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Catch The Cranky & Kooky Addams Family @ RWS only showing till the 28th July!

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Opening Act “When You’re an Addams”

This morning I went down to Resort World Sentosa for The Addams Family media call as a blogger. It’s my first time attending a media call as a blogger and I was so happy and thrilled to watch the cast present 3 items and to get to interview the cast after! πŸ˜€

I present to you video excerpts of the first 2 items presented!

Item 1: Opening Act “When You’re An Addams”

Item 2: “Pulled” It features the adorable Addam Siblings Wednesday & Pugsley during their morning torture ritual which Pugsley enjoys and how it is changing because Wednesday is falling in love! Very cute and funny!

Excerpt of Interview with Lurch. I found it immensely amusing because he’s just mumbling / speaking gibberish! Which is also very cute!

A little more about the Addams Family musical, it is based on the bizzare and beloved family of characters created by legendary cartoonist Charles Addams. It began performances in March 2010 in America and ran through December 2011, immediately became one of Broadway’s biggest hits.

“Classic, full tilt, fast paced, old fashioned musical comedy!”- Chris Jones of The Chicago Tribune

I am enthralled by the performances put up by the cast today! The introduction booklet featuring the cast and crew shows a very impressive cast with a lot of credits, like almost every individual has more than 3 shows worth of stage experience so you know it’s really a top notched cast. I can’t wait to watch the full musical coming Saturday afternoon with my sister!

With the Addams Siblings! ^^

Interview with the Addams Siblings, Pugsley & Wednesday

Actor Jeremy Todd Shinder as Pugsley Addams
Actress Jennifer Fogarty (JF) as Wednesday Addams

Question for Jeremy Todd Shinder (JTS) as Pugsley:
Ena: Do you require any special diet for your role as Pugsley Addams?
JTS: No, I just eat and stay the way I am. I’ve been told I can put on more weight as the character of Pugsley is a heavy boy but I like the way I am now and intend to remain like that.
(Ena: I have a strong feeling that we’ll be seeing JTS grow up to be a tall young man, we’ll see, if he does continue on in his career in Broadway/acting!)
JF: It’s important that the cast is chosen and picked for how they are even before the musical, so Jeremy doesn’t have to put on or lose additional weight.

Question for Jennifer Fogarty:
Ena: Is there anything you wish to do or look forward to during your free time in Singapore?
JF: Oh yes! I’ve already explored Universal Studios and Sentosa with the tour team and I’m looking forward to visit Chinatown.
Ena: You should also visit Marina Bay Gardens & the Supertrees!
JF: Yeah and those! Basically looking forward to explore beyond the 4 train stations in Sentosa! *wide smile*

During the interview, we also found out that Jeremy Todd Shinder is only 11! How very talented he is for his young age and fortunate to be able to tour internationally as an actor! πŸ™‚

Jennifer Fogarty is 26 years old but she definitely looks much younger, like a fresh graduate! I think partly it is because of her petite frame and big beautiful eyes and her wide smile. πŸ™‚
Her eyes and face reminds me of Emma Stone. πŸ™‚

The Addams Family cast will be heading towards Guangzhou after their Singapore leg. Wishing them all the best!

The Addams Family musical started on July 9 and runs till 28 July 2013. So grab your tickets from Sistic while seats lasts! πŸ™‚

Many thanks to Resort World Sentosa for the invitation to the media call and tickets for the show! πŸ™‚

Let me know if you plan to catch the show and how you find it after you do!


Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be, will be.


Another vlog update… I try to vlog on Sunday or Monday but obviously this one’s late. But I’m not really going to try to keep to it, just going to vlog as and when I like! Now that my MacBook Pro is down, I’ve figured how to vlog and upload on my YouTube (and now blogging about it) all on my trusty iPhone4s! Whoop whoop! πŸ™‚

So I realized I say basically quite a fair bit, I don’t know why. Lol. Gonna cut down on it in the next vlogs.

Umm yes so I could be really upset about my Mac screen going all white on me but I’ve decided not too because its pointless and it also means if it can’t be fixed ill just have to figure a way to get a new one! I just believe that God’s gonna provide for everything and whether I am happy or sad it doesn’t help to restore my Mac so id very much rather be happy! And dinner w my family was really great! So was dinner with Annabel and the movie Whitehouse Down with her. It wasn’t a great movie per se, but definitely a spectacular all action movie. So do check out if you’re a movie buff!


My babe Annabel and veal skinny pizza

Ena Skinny Pizza Singapore
Your gal Ena and squid ink seafood skinny pizza

2013-07-10 21.42.05

My family & I at my early birthday dinner at Covelli earlier tonight:)

I’m going to upgrade this WordPress blog to my own domain some time very soon! The main reason is because I’m using up almost all of the free space there is in the free account so I’m sorta forced to upgrade to get more space for more photos. Was planning to when I upload all my some 100-200 Philippines trip photos (depending how many I decide to select and share, from a scary amount of 900-1000 photos lollll) and in order to do so I’ve to upgrade. But alas my MacBook Pro crashed. I think ill still upgrade nonetheless via IPhone / or galaxy tab my sister loaned me. It’s gonna be my birthday present to myself! Using my birthday gift allowance from my parents! Ok so it’s sorta my parents gift to me. Hahaha. So I’m gonna be having http://Enabalista.com here soon! Exciting times ahead eh?

Alright that’s a lot of updates for today. Can’t wait to update on the media call for Addam’s family musical tmr! And about what happens to my baby MacBook Pro! HAHA.

Be beautiful inside and out!

Remember I love you!


CNY 2012!

How was your CNY? I’ve been wanting to blog about mine… but kept neglecting to. :/

I felt this year’s CNY was less exciting. In terms of visiting family and friends. But I greatly enjoyed visitations with my church friends! (:

No pre-CNY reunion dinner is complete without steamboat! This one was particularly good, thanks to my mum!

Multi-coloured nails to usher in the new year… Against my desk while I was working on school’s CPJ – creative process journal.

First day of CNY, with friends in church. Here with Estella!

2nd day of CNY my family and I visited my grandma’s place, here seen with my aunt and her children and my sister.

Met up with friends Ian, Martin, Dafril and Joshua over at Shane’s place. We had loads of fun playing Xbox, till we had no time for movie! hahaha. ^^

At Amy’s place, her fairly newly adopted handsome son, Muffy!

That’s all for this year’s CNY…

Loads of pics to upload for Feb… went to Luge with churchies and random selcas with my girls in school. πŸ˜›


Bye Bye Tampines Ama

My paternal grandmother passed away last Friday evening. We affectionately call her Tampines Ama because she used to stay at Tampines. The name stuck even though she moved to Buang Kok a few years ago. The past few nights have been spent at the wake, entertaining my parent’s friends, chit-chatting with relatives and watching the Taoist procession take place.

My grandmother was 85 when she passed away. She suffered from throat cancer in the late 90s and since then speaking would require great effort on her part. The last few years her eyesight also deteriorated so there was minimal communication with her in her later years. There was also very little communication with her to begin with as I was very young then. So there is little sadness in parting with her and perhaps more relieve that she does not have to suffer ill-health on this earth anymore.

My grandmother had 8 children in all, 6 sons and 2 daughters and my dad’s the second eldest. She was only 19 when she had my dad! Our family history is rather complex, as my grandmother remarried after her first husband passed away. And my great uncle and my dad were quite “havoc” when they were younger. Hahaha.

I shall reserve the more juicy parts of the story to share with you face-to-face, whoever’s keen to know. πŸ˜‰

I was slightly dreading to attend the wake because it was in Taoist style and because my family’s christian, we do no follow the procession. The wake and funeral was done in a grand affair and I couldn’t help but notice the irony of such a grand send-away upon my grandmother’s death. Why can’t Chinese appreciate the living in a grand way rather than in their death? Can the dead appreciate the filial piety of the living in parading in circles, folding and burning paper ingots and house and mountains? Wouldn’t a visit while she was alive, a harmonious gathering be more meaningful?

Of course there are reasons as to why Chinese do things this way. Matters of pride. Maybe my grandmother believed in Tao-ism and wanted to join her husbands. These questions can only be pondered upon by the living. And these are but some of the questions that ran through my mind as I saw my relative busy-ing around the wake, a cohesive-ness that was not seen before and perhaps not to be seen again.

Perhaps the most important lesson I brought home from the funeral was that ultimately it is relationships and not traditions that matter. I believe it is more so in my generation. A generation that is increasingly inquisitive and less superstitious. Can worshipping your human ancestors really bless you monetarily, etc? What is the point of attending a familial gathering just because we share the same blood? Rather, I would attend a gathering with friends whom I am closer with and feel more comfortable with.

But God didn’t place us in families for nothing. If we are meant to be salt and light of the world, all the more we need to be in our own homes and among our own relatives. I am praying for my relatives, that when the next funeral comes around, we are no longer burning house, gold and silver mountain made of paper but we are thanking a God for receiving a beloved relative that created the heavens and the earth. πŸ™‚

1 I lift up my eyes to the mountainsβ€”
where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.
-Psalms 121:1-2


My sister Lu Jia and I with her new toys Minilove (my gift to her) and Giraffe no.6 (she doesnt give them names).

6 Jan’s my sister, Lu Jia’s 23rd birthday!!!

Happy Birthday again Jie Jie!!! Thanks for being such an awesome sister buying me strawberry polar puff cake, random gifts (!) and sharing and listening to my happy/sad thoughts/complaints. I really enjoyed spending more time with you last year and here’s to an even more awesome year of sisterhood together! HAHAHA. I know you like being 23 (Er jie told me so on msn and how you think being 4, you can’t clean your backside) and I can’t wait to be 21 and legal too! Hahaha. Love you muchie!!! xoxoxo