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Lucious Lips with Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss

Hi Loves!

Chanel launched their Le Rouge Allure Gloss, after their Rouge Allure series and well, the colours are amazing!聽Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 003

They have the prettiest decorations! I like to walk pass their ION Orchard outlet and always check out what’s the new & pretty collection.Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 002

Aren’t these super sized chanel products super adorable? 馃榾Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 005

There were several soda drink mocktails which were yummy~Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 004

Free makeovers for invited VIPs and guests to try on the new collection and glosses~ Here’s Linda of Silverkis聽having her makeover (and her cute little boy beside her)聽– check out her blog, she has super pretty beauty flatlays, photos and makeup collection!
Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 006

THIS,,, amazing array of glosses! <3Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 007

Thanks to Leanne for the swatches! 馃檪Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 001

3 sets of makeup for customers to pick for the makeover.Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 009

SUPER LOVE these amazing lipstick colours!!!
Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 011

I brought back the middle colour in 138 Fougueuse!Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 010

Pretty browns eyeshadow palette.
Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 013

Which style do you like?Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 014

I opted for something more rock and roll, haha.Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 015

Which meant using Gabrielle eyeshadow palette~
Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 016

Chanel’s finishing powder. Everything looks good in a Chanel pot, isn’t it?聽Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 021Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 018Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 012 Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 008

We also learnt that Chanel’s mirror lights have 8 different functions to reflect different time of the day and venues, like morning/afternoon/evening/indoor/outdoor/White light/orange light. AMAZING ISN’T IT?Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 020

With Fenny, who invited me for the event, thanks babe! :*Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 019

With Linda, Fenny, Winnie & Leanne! Love these ladies! <3Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 017With the ever gorgeous & caring Leanne. <3

Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 023

And the cutest baby!Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 024

HAHAHA!!! He was totally in loveeee with Fenny, cheeky boy! 馃槢Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 022 Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss ION Orchard Launch 025



Celebrating 4 Years of Enabalista

Hi Loves!

How’s your week coming along? 馃檪
My Monday totally felt like a “weekend coma”; post hectic weekend coma. >_< Last week was a really long week with planning and executing my blog Enabalista’s 4th Anniversary giveaways, blogging appointments as well as work packed back to back. So I felt so lethargic at work on Monday… But then I was totally excited to meet up with my girlies at work for dinner at Saveur heheh.

Before it gets too late, I’d like to share my thoughts on reaching Enabalista’s 4th Anniversary! ^^,

On my Instagram last Thursday, which is also the very date聽of my very first post on this blog (30th Oct), I posted a series of #TBT photos that encapsulates 4 of my passions and popular topics on my blog:

Enabalista 4th Anniversary Fashion Beauty Travel Food 001

I started off this blog to share photos and thoughts of fashion shows that I attended when I was a fashion student. I had the chance to attend many local fashion shows while assisting backstage and also as my BFF, Bini’s guest for the premium shows such as Chanel.

Enabalista 4th Anniversary Fashion Beauty Travel Food 003

Not long after, I also started to review beauty products, starting off with skincare and a ton of lip care products. In the course of 4 years, I’ve had the pleasure to review many brands, as seen in the photo and also recommended many of them to you my readers, as well as family and friends.

Enabalista 4th Anniversary Fashion Beauty Travel Food 002

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you’ll also know that I love to travel and to blog about my travels. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to travel far for 2014, apart from Malaysia and even for those short trips I also haven’t had the time to post up photos. >_< If you’re new to my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my trips to Seoul, HK, Japan & London. 馃檪

Enabalista 4th Anniversary Fashion Beauty Travel Food 004

As a true Singaporean, I’m a big fan of fine cuisine! I love to enjoy good food and I love to share where all these delicious food are on my blog here.

