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Pink Hair for Hope with Hairdreams Singapore

Hi Loves!

You might have noticed the pink streaks in my hair since last week. I paid a visit to Hairdreams Singapore to experience and share about their ‘Pink Hair for Hope’ campaign and hair creation package which costs $80, and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation and is available for the whole month of October.

This includes the application of the stripes, wash and blow dry, and subsequent removal at the salon. This hair creation lasts up to three months, giving those in support a chance to spread the awareness of the support for Breast Cancer.

The last time I had coloured streaks hair extensions was when I was 21… For a rock & roll themed bday party. 💁😎✊😆 I’m glad that the extensions I have now is for an even more meaningful cause!

For more information and appointment booking, visit www.hairdreams.com.sg, or call 6653 5500. Hairdreams is located at: 51 Cuppage Road #01-09, Singapore 229469 / Tel: 6653 5500

Thank you Publicist PR & Hairdreams Singapore for having me, I am glad to lend my support this meaningful campaign.



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