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Hermes Festival Des Metiers in Singapore Paragon



Hermès Festival of Crafts, the first  travelling Hermès Festival des Métiers made its first stop in Asia at Paragon, Singapore. A vibrant celebration of renowned Hermès craftsmanship in modern setting by internationally acclaimed Milanese designer Paola Navone, Hermès artisans will be demonstrating at their workbenches the skills of leather welding and stitching of leather goods, saddles, silk engraving and painting of scarves, tie sewing, watch making,  jewelry setting and porcelain painting.

Oh how time really flies! Almost a month ago on 1 September, I had the privilege to enjoy the VIP-only launch of Hermes Festival Des Metiers in Singapore Paragon, at the invitation of my friend, Bini. The showcase was open to public from 3rd September onwards.

Bini’s Hermes eye and arm candy of the night:

It was a wonderful experience, to see the craftsmen and women at work and to see how the tradition of Hermes lives on, with the passion of the people that choose to maintain it. It’s a lot of hardwork to continue producing every piece by hand but it is precisely so that Hermes products are what it’s worth. 😉

If you missed the showcase, here’s a few photographs that Bini and I took from the event! 🙂

Starting off with a young french lady who’s demonstrating how prepares the leather for a Hermes pink leather bag (I can’t remember exactly what bag now :/). At this point, she has combined two pieces of leather and she is working the sides by smoothening it. Basically the crafts-people are all french and only speak french, so there are interpreters next to them to interpret what they are saying.

Then an older lady showing how she prepares the leather to create an Hermes wallet.

Another lