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Check out my Delicious and Healthy Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn Lunchbox | Ena Lifestyle Review

Do you pack lunch to work? Cause if you do, this post is for you!

The other day, I packed a home cooked meal and I’m so happy with my new Vaya Tyffyn lunchbox that I’d like to share more about my experience with you…

My home is never lacking of food because my Mum loves to cook, has lots of ingredients and food in the kitchen and my married sister loves to buy me desserts whenever she visits weekly! I know, I know, lucky me! 😀

So it was perfect to have my Vaya Tyffyn lunchbox so I can pack all of these goodies, home-cooked noodles and salad, fresh tomatoes and Japanese desserts~

Packing Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0001These are all the ingredients to be packed in my Tyffyn lunchbox!

Packing Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0002My pretty Vaya Tyffyn lunchbox in “Wool” design.

What’s great about this lunch box is that it is a Heat Retaining, Vaccum Insulated Lunchbox, with a Sleek design and Stainless steel, High Copper finishing containers – more of these in the visuals below! 😉

Packing Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0003

Isn’t she a beauty? A sight to behold, sure to inspire envious “awws” and “ahs” from classmates or colleagues!

Packing Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0000This Vaya Tyffyn is capable of holding 1000ml of soup and food contents spilt over 3 handy layers and capable of keeping hot food warm for 5-6  hours.

Packing Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0004

I chose to put my noodles with dumpling and soup on the base layer, my potato and fruit salad with fresh tomatoes on the second layer, separated with one of the 3 handy dividers also provided in the set, and lastly but definitely not the least, topping it up with a strawberry puff as dessert!

Packing Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0005Notice how beautiful the rose gold containers exterior are!!!

Packing Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0006Top down view, each container comes with a handy cover with a small hold for you to easier pop them out with your finger. I love it!

Packing Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0007

Last but not the least, the lunchbox come with a waterproof and heat-retaining “Bag Mat” which you can use as a sling bag in carrying your meal and double up as a meal mat to keep any food spillage in. SO INGENIOUS!

Packing Lunch with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0008Thanks Vaya Tyffyn for creating this super stylish lunch box!

Meal Packing LunchBox with Vaya Tyffyn | Enabalista Blog Review_0000

Here’s my meal that I’m having with my friends, they were so intrigued by my pretty lunch box, and I’m definitely going to prepare more such meals out with my Vaya Tyffyn!

If you’d like one of your very own stylish lunch box, visit their website here and get your 1000ml or 600ml lunch box! 😉

Thanks Vaya Tyffyn for sponsoring this blog post!



7 Recommended Beauty & Wellness Spots in Korea!

Are you planning for a pampering  trip with your girlfriends / mum or sisters soon?  I was just in Korea last month for a Beauty and Wellness trip and had the privilege to experience the best of Beauty and Wellness that Korea has to offer. Today’s post will cover 7 beauty spots and services that we visited which I highly recommend! Maybe you can KIV some spots for your next trip! 😉

(1) K-Beauty Makeover at Beauté 101

Beauté 101 is one of Korea’s top 1-stop shop for all your beauty needs; hair, makeup and nails. Need to prep for a night out in Korea? Fret not – just be in your outfit for the night, factor 2-3 hours with them and you’ll be ready to rock and roll in style, with your tresses, makeup and nails done. I also recommend checking out the nearby alleyways for cute spots for OOTDs like we did! For a basic hair styling, makeup and nails package like I did, it costs 242,000 won (S$298), add another 100,000 won (S$122) to upgrade to a party/special package. Located in Gangam, check out their Facebook page here and be sure to reserve in advance for your slot.

beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0027 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0026 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0028 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0019 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0014 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0015 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0016 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0023 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0024 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0025 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0017 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0018 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0020 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0021 beaute-101-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0022

(2) Luxe Facial Spa at Sulwhasoo Flagship Store

If you’re travelling with your mum or favourite aunt, may I suggest and recommend booking a luxe Facial Spa at Sulwhasoo Flagship Store – Korea’s equivalent of La Mer, whether it’s products, place or service, it won’t disappoint. On the ground floor, you’ll find exhibitions of past and present products and packaging. If you think that the ground floor is astounding, you’ll be further impressed by their second level where #interiorgoals abound. You’ll find a gift wrapping segment followed by an array of current ranges of products which are free for testing followed by a private lounge area where you can sip tea and enjoy testing out the products one by one, including the famed Sulwhasoo – Harmonizen Regenerating Cream which costs 650,000 (S$800). Yes that’s right you didn’t read wrong. After shopping (according to the local staff, the store is very generous with their samples and price after discounts for tourists is even better than airport). Before you’re ushered off for your spa, enjoy a vial of ginseng ampoule (drank, not applied), complemented with a cuppa green tea to balance the bitterness of the ginseng. Following which, you can proceed to their spa level and then into individual rooms which are designed like hotel rooms, with individual shower room. The facial spa begins with a foot soak followed by scrub with their special ginseng body scrub that’s not for sale and only available at the spa – talk about exclusivity! There’s even an iPhone cable charge in the spa room, super thoughtful. After the facial, which ends off with Sulwhasoo’s very thorough skincare regime, you can prep your tresses and apply their in house Sulwhasoo makeup foundation and blusher at the private makeup room. I also love that their staff speak basic conversational english pretty well. Visit them at 650, Sinsadong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

In case you’re wondering what’s in the Sulwhasoo facial, these are my notes – I can’t recall the entire skincare regime at the end as it was too extensive!:

Hot feet soak
Ginseng scrub
Facial portion:
Remove makeup
Cleansing oil
Hot towel
White ginseng scrub
Sleeping mask
After facial skincare:
First treatment essence

(Visit their site if you’d like to find out more about their Beauty Ritual)

sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0014 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0015 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0016 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0017 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0018 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0021 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0022sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0020sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0019 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0023 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0024 sulwhasoo-flagship-store-gangnam-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0025

