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Let Your Eyes Speak with Browtisan’s Eyelash Extensions

Hi Loves~!

Today I want to share with you about my very first eyelash extensions experience. People say that our eyes are the windows to our soul.. if that’s the case, then our eyelashes must be the pretty curtains.

Before I got my eyelash extensions at Browtisan, I never knew how convenient it was to have long lashes. With my eyelash extensions I have bigger looking eyes, without the need to put on my usual eyeshadow or eyeliner in the morning!

Yes, it definitely took me a while to get used to longer eyelashes, especially for someone like me with short and thin lashes. On the first day I could feel the weight of the lashes and how it was a little in the way of my vision, like there’a an extra curtain drawn above my vision, but after a night’s sleep, I got used to it the next day and stopped noticing the difference.

I was very happy to have my eyelash extensions done at Browtisan, helmed by Coco, a veteran in the brow and facial grooming industry. Browtisan stems from the word Brow and Artisan. It is a name coined to reflect the skills and artistry of Browtisan’s ultra-specialised subset of aestheticians. Besides having more than 20 years of experience in this industry, Coco constantly develops new techniques and trains aspiring aestheticians in the art of brow crafting. Many of her trainees have also gone on to be entrepreneurs of their own salons.

Check out the process of having my eyelash extensions while at the Browtisan salon!

Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 3

First Coco cleaned off my eye make up to prepare for the eyelash extensions.Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 4

Next she heated my existing eyelashes to curl them, so that they provided a better shape for the incoming eyelash extensions. According to Coco, not all salons would include this step.Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 5

Then she started the eyelash extensions, strand by strand! Coco is wearing a clinical grade glasses to get amplified vision for accuracy and precision while attaching on the eyelashes. This is another tool that Browtisan has that differentiates their service from other salons.Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 6

Curling my eyelash extensions to set them in place.Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 7

Coco repeats the steps for the other eye. I was chatting non-stop with Coco while she was attaching my eyelashes. There was no pain or discomfort at all. Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 8

Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 9

More close up pictures of my newly attached eyelash extensions!Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 10

With the gorgeous & capable ladyboss, Coco.

Before Browtisan, Coco was working as a brow and facial grooming trainer for other aestheticians. With the intention of pursuing her long-term dream of having her own salon and to create a new standard in the industry, Coco decided to embark on her own business. Her dream was finally materialized after months of efforts when Browtisan finally had its soft opening in October 2014. 

The Browtisan brand aims to provide to its clients top-notch, clinical standard services and experience.  Each and every Browtisan is a highly skilled artisan in their craft.  To be an artisan is to attain the highest level of skills in the said craft and at Browtisan, there is an assurance that the services rendered will be the highest in the entire industry.

Browtisan endeavours to deliver outstanding results and unparalleled levels of comfort to each and every client, through a combination of leading expertise and clinical procedures tailored to your specific needs.

Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 1

L-R: How I look with my usual eyeshadow and eyeliner vs completely no eye makeup and just Browtisan eyelash extensions!
Browtisan Eyelash Extension Ena Blogger Review 2I am very happy & satisfied with my eyelash extensions at Browtisan. After getting used to the length, I appreciated how pretty my eyes looked without my usual make up, from all angles. I personally feel that with the eyelash extensions, my eyes are more alert, feminine & sophisticated.

My lashes lasted a good two weeks, and started to drop thereafter. If you take better care of it, it can last up to 2 months. I came to realize that I have the habit of covering my face/eyes with my blanket once the sun comes up and that made my eyelashes drop a lot faster. For the first 3 days you have to avoid touching water on the eyelash extensions and you’ll have to comb through the lashes every day and night to keep the shape of the lashes. I heard from my friends who had their eyelash extensions elsewhere that their eyes started to itch after a while and they couldn’t resist plucking them off and resulting in a lot of loss of their natural eyelashes. From my Browtisan experience, there was no itch and even when the eyelash extensions dropped, my own eyelashes were kept in tact. After 3 weeks, I had my eyelash extensions removed and my own eyelashes were all intact too! I feel really blessed to be able to have such a superb experience with Browtisan. 🙂

2014-12-31 22.03.002014-12-31 22.02.02

Here’s another look with heavier makeup for the eyes and the eyelash extensions.

Priced at $98, I highly recommend Browtisan’s eyelash extension service for a special occasion, such as a stage performance, wedding or for festive periods like Christmas and New Year! As Coco would put it, with them, “你的眼睛会说话” which loosely translates to “your eyes can speak”. And I couldn’t agree more. I feel that girls with longer, fuller lashes have eyes that mesmerise people – these girls just let their eyes do the talking because they’re attractive without even having to speak. 😛

Located at 402 Orchard Road #03-17 Delfi Orchard, call 6235 2355 to book your eyelash extensions appointment. Visit Browtisan Facebook page here. 🙂

Thank you Browtisan & AT PR.



P.S. Watch out for my upcoming post about my eyebrow embroidery with Browtisan! 😉