USS Halloween Horror Night #HHN4 Blog Review 008

USS Halloween Horror Night聽Review

My聽Blogging Philosophy
With 4 years of blogging, I’ve come to realize that my blogging philosophy is sharing about my positive experiences, whether it’s about the 4 topics above or beyond. I relish in new, exciting & enjoyable experiences. Personally I feel that the best gift one can give & receive is spending time together and what better way is there to do than to enjoy a good experience together? 馃檪

Additionally, I like to think that my posts are “edu-taining”- educational and entertaining at the same time! My wish is that when readers come to my blog, they’ll soak up new knowledge about fashion, beauty, travel & food while also really enjoy my reviews and photos. Basically every blog post is crafted according to how I would enjoy reading it as a reader! 馃槈


Etude House Wisma Flagship Store Opening

Did I start out my blog 4 years ago thinking it’d reach where it is today?
Absolutely not. As I mentioned above, I started out blogging to post information and photos that I was passionate about. On hindsight, these information that I have are also exclusive, so blogging is really a great way to share these exciting information and meet bloggers and readers alike who are equally passionate about these topics as I am. It was only in mid-end 2011 that I started to blog quite industriously and聽was posting up more content in terms of events that I attended and beauty products I’ve聽tried.

Best Singapore Lifestyle Blog 2013
Then December 2013 came around and I still remember that I was at my church’s 50th anniversary camp at Malacca when I was in the hotel room I shared with my friend Talia and reading the email from HotelClub.com that they have selected me to be one of the “Best Singapore Lifestyle Blog 2013“. I was super stoked and I was incredibly happy, excited and thankful to be recognized for this blog that I’ve been passionately maintaining.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 4.05.15 pmKose Cinderella Finalists & Tricia Ong

Then Jan 2014 came around and I started to receive an influx of invitations from brands for events and reviews. Two very exciting things also happened for me in mid 2014, I took聽part in Kose Cinderella contest and OMY Best Beauty Blogs聽contest,聽one after the other.聽Although I didn’t win either one of it, I’m still very thankful for my family and friends who have shown so much support for me and through these contests I’ve also got to know the lovely ladies who took part in the contests and these connections are truly invaluable.

2014-10-21 21.49.03-1

Singapore’s Lifestyle Blog
2014 also marks the year where I clearly defined that I wanted my blog to be recognized as a lifestyle blog. I am passionate about things beyond just 1 topic, and I don’t want to limit myself to be only blogging about one topic. So sometime around January this year, I set a goal that I wanted my blog to be known and ranked top as “Singapore’s Lifestyle Blog/Blogger” on Google. Lo & behold, after about 100 posts in 2014 alone, my dream came true in October this year and I was very thankful when a PR contact introduced me as “Singapore’s leading lifestyle blogger”. I don’t know if I am able to maintain my blog’s Google ranking, or how long I can maintain it for, but I know that if more readers enjoy reading what I blog about, then the easier it would be to sustain the ranking. 馃檪

The future ahead
Like 4 years ago, I’m not sure where my blog will be headed to in another 4 years. But I do know for sure that I’ll continue to be passionately sharing about my positive experiences for Fashion, Beauty, Travel & Food. Currently there are 2 things that I wish to accomplish: 1. Publish a book about Lifestyle; an editorial summary of topics similar to my blog 2. Produce a series of diary/organizers. However right now I have too much on my plate for work and blogging that I am KIV-ing these goals that I wish to achieve until the time is right. If you’re reading this and would like to partner me to accomplish these goals, email me and we’ll see how we can set things in motion. 馃檪

Last but definitely not the least, I want to thank God for His providence and guidance for my life and blog and my family and friends for their support and encouragement. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, my dear readers and friends for reading my blog. 馃檪

If you haven’t, be sure to check out these 4 awesome giveaways that I am currently running on my IG, FB & Clozette:

*UPDATED with winners*

2014-10-31 10.10.32

Etude House My Castle Hand Creams聽Blog Post
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Good luck!

Lotsa Love, xx



March Recaps

Hello Lovelies! <3

It’s been so long I did a random “day in my life” type of blog post that I can’t even remember when was the last time I did a post like this! >.<

Nonetheless, as I’ve been repeating like a spoilt recorder that I’ve to update about the events I’ve been invited for and since my time is limited, I delay in blogging about the other random but unusual stuff I would take part in and capture in my daily life. So yes, altho it’s 2-3 months go, here’s my random updates from late Feb and March! 馃榾 Speaking of which, yes you can expect to look forward to April and May’s editions which are 3-5times longer than this. HAHA.

