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Project Facelift: Helpling lends a helping hand to Boon Lay residents

Hi Loves! 

Today I’d like to share a guest post from my friends from Helping. I’m really happy to be sharing what they’ve done, in doing their part and contributing to society. Hope you’ll enjoy the post!

Between SG50 celebrations, a national election and battling the haze, it’s been a hectic couple of months in Singapore. With so much happening across the island, and so little time to do it all, it goes without saying that Singapore’s residents have been very busy!

But amidst all the commotion, we sometimes forget about what motivates us in the first place to do the things we do. Take Helpling, for example, which provides a platform for customers to book part-time cleaning services. The company has its beginnings as a community project to help locals in lower-income households find part-time domestic cleaning jobs. These values remain a core part of Helpling, with many of its cleaning partners from low-income households, or unable to take a full-time job because of elderly or childcare responsibilities.

So in July, Helpling contacted Boon Lay constituency’s grassroots organisers to participate in its Project Facelift. Helpling Singapore CEO Hoe Yeen Teck and his team, together with some of their cleaning partners and volunteers, spent a day cleaning the homes of low-income residents with health and mobility issues.

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It was an important reminder for the staff and volunteers, especially in the 50th year of independence, that while Singapore is an economically advanced and prosperous country, many Singaporeans could still do with support. Many of Helpling’s cleaning partners themselves come from underprivileged backgrounds, so it was doubly meaningful for them to participate in Project Facelift.

Yeen Teck said, “The most memorable part of the day was not so much the scrubbing and cleaning, but the humbling conversations we had with residents and the heartwarming stories by our cleaning partners about overcoming their own challenges.”

And it wasn’t just the Helpling staff who were touched. One of Helpling’s cleaning partners added, “I am able to relate very well to what these residents are facing. I enjoy helping others, and I am glad for this chance to give back.”

Participating in Project Facelift was a great experience for everyone involved, especially for the Helpling team to experience the values behind its service, while assisting those in need of a helping hand. You can watch the Project Facelift video below.

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Thank you James & Helping for the post. Kudos and well done to team Helping for bringing smiles to the residents of Boon Lay as part of Project Facelift!