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High Tea @ Arteastiq


In this post I’m sharing photos I took with some of my lovely classmates while we were celebrating Rach and Belle’s birthday at Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery. (:

Arteastiq Tea Lounge at Mandarin Gallery is a beautiful place ideal for afternoon tea and snacks with your girlfriends or loved ones. In another area just next to the cafe area is an Art Jamming area where customers can indulge in some creative time of canvas painting free style or under guidance! Pretty cool idea huh! (;

A group shot with the girls. From behind L to R: Ser Li, Pris, Shi Hui & Shella. Front L to R: Myself, Belle & Rach!

Some of the snacks we ordered including Salmon with bread, Beef Sandwiches, and Duck Crepes. I would recommend and go back for the Salmon and Duck choices. Beef Sandwich was a little too much bread and not enough beef.

My Hazelnut Latte coffee set! ^^ It was great ! The concoction and temperature of the drink was perfect. Plus it came with a packet of two thin chocolate love letter biscuit which was fantastic when paired with the warm drinks!

Other drinks the girls had and would recommend: Pear flavored tea, either hot or cold are both great. Hot chocolate.

With birthday girl Rachel who loves Polka Dots! (:

One more group shot at the entrance. (:
It’s always great to have friends in school that have similar interests and passions in life. Love you girls! Gonna treasure the months counting down to my final year in school! (:

If you’ve visited this place before and have tried something you’d recommend, leave a comment and let me know! (;


Photo credits to Rach & Belle! (:

Ena’s August in Photos (:

Hello !

First off, a big WELCOME HUGGGG + KISSESSS to my new readers who found out about me through my FB page ad. campaign! Thanks to FB, who generously offered me $50 ad. campaign fund to reach out to more readers through FB! (:

Next up, I have a whole line up of posts from outings with my friends in August, most of them which are food related. All you foodies, get ready! I have posted some photos on Instagram, follow me @ena_teo if you’re on it. If not, check my pictures out here. My Instagram is pretty much a visual folder of all the things that make me happy; friends, food, coffee, colours & pretty pictures. (:

Now I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the Stella McCartney Brass Heart & Key necklace I won from a contest organized by Clozette.

The necklace retails online for £235 on the UK website here. Thank you Stella McCartney & Clozette! (: Been wanting to wear it but I find the chain a little too short and have not been able to match it for an appropriate occasion yet. >.< Also the folks at Clozette are real nice! Many thanks to Anna’s hospitality when I was at their office collecting the prize. She’s from the Philippines and we had a good chat about the beautiful beaches there, mainly me saying how much I’d like to go to Boracay, haha!

Next up a picture I took with the lovely Kat on the first day we were back in school for a combined lecture! It’s been 4 weeks / 1 month since we started school, how time flies! it’s the finale year of degree and I will definitely miss school when it’s over! TIME! Don’t go by so fast! Slow down! >.<


I took these pictures on the same night I attended the Hermes the Gift of Time exhibition and Underscore Flight Magazine launch, on the bus ride home. Photos were processed on IPhone app Camera360. ^^

My nail candy thanks to Estee Lauder. This is in Tempting Melon (which I thought turned out to a be a beautiful & trendy coral colour) plus ribbon stickers. I did the manicure on my own btw, nice right? ^^
I love coffee! (If you don’t already know >.<) This is Mac Cafe’s Caramel Macchiato (means steamed milk).

This was meant to be on Instagram but it never got uploaded cause of bad internet connection. Say hi to my 2 new puppies, Lulu & Lala!

JUST KIDDING! They don’t exist irl. They are merely printed on a pouch my Aunt gave which I am now using to keep my reading specs safe from scratches. Makes me happy just to see them everyday. ^^


Okie! That’s all folks!

Next post on Estee Lauder’s Violet Underground Fall makeup collection coming right up! (;

Ena, Lulu & Lala