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ESYE Fashion Wine Down 2013


I finally got my dear laptop back and repaired, so I am able to upload some of the older photos  that I’ve not done so previously… Starting with photos from ESYE Fashion Wine Down event that I attended in early June! 🙂

2013-06-08 16.31.51-2

I was one of the four finalists of the Face of ESYE, and was outfitted in ESYE’s coral coloured laced dress from their SS’13 collection.
2013-06-08 17.46.23

The voting boxes for the face of ESYE.

2013-06-08 22.54.13

With my friends, the two belles, Christabelle on the left and Clarabelle on the right. 🙂 Thank you dears for coming down! 🙂2013-06-08 18.50.52

The same dress in their window! ^^

Then the fashion show began and here are some snaps of the outfits shown.2013-06-08 19.09.45 2013-06-08 19.10.47

This is a bit blurry, but its the same dress on the model, heheh.2013-06-08 19.10.59

The same lace dress in black.2013-06-08 19.11.46

2013-06-08 19.14.27

Love the floral prints and unique folds on this dress!2013-06-08 19.16.34-2

Check out the video of the looks from the first half of the show! 2013-06-08 19.51.53

Then for an interlude, a british lady came to introduce her unique fragrance.2013-06-08 19.56.09

Here you can see the mobile cabinet where they are able to recommend the fragrance that suits you best.

Second half of the show begins!2013-06-08 20.14.34 2013-06-08 20.16.08

Check out the video of the looks from the second half of the show!

If you love the designs here, you can get them at ESYE which is located at B2 Orchard Central! 🙂

After the show, Christabelle, Kelvin and I went for dinner at Tanuki at Orchard Central.2013-06-08 22.41.27

The happy couple!


2013-06-08 22.42.16


Here’s a shot with my Salmon rice bowl. I love it! 🙂 Oh you can also spot the tip of the italian wine bottle that I won from the event! Heheh. 😛

As part of the event, ESYE was also on the look out for the Face of ESYE. I was one of the 4 finalist and although I didn’t win the first price, the ESYE organizers later awarded me Miss Congeniality and $400 worth of products! (^^,) I will update photos when I have redeemed the products. 🙂

That’s all for today’s post~

Be Beautiful, Inside & Out.




#EDD #OOTD Galaxy Skirt

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Just a quick update of my outfit from the other day!

Ena x YourEyesLie 3

Ena x YourEyesLie 6

I love how the sun shines down and brings out the translucent galaxy skirt with its mountain top hem.

The material of the skirt is good, it’s well sewn and comfortable. Plus I really love the print!

For more similar printed tops here.

 Galaxy Skirt “Time to Spree Printed Maxi Skirt” here.

For tips on how to wear maxi skirt check out my previous post here.

Ena x YourEyesLie 1

Yeap I definitely prefer being in shorts, also because of Singapore’s sunny summer weather! 😉
Wah top has got to be my favourite new top. It’s made of great quality jersey material, it’s thick but it is not warm. Plus Wah is just such a Singaporean word and common form of exclaimation! Heh. Love it! 😀

Ena x YourEyesLie 2

Wah top. Old pair of short. Shoes from Primark, UK.
For a pair of cute shorts here.
Want more? Check out my picks for a red hot dress and a rad cutout black dress.

☆ ★

Thanks to YourEyesLie for the Wah top and skirt.
Thanks babe B for the photos!

☆ ★


Fashion Stylin’ | How to pull off Maxi Skirts effortlessly

Just this week, I had a fashion conversation with a close friend, Joey about how to wear a Maxi skirt.

She told me that she doesn’t venture to wear Maxi skirts because it’s hard to pull it off as it may back fire and make the dresser look short and stumpy instead. She also asked, should wearers of maxi skirts reveal their ankles or wear a maxi that touches the ground and cover their feet completely?

I don’t have a concrete answer for whether the  Maxi skirt/dress should cut off at the ankle or not, and my answer for her was that dressing is about proportion. If you’re not too tall, like I am, I usually don’t venture to wear maxi skirts as well as they overwhelm my petite frame and just isn’t as flattering as if I would wear short skirts. But when I do wear long skirts, then I always ensure that I’m in heels or wedges and that the skirt is highwaisted and usually belted, so that the overall look is elongated, cinched at the right place and looks proportionately balanced.

