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Effective Scar Removal Mederma Proactive Gel

Hi Loves!

You know how pesky mosquito bite scars can be on the calves, legs, arms and neck? Thank God for scar removal gels!

Mederma Proactive Scar Removal Gel Blogger Review 002Mederma, the No. 1 doctor-recommended scar management brand in the USA, is now in Singapore with their highly-raved Mederma Proactive Gel, a great healing product that has been proven to help to visibly reduce scarring. This proactive gel works on many types of scars – from operation and old-injury scars, and even acne scars!

Mederma Proactive Scar Removal Gel Blogger Review 001Thanks to Mederma SG and The PR People, they prepared a Quick-Fix Kit just for me, for those little emergencies and curveballs that life throws up, including, of course, the Mederma Proactive Gel.

I’ve tried it on my facial acne scars and I was impressed with the translucent gel and especially how lightweight it was! My bestie Fion suffered from pesky mozzie scars from her Taiwan trip and I passed her the gel to use and she LOVES it! She’s now unto her second tube. Beverly also blogged about how she used 3 tubes after her C-section birth to her baby. This stuff is legit, guys.

Mederma Proactive Gel is available in 20g ($29.80) and 50g ($59.80) at all Guardian, Unity, and selected Watsons stores. The 50g pack size is only available at Guardian stores.