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Sponsored Review: Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub

Have you seen Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub on the shelves and wondered if it was any good? Wonder no longer because today I’ll be reviewing it on my blog!

I was sponsored two retail sized facial wash. The right one being Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub (one with cute “anti-acne beads” sticker) and the left is Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash. 

Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub is truly an all round anti-acne facial product with these features:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Beads for exfoliation and massage
  • Vitamin C & E to reduce blemishes and redness while lightening pimple scars.
  • Menthol refreshing feel and scent
My review: 
I like the Mentholatum’s New Acnes Daily Face Scrub very much because of its anti-bacterial and deep cleansing effects. As a youth who has been battling acne for many years, I’ve grown to know by experience how important anti-bacteria in skin care product is in battling acne. Preventing bacteria means preventing acne. The beads serve effectively in scrubbing away dead skin. Together with the menthol, the facial scrub leaves a refreshing feel and scent on my face, which I love.

Mentholatum’s Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash

  • Remove excess sebum and keeps your skin soft & moist! Mild an non irritating creamy wash for daily use to effectively prevent pimples!
  • Anti Bacterial: Contains isopropyl Methyphenol(o-Cymen-5-ol) which penetrates deep into pores to fight against bacteria and prevent pimples.
  • Soothing: Helps sooth redness and skin irritation caused by acne. Prevent aggravation of pimples.
  • Deep Cleansing: Helps unclogs pores and reduce blemishes by deep cleansing to remove dirt, oil, impurities and excess sebum.
  • Moisture Retention: Contains Vitamin C with moisture retention benefits, leaving your skin soft and moisturized after wash.
  • Anti-oxidation: Contains Vitamin E, an effective anti-oxidant, to keep the elasticity of your skin

My review:

Mentholatum’s Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash is indeed a mild, soothing and non irritating creamy wash. I would recommend this wash for people who have more major acne outbreaks, or during periods of acne outbreaks.


I would recommend boys and girls who are battling with acnes to buy and use both wash. The daily scrub will serve well in the day and cream wash in the night. During times when the break out is more severe, I would suggest to use the creamy wash until the breakout is under control before using the scrub because the scrub can irritate moderate to severe acne condition.

Also remember to always drinks lots of water, eat healthy and exercise in order to have a well balanced, wholesome face and body! (;

The Acnes Daily Facial Scrub is retailing for $7.50 at Watsons, Guardian, pharmacies and supermarkets.
You can get the samples first to see if you suit the product before buying it.

Free Samples!

Like Acnes (SG) FB page to redeem a 3-step kit sample or alternatively, hit this link http://on.fb.me/L1xX7Z

Sorry to my international readers, free sample is only applicable to Singaporeans/Singapore mailing address.

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Credits: Thanks to the nice folks from EK Media and Mentholatum Acnes for making this skincare review possible!

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