(3) Soak, spa & massage at women’s only Spa Lei

Lei Spa is a popular women’s only spa, and rated #7 out of 230 spas and wellness places in Seoul on TripAdvisor. As we were fully made-over after our Beaute101 experience and we were a little short of time during our visit to Spa Lei, we didn’t (want to) experience a full soak, sauna and massage which will ruin our hair and makeup, lol. We did however enjoy a drink and hot feet soak at both their outdoor and indoor foot spa. While their staff speak very limited english, I was very impressed with their 3 floors of facilities ranging from saunas, spa, massage, sleeping rooms, TV rooms, outdoor terrace, cafe, nails services and more – I can imagine it’s a place to hang out with my girlfriends for a whole day just doing sauna, spa, massage, meals, nails and more. For as little as 2000won an hour, it’s no wonder Spa Lei is a hit with both local and tourists alike. Do note that privacy is a huge concern, so you will need to keep your phones in the locker as no phones are allowed in the spa.spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 spa-lei-women-only-spa-in-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006

(4) Skincare and Makeup Shopping at Myeong Dong

If you count yourself a K-beauty lover, no trip to Korea would be complete without visiting Myeong Dong where there’s an endless supply and promotion of all things Korean skincare and makeup. If you’re a fan of new skincare brands, then you must pay a visit to Olive Young who stocks brands that are more under the radar before they are established enough to have their owns stores, such as CNP, WakeWake and ElishaCoy. If you’re like me and a fan of established skincare and makeup brands such as Laneige, EtudeHouse, Clio & TheFaceshop, then it’s best to plan your trip to coincide with Korea’s sales season which is start of October and the next one would be early next year, visit Visit Korea website or Korea Grand Sale website for updates. If you’re planning to buy in bulk, my local friend suggests visiting Duty Free at Lotte Mall for really awesome bulk discounts.

Also, no street shopping is complete without street snacks!I will be writing a separate article on recommended Korean food spots, but thought I should add this in as well. Speaking of street snacks, On my first night in Korea, I’d met up with my friend, Livia for Chimac dinner. Livia works at Charis and she gifted me with a Klairs Mochi Bb cushion, a lightweight foundation – you can get it from my Charis online store here~  Also, I have to mention that you can get lots of awesome Korean snacks at Big Mart at Myeong Dong, opens till 12am!

myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004

Second night at Myeong Dong (we were there most nights since it was a stone throw away from our hotel!):myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 myeong-dong-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013

I also recommend staying at Lotte City Myeongdong Hotel which is a 10 minutes walk away from Myeong Dong shopping streets. A relatively new hotel with impeccable and friendly staff service, good breakfast spread, comfortable bedroom and great housekeeping service.

lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0014 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0015 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0016 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0017 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 lotte-city-myeong-dong-hotel-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009

Apart from Myeong Dong, I also recommend paying a visit to Gangnam where you’ll find Style Nanda and many shop fronts with lovely visual merchandising in their windows and having a cuppa coffee at Coffeesmith, just to people watch – the dudes are particularly handsome there, haha.

Style Nanda store:

gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 Olive Young:gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005

Club Clio, got the colour I wanted in Celeb Rose which ran out at Olive Young!:gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 gangnam-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008

If you have more time, you should also check out Hongdae where there’s more Korean makeup and skincare shops (no surprises, LOL) and more street fashion!

Cap shopping:hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000

Walked into Labiotte for their wine lipsticks!


Got one of these lipsticks, which is a lovely coral and hydrating formula:hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004

Burnt orange and browns colours are all the rage this fall!:
hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 Came by StyleNanda at Hongdae:
hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009

Love these new 3CE liquid lips shades in Lazy, Obsessed & New me, except I’d already bought like 8 lipsticks by this time, so I didn’t purchase any, lol! #onemouthonlyhongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008

Was super tempted to get this, but would be too creamy/shimmery/oily for SG’s humid weather, so I did not – but if I was staying in Korea would go for this!:hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011Also, Chuu official has nice lip tints!hongdae-street-shopping-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010

(5) Wellness Treatment at KwangDong Oriental Hospital

Have I mentioned that we’ve been treated to only the best in Korea during our trip? The same can be said of our visit to KwangDong Oriental Hospital – we were there on a Friday morning at 9.30am and there were already customers at the counters paying for their oriental medicine dosage/satchets after their check ups. My wellness session with KwangDong Oriental Hospital started with registration, followed by consultation with the doctor, interpreted by a very eloquent lady named Jenny – the doctor then administered my virgin acupuncture experience (pretty painless in fact) on my stiff shoulders and aching calves followed by a cold stone facial spa and hot herbal foot pack – it was an incredible and unique experience to have a cold and hot sensation simultaneously on the opposing ends of my body. I love my experience at KwangDong Oriental Hospital and hope to bring my parents there some day.

kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 kwangdong-oriental-hospital-wellness-treatment-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011

(6) Relaxing Spa Session at Herb Island

Last but not the least, if you’re a fan of whimsical European style, I recommend visiting Herb Island and experiencing the Spa session after lunch and staying until the evening when the place is lit in the night. The Spa session starts off with tea and registration followed by a foot soak, a hot pack experience while laying on a cloth over dried hay (I imagine that’s how Jesus felt when he was a baby in a manger, lol) and ending off with massage (choice of back or feet, I picked feet). Also, the shops are super pretty, if you’re a fan of aromatic oil, scents and tea, it’s a place you can stock up on supplies!

herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0000 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0001 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0002 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0003 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0004 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0005 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0006 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0007 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0008 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0009 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0010 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0011 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0012 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0013
herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0047herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0014 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0048 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0015 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0016 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0017 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0018 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0019 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0021 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0022 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0023 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0024 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0025 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0026 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0027 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0028 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0029 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0030 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0031 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0032 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0033 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0034 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0035 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0036 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0037 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0038 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0039 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0040 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0041 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0042 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0043 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0044 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0045 herb-island-spa-session-korea-beauty-wellness-must-go-review-enabalista_0046

If you enjoyed reading my Beauty and Wellness recommendations, stay tuned to my next post on Korean Food recommendations in Seoul! 😉

If you’d like a chronological update to my Beauty and Wellness Korean Trip visit my Dayre days 272-278 starting here.

Thank you Carolyn and Korean Tourism Organisation Singapore for making the trip to Korea possible!

