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Clozette Ambassador 2014!!! :)

Hi ladies!

I’m a little late in bringing you the news, considering it was out on 11 Jan (HOW TIME FLIES, omg),
but I’ve got great stuff to share, so better late than never, right? 😛

Anyhoo, you probably know this by now, I’m a Clozette Ambassador for 2014!

Clozette Ambassadors 2014

“What’s Clozette?” you may ask.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 4.19.33 amClozette.co home page~

Clozette is an online fashion and beauty portal
mainly for women to SHARE their virtual closet,
DISCOVER inspirational fashion and beauty updates,
SHOP from brands or bazaar (user uploads) & take part in contests with fab prizes!

Enough of me talking, take a look at it for yourself. 😉Ena on Clozette

My profile on Clozette! ^^ Yeap my handle is “Enabelle”. 😛
I have a total of 29 collections, here’s just 6 of the collections in view.
You can sort your items into collections anyway you like and name them whatever you like!
I save lots of inspirational & pretty fashion & beauty photos and also post lots of my #OOTDs & #LOTDs. 😀

Ena Items on Clozette

Here’s my profile, but in “items” view, here’s 15 of my 291 items. 😛
I upload most of my items/photos through Instagram.
Basically you can sync your Instagram account to your Clozette account
through your Clozette account settings, and when you add “#Clozette” to your Instagram photo’s caption (note: not comments)
the photo will automatically be shared to your Clozette account. Cool huh! 😉

In addition to user profiles, fashion & beauty community pages,
there’s also a dedicated Clozette Ambassadors page where you can access from the menu under Fashion > Featured. ^^

2014 Clozette Ambassadors Program

Here you’ll find updates from the 12 Clozette Ambassadors,
photos of our #OOTDs, #LOTDs, #NOTD (Nail of the day),
event updates and basically all the pretty photos related to fashion & beauty! 🙂

Items shared by ClozetteINSIDER on ClozetteI’d also like to highlight ClozetteINSIDER’s profile, which every user will follow upon sign up.
Here, Clozette team posts fashion and beauty product launch and event updates on the go.
I love coming here to see what’s new and what’s hot. 🙂

Do you love online shopping? Then you’ll LOVE Clozette’s Shoppe pages.

Home    Clozette Shoppe The Style Report    Clozette ShoppeClozette’s Shoppe pages has recently been revamped to be clean and chic.

One of my favourite Clozette pages is the Shoppe Style Report
where a collection of shoppe items are curated according to the season’s trends.
It’s where I get to see popular trends and how the trend is translated on various brands!
Plus… ALL the items are linked to where you can shop them from, how convenient! 😀

Clozette Contests

Clozette Contests!
Here you’ll find fun, interesting and easy contests to take part in to win attractive fashion and/or beauty prizes.

Can’t wait to sign up and join in the fun, right?
I’ve got more GOOD NEWS!

Clozette Sign up promotion 2014

If you’re signing up for the first time, you stand to win attractive prizes!
For the June draw, you’ll stand a chance to win a Givenchy Antigona Medium Bag
& a Prada Saffiano Lux Shopping Bag for the Decemeber draw.
Sign up before June and you’ll be eligible for BOTH bag giveaways! 😀

That’s not all!
The grand draw in December will see 1 super lucky girl
winning a trip to KOREA for 2,
PLUS US$2,400 in cash!

So if you haven’t be sure to sign up here!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Clozette.co
as much as I did sharing about this portal that I’ve come to love!

Thanks for reading~! <3


Win With Estée Lauder Every Woman Can Be Beautiful Photo Contest


Hi all!

Remember the Estée Lauder Makeover I attended 2 weeks ago? I’m glad to announce that there’s a photo contest from that event that’s beginning today and there are fantastic prizes to be won by the voters!

From Estée Lauder Singapore FB page:

From today till 16th August, vote for the Best Makeover Transformation from our Every Woman Can Be Beautiful photo contest, and you could be one of the 10 lucky voters to walk away with a SGD200 Estée Lauder Hamper!

If you happen to be on of the ladies in the photo contest, be amongst the Top 10 with the most votes and stand a chance to win a SGD1,000 Estée Lauder Hamper!

As you should know by now from reading my blog (see my recent Vivid Shine Collection Post / Review Part 1 and Part 2 if you have not), Estée Lauder’s products are not only prettily packaged, smells lovely but are also made with the best quality ingredients and   technology! Winning a S$200 Estée Lauder Hamper will surely put a smile on your face.

If you can’t wait to vote already (but come back to complete reading my post after you vote ah), check out the voting app page on Estée Lauder Singapore Facebook page for more details, click here: https://www.facebook.com/EsteeLauderSG/app_172787272742313

If you still can wait, read on!

This is how the first page of beautiful makeover photo contest voting looks like, all you need to do is to click vote! Each page has 20 contestants and there are 4 pages so I infer that there are a total of 80 contestants. It says on the page that “You can submit unlimited votes, max 1 vote per entry” Aside: (so if you really want to maximize your winning potential, I guess you can like all 80 contestants! :P)


“Chance favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur

Do let me know if you win the contest because you heard about the contest first from here (plus if you won it with the “tip” I gave you 😉 ) cause I’d love to celebrate your win with you!

We all love to win in life don’t we? With the Olympics fever currently going on, you can also stand a chance to experience being a winner by taking part in the contest voting! Do also like and share about the contest with all your girlfriends so that all of you can stand a chance to win. I believe in sharing and that sharing breeds winning. Winning is great but winning with friends is better! This is such a great quote that I need to “quot-ify”:

“I believe in sharing and that sharing breeds winning. Winning is great but winning with friends is better!”

– Ena Teo

For more details, click here: https://www.facebook.com/EsteeLauderSG/app_172787272742313

Speaking of winning, I am very blessed to have won a Glamasia contest and I collected my  Stella McCartney necklace yesterday. I’ll blog about it another post! (: