she was jumping in joy when she scored a point. 🙂

Isabella a very humorous french lady looking good while throwing the petanque ball. 😉

I did have a chance to represent FCCS and play the game but I don’t have photos to show! 😛 It’s pretty easy and fun to play! 

Lunch was at Rasa Sentosa’s Barnacles restaurant, French buffet style and it was oh-so-good! There was a wide variety of food available and unfortunately when I reach, the first round was gone and snatched up by hungry french men so I missed out a bit but still what i had, mini burgers, fish, cheese, and desserts like cream cuff and strawberry shortcake was awesome!

Met a really cute french boy, Augustine! He has really big eyes but when he smiles they become like slits, haha cute!

Next up, a vlog post followed by another post with photos from my classmate, Ser Li’s sexy 21st birthday party! ^^


Hermes Festival Des Metiers in Singapore Paragon



Hermès Festival of Crafts, the first  travelling Hermès Festival des Métiers made its first stop in Asia at Paragon, Singapore. A vibrant celebration of renowned Hermès craftsmanship in modern setting by internationally acclaimed Milanese designer Paola Navone, Hermès artisans will be demonstrating at their workbenches the skills of leather welding and stitching of leather goods, saddles, silk engraving and painting of scarves, tie sewing, watch making,  jewelry setting and porcelain painting.

Oh how time really flies! Almost a month ago on 1 September, I had the privilege to enjoy the VIP-only launch of Hermes Festival Des Metiers in Singapore Paragon, at the invitation of my friend, Bini. The showcase was open to public from 3rd September onwards.

Bini’s Hermes eye and arm candy of the night:

It was a wonderful experience, to see the craftsmen and women at work and to see how the tradition of Hermes lives on, with the passion of the people that choose to maintain it. It’s a lot of hardwork to continue producing every piece by hand but it is precisely so that Hermes products are what it’s worth. 😉

If you missed the showcase, here’s a few photographs that Bini and I took from the event! 🙂

Starting off with a young french lady who’s demonstrating how prepares the leather for a Hermes pink leather bag (I can’t remember exactly what bag now :/). At this point, she has combined two pieces of leather and she is working the sides by smoothening it. Basically the crafts-people are all french and only speak french, so there are interpreters next to them to interpret what they are saying.

Then an older lady showing how she prepares the leather to create an Hermes wallet.

Another lady was demonstrating how she paints the porcelain bowls.
In this demonstration, a suave french man is showing how he creates a saddle for a horse. Hermes first started with horse-riding accessories and saddles. So although they don’t sell horse saddles in Singapore (which they do abroad), they are demonstrating this as it’s party of their history and heritage!

In this demonstration, a younger and charming man is showing how he ‘plants’ diamonds on the hardware for Hermes jeweled bracelets. As the diamonds are very small, he does it via a microscope and its… no easy feat!
For the last and perhaps one of the most interesting demonstration is how Hermes masters conduct their silk-screen printing on the legendary Hermes scarfs. The master explains how back in France, they would place 150 scarfs in a row and print all at one go. For tedious prints, there can be up to 40 layers and that would mean they would have to go up and down the row of 150 scarfs 40 times! O.O
This showcase has definitely deepened my understanding and appreciation of Hermes heritage and their strive in delivering luxurious products to their clients. Hopefully you have also gained greater insight about Hermes from this post! 🙂