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Achieve Beautiful Eyes with AB Eye Tapes

Hi Lovelies!

Are you like me, Asian with tiny eyes? 😛

Well, I have a beauty secret not-so-secret to share with you!

Some time back, AB beauty brand invited me down for a beauty demonstration led by Kevin Lao Shi, a famous beauty trainer and make up artist from Taiwan who’s famous for teaching his skills on Taiwan TV beauty programmes.

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 004_new

Charming Kevin on the poster!

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 001_new

Kevin with host of the day, DJ Jia Hui.

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 003_new

Kevin begins to swiftly work his magic on the model of the day with “stubborn” single eye lids, according to him.AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 006_new

It’s amazing how Kevin transformed her small asian eye (like mine) into big, beautiful and charming! Unfortunately the lightning in the store was really terrible and this is the best I could get. Sorry for the poor quality. :/ AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Blogger Event 005_new

With my dear friend Vinna of www.Vinvola.com ~ 😉

And these are the lovely AB eye products that we were gifted with!AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 001_new

From L-R:
Fabric Eye Wick (white) to thicken eye lash bone, for fuller looking eye lashes, $$16.90.
Single Eye Tape (yellow), this is my favourite because it suits my single eye lids the best, haha. S$23.90.
Mezical (not sure what it means) Eye Fiber 2 (orange), is basically a thin double sided sticker meant to create double eye lids. It requires more practice for this and you can able use up to 2 pieces at once. I tried using this but I have rather “stubborn” single eye lids as well so the effect isn’t very good on me. I would recommend this for people who already have double eye lid folds and want to further accentuate / define it. 🙂 S$28.90.
Double Eye Tape (Green) is a double eye tape that’s meant for “one touch” fast and easy application. S$23.90.
Double Eye Tape (Brown) is similar to the Yellow Single Eye Tape except it isn’t as thick. S$23.90.
AB Double Eye Liquid (Purple) S$19.90.

AB Eye Tapes and Liquid is available at SaSa stores in Singapore.

Close ups of the respective packaging, basically all the eyes look similar and the sticker of the girls are the same… So it is slightly misleading. 😛 But the wordings,the colours and items within are different. 🙂

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 002_new AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 003_new The purple tube is double eye lid glue, I reckon this is for girls who have reached a pro level in creating double eye lids during their make up. You can also use this for eye lash application / glue as well as using it to stick on the Eye Wick (white), which was what I did to create my Big Eye look in this post.

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 004_new

My favourite of the lot; Single Eye Tape (Yellow) for Double Eyelid effect!
AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 005_new

There are 80 single tapes, which would be suitable for 40 wears (should you use on both eyes), and should last for more than a month if you use it daily! 😉

These are the items I used for the look:AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 006_new

AB Beautiful Eye Sticker Review 007_new

Single Eye Tape, Eye Lid Glue, Fabric Eye Wick and Tokyo Direct’s Star Lash Eye lashes in DB17 (non AB product).

Basically I first put on the Single Eye Tape to create double eye lids on my single eye lids. Lol.
Then I put on my regular eye shadow / make up.
Then I put on the Eye Wick on my falsies before putting on the falsies!

I took about 1 hour (I generally don’t put on eye lid tape or falsies, with experience I think you can minimize the time to 20 min) to achieve this look:

AB Eye Stickers2014-06-15 15.52.50_new

Since I went with eyelid tapes and falsies, I also went all the way to line my lower waterline with white liner, cat liner and also lined my lower outer eye corner / rim with black liner to achieve this huge doll eyed look. 😉 This is a look that you definitely can recreate for a special event, like attending a concert or a special dinner.

I highly recommend AB eye lid tapes, I’ve used a handful of eye tapes from SASA, where AB products are available and honestly none of them are as good as AB tapes. Some of them stick and I’ve finished using, and some of them don’t stick at all and its a waste of money and the best part is that they all don’t have ostensible/obvious branding/names so even if I wanted to recommend you I also can’t. I think they were Japanese brands and I can’t read or type Japanese, lol. So it’s great that this AB eye lid tape brand trusted by  many and raved in Taiwan, can now also be used by us in Singapore! 🙂

I specially recommend their single / double eye tapes depending on your eyelid needs. AB eye tapes are not too thick but they stick really well and they help to create that magical fold for the double eye lid effect. Yet it doesn’t hurt when you remove it. This stuff is nothing short of amazing.

I was very satisfied with how the look came out on photo, but I am still not used to carrying falsies which can be quite heavy on my lids. I would continue using the AB eye tapes to create double eye lid look, without the falsies, on a normal day. 😉

Let me know if you have any questions!