Of Florals & Garden Inspired Nails

Hi Loves!

I hope your week is coming along well? 🙂

Today I’d like to share about a recent set of gelish nails I’ve done at De Artistique Nails, along with a beautiful bouquet I’ve received from A Better Florist.
De Artistique Nails Ena Blogger Review_0004 De Artistique Nails Ena Blogger Review_0005 De Artistique Nails Ena Blogger Review_0002 De Artistique Nails Ena Blogger Review_0006 De Artistique Nails Ena Blogger Review_0003For this set of nail art, nail artist Serene and I chose pink, green and white colours with marble design and similar accent coloured blings to complete a feminine and classy design. For this set, I did nails extension, gelish colours and additional artwork/design on each nails.  De Artistique Nails Ena Blogger Review_0000Bright & fresh blue wall with a vintage theme for the nail salon interior.
De Artistique Nails Ena Blogger Review_0007

Visit De Artistique Nails which is located conveniently at Serangoon Central, about 8 minutes walk from Serangoon MRT station!

You’ll love your trip to this lovely nail salon, not only because of the lovely ambience, and also because Serene is a skilled nail artist with 8 years of experience, despite her young age because she started nail art when she was very young! 🙂

De Artistique Nails
Blk 263 Serangoon Central Drive #01-57
Singapore 550263

Happy Hour Promo Mon-Fri 12pm-4pm
Gel Mani/Gel Pedi @$28

Reader’s Code
Quote “Ena Teo” to enjoy 20% off, for first timers only.
Call to make your appointment now!

You’ve seen the snippets of the blue roses bouquet, and they’re from A Better Florist… and I super love the blue bouquet?! I don’t really know exactly why, they’re just so special… Maybe because I associate blue to loyalty and friendship, so I feel its a very appropriate bouquet for me! Plus these blooms stay fresh for 7 days! 🙂 A similar bouquet, Sophia (different colours) retails online at $88 with free delivery, a great & fuss free way to tell her that you’re thinking of her, I say!

A Better Florist Ena Blogger Review_0000 A Better Florist Ena Blogger Review_0006 A Better Florist Ena Blogger Review_0007

Thank you A Better Florist (& Valentia for the link up~) and Serene from DAN for the nails~! ^^

Visit their IG:
De Artistique Nails
A Better Florist 
& follow mine @ena_teo for regular updates!



Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 [Giveaway Ended]

*Updated: Winners*

Thanks all for taking part, join me to congrats the winners!:

Enabalista Gifts of Love X Wacoal
Blog: Shirley Lim
Instagram: @vinvola
FB: Seline Bong

Enabalista Gifts of Love X Origins
IG: @cancerian_celin

Enabalista Gifts of Love X Crabtree & Evelyn
IG: @icolegal

Enabalista Gifts of Love X Clio
IG: @funnydiaries

Enabalista Gifts of Love X Marc Anthony
FB: Paul Tan

Enabalista Gifts of Love X Nuxe
Blog: Jolynn Lim
IG: @Kpkr
FB: Xueli Chen

Enabalista Gifts of Love X Risis
IG: @shiromantic

Enabalista Gifts of Love X Orchard Hotel Cafe Buffet
FB: Gorden Koh

Bonus Mystery Prize Winners
Angelina Seet
Wang Wang Feng
Jenny Chua
Sandra New

I have received most of your emails and addresses and have sent out the prizes!

Hi Loves!

You might remember that I enjoyed hosting my blog anniversary giveaway back in end October… And as the Christmas season draws closer, I am once again happily donning my Santa hat by teaming up with some very lovely brands and organizing another giveaway series to spread the love with you my readers! 🙂

Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014

For this Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 giveaway series, I’ll be hosting 8 giveaways (might have more coming in but there are at least 8 confirmed brands!) for 12 lucky winners on my blog, IG & FB.

The giveaway mechanism will be real simple – all you need to do is:
– to be following me on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– leave a comment on this blog post and/or respective giveaway image on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– tag your friends where applicable
The lucky winners will be announced on the blog and respective posts on the 26th Dec and gifts will be sent out by yours truly before the new year. 😉
Giveaway is open to Singapore residents only – sorry to my international readers!

I’ll be updating the 8 giveaways over the next 12 days, so come back here or follow me on my Instagram and Facebook to take part whenever a new giveaway is released~ 🙂

2014-12-09 11.57.29BBSG+2014+FPOL+FAQ

In addition to the giveaways, I would like to also take this opportunity to invite you to join me in bringing some cheer to our local community through the  Boy’s Brigade Share-A-Gift hosted in conjuction with FairPrice online. Disclaimer: this is not sponsored, I picked this movement/exercise because it’s simply a credible and established way of giving back to our community. Just today I heard my church pastor saying that “Miracle is in Giving” just like how The Widow of Zarephath gave her very last oil and flour to the prophet Elijah and God multiply them and made sure that she was not in lack – I strongly believe that we receive back in our giving!

As such, I have donated $50 (see: fairprice – Order Confirmation) to support the Boys Brigade + Fairprice Share a Gift to support a family who needs some festive cheer this season! If you would like to join me to donate/purchasing these $30/$50 gift bags, you can do so here anytime from now to 30 December 2014. Let me know  you have donated by sending me a screencap/shot of the receipt via email (enabalista @ gmail.com) or FB message, send me your address and I will prepare a handwritten Christmas/New Year card for you! I honestly don’t know if anyone would join me to support this meaningful cause, but I will be very happy if you do. Make a family’s day and mine alright? 🙂

Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 x Wacoal Singapore


Enabalista Gift of Love Wacoal Charming Christmas SetsEnabalista Gifts of Love 2014 Wacoal Charming Christmas 2

Wacoal® turns sexier this season with a line-up of lingerie in magical hues of blue and purple in their Gravity-defying Range Inspired by The Aurora Sky

Transform the holiday season into a sensual affair as Wacoal® brings in a collection of lingerie that exudes sex-appeal while providing more support.

Coming in seductive colours of blue and purple, it will be difficult to resist the Holiday range with charming hues inspired by the dazzling aurora sky.

The sexy lingerie sets are uniquely designed to capture the colours of the northern lights; delicate cream laces line the brassiere’s deep shades of violet and midnight blue, exuding an entrancing display that is synonymous to the dazzling natural phenomenon that has captured the hearts of many.

This collection is also uniquely tailored with the latest designs and the most innovative technology which provides the ultimate support that helps to improve posture. Defy gravity this holiday season and add an extra boost of confidence with Wacoal®’s latest collection!

Enabalista Gifts of Love Wacoal Christmas 002

To celebrate this season of giving, Wacoal® will also be giving a Limited Edition Christmas EzLink Card with every purchase of SGD180.

Enabalista Gifts of Love Wacoal Christmas 001

Giveaway 1: 3 pieces of the Special Edition Wacoal® Christmas EzLink cards

To win, simply follow me on  – to be following me on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– leave a comment on this blog post, the same image on Instagram (@ena_teo) or same image found on Facebook page (Enabalista). You can submit 1 comment for each platform, 1 comment/ platform = 1 chance.
– tag your 2 friends if you’re commenting on Instagram or Facebook
The 3 lucky winners will be randomly chosen and announced on the blog and respective posts on the 26th Dec and gifts will be sent out by yours truly before the new year. 😉

Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 x Origins Singapore

2014-12-03 10.59.30-1

Giveaway 2: 1 set of Origins products (Make a difference Rejuvenating Moisturizer, Drink up intensive Overnight Mask, Check & Balances Frothy Face Wash in travel sizes, 30ml each) with Limited Edition Nanette Lepore designer make up pouch

To win, simply follow me on  – to be following me on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– leave a comment on this blog post “I love Origins X Nanette Lepore make up pouch”, on the same image on Instagram (@ena_teo) or same image found on Facebook page (Enabalista). You can submit 1 comment for each platform, 1 comment/ platform = 1 chance.
– tag your 1 friend if you’re commenting on Instagram or Facebook
The 1 lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the blog and respective posts on the 26th Dec and gifts will be sent out by yours truly before the new year. 😉

Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 x Crabtree & Evelyn Singapore

Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas Seasonal Spectacular 2014 Blog Review 022

Giveaway 3: Crabtree & Evelyn Tea Time Treat Set, English Breakfast Tea 20g,
Afternoon Tea 20g, Triple Chocolate Chunk Biscuits 100g & Strawberries and Cream Biscuits 100g, worth $40. 

To win, simply follow me on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– leave a comment on this blog post “I love Crabtree & Evelyn Tea Time Treat Set”, on the same image on Instagram (@ena_teo) or same image found on Facebook page (Enabalista). You can submit 1 comment for each platform, 1 comment/ platform = 1 chance.
– tag 3 friends who love Tea Time if you’re commenting on Instagram or Facebook
The 1 lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the blog and respective posts on the 26th Dec and gifts will be sent out by yours truly before the new year. 😉

For more Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas Gift Ideas, check out my blog post here~! 😉

Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 x Clio Singapore

Enabalista Gifts of Love Clio

Giveaway 4: Clio Salon De Cara 001 Hair Roll Cara (Volume x Volume), Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow 05 Bottoms Up, Waterproof Pencil Liner Kill Black XP

To win, simply follow me on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– leave a comment on this blog post “I love Clio Makeup!”, on the same image on Instagram (@ena_teo) or same image found on Facebook page (Enabalista). You can submit 1 comment for each platform, 1 comment/ platform = 1 chance.
– tag 2 friends who are makeup lovers if you’re commenting on Instagram or Facebook
The 1 lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the blog and respective posts on the 26th Dec and gifts will be sent out by yours truly before the new year. 😉

Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 x Marc Anthony Singapore

Enabalista Gifts of Love Marc Anthony

 Giveaway 5: Marc Anthony(MA) Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Shampoo 250ml, MA Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Deep Treatment Sachet 50ml, MA Repairing Macadamia Oil Deep Treatment Sachet 50ml, MA Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment 50ml, MA Oil of Morocco Argan Oil volume shine hair spray 53ml, MA Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion 60ml

To win, simply follow me on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– leave a comment on this blog post “I love Marc Anthony Hair Care”, on the same image on Instagram (@ena_teo) or same image found on Facebook page (Enabalista). You can submit 1 comment for each platform, 1 comment/ platform = 1 chance.
– tag 3 friends with beautiful hair if you’re commenting on Instagram or Facebook
The 1 lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the blog and respective posts on the 26th Dec and gifts will be sent out by yours truly before the new year. 😉

Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 x Nuxe Singapore

Enabalista Gifts of Love Nuxe Giveaway

Giveaway 6: 3 Sets of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil (100ml) & My Beauty Kit with travel sizes Micellar Cleansing Water, Anti-Fatigue Moisturizing Cream & 24HR Moisturizing Body Lotion worth $70

Huile Prodigieuse is a unique, unrivalled, cult skincare product.
Created in 1991, l’Huile Prodigieuse is the bestseller for the brand with more than 20 million bottles sold since its conception.

Its inimitable fragrance, which has become the scent representative of the NUXE brand,
is like a song that all women know by heart, with its head notes
of orange blossom and plum, its middle notes of rose, geranium and magnolia,
and its sensual base notes of coconut and vanilla.

This dry oil for face, body and hair epitomizes NUXE’s philosophy of authenticity,
sensuality and effectiveness perfectly.

With its golden shimmer version, l’Huile Prodigieuse appeals to the goddess sleeping
in every woman. Thanks to its ultra-fine, pearlescent minerals,
it gives both skin and hair a sensual glow.

With its 97.8% natural formula, l’Huile Prodigieuse is enriched with vitamin E
and is guaranteed to be free of silicone and mineral oils. Consisting of 6 Precious Plant Oils
(Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and St. John’s Wort),
this dry oil nourishes, repairs and softens face, skin and hair in a single sweep.

To win, simply follow me on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– leave a comment on this blog post “I love Nuxe Skincare!”, on the same image on Instagram (@ena_teo) or same image found on Facebook page (Enabalista). You can submit 1 comment for each platform, 1 comment/ platform = 1 chance.
– tag 3 friends & skincare lovers if you’re commenting on Instagram or Facebook
The 3 lucky winners will be randomly chosen and announced on the blog and respective posts on the 26th Dec and gifts will be sent out by yours truly before the new year. 😉

Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 x Risis

Enabalista Gifts of Love Risis Singapore Giveaway

Giveaway 7: Risis Horse & Horseshoe Charm in Crafted in 925 silver and encased in precious rhodium. Horse 2.0 x 2.3 cm. Horseshoe 0.9 x 0.9 cm. Chain not included.

To win, simply follow me on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– leave a comment on this blog post “I love Risis!”, on the same image on Instagram (@ena_teo) or same image found on Facebook page (Enabalista). You can submit 1 comment for each platform, 1 comment/ platform = 1 chance.
– tag 3 friends & horse or charm lovers if you’re commenting on Instagram or Facebook
The 1 lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the blog and respective posts on the 26th Dec, winner will have to collect from store. 🙂

Enabalista Gifts of Love 2014 x Orchard Hotel

Enabalista Gifts of Love Orchard Hotel Orchard Cafe Dinner Giveaway

Giveaway 8: Orchard Hotel Orchard Cafe Buffet Dinner for 2, total worth $136++

To win, simply follow me on Instagram (@ena_teo) & Facebook page (Enabalista),
– leave a comment on this blog post “I love Orchard Cafe Buffet!”, on the same image on Instagram (@ena_teo) or same image found on Facebook page (Enabalista). You can submit 1 comment for each platform, 1 comment/ platform = 1 chance.
– tag your BF/GF/BFF that you would like to bring for this Buffet Dinner if you’re commenting on Instagram or Facebook
The 1 lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the blog and respective posts on the 26th Dec and vouchers will be sent out before the new year. 😉

That’s all for the Enabalista Gifts of Love Christmas feature & giveaways!
Special thanks to my partners Wacoal SG, Origins SG, Crabtree & Evelyn SG, Clio SG, Marc Anthony SG, Nuxe SG, Risis & Orchard Hotel for your kind sponsorship. 

Blessed Christmas to all of you lovelies!



Enabalista 4th Anniversary x Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Giveaway

Congrats to @style_byjane on IG and Caren Foo on FB for winning a set of Etude House My Castle Hand Creams respectively!

Hi Loves!

To commemorate the 4th anniversary of my lifestyle blog Enabalista and to thank my readers and partners for your support thus far, I’m hosting a series of giveaways and this is the first of 4 giveaways!
Do I hear a wave of “Hoorays”? 😀

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Enabalista Giveaway 001

Etude House has recently introduced a new range of  “My Castle” hand creams, each comes in the cutest castle casing and lovely fragrance.

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Enabalista Giveaway 005

This is a  beauty wish fulfilling “Pink Wish Castle” hand cream with fruity floral fragrance.

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Enabalista Giveaway 0032. ICE FROZEN
This is a magical “Ice Frozen Castle” hand cream with ice floral fragrance.

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Enabalista Giveaway 0043. SWEET COOKIE
This is a most sweet and happy “Sweet Cookie Castle” hand cream with sweet vanilla fragrance.

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Enabalista Giveaway 0024. FOREVER ROSE
This is an elegant and feminine “Forever Rose Castle” hand cream with rose floral fragrance.

~ Giveaway ~ 

There will be 2 sets of Etude House My Castle Hand Creams, $36 each for giveaway!
2 lucky winners will be able to win a set of 4 hand creams with lovely scents each.

To take part in this sweet giveaway, simply:
1. Follow me on IG @ena_teo & like the Enabalista Facebook page
2.  Comment on the image of the Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Set, which of the 4 scents you like best and tag 3 friends.
That’s it! 🙂

 I’ll be picking 1 winner from the entries on the Enabalista Facebook page & 1 winner from the entries on my IG.
So to double your chances, take part on both IG & Facebook. 😉

Giveaway is open only in Singapore, winners will be picked at random and results will be announced on 9th Nov Sunday, on the blog, IG and FB respectively. Winners will be contacted via IG and Facebook respectively and you will need to reply me with your home address so that I can mail the set to you.

Good luck!

Thank you Etude House Singapore & WOM PR for making this giveaway possible. \(^^)/



P.S. If you haven’t, be sure to check out my post on the world’s largest Etude House flagship store! ^^

My 24th Birthday @ TCC

Hi Lovelies~

You might know that I turned 24 last July and here’s some photos from the night I celebrated my 24th with my family and friends! 🙂

For dinner, my family and I enjoyed our meal at TCC @ airport, Terminal 3 #01-22. As I have the TCC card, I enjoy 50% discount on my birthday month! 🙂

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 20.04.07_newEna 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.10.31_new Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.11.02_new

Some of the pretty cakes on display.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.11.19_new

“If you’re gonna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.” Did Marilyn Monroe really said this? 😛 Well for the records, I don’t think we should be two-faced. There’s no harm having a pretty face tho! 😉

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.24.20_new

My parents. We forgot to take a family photo that day. 🙁 Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.31.37_new

My sister’s seafood baked rice.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.21_new

My dad’s braised beef baked rice which was really yummy; much like a East meets West fusion cuisine. Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.44_new

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.32.54_new

My red wine beef steak, which I really enjoyed! I rarely eat steak outside (I find chewing steak a hassle and painful at times) but I was in the mood to and this was really delicious. I had mine in medium well, no blood, still tender and chewy. I highly recommend it!
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.33.13_new

My second sister ordered a spaghetti bolognese, which was also a rare choice but it was delicious! We all didn’t think that a simple dish like this could astound us but it did.
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.35.15_new

My mum’s salmon dish.Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 19.34.28_new

We didn’t think we would all be so full with out own dish and we had a side order of this beef ball skewers which was really yummy but we couldn’t finish the last ball. hahaha.
Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-18 20.44.30_new

I always love going to the airport for travels, send off and meals. It’s a beautiful place of departures and arrivals!