Dinner date with Bini at the new (then new, LOL) Concetto by Saveur modern day italian restaurant

Daily: 12:00 – 21:30

2014-02-27 20.12.56

Salmon with Peas. Peas too salty for my liking by I would go back for the Salmon again. I love salmon!!! Also Bini recommends their Prawn Aglio Olio, only except I can’t eat prawns. 馃檨

Then we went to check out this cute Lego ice cream shop called “Bricks and Cubes” which apparently been around for a while except we just didn’t try it.

2014-02-27 20.53.38

2014-02-27 20.54.13
2014-02-27 20.53.55

2014-02-27 20.44.09

I don’t mean to disappoint by the Ipad ordering system doesnt seem to be very user friendly, I ended up going to the counter to order instead!
2014-02-27 20.57.36

Ice cream and waffle was unfortunately so-so, we had oreo and green tea. Super generous portions, priced at I think ~ $10, so not exactly cheap. I would pay for this with a group of 4 persons next time, plus the cafe is generally quite empty. Good to go with friends and play card games!

2014-02-28 09.29.11

Carolina Herrera bracelet gift <3 My classiest bracelet thus far !2014-02-28 11.02.59

Worn with my watch~

Went for FarEast New Station Snack Bar Salted Egg Pork Rib Dish with church matesL

2014-03-08 14.20.45

Highly recommended but we gribe about the expensive price (at a dingy place!) at $6 and staff say price gonna go up soon. o.O
2014-03-08 15.23.27

2014-03-09 15.00.39

Also received this cute and free Jacqueline Burchell nail polish sample along Orchard Road during International Women’s day! Whose founder’s daughter I actually met in May at Luxola event, more of that in May’s post (I am finally getting down to all my event and review blog posts and clearing my back log, so my April and May recaps will come up soon, yay & phew~!).2014-03-09 15.03.01

Michelle Nail Colour Polishes I bought at Cineleisure! From Beadstreet shop that sells a lot of affordable accessories! Only $2 each and surprisingly really good pigmentation at 1st coat!聽
2014-03-09 22.01.47My nail art done by yours truly! I usually don’t have much patience for nail art, so I was quite happy with the results of this and I got a lot of compliments for it. HEHE.

I randomly chanced about Sunsilk Pop Up Hair Salon at Plaza Sing before The Face Shop event, so I had a free hair makeover & shoot!

2014-03-13 18.23.54 2014-03-13 18.24.22 2014-03-13 18.26.55

I really like the half braid hair do!

It was my sister’s bday in March, so we had a Spizza home delivery!!!

2014-03-11 19.19.28

2014-03-11 19.19.35 2014-03-11 19.19.59 2014-03-11 19.20.26 2014-03-11 19.39.00

The verdict is that it tastes better when you eat in the restaurant. But of course still delicious nonetheless! And we totally over-ordered, for 5 people, (dad, mum and 3 sisters) doesn’t help that other than dad all of us are girls and generally eat lesser, haha.

My colleague and I passed by Bedok Mall after lunch and saw this IRON MAN statue.2014-03-03 13.38.10

Omg, so awesome!!!

Price tag is equally awesome, I can’t remember if it’s $10,000 or $13,000 now. One of the figure!

This is totally not sponsored but I’m guessing you guys might wanna know the contact:

2014-03-03 13.37.202014-03-03 13.37.27

Lunch with Vanity Trove ladies & fellow beauty IGers @ Sushi Tei Paragon!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My rainbow platter ! Surprisingly too big for me, I only had 4 pieces. o.O
2014-03-26 18.25.24

2014-03-26 18.25.31 2014-03-26 18.25.42

Dinner with colleagues at Ethel’s place~2014-03-26 19.18.33

So pretty! Private lift unit!2014-03-26 21.04.45

Jap Miso Flavoured Egg.
2014-03-26 21.04.53

Fried Chickennn2014-03-26 21.05.02

2014-03-26 21.12.50

Home-made Shepherd’s Pie, it was awesome!2014-03-26 22.44.41

Our director’s baby Hugo who is mad adorable. He kept going around feeding us biscuits after.

Went for NCC service with Chris Tomlin!!!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I am a huge fan of Chris Tomlin, maybe not super huge huge but I love his songs! I was super touched at the service…2014-03-30 11.31.49

Thank God for man which such talent and dedication and service like Tomlin. Inspiring the world to sing praises to God. <3

And I always wanted to post like a collection of all the products I get for review but don’t quite have the window of opportunity to do so, so I’m finally gonna post them here! Basically all the products I was sent or given after events for review in March:
2014-03-09 14.09.35

2014-03-09 15.26.49

Skincare, haircare & makeup!

Alright! That’s all for March, hope you enjoyed this post! 馃榾

Thanks for reading~聽<3



Ena’s LASALLE Takeaways Part 1 | 4 Useful Tips for Your Future!

Ena Lasalle

Hi! I’m beginning a series of Ena’s LASALLE聽Takeaways. Having studied Fashion Media and Industries BA(Hons) degree course, Management specialism in the past 3 years, I have accumulated quite a fair bit fashion knowledge and life experiences which I’d like to share.

For this first installment, I’m re-posting a FB status I posted back in March 10, 2013 when I was in the middle of my final semester of my degree studies and academic life:

Today I met up with a junior (from Lasalle) who wanted to know more about the course I’m taking, so that she can know better whether to go into the communication or marketing & management specialism.

I spoke at length with her but I thought I’d summarize and share a few things that hold true for myself, which hopefully will be helpful to those who are deciding what course to study in the future.

1. Take time to look within yourself, reflect and discover who you are. What do you do and why do you do it, your passions, your interests, your dislikes, etc. Knowing yourself, in my opinion, is far more valuable than others’ perception of yourself.

2. We become good at what we are passionate about. Therefore, study and take up a course that interests you, and not take up a course because it will lead you to a job. Because passion will drive you to desire to excel in your course of study and it is when you excel in your course of study that people; your peers, tutors and your future employees will pay attention to you and thus securing your job.

In the unfortunate scenario where your passion dies after you enter your course of study, then apply the motto “Do what you love, if not, love what you do.” Passion may die but the pride we take in our work must never.

3. Specialism, being excellent in one thing, is higher valued than being average in many things. Ironically the industry calls for institutions to give students an “all/well-rounded” education but eventually give the jobs to individuals who are spectacular at that one thing. Accountants may suck at writing and writers, at counting. You get what I mean. Therefore, identify your strength and work crazy hard at it. Know your weakness and don’t worry if you can’t fix them, know that you will find others who can complement your skill set. But if you don’t have an outstanding strength, then you will just blend in with everyone else.

4. Less is more. Whether it’s presentation slides, CPJ (Creative Process Journal), a speech or a piece of design, less is more. Let’s face it, teachers are busy, they don’t have the time to read every single scribble on our journals. A single big image and a sentence makes more impact than 9 images an a paragraph. Design. Design adds value to your content. Be intentional about everything you produce. Does that additional image add value your work? If it doesn’t, you know what to do.

I’ll also be publishing links to some of the essays, documents and slides which I have worked on during the last three years, beginning with year 1 for this post! So you can expect year 2 works in the second part, and year 3 works in the last installment. Some of the works are Group work, which have all been duly credited with my group members names. 馃檪

I’m quite excited to be posting my works from school online because school’s been a HUGE part of my life for the last 3 years and in doing so, you guys and gals will be able to see what I’ve been doing, outside of this blog. 馃檪

Also I’ll be glad to answer any queries for all past, present and future fashion students and lovers. So just feel free to ask away!


Works below dated from August/September 2010 to May 2011.

Works from Year 1: Click to access links to Issuu for viewing and free download.

