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Achieve Clearer, Brighter Skin with Atlas Medical Korean Triple Translucent Skin Trio

Hi Loves!

Feels like it’s been a while since I last blogged about a facial review. I experienced the treatments a few months back, now that I finally find the time, I’m very excited to share about my experience with Atlas Medical Clinic/Medispa’s Korean Triple Translucent Skin Trio, aka Korean Skin Trio!

Atlas Medicial Clinic’s Korean Translucent Skin Trio consists of:
1. Revlite Laser Toning by Doctor SM Yuen
2. Aqua Radiance Medical Grade Facial
3. Korean Intense Moisture Mask
and it costs $128(inclusive GST)

You can also enjoy a similar Skin Trio treatment at Atlas Medispa, with the following steps:
1. Silk Peel
2. VPL, Variable Pulse Light Treatment
3. Hydrating Mask

Do note that a pre-assessment is needed prior to the treatment.

So I tried out 2 sessions of Revlite Laser Toning by Doctor SM Yuen and I love it! It was my very first time going through any laser toning or treatment of sorts and I was very happy to be under the good hands of Dr SM Yuen and team! If you’re like me and have never tried Revlite Laser Toning before, let me explain my experience~

After cleansing the face, one of the Atlas Medical Clinic attentive Skincare Therapist will prepare you and have your hair pulled and secured back with a white head band. Then the doctor is called in and he will gently speak to you and prepare you if it’s your first time going through laser. He explains that the laser is similar to a warm light and at the most, it shouldn’t feel more then an ant bite. Plus, there is a light air tube that blows cold air concurrently with the Revlite laser treatment which helps to distract and sooth any discomfort. There might be some slight burnt scent as it’s the laser burning away facial hairs, it’s perfectly normal and not detrimental.

I definitely enjoyed both Revlite Laser Toning sessions and love the clearing and brightening effect it has on my skin after. Check out the photos I took during and after the Revlite Laser Toning sessions!

image1After my first Revlite Laser Toning session.image2 image3A few days after the first Revlite Laser Toning session, my skin’s clearer, brighter and make up applies on smoother.

image4Another photo after my first Revlite Laser Toning session.

Went back for my second Revlite Laser Toning Session, I think I was pretty much experiencing my best(albeit slightly tired) skin in my entire life, with little to no pimples because of the right combination of hydrating skincare, supplements, facials, laser treatments and healthy lifestyle. ^^image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10

A few days after the second Revlite Laser Toning session. Was actually feeling really tired, but thank God for radiant good skin thanks to the Revlite Laser Toning sessions!

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Last but not the least, I also had the chance to review Atlas Medispa’s Skin Trio session, which as mentioned above, consists of the Silk Peel, VPL and mask steps which helps to remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate by hydrating and brightening the skin!

Remember to quote “Ena Teo” if you’re visiting the Medispa or Clinic to get special rates for their services and products!

Visit & Contact:

Atlas Medical ~ Laser & Aesthetics Clinic by Dr SM Yuen
391B Orchard Road #24-08/09/10
Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Tel: +65 6556 0829
Fax: +65 6734 9685
Website: www.atlasmedicalclinic.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/atlasmedicalclinic

Atlas Medispa (Orchard)
391B Orchard Road #13-10/10A
Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Tel: +65 6735 0996
Website: www.atlasmedispa.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/atlasmedispa

Thank you to Dr Yuen, Atlas Medispa Team for all the continual love and care for my skin and I!



Back Facial with Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetic Clinic

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Hi lovelies!

Recently I went back to Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetic Clinic for a back-facial. Yeap, you didn’t read wrongly, back-facial is exactly as what it’s named, facial for the back! I am unfortunately plagued with back acne due to genetics (my mum and sister has it too) but thanks to Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetic Clinic, I can have clearer and healthier back skin! 🙂

Dr SM Yuen suggested the same treatment as I did for my face, namely the Silk Peel Treatment and the Vit C treatment. Read all about treatments in detail as I blogged about in my previous post here. If you haven’t, also check out my first experience and product review here.

I found the back facial to be really enjoyable. It was less than an hour and my back felt very thoroughly cleansed from the Silk Peel treatment and super hydrated from the Vit-C treatment. It was definitely a treat (pun-intended) for my back! 🙂

 Not very comfortable to show you my “sexy back” since it’s un-sexy with the acne scars, hahaha, so here’s 2 selfies I took post-treatment! 😛

Atlas Medical Clinic Back Facial Review Enabalista 002Atlas Medical Clinic Back Facial Review Enabalista 001

Thanks to Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetic Clinic, I am enjoying clearer and healthier skin on my face and back! 🙂

For your convenience, here’s the details of the clinic! ;)

Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic by Dr SM Yuen

391B Orchard Road #13-10/10A

Ngee Ann City Tower B

Singapore 238874

Tel: (65) 6556 0829   Fax: (65) 6556 081

Patient Care Hotline (SMS only) : 9862 9765

Email: dr.smyuen@atlasmedicalclinic.com

Website: www.atlasmedicalclinic.com

Simply quote my blog name “Enabalista” when you call, Sms or email them to get readers’ rates. ;)

That is all I have for this session, let me know if you have any questions!

Special thank you to Dr SM Yuen and Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic for making this post possible.