Ena 24th Birthday2014-07-20 21.28.04_newSome of the gifts and angbaos from close friends, colleagues and family! 🙂

It felt kinda weird to celebrate my 24th this year because I’ve started saying I turn 24 this year since the start of this year. So when I finally turned 24, it felt kinda underwhelming and also because I’m starting to face a new stage in life where I don’t want to turn older, lol.

Nonetheless, I have been exceedingly blessed this year; with a great family, work and friends. My wish for the year ahead is that my family and friends will enjoy the best of health and that I will work harder and smarter for my career ahead.

That is all!



March Recaps

Hello Lovelies! <3

It’s been so long I did a random “day in my life” type of blog post that I can’t even remember when was the last time I did a post like this! >.<

Nonetheless, as I’ve been repeating like a spoilt recorder that I’ve to update about the events I’ve been invited for and since my time is limited, I delay in blogging about the other random but unusual stuff I would take part in and capture in my daily life. So yes, altho it’s 2-3 months go, here’s my random updates from late Feb and March! 😀 Speaking of which, yes you can expect to look forward to April and May’s editions which are 3-5times longer than this. HAHA.

Dinner date with Bini at the new (then new, LOL) Concetto by Saveur modern day italian restaurant

Daily: 12:00 – 21:30

2014-02-27 20.12.56

Salmon with Peas. Peas too salty for my liking by I would go back for the Salmon again. I love salmon!!! Also Bini recommends their Prawn Aglio Olio, only except I can’t eat prawns. 🙁

Then we went to check out this cute Lego ice cream shop called “Bricks and Cubes” which apparently been around for a while except we just didn’t try it.

2014-02-27 20.53.38

2014-02-27 20.54.13
2014-02-27 20.53.55

2014-02-27 20.44.09

I don’t mean to disappoint by the Ipad ordering system doesnt seem to be very user friendly, I ended up going to the counter to order instead!
2014-02-27 20.57.36

Ice cream and waffle was unfortunately so-so, we had oreo and green tea. Super generous portions, priced at I think ~ $10, so not exactly cheap. I would pay for this with a group of 4 persons next time, plus the cafe is generally quite empty. Good to go with friends and play card games!

2014-02-28 09.29.11

Carolina Herrera bracelet gift <3 My classiest bracelet thus far !2014-02-28 11.02.59

Worn with my watch~

Went for FarEast New Station Snack Bar Salted Egg Pork Rib Dish with church matesL

2014-03-08 14.20.45

Highly recommended but we gribe about the expensive price (at a dingy place!) at $6 and staff say price gonna go up soon. o.O
2014-03-08 15.23.27

2014-03-09 15.00.39

Also received this cute and free Jacqueline Burchell nail polish sample along Orchard Road during International Women’s day! Whose founder’s daughter I actually met in May at Luxola event, more of that in May’s post (I am finally getting down to all my event and review blog posts and clearing my back log, so my April and May recaps will come up soon, yay & phew~!).2014-03-09 15.03.01

Michelle Nail Colour Polishes I bought at Cineleisure! From Beadstreet shop that sells a lot of affordable accessories! Only $2 each and surprisingly really good pigmentation at 1st coat! 
2014-03-09 22.01.47My nail art done by yours truly! I usually don’t have much patience for nail art, so I was quite happy with the results of this and I got a lot of compliments for it. HEHE.

I randomly chanced about Sunsilk Pop Up Hair Salon at Plaza Sing before The Face Shop event, so I had a free hair makeover & shoot!

2014-03-13 18.23.54 2014-03-13 18.24.22 2014-03-13 18.26.55

I really like the half braid hair do!

It was my sister’s bday in March, so we had a Spizza home delivery!!!

2014-03-11 19.19.28

2014-03-11 19.19.35 2014-03-11 19.19.59 2014-03-11 19.20.26 2014-03-11 19.39.00

The verdict is that it tastes better when you eat in the restaurant. But of course still delicious nonetheless! And we totally over-ordered, for 5 people, (dad, mum and 3 sisters) doesn’t help that other than dad all of us are girls and generally eat lesser, haha.

My colleague and I passed by Bedok Mall after lunch and saw this IRON MAN statue.2014-03-03 13.38.10

Omg, so awesome!!!

Price tag is equally awesome, I can’t remember if it’s $10,000 or $13,000 now. One of the figure!

This is totally not sponsored but I’m guessing you guys might wanna know the contact:

2014-03-03 13.37.202014-03-03 13.37.27

Lunch with Vanity Trove ladies & fellow beauty IGers @ Sushi Tei Paragon!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My rainbow platter ! Surprisingly too big for me, I only had 4 pieces. o.O
2014-03-26 18.25.24

2014-03-26 18.25.31 2014-03-26 18.25.42

Dinner with colleagues at Ethel’s place~2014-03-26 19.18.33

So pretty! Private lift unit!2014-03-26 21.04.45

Jap Miso Flavoured Egg.
2014-03-26 21.04.53

Fried Chickennn2014-03-26 21.05.02

2014-03-26 21.12.50

Home-made Shepherd’s Pie, it was awesome!2014-03-26 22.44.41

Our director’s baby Hugo who is mad adorable. He kept going around feeding us biscuits after.

Went for NCC service with Chris Tomlin!!!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I am a huge fan of Chris Tomlin, maybe not super huge huge but I love his songs! I was super touched at the service…2014-03-30 11.31.49

Thank God for man which such talent and dedication and service like Tomlin. Inspiring the world to sing praises to God. <3

And I always wanted to post like a collection of all the products I get for review but don’t quite have the window of opportunity to do so, so I’m finally gonna post them here! Basically all the products I was sent or given after events for review in March:
2014-03-09 14.09.35

2014-03-09 15.26.49

Skincare, haircare & makeup!

Alright! That’s all for March, hope you enjoyed this post! 😀

Thanks for reading~ <3



Ayers’ Rainbow BBQ at Boutique Hostel Bunc@Radius

Thanks to Bunc@Radius, my friends/secondary classmates and I had a BBQ and staycation
over at Bunc@Radius at Little India, Singapore!