So by now, you probably might know that I am quite an avid Pinterest user. I started my Pinterest account way back, almost 2 years ago and for a while after I began, I lost interest in it but in the past year I’ve kept returning to it because I find it an immensely inspiring and relaxing portal of fashion, food and lifestyle imagery and it’s completely easy for me to save / “repin” images I love to my own boards and Pinterest page.

So when I was browsing Pinterest today, I came across a slew of images with girls in Maxi skirts and reminded me of the conversation with Joey and I decided to write a blog post about my thoughts and tips for how to pull off  Maxi skirt / dress effortlessly!


In the photo above, you can see that:

the maxi skirt is worn low at the waist,

paired with heels and the skirt is slit very high that the cut is placed at where a mini skirt would be.

The principle of balance is at play here where a relatively covered up knitted top is paired with a sexy and revealing skirt. Also the proportion is right with the heels, if she was in flats, she won’t look as flattering.


In this photo,

The same idea of balance is reversed when you see:

The wearer is wearing a laced top which has a peek-a-boo effect and also revealing her tummy area, which some people find very sexy and is definitely a trend this summer!

While she keeps her lower half all covered

AND revealing half her wedges creates a “pedestal” effect that perfects the look.


In this photo,

The maxi skirt is worn with flats but it’s proportionately flattering because

She wears the skirt above her waist so it elongates her lower half and makes her look like she has longer legs.

There isn’t images of maxi dress per se, but the same elements can be applied to the maxi dress, like cinching the dress at a high waist, if you have a shorter/petite frame and going lower waist belting if you are tall or have a longer torso!

Remember that balance and proportion is key! 

So I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two about how to wear a maxi skirt and venture to wear one after this post, if you’ve never dared to before! And if you do, be sure to @ena_teo on twitter or post in on my FB page here, or leave the url of the photo of you in your maxi skirt in the comments below and i’d be sure to check it out! <3

Have fun! 😉



EDD | Streetwear Tiger Look


I hope you had a good week? 🙂

Here are photos of my daily dress, aka Ena’s Daily Dress from some time back! I have not been taking #ootd lately, especially after chopping my hair off, lol. Anyways, I really like this set of photos. ^^

Enabalista Tiger1

Here in Shana top, Yin Yang jeans and shoes from Korea. Hair was dip dyed back in May! Photos taken in November. :B

Tiger4 Tiger2 Tiger3

Poncho / Military like top also from Shana, $40.

That’s all for now, till the next post!



Ena features | H’muse Pop Up Store @ Parco

Hmuse Enabalista 2

Hello my dear readers!

It’s been a long time since I’ve last blogged, do you miss me ? ^^

I know it’s no excuse… but yours truly have indeed been busy with school assessments followed by my church youth camp. God’s been very gracious to my church youth group and I, we’re recharged for another great year with Him! (:

This is really a long overdue post, for H’muse the Pop Up store at Parco. The nice folks there have generously sponsored 3 vouchers for my readers. So watch out for the next post on how to take part! The vouchers giveaway will take place through the Christmas season and the winners will be revealed on Christmas day, so it’s like 1 more Christmas present for you, the potential winner! (:

Without any further ado, let me show you the photos I took when I went down to visit the store!

Hmuse Pop Up Store EnabalistaH’muse is located at Parco level 1. It occupies a small yet cosy corner. The colourful and quirky merchandise also stands out against the intentionally bare furnishing.

Hmuse Brands EnabalistaThe list of brands featured in store, with a majority of Indonesian brands.

Hmuse Shoes EnabalistaBeautiful handmade leather shoes from Indonesia. Chin, the PR and marketing guy at H’muse says that more stocks are coming in (which should be in store by the time you are reading this).

Hmuse Shoes 2 EnabalistaThese shoes are good-looking and double up for work and play. Guys, if you’re looking for a nice pair of shoes for Christmas and into the new year, go on down to H’muse!