Chanel Brand Strategies

Raoul and Massimo Dutti Brands Comparison and Analysis Report

Fashion Essay Analysis of Steven Meisel’s State of Emergency聽

Fashion Essay How Mary Quant led the Youth Power Movement in Dress in the 60s.聽

Enjoy browsing these Powerpoints slides I’ve uploaded on my Slideshare account. 馃檪


Fall Fashion IT Bags 2012 – Clutches Edition

Hi lovelies!

Recently I blogged about Fall (in Love) Fashion IT handbags and I’m following up with a Clutches Edition! I’m excited to be posting about them because I’ve selected a pretty long list of 42 clutches across 5 themes. I’m fairly certain that at least 1 of them will tickle your fancy. Haha!

1. Glamorous Renaissance

Fall Winter season is the season for lots of partying and gatherings, thus it’s natural for the bags to reflect the opulence of the season! These choices are great for formal gala dinners and events.

Anya Hindmarch Bells Clutch

Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2012 Purple Knot ClutchBvlgari Serpenti ClutchDolce & Gabbanna Miss Dea Embriodered Suede Clutch

Oscar Dela Renta Fall Winter 2012 Jeweled Clutch

2. Exquisite Florals

These bags keep in line with the larger than life decorations for Fall Winter, albeit with floral motifs.

Givenchy FlowerMinaudi猫re In Red Satin

Jason Wu Chinoiserie Embroidered Clutch Bag in Pink

Jason Wu Chinoiserie Embroidered Clutch Bag in Yellow

Marchesa Fall/Winter聽2012聽lily embroidered聽clutch聽

Marchesa Fall/Winter聽2012聽rose clutch聽

Alexander McQueen Floral Clutch

Alexander McQueen Embroidered Floral Long Clutch

Alexander McQueen聽De Manta BigFlower Clutch3. Animal Instincts

In this collection, you’ll find bags decked out in animal prints all ready to emerge for some fun!

Celine Python ClutchChloe Fall Winter 2012聽Horse Print ClutchDax Gabler Chocolate Clutch聽Python. More details Check out here.Giorgio Armani聽Animalier print with metallic gold-colour claspJ茅r么me Dreyfuss聽Indigo Snakeskin Leon聽Clutch

J茅r么me Dreyfuss is a french label that began in 1998, opened his first store in 2008 and only gain widespread global fame recently. I reckon the label is an up and coming designer

J茅r么me Dreyfuss Leopard Leon聽ClutchJ茅r么me Dreyfuss Snakeskin Leon聽Clutch4. Quirky & Unique

Diego DolciniDVF Black Lips Clutch

DVF Pink Lips ClutchKotur聽Marcil Plated Snakeskin聽Clutch聽Bag

Kotur is a bag label that began in 2004 and I am absolutely in love with her abstract designs! Very architectural and avant garde.

Olympia Le-tan聽

If you haven’t heard, all of Olympia Le-tan聽bags聽are handmade, and limited to only 16 of each design, with the ‘first edition’ handmade by聽LeTan聽herself. Her bags range from 1000 pounds and above. Most of them resemble book covers, and have been touted the “intellectual” (maybe more aptly as pseudo intellectual, haha!) bags. Anyhoo, getting a Le-Tan bag is a quirky and unique addition to a consummate fashion bag collector’s collection! (;

Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy the designer is born and raised in Paris. He is currently the creative director of Hermes’ jewelry division. His label specializes in shoes and bags for men and women.

Pierre HardyFall聽2012 Clutch in black and pink with gold details

I am in love with the bag.

Pierre HardyFall聽2012 Clutch in gold & blackVersace Clutch in Orange

5. Chic & Simple

For the lovers of the chic & simple style, here are some selection that I love and I think you’ll love too! A chic & simple bag is also perfect if you’re wearing fancy and elaborate gown and shoes to achieve a balance attire. (;

Alexander Wang box clutch
Alexander McQueen White Belt ClutchAlexander McQueen Pink Red Clutch

Celine Silver Box Clutch

Silver will continue to be a trending colour in SS13.

Chanel Green Quilted Clutch

Givenchy Orange Clutch

Oscar Dela Renta Red Clutch

The Row Black Python Clutch

This was the bag I was referring to in my previous post when I was comparing Jason Wu’s neon yellow green handbag.The Row Blue Python Clutch
The Row Orange Long Clutch

Valentino Red ClutchYSL Black Clutch with Gold Clasp

With that, I come to the end of my 5 themes, 42 pieces,聽Fall Fashion IT Bags 2012 – Clutches Edition ! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did while preparing it! (;

Now it’s your turn to tell me, which are your favourites and why?

Till the next post,

L.o.L <3,

Images credit with thanks to Style.com.

Fall (in Love) Fashion IT Bags 2012

Hi ! *Waves excitedly*

The long awaited post is finally here! Here are my top picks for Fall Winter 2012 handbags! (:

Dolce & Gabbana Embroidered Bags

Dolce & Gabbana’s created a beautiful and intricate Fall Winter 2012 collection inspired by the Renaissance motifs. Carrying these bags would resemble carrying pieces of art on your arms. I will be posting up selected photos of Dolce & Gabbana’s runway looks in an upcoming Fall Winter key highlights post, so do watch out for that! (;聽

Chanel Le Boy Flap Bag in AlligatorThis, my dear friends, Chanel’s Le Boy is fashion’s next IT bag. From what I’ve heard, they are already sold out in Paris! If you can afford it, this is the bag to add to your collection as it’s a classic design that’s sure to stand the test of time.

3.1Phillip Satchel聽

Personally i think the 3.1Phillip Lim satchel is distinctive and beautifully laid-back. It’s been around for sometime and I know I’m gonna sound overly dramatic but I feel that most people aren’t aware of just how beautiful it is.

Alexander McQueen Heroine

I spotted the Heroine bag months back when images of the FW bags first came out but it wasn’t until in July when I saw the variations (Leopard, Leather and Suede) that it really drew my attention. LDN Fashion describes it this way, “The design is elegant and classic, but retains that distinctly聽McQueen聽edge attitude.” I think the Heroine bag stands a chance to replace Celine’s luggage tote. What do you think?

Jason Wu Kate Python Embossed Calfskin bag

Jason Wu’s Kate bag takes after The Row’s square shaped bag. I’m guessing it’s gonna be a fraction of what The Row’s bag asks for, since it’s faux python/calfskin leather. But what I love about this bag? It’s super sprightly lemon green colour. ^^

DVF Fall Winter Bags 2012

I chose to feature these DVF bags because the colours are so spot on and trendy. As you know, I love fuchsia (IKR, it’s all over my blogskin!) and haven’t you heard, oxblood is Fall Winter’s 2012 key colour!

Anya Hindmarch Fall Winter Bags 2012聽

Anya Hindmarch’s claim to fame was her “I’m not a plastic bag” bag back in 2007/08. Handbag designer Hindmarch is very conscientious about compartments in handbags and I like how this bag is very practically designed with trendy colours and glitter! Which reminds me of another design I’ve seen recently, the Tiny Tim Light Up , it’s really cute.

Anya Hindmarch Tiny Tim Light Up

It’s a LED lighted bag that’s sure to make you the center of attention if you carry it on the dance floor, LOL.

Tod’s Fall Winter 2012 Bags

I was flipping through the magazines and Tod’s plum bag caught my attention. But alas, I think it looks better on the model / magazine spread then it does on its own. Tod’s bags are great for more formal events and work, plus it looks comfortably roomy!

That’s all for now! Let me know if you decide to get one of the choices above for this coming Fall Winter so that I can bask in your joy as well! Or let me know if you have a Fall Winter bag favourite which is not mentioned in this post! (;

Images credit with thanks to Style.com, LDNFashion.com and where credits due on photo.

L.o.L <3,

Chanel Spring Summer 2012 Runway Fashion Runway in Singapore

This is an overdue post of the Chanel Spring Summer Runway show which Bini and I attended back in March. (:

Evidently inspired by the underwater world and creatures, Karl’s vision shone through as his pieces were reflective of sea animals and flora against a set of blown up and all-white seashells and corals.

