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#ChezVousBeautyIsReal Makeover

Hi Loves!

A while back I blogged about ChezVous’ #TheRealMe & #ChezVousBeautyIsReal campaign here and here are the photos from #ChezVousBeautyIsReal actual day event!

Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 011Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 012Met up with Alethea & Charissa, they were done/almost done with their makeover while I was about to head in! ^^

The array of goodies for guests!
Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 001 Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 002Super cute & yummy cupcakes~
Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 003 Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 004Chocolates & a Chez Vous touch!
Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 005Professional photographer & set up for the before & after photos.Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 009Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 010Laughing a lot because of Sam & his crazy antics. Don’t you think he looks like a HK mafia of sorts? Most of the hair directors in Chez Vous are very charismatic & friendly!!
Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 015With Kara of TheWyldShop.com, an awesome place for Aussie fashion & Melissa.
Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 016Our best “Don’t mess with us” faces.
Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 017& smiling ones!
Chez Vous Makeover Challenge 018Thank you Chez Vous  & Make Up Store for the makeover & goodies!  The KMS Moist Repair is good!

image8 image9 image10

Visit Chez Vous Salon, 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City #05-05.
Call 6732 9388 to book your appointment!



True Beauty Without Photoshop #ChezVousBeautyIsReal #TheRealMe

Hi Loves!

It’s no secret that I always love and enjoy my trips to Chez Vous hair salon. Their service is attentive, friendly and has a personal touch. I’m also thankful to them for my happy tresses! As such, I’m so happy for Chez Vous as they’re launching their latest and new campaign, #ChezVousBeautyIsReal to celebrate the true beauty of real women!

Check out this video that shows how the same woman can look incredibly gorgeous in real life, the same as she would if she goes through photoshop – why digitally alter your image when you can look this good in person? Pick #ChezVousBeautyIsReal, pick #TheRealMe!

To reaffirm Chez Vous’s commitment to natural beauty, here’s a series of Photography created by Chez Vous to proving that beauty is attainable, tangible and empowering.

Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 001 Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 002 Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 003 Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 004 Chez Vous Beauty Is Real #Chezvousbeautyiisreal #therealme 005These image sets show that the same beautiful model may look plainer without all the makeup, costumes and hairdo – but with Chez Vous, you can look beautiful, naturally & confidently.

Chez Vous would like to invite YOU to their upcoming  #ChezVousBeautyIsReal Event! 

As one of the pioneers in the local beauty sphere, Chez Vous’ vision has remained steadfast since its inception – to inspire possibilities through the 100% reliability and expertise of their accomplished hair maestros to bring out each customer’s true personality and glamour. In other words, we keep it real.

In an unprecedented move, on the 7th June 2015, Chez Vous offers every woman, regardless of age and race, the opportunity to experience a full makeover session when they visit Chez Vous @ Ngee Ann City. Every customer is guaranteed no photoshopping and no digital enhancements, just pure pampering bliss. This will be a journey of positive transformation that is real and will hopefully change how women perceive true beauty. While there are no restrictions on the number of people entering the salon, the sessions will be subject to the availability of beauty consultants. 

The one day makeover event will take place at the Chez Vous hair salon and will see an attendance of 100 – 150 people, and each makeover participant will get a before, during and after photograph taken of them. Different booths set up at the salon will also include treats for:


  • Hair care & Styling Tips & Tricks
  • Wash & Style

*Not inclusive of haircut; chemical services or treatments

Make Up / Skincare:

  • Make Up & Skincare Tips & Tricks
  • Make Up


  • Fashion styling tips & tricks


  • Before & after photos

Chez Vous Salon, 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City #05-05.
Book your 7th June, Sunday to visit Chez Vous with your girlfriend or partner! 😉

All images and information credits to Chez Vous.