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CNY 2012!

How was your CNY? I’ve been wanting to blog about mine… but kept neglecting to. :/

I felt this year’s CNY was less exciting. In terms of visiting family and friends. But I greatly enjoyed visitations with my church friends! (:

No pre-CNY reunion dinner is complete without steamboat! This one was particularly good, thanks to my mum!

Multi-coloured nails to usher in the new year… Against my desk while I was working on school’s CPJ – creative process journal.

First day of CNY, with friends in church. Here with Estella!

2nd day of CNY my family and I visited my grandma’s place, here seen with my aunt and her children and my sister.

Met up with friends Ian, Martin, Dafril and Joshua over at Shane’s place. We had loads of fun playing Xbox, till we had no time for movie! hahaha. ^^

At Amy’s place, her fairly newly adopted handsome son, Muffy!

That’s all for this year’s CNY…

Loads of pics to upload for Feb… went to Luge with churchies and random selcas with my girls in school. 😛


Bien’s CNY Adventure

Hi! How was your CNY? Mine will spent mostly at home because Jia En’s grandma recently passed away so it’s not convenient for her family to visit relatives. Jia En’s also lazy to visit people! 😛

But on Saturday, Jia En brought me out for Benjamin group CNY home visits!

Me posing with CNY kids on biscuit tin at Aunty Mei Yoke's house.
I love hanging around!
Jia En poses with the ultra tasty chicken snack!
Benjamin group portrait!
I'm chilling while Jia En and Ming Min chats @ Tamp1 J.CO

Have a great week ahead! Hopefully you have more adventures then I do! Seriously, Jia En is quite boring, I need to tell her to be more adventurous!