I’ll let the photos do the talking! 😉

Enabalista Bunc @ Radius Review 1

Bunc@Radius is a luxurious 5 star hostel.
They have two branches in Singapore, the one we stayed at is located at
15 Upper Weld Road, Little India, Singapore 207372.

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Lobby

Here with Laura, the lovely & pretty marketing exec. of Bunc@Radius
and the cute christmas mascots at the lobby counter. ^^

The boys & I checked in earlier before everyone else came down for the BBQ…
So we took advantage of our 6 bed dorm. 😀Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Room

Mao quite obviously enjoying his bed and pillow.
Bunc beds are uniquely customized and each has a 7inch mattress with two fluffy pillows which are sealed with bug resistant hygiene covers and with hotel grade duvet!

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Room2
Here’s Gan Da and Justin posing happily along with the colourful rainbow balloons!
Thanks Bunc@Radius for specially preparing these balloons! 😀

Check out the vent on the right of the balloons, these vents are there to provide fresh air ventilation. The system works by taking in fresh air from outside the building, runs it through a cooling system and pumps in cool air into each room and forces stale air out through an exhaust. Cool huh?

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Room3
Look at how happy Gan Da is with the balloons… hahaha!

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Common Area

We all loved the colourful and vibrant bean bags that were really comfortable to chill out on…Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Fun

And I took the liberty to post with the balloons (the same one from the room, heh) on the leve 2 communal area/deck as well… 😀Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Dining Area

We decorated the communal area tables with some streamers!
Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Common Area2And we tied the balloons to the stand to welcome all for the BBQ. 😉

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Kitchen

Guangshun came along and took the initiative to prep the BBQ food! Good job Guang!Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India BBQMao started the fire for the BBQ…
He’s single & available so if anyone is interested, you may drop me an email! 😛

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India BBQ Chicken Wing
Check out our delicious BBQ food! Chicken wings & Satay! 😀

After the BBQ session, it was time to celebrate our December babies’ birthday!

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Birthday

Yup that’s me bringing out the cake. Heh.
Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Birthday2

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Group Photo2

A group pic to remember all the Ayers that came down for the BBQ!
Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Group Photo
With the whole group that came down for the BBQ, this time including Yi Ning’s hubby!

Butter Studio Gingerbread

Special thanks to Butter Studio for sponsoring these gingerbread men and delicious cupcakes during our staycation! Butter Studio Cupcakes

These cupcakes are ridiculously cute…Butter Studio Panda

Mr Panda.
Butter Studio Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Butter Studio 1Red velvet! One of my favourite! 🙂

Check out their site here, Facebook page and follow them on instagram @butterstudio. 😉

When it was time to rest… we don on our masks for some beauty time… 😀


After a good night’s rest…

The next morning, we went down to check out the breakfast!

Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Breakfast

Here’s the breakfast crowd!Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Breakfast Cereal

I am a fan of breakfast cereals. 🙂
Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Glimpse Zines2

I spotted something interesting at the breakfast area…Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Glimpse Zines Ena Reviews Bunc@Radius Little India Gilmpse Zines 3I really like that Bunc@Radius supports local artists through this Glimpse project.
Do go down to check them out if you’re in the area! 🙂

Ena’s Review
My friends and I had a lovely time catching up during our BBQ at the outdoor deck.
The open air concept, fully fitted kitchen, tables and chairs allowed us to have a fuss free BBQ.
We were particularly impressed with the dorm beds and fitting and toilets which were modern, clean and spacious.
Wifi was strongest at the lobby and weak in the dorm rooms,
so a lot of travellers will gather in the lobby to make use of the strong wifi in the area.
Bunc@Radius is definitely a place that we’ll come back to visit again. 🙂

Check out Bunc Hostel’s video showreel and what they represent here:

Check out Bunc@Radius website, Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @bunchostel! 🙂

Are you looking to organize a staycation with your friends anytime soon?
Check out these discounts for my readers! 😉

 Quote <ENABALISTA> to enjoy 30% off Outdoor Deck Event Space Rental. 

For reservations, email: events@bunchostel.com.

Quote is valid for booking dates from now to 30th June 2014.

*Terms & conditions apply.

*Outdoor deck is subjected to availability.

Quote <ENABALISTA> to enjoy exclusive rate of $30 per bed per night in a Mid-Sized Mixed Dorm.

For reservations, email: info@bunchostel.com.

Quote is valid for stay from now till 31st March 2014.

*Terms & conditions apply.

*Rooms & bed types are subjected to availability.

xx Ena

Enabalista featured in HotelClub’s The Best Singapore Lifestyle Blogs of 2013!

 Thanks to HotelClub for featuring my blog Enabalista as one of the Best Singapore Lifestyle Blogs of 2013! It is my honour and privilege to be mentioned next to fellow bloggers like MsGlitzy (whom I am a fan and longtime reader of) and Felicia Neo! Couldn’t have done it without the support of my readers, many of whom are my family and friends.  Thus I dedicate this milestone to all of my dear readers! I also want to thank God for this award because it’s a great blessing to be picked out of many lifestyle bloggers in Singapore. 🙂 

Enabalista HotelClub Best Lifestyle Blog 2013

This is an excerpt from the HotelClub featured article!:


Who?: Ena Teo, Enabalista

Why?: An honest and open account of young Singaporean life

Follow: @ena_teo


Real estate agent by day, lifestyle blogger by night, Ena began blogging at just 13 years of age, and in the ensuing years has honed her writing to a finely tuned craft. Her site, Enabalista.com, covers her own experiences of living in Singapore, ranging from the extremely personal (see her posts about her graduation and her business ideas) to working, shopping, dining and going out. We were particularly taken by her willingness to share and engage with her followers, as well as her knowledge of all that Singapore has to offer!

“The Singaporean lifestyle is fast-paced and mostly work-driven. However, increasingly, Singaporeans are also learning how to enjoy life through fine cuisine, fashion and beauty. As a local Singaporean, I love to share with friends and readers my take on fashion, beauty and food that I encounter in my life. It brings me joy when I meet fellow like-minded readers all over the world who enjoy reading about what I blog!”



Read the article and find out the Best Singapore Lifestyle Blogs of 2013 here!