HMuse Ask Dress Enabalista

I picked out a few items, the ones I like to feature in this post…. and I’m telling you, I’m in love with this Indonesian brand, Ask. It’s so spot on with the trends and it doesn’t harm that it has a Korean vibe and sense of aesthetics that I see in the Korean dramas I am watching currently… Just saying. >.<  So this lovely Autumn/Winter scenery printed dress is apt for the current season and selling at SGD $96.

Hmuse Ask & Coat EnabalistaThis lovely grey faux fur coat also from Ask is selling at $119. Have I told you I secretly (ok fine, not so secretly) LOVE fur? And it’s only arguably in this time of the year in Winter where it’s arguably colder that I can wear fur, fur-lined and winter related thingamajings out in Singapore. Like my fur lined boots from Korea, furry dress, knitted beanie and scarves. But even then, when I wear them out I feel like I’m crazy. T-T I wish I could travel to somewhere cold this winter! Even if it’s 3-4 days it’d still make me very happy, and so I can wear layered attired and furry stuff, HEHE. (:

Hmuse Ask Dress 2 EnabalistaThis printed and Batik inspired dress is selling at $98. It also comes in other colours like green hues. I featured this cause it’s in pink/purple hues. Hee.

Hmuse Ask Pullover EnabalistaThis knitted sweater can double up as both a festive item and tribal too! Also by Ask, priced at $92.

Hmuse Lou Top 1 EnabalistaThis quirky yet laid back striped top by Louskii is priced at $37.

Hmuse Lou Top 2 EnabalistaAlso by Loushkii, this top is going at $55.

Hmuse ColorRiot Shirt EnabalistaThis beautiful floral top is bound to garner attention to the wearer, by ColorRiot, selling at $59.

Hmuse ColorRiot Floral Set EnabalistaIn a similar print, the shorts also by ColorRiot is selling at $59.

Hmuse Ensemble Black Dress EnabalistaBy Ensemble, this sheer dress is unique with its velvet collar and tassel detailing.

Hmuse Ensemble Dress Collar Details EnabalistaUp close photo of the collar, tassels and sheer fabric.

Hmuse Ensemble Golden Hands Black Top EnabalistaAnother Ensemble item, sheer black top with Golden Hand collar detailing.

Hmuse Ensemble Golden Hands Black Top Details Enabalista

Close up photo of the delicately poised Golden Hands.

Hmuse Ensemble Golden Hands White Top DetailsEnsemble Golden Hands Shirt also comes in white. The shirts are selling at $49.

Hmuse Jan Sober Shirt Enabalista

Hmuse Jan Sober Logo EnabalistaNext up we have a brand that specializes in Menwear, Jan/Sober (Jan pronounced in a french way as Yen). The fabric is great and the designs have unique and quirky details (check out the cute collar) which make it really worth the price. This top is selling at $85.

Hmuse Jan Sober Short Sleeve Shirt EnabalistaAnother Menswear brand, Soep Shop, this cute top is selling at $54.90. I particularly like how the collar and shoulders fabric (I forgot what this part of the shirt is called, lol) is different from the rest of the shirt.

Hmuse Men Shirt EnabalistaThis black t-shirt by Kazign has a different coloured pocket and is selling at $49.

Hmuse Bags EnabalistaNow moving on to the vibrant center counter of bags and accessories.

Hmuse Clementine Yellow Clutch EnabalistaIndonesian bags brand Clementine, faux leather clutch going at an affordable price of $49. It’s so lovely.

Hmuse Clementine EnabalistaThe same clutch also comes in blue.

Hmuse Clementine Back EnabalistaClementine has expanded beyond Indonesia, to America, Malaysia and now Singapore.

Hmuse Pink Black Clutch EnabalistaClementine clutch in my favorite combi (yes it still is, lol) Pink & Black, priced at $70.

Hmuse Red and Blue Clutch EnabalistaClementine Envelope clutches in Red and Blue, priced at $60 each.

Enabalista Clementine Clutch EnabalistaClementine velvet and leather combi clutches in Red, Black and Tan. Each priced at $78.

Hmuse 72Smalldive Clutches EnabalistaEuropean bohemian label 72Smalldive Bag to Differ in various colours, $220 each.

