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Planning Your International Trip Right

Hi guys! It’s been a long while since my last post isn’t it? I just came back from a long holiday and thought it apt to share about planning an international trip!

Planning Your International Trip Right

What is everyone’s travel nightmare when it comes to travelling internationally? When everything doesn’t seem to add up correctly. Mind you, this isn’t about getting mugged or scammed out of your money, but more on the preparations phase you might have planned poorly before your anticipated trip. Hence in today’s entry, I’d like to raise a few pointers you might want to take into consideration when you plan your international travel, especially if this is your first trip!

Before we get into the thrill of travelling the world, we might have the perspective that to travel, all you need to do is hop on any cheap flights we can find, and off we go for an adventure. However it might be more complex than that, especially when you’re going to somewhere beyond your own country’s borderlines. Lucky for you, I’ve round up this simple checklist for you!

1. The basics: Where? When? How?

Where? – Even spontaneous traveller needs to have a destination in mind before embarking on one. The reason for being sure of where the destination? Well, from knowing just the “Where”, you get to get an overview of what are the things you might need to bring. Let’s say you’re planning to go to Bali. Bali is a beautiful island, hence you know you won’t be needing a lot of fancy clothes because you’ll be spending a lot of time in a beach environment.

When? – Unlike Singapore where we’re pretty much on a one-season basis, other countries might not be so simple. If you’re travelling to the Philippines, you will definitely need to know the seasons they have. You do not want to go there during June because all you’ll be seeing is rainy clouds.

How? – This does not mean the type of transportation you will need because, for international destinations, we both know the main transport you will be boarding is on those with wings. My recommendation based on track record and general demand? SilkAir. Now, this is not the only recommendations I have, but one of it. SilkAir Singapore flights provide all the facilities you need to make your long-haul flights comfortable. I’ll be exploring this bit later in the “Choosing your airline” section.

2. Choosing your airline

Like my previous point, I recommend SilkAir; however, that is one of the many recommendations I have under my belt. Each airline serves different purposes, and SilkAir is one of those that provide well above average services for international routes. You can find cheap Singapore to Bali flights in any channels, be it their official website to the several online travel agency that serves their tickets like Traveloka for example.

Why is airline so important to take into consideration?

Three words: Quality services provided.

International routes, especially those that cross between 4 to 8 hours will be a pain to you physically and mentally if their services are below average – like, way below. You cannot run away from a crappy service because you are literally thousands of feet off the ground! Hence, I’m going straight to the point and listed the services that SilkAir provide well for their flyers.

SilkAir Services:

1. Seating class: Economy vs Business

Their Economy class provides great comfort with their width between 17-18 inches. It gives you plenty of legroom and pretty spacious for your kids if you are travelling with children. Their Business class on the other hand, of course, provide greater comfort with an extra legroom space and seating width between 20-22 inches. In a specific type of airline, their Business class seats even come with additional seat recline.

2. In-flight amenities: Dining and Entertainment

When it comes to food, SilkAir knows the best way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. SilkAir provides large varieties of food choices that could cater to the crazy foodies and those under special diet preferences. Be sure to give them a heads up if you are a vegetarian or allergic in some sort of way with certain food. With varieties of food also comes with a variety of drinks. Be it alcohol-based or juices, you will have the free flow you need to ensure your liquid intake is as satisfactory as your food intake.

When it comes to entertainment, I’m pretty sure you’ll get all the basic stuff you need to make your trip runs smoothly. SilkAir entertainment inventory is packed with the latest movies from various genres. You’re not into movies? Hard to believe but not impossible. There is also an extensive collection of audiobooks and music that could give you some relaxing entertainment.

3. A checklist may seem nerdish, but they are also called smart

Create your travel checklist. This checklist does not necessarily mean how many pair of clothes you have to bring or how many bottles of sunscreen you are going to need. This checklist marks its existence before, during and after your trip. From creating your visa to listing down your medical supplies; from having a checklist for your day-to-day activities at your destination to a checklist containing emergency contacts should things get a bit unpredictable, or even merely a checklist to get you through the airport or immigration. A checklist is your friend; let it be your friend!

So, there you have it. It is a brief anecdote to get you prepped up for your international flights. Either you’re new to travelling or even have been frequent travellers, all in all, we need to make thorough preparations. No matter how small or insignificant it may seem, but, trust me, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Better to have a headache now than later when you’re in a foreign land.

Anyways, happy holidays, everyone! Have fun & stay safe always! 



P.S. This post was written in partnership with Traveloka.

Dejavu comes true for The Lion King

I’ll be catching The Lion King tonight and it’s gonna be a a deja vu experience come true for me!

Quite a while ago, I vividly remember dreaming about watching The Lion King musical in a setting that resembles the Sands Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, I remember the actors dressed up in animal like costumes running down the aisle to interact with the audience – it was all too real! So when I received the invitation to watch the musical a few weeks back, I remarked to my bestie that it’s a deja vu coming true for me!

I’m really excited about walking the red carpet and catching the Lion King grand premiere, touted as the World’s #1 musical with my bestie tonight! 🙂

The Lion King runs for a month starting from today until 26 August 2018, tickets start, from $65 get your tickets on Sistic website here!