Thanks again to HotelClub for the award and I look forward to another great year for Enabalista in 2014! 😀

Enabalista x Cyber Monday OASAP Coupon Giveaway [Closed]

Thanks to all for sharing and taking part in this contest!
Although the contest did not hit 50 shares, the folks at Oasap.com have kindly agreed to select one winner nonetheless! Thanks Oasap for your generosity! 😀
Loredana Battista has been chosen to be the winner!
Congrats Loredana!

Thanks to OASAP, I’m holding another giveaway, this time it’s the Cyber Monday coupon giveaway!

Enabalista x Oasap Giveaway

Good news is, EVERYONE gets a 30% OFF coupon code for shopping on OASAP.com! Whee!
Shop at OASAP.COM during Christmas 2013, get 30% OFF for 20000+ women fashion items with coupon code: NUSZ48CD, and there will be special offer for some products UP TO 70% OFF from BLACK FRIDAY to CYBER MONDAY! PLUS shipping is free ok! 😀

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Now now, if you’ve not already clicked away to OASAP.com site in my links above,
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Ena’s favourite pick for OASAP BLACK FRIDAY

Enabalista OASAP Giveaway

1. Leather Paneled Oversized Turn Down Coat US$77.54 here

ENABALISTA OASAP GIVEAWAY patent-leather-front-ankle-boots

2. Patent Leather Front Ankle Boots US$48.92 here.

Enabalista Oasap Giveaway

3. Distinct Teardrop Necklace $13.96 here

Enabalista x Oasap Giveaway

4. Lovely Plaid A Line Dress US$29.93 here.

Enabalista Oasap Giveaway
5. Icecream (more like cupcakes) Graphic Sweatshirt US$22.35 here.

Enabalista Oasap Giveaway

6. Floral Embriodered High Low Chiffon Blouse US$25.13 here

My first pick is above US$50, the rest are below $50 and picks 3-6 are all below $30!
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Giveaway terms & condition:
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h’muse x Enabalista vouchers giveaway!

Hmuse Enabalista 2


I hope your year is starting well as it is for me! 😀

In my last h’muse post, I said that there will be a voucher giveaway~!  (This post is really belated, my apologies!)

There are 3 vouchers worth $25 each for giveaway, to be used on h’muse store here.

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So if you’ve been eyeing that piece on my post, hesitate no further, comment away~! ^^

Results will be revealed this Sunday, 27 Jan so that winners can be in time to shop for Chinese New Year accessories / outfits! 😉



Enabalista 2nd Birthday Giveaway Winner Revealed!

Hello All!

A big THANK YOU for all who took part in the giveaway that I’ve been holding on my humble blog in the past week!

Now for the big reveal… Winner is also revealed on the actual “live” but now “ended” Giveaway tab… *Drumrolls please*

Congratulations to Ng H.!

The winner was randomly selected using the PunchTab app, and she also happens to be my friend! 🙂 Therefore I will meet her and hope (if she’s ok with it) to take a photo with her and then upload and updated on this post later!  For those who took part, and those who didn’t or missed this one, fret not because I’m having another giveaway really soon again! I’m really happy to have giveaways on my blog and many more to come. ^^

I want to specially thank the following readers & friends for taking extra time and effort to comment on the giveaway app and supporting Enabalista.

Christabelle Peh, Jenny Soo, Jane Lee, Eddy Khoo, Jessie Sng, Loh Poh Yong, Ying Lan & Tarandip Kaur.

Thank you all specially for your kind comments and retweets for this giveaway! I am very touched by your support. :’)

I am really quite behind, more like super behind my blogging because I’ve been overwhelmed with a powerful combination of school, ECA (stands for extra curriculumm activities, for the non-Singapore educated/un-initiated) such as JRunway participation, Sofie’s wedding and church commitments the past 1 month…

Follow me on my Twitter & Instagram, both @ena_teo for more daily updates! I tweet a lot of random stuff mostly revolving around Fashion, entertainment, social/Singaporean news and a lot of personal musings and angsty tweets you won’t find on my blog. (But you can read on the side bar, lah) I instagram mostly food, fashion, myself and interesting/random stuff around my life. I know it’s not much of a marketing pitch, but I’m sure you’ll be amused by what I share, cause I get amused by myself! HAHA, #notshyatall. So follow lah ah, and PLUS I am almost always looking for more tweet buddies on Twitter so join in the conversations/tweet-versations if you haven’t! 😀

xoxo you know i love you,
Ena <3

Honestly can’t wait for school to be out, then I will be giving my first church sermon this Sat, then I can by blog-happy and HOLIDAY LOR (machiam like ORD-LOH, it’s supposed to have the feel/vibe, #incaseyoudidn’tgetit.) – I don’t know why this needs to be italicized. Really, I don’t.

Enabalista 2nd Birthday Giveaway!

Hi All!

As promised, here’s my blog, Enabalista’s 2nd Birthday Giveaway post! As the title goes, the purpose of the giveaway is to celebrate my blog’s 2nd Birthday and to thank my readers for following this blog! *Hint* Another giveaway is coming right up! 😉

The giveaway set includes: 1. Advance Night Repair Eye Serum 2. Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara and 3. Advance Night Repair 4. Pretty blue Estee Lauder pouch. Items 1-3 in tester vials / sizes. 

A close up of the ANR Eye and ANR vials.

I’ve been using ANR for a month plus and it’s no wonder that it’s Estee Lauder’s winning product over the last 30 years because it really soothes, restores and maintains the natural beauty of the skin.

Want to be able to win the ANR? It’s very simple, simply take part in the app below, all you have to do is to answer a question “Why do you like Enabalista?”! 😉

Take part in the giveaway on Facebook here, now! 😀

You can stand to gain more contest entries for each additional step through the app:

– 1 Entry by Facebook or Email connection
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The giveaway starts today, 19 Nov Monday and ends this Sunday and the winner will be revealed and received a winning email within 2 days of the end of contest! The contest runs INTERNATIONALLY! 😀

If you are below 18 years old, please make sure your parents are ok with you informing me about your home address in event that you win so that I can mail it to you!

That’s all for now, toodles~!


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