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Book Review | 365 Ways to Live The Law of Attraction By Meera Lester

Love, success, happiness, a long and healthy life—these are the things the Law of Attraction promises to deliver—but how? It sounds easy enough, but what does it really mean? In this book, you find the practical steps you need to harness the power of the universe and transform your life. Each of the 365 entries provides a simple, concrete action item guaranteed to attract good things into the your life. – Amazon.com 

My Review: I picked up this book under the Personal Development / Self Help section in the library because I wanted to know what “The Law of Attraction” is and when divided into 365 bite sized paragraphs, it made for an easy read.

So easy that I think I took less than 20 minutes to skim through the whole book, got out the gist and skipped all the parts which was not relevant to me.

The “Law of Attraction” is basically like a powerful affirmation, visualization tool practiced by man since a long time ago which was made famous again by “The Secret” book and movie written by Rhonda Byrne.

The idea is simple, basically:

1. Write a list of what you desire or want to achieve or own very badly, as specific as possible, e.g. “I want to earn $30,000 a month starting from July 2012.”

2. Be as positive as possible and believe you will receive it, and thus re-word it as such “I will earn $30,000 a month starting from July 2012.”

3. Practice gratefulness and be thankful for everything in your life. Because the more positive thoughts you have, the more you will attract positive things to you.

4. Wait for your desired outcome to happen to you, meanwhile practice steps 1-3 conscientiously!

The idea of The Law of Attraction wasn’t new to me, I’ve read about it before in a book titled the The Fourth Dimension, Vol. 1 by Pastor David Yonggi Cho, from Seoul, Korea.

I felt uncomfortable reading the 365 Ways to Live The Law of Attraction By Meera Lester because she uses verses and scriptures from different religions to substantiate the Law of Attraction.

As a Christian, I believe in the “Law of Attraction” but I don’t call it as such. I call it positive thinking and faith in Christ. Christians all around the world can testify to an sense of joy and purpose each day because of Christ in us and the love and blessing he pours forth in our life as we trust in Him.

In conclusion, I don’t think the book is worth reading. I have yet to read “The Secret” or watched the movie, I might want to check it out and see what else it has to offer that I don’t already know of. If you’re a christian, or would like to know more about the Law of Attraction as practiced by Pastor Cho, go read his book, The Fourth Dimension, Vol. 1 !

I did some research online to see what other Christians have to say on this topic and I found two sites which where pretty good.


The author argues that the Law of Attraction does not contradict the bible and he also wrote a part 2 about how the Law isn’t just about materialism.


This other author,  John also agrees that it does not contradict with the bible but also adds that our God is not a genie and that there are codes of conduct in the bible, it’s not all or only about the Law. And I fully agree with John. As Christians we are not to live only for ourselves but to live surrendered lives to God and obey what he commands us to do, so I believe the Law works not merely for our own blessings but also to be a channel of blessing to others as God intends for us to be.


On love

Feels like I haven blogged in ages!
Been wanting to update about my “secret” to good skin and Korean trip but been very busy the last two weeks! My schedule won’t be letting up any time soon but I will have to make time to update my blog consistently (:
Was going to sleep but had the impetus to blog about my take on love.
I’ve been single so far in my life and it isn’t to say that I’m particular picky but perhaps that I just have not met the right guy… That I am also the right girl for.
Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions on love, though I suspect many don’t actually have one. Mostly just going with the flow, following their hearts.
Perhaps if I were younger and had been in a relationship that’s exactly what I’d done but now that I’m older and hopefully wiser, it’s harder to just follow my emotions. – I’m not sad about it, in fact it’s quite the contrary.
I am glad I do not feel the pressure to be attached because all my friends are or have already been attached. There are several reasons, I am emotionally assured from the love I have from God and my family and I am kept very busy with school, church and school related activities.
It’s not to say that I’m different from the others, as I do desire for love. But perhaps unlike others, I seek not for a grand love that moves mountains or blaze forests. Rather I seek for a love that is like a quiet stream, like in Psalms 23. Confident in its steady flowing, it doesn’t flood nor dries, but it ebbs on with time. It quenches, nurtures, restores and grants rest. I’d like a love like that.
Maybe more in the future. For now, go love and be loved my dear friends! Haha. (;