As usual, the runway set and collection is a miniature version of what’s shown in Paris. Catch a glimpse of Karl’s vision of underwater inspired Chanel with聽Florence Welch arising like Botticelli’s Venus on the half shell singing “What the Water Gave Me.”

Coming back to Singapore, the show was held at Dempsey, a revamped old warehouse of sorts converted to Chanel’s runway for the night. Lounge area where tasty hors d’oeuvre聽are served.

And the show begins! I only posted the ones I like and weren’t too blurry.聽

The clothes reflected the colours and textures of fishes, corals and even seaweed. I thought this collection was a lot better than the one we saw last FW 2011.
And for the door gifts… Chanel gave a set of their Spring Summer nail polish aptly named April, May & June! (;
Here’s to a great summer for all you lovely folks!

Chanel Fall Winter 2011 Fashion Runway in Singapore


Not too long ago, Bini invited me to attend another fashion event, Chanel Fall Winter 2011 Fashion Runway in Singapore. It was held at Red Dot Museum.

Individual portraits of Bini and I after the show on the ‘runway’.

Doors open for the event at 7.30pm but the event didn’t start until 8.15pm. So there was a holding area with聽hors d’oeuvres and champagnes served for guest. Then Chanel also entertained guests with two musicians, one playing a modern looking violin and another playing a saxophone, with music blasting. It was pretty interesting as they were trying to interact with the audience (while some scoot away cause they were pretty intimidating). Sorry, no photos of them to show you!

According to FashionOdor.com,

鈥淭he world is a dark place,鈥 is what the brilliant Karl Lagerfeld said about the inspiration of Chanel Fall/Winter 2011RTW show. Placed in the midst of the fog-shrouded forest, with black sand, volcanic rocks and images of burned trees, the show had a sense of apocalyptic grandeur accentuated by Michel Gaubert鈥檚 orchestral interpretation of the Cure鈥檚 classic 鈥淎 Forest鈥. Colored in black and ashy tones, the collection blended perfectly with the show鈥檚 gloomy setting. The collection abounded with brilliant pieces such as wool jackets,pleated tanks,loose pants and tweed jumpsuits whose men size proportions and the unfinished , distressed hems added a final touch to Karl鈥檚 dark vision for this season. What we liked the most about it, is the sense of ease and non-challance, complemented by the 鈥榞othic meets grunge鈥 feeling.

Take a look at the video of the Chanel Fall Winter 2011 and listen to the music. The experience I had in Singapore was a pared down, miniature version of the actual set that you’ll see in the video. But the clothes and the music are the same.

Some of the images Bini and I captured during the show.

Personally the collection wasn’t too my liking because in my opinion, cuffed trousers with boots, it was simply too bo-ho for Chanel.

But here are a few designs that I think are lovely. Images are taken from FashionOdor.

I like the heeled boots and the delicate and elegant decorations such as buttons, brooch on the jackets and dress. They represent and showcase the heritage and sophistication of Chanel. 馃檪

Chanel also gave away goodie bags for guests. The big black paperbag contained the smaller white bag with cosmetics, the Fall Winter look-book and brochure for their J-12 Chromatic watch.

The look book stars female model Freja Beha Erichsen and male model Baptiste Giabiconi.

Some of the images within the look-book! 馃檪

A photo of the J 12 Chromatic within the brochure:And Chanel’s gift for guests, a nail polish in Graphite colour and eyeshadow pot in Ombre. 馃檪Another sweet gift from Chanel. They printed the photo that was taken upon entrance and passed it to us in a card-like hard paper frame. 馃檪All in all the Chanel Fall Winter 2011 runway experience was a very enjoyable one for me. Even though the guests who were invited were mostly late 20s onwards and quite a few foreigners (so we didn’t quite feel comfortable interacting with them), I think viewing the collection in person was really a treat. Many thanks again to Bini who invited me along as her plus one! 馃檪

Coming up next, my experience at Robinson X Singtel Mio TV Prime Time Fall Fashion show at Avalon.