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Tea Time at Your Very Treatz cafe

Hi lovelies! <3 <3 <3

Have you ever found yourself around town wondering where’s good for a quaint little place for tea with your loved one?

Today I’m gonna help you out by introducing you to Your Very Treatz cafe at North Bridge Road which is super close to Bugis Junction! 🙂

Address: 420, North Bridge Road, #01-06, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727.

Let’s check out Your Very Treatz cafe!

Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 1 Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 2 Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 3

Cakes galore!  *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 4 Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 5

Dine-In Special: Get a slice of Chocolate Dome with any drinks at $7.80 only!Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 6

Cute as a button cookies. o(^▽^)oYour Very Treatz Review Enabalista 7

Soothing and calming environment.

Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 12

Chocolate Dome cake;
choocolate sponge cake coated with fine and smooth chocolate and vanilla cream, definitely the type of chocolate cake that satisfies my chocolate craving! It’s also the same Chcolate Dome cake with the special promo mentioned above. 😉

Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 18

Made with very fine ingredients in Germany, the desserts and cakes found at Your Very Treatz Café are flown in frozen regularly to ensure the best quality and taste. 🙂

Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 13

A lighter raspberry and cream cake. The raspberry filling tasted authentic and the cream is light, definitely a less sinful alternative to the Chocolate Dome. 🙂Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 19

Love the decor on the plate drawn with the berry syrup.
Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 14

Double Chocolate Tartlet.
It’s cake covered with a very generous amount of chocolate mousse. One of their best sellers, I recommend this to be shared with a friend as it might be a bit too indulgent in one seating. 😛 If you’re feeling down and looking for a quick endorphine/pick me up fix, this is definitely one fine choice. 😉 Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 17 Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 15

Strawberry Cream Cheese Tartlet. 
I’m a huge chocolate and berries fan, so that’s why all four of the cakes and tart choices and even my tea is either chocolate or berry flavoured. 😛
The sweetness of the strawberry goes very well with the natural cheese flavour. And how does one not love the overflowing berries filing? It’s made of real full berries. So awesome. 😀
Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 16

See what I told you about the whole full berries?

Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 9

I love how the tea comes in a cute tea cup set and blue pot!
Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 10

If you like people or car-watching, you can do so by the window seat… 😉
Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 11I had Fruity Berry Tea which was sweet (but not overly so) and just the way I like it.

Snippets of the menu. Might be different the next time you’re there as I’ve heard they are upgrading the menu soon. 😉

Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 20

Full set for only $15.80, top up $3 for an additional drink, so that makes $18.80 for two. Definitely makes for an affordable sweet date for two! 😉
P.S. I am definitely going back for this deal. 😛

Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 21

$3.80 for a Treatz Brew, I’m definitely gonna try that too.

Your Very Treatz Review Enabalista 22

Great tasting cakes and tarts are affordably priced at $2.30 and $3.80, I know you’ll definitely be checking this place out on your next date. 😉

Your Very Treatz Cafe details:

420, North Bridge Road, #01-06, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727.
Tel:63368997 SMS:97897367
Email:enquiry @ yourverytreatz.com (without the spaces) Website:www.yourverytreatz.com
Visit Your Very Treatz Facebook for their updates!

They’ll soon be having a promotion:


So book your next date at Your Very Treatz from 11-15th June.  Whole cakes starting at $25. 😉

your Very Treats review

Hope you’ll enjoy Your Very Treatz cafe cakes and drinks as much as I did!

Thanks to Lucas for the media tasting and great company!

Thank you for reading~ <3



Tea Time #OOTD

Some pics of my #EDD aka #OOTD from the same day of the Mary Kay workshop. 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Navy Dress SammyDress Review Enabalista

Navy Dress SammyDress Review Enabalista4Long sweater from Sammydress.com here.
Military Heel Boots from Newlook Somerset, similar here and here.

Review of Sammydress.com 

Upon selection and checkout of items, delivery takes two weeks which is in my opinion
rather typical of online shopping purchases.
This sweater is one of three clothing which I picked out and my favourite of the lot.
It arrived as a long and comfortable sweater which fits my petite frame as a mini dress, with leggings on.
Unfortunately after one wash, it has shrunk to a regular sweater top which I won’t be able to wear as a dress again.

I’ll be showcasing another dress I’ve worn for Chinese New Year, it’s a lovely piece
and thankfully the shape retains after a wash. 😉

I would recommend Sammydress.com for its chic and very affordable fashion,
reliable shipping/delivery experience and other than the sweater shrinking after a wash,
the other two pieces material is remarkably thick, perhaps too much for Singapore’s warm weather
but definitely will keep me snug in my company’s cold office.

I also realized, after receiving this package that I really do have a penchant for long sleeved tops/dresses.
All of the three pieces were long sleeved.
So much for casual dressing in Singapore’s hot weather. Obviously totally not relevant for me, heh.
Keep a look out for the other two dresses on my blog soon. 😉

Check out their dresses here.