Hmuse Acc EnabalistaAustralian brand Vanessa Ward, an architect by profession turned accessories designer. With a nautical collection in H’muse. These necklaces are going for $95 each.

Hmuse Necklace EnabalistaThis unusual ball necklace was the first item to be sold when H’muse opened, bought by an SPH editor! Haha. Also by Vanessa Ward, selling at $130.

Hmuse Daniel Wellington Watches EnabalistaLast but not the least in this featured post, Daniel Wellington bracelets and watches.

Hmuse DW Watch Enabalista

Do visit H’muse’s Pop Up store which opens till January to check out these lovely brands and items!

Readers of Enabalista blog will also get a discount if you quote “Enabalista”.

Lots of Love,

(I have no idea why previously there’s a huge gap here, it’s one of those wordpress glitches. o.O but it’s gone now that I’ve typed this sentence, so yay~! 🙂 )

Pop Up Store W.E. Workshop Element @ Wisma

Hi !

After a couple of non-fashion related posts, we’re back to fashion again! (;

I read about the news of W.E. Workshop Element back in August when it first launched but it’s not to late to announce it here on my blog because they’re still gonna be around for another 7 months! #Teehee.

According to their Facebook page:

W.E. – ‘workshop element’ is a retail platform gathering creative peoples’ work initiated by Singapore’s very own Alfie Leong.

More info. via RockTheTrend:

This new retail pop-up store officially launches today 17th of August, and will remain where it is for eight months. W.E. showcases an all-local ensemble of fashion designers and curators, a first of its kind space here, all 6,000 sq ft of it. The line-up of 19 brands and 16 designers/curators include young, emerging upstarts, veteran designers and fashion’s most familiar names. Local top model Sheila Sim‘s new clothing line Sceneplicity will also be included.

Check out the list of designers:

Image from W.E. Facebook

Just a few designers I’d like to highlight from the store:

Ling Wu is for the wanderers and urban warriors who are effortlessly cool, restless with energy and keen to veer off the beaten path.

Mystic Vintage by Jason Tong & Alvin Tan.
Mystic Vintage is an eyewear brand which carries the finest lineage of iconic and vintage frames. In 2010, they launched ‘Lullaby’, a modern frame which was inspired by the iconic vintage designs of the 70s.
I will definitely go down to check out the place within the next 7 months and will update my   experience when I do!
L.o.L <3,
All images credit to W.E. Facebook page.

Members Only Retail Sites | Singsale Vs Ideeli

Update: @Ideeli actually tweeted me back after I tweeted about this post, to inform that they don’t ship to Singapore, yet. Oops, sorry for the assumption! Let’s wait till Ideeli ships to Singapore! But even if they don’t, can still use Vpost service ya! 🙂


Have you heard of Ideeli or Singsale? They are basically members only retails sites that I’ve been introduced to by my friends recently and I’d like to share with you!

As taken from their website, “Singsale is a leading members-only online shopping club in Singapore and the doorway to affordable designer fashion. Every day we host sales for the top fashion brands in the world.  Singsale members can access these sales and enjoy savings of up to 80% on ladies, men’s and children’s fashion and accessories as well as beauty and homeware brands.”

Ideeli’s brand profile’s pretty similar. “ideeli is a leading members-only retail site that delivers a fun and engaging daily shopping experience with a curated selection of offerings across the categories of apparel, accessories, home, shoes, kids, travel and experiences – all available at privileged prices.”

After checking out their sites, here are the few differences I’ve found:

