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Blessed Christmas 2013!


Blessed Christmas my dearest readers!

What is Christmas to you?

I saw this tweet pic from Roy Bennett, @inspiringthinkn:


“Christmas is love in action.”

In essence, that is true because we celebrate the birth of Christ, that God sent his only son Jesus to come to earth and to prepare him to die for our sins on the cross. How often we neglect and forget the real meaning of Christmas when we are busy in the celebration and revelry of the season.

For me, Christmas this year is a time when I gather with old friends and family to celebrate the season and enjoy the warmth in the company!

Blessed Christmas, be the Love in action today! 🙂


Merry Christmas!


Ena Merry Christmas

Hello dear readers!

I would like to wish all my readers a very wonderful and blessed Christmas!

May you spend it with your loved ones.

It’s also a season where I am reminded of God’s love for mankind by sending His son, Jesus down to earth to save us. <3

Thank you God.

Now let’s get off the computer and really spend some quality time with our family and friends!

Till the next post!