  • Singsale which is under APAC group, hosts mainly Australian brands while Ideeli, being American, hosts mainly American brands.
  • Singsale charges $8.50 for shipping to Singapore while Ideeli charges $9.95. Which is reasonable, as America is further than Australia.
  • Singsale limits members to one sale event at a time on their site while Ideeli allows their member to open as many tabs to as many sale events available on their site.
  • Singsale requires members to check out their items with each sale event while Ideeli allows members to check out with items from different sales event.
  • Singsale states a general 2-4 weeks for shipping period while Ideeli will specify how long the specific product will take to ship, usually from 1-2 weeks, which is faster.
  • Singsale rewards members with S$10, while Ideeli rewards US$25 if their invitees purchase from the site…
Which brings me to the point… Sign up for Singsale and Ideeli (which I’ve linked with my invite code) and not only will you’ll enjoy great savings but I’ll also be rewarded for inviting you if you make a purchase! You can also then invite your friends and stand to be rewarded! 😉 From here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!
Singsale (Prices in S$)
Cherrylane / Hood Biker Jacket-8451-Black $33.95 UP$110.00
Um, I’ve always wanted a leather jacket, but I won’t be buying this although it’s cheap cause I want one that’s not too thick for Singapore’s hot weather. And I assume it is thick cause it’s from Australia where it’s cold… lol.
Mavi Jeans – Butchers Hook / Rack Women’s s/s scoop V-Neck-XP1016100-White – $13.95 UP $39.00
I have to say, white V-neck tees is one of my favourite staples and this would be cheap especially if you buy more to make the most of the shipping costs. They have the shirt in other colours as well as in men’s!
Mavi Jeans – Butchers Hook / Chop – mens s/sl V-Neck-XP0002100-White Premium
The model looks awkward...
Board shorts with cool cosmic prints!
The Boot Australia / Ladies Short Ugg-Sbi002-Pink – $19.50 UP$81.00
Honestly I’m not a fan of Uggs boots cause they’re not really pretty and I think they look warm and weird for Singapore. But if you’re channeling cute Japanese style (like Xiaxue) you can totally grab these at a steal! Ok, there are actually a few more deals at Singsale right now, selling men’s clothes as well as Kitchenware and Kids-wear and home ware… which I’m totally not into. So you can check them out on your own! 🙂
Now going on to..
Ideeli (Prices in US$)
Michael by Michael Kor Colourblock Sweater Dress – $59.00 UP $135.00

I love black, white, grey and dresses in this combination! I’ve come to realize that I’m very, almost too conservative for a fashion student. But it could also be that I just like the professionalism of these grey-scale colours. In any case, I’ve been controlling myself to not buy too many black dresses and to explore more colours, like peach, navy blue and printed dresses. 🙂 Going back to this dress, i think that it’s a good deal for a brand name like Michael by Michael Kor. And the thing about prestigious brand names is that you know they won’t compromise on material and quality.
BCBGeneration Sweatshirt Top – $29.00  UP $88.00

I like the silver detail on the top, it’s both stylish and laid-back at the same time!
RENE ROFE Dot Girl Push Up Bra/Bikini Set – $10.00 UP $22.00
You should know by now that I really like black and pink colour combination… even for underwear, lol! I really enjoy “window shopping” on these sales sites because I am exposed to more brands out there. 🙂 Never heard of Rene Rofe previously, but after seeing their sales event on Ideeli, and a short google on them, I know they’re an American brand with cute and affordable designs! Not sure about their quality but it looks pretty decent and fitting!

I wanted to purchase a bra and boyshort set from Rene Rofe’s sale but alas, they didn’t have them in my size… Of course, there is the concern of fit, but as with most online shopping, going with the standard sizing is pretty safe. I digress, I’m usually size M for tops and dresses so it’s pretty easy to shop in stores or online! Thankful that shopping for clothes can be a breeze with regards to sizing cause there’s usually plenty in my size, hehe. 🙂
R&M RICHARDS Twofer Dress with Tucking – $39.00  $90.00
This is a pretty working dress! Good for office and teaching wear.
From my preliminary research into the two sites, It’s pretty clear that they are primarily targeting working office ladies, followed by possibly tech-savvy stay home moms, then working men. There’s abundant of female work wear, casual wear, accessories, shoes and bags in both sites. And majority are quite conservative designs. But it’s definitely still worth the time to check the sites out for the minority cool designs on big discount! 🙂
I shall repeat here and save you the trouble of scrolling up,  Sign up for Singsale and Ideeli (which I’ve linked with my invite code) and not only will you’ll enjoy great savings but I’ll also be rewarded for inviting you if you make a purchase! You can also then invite your friends and stand to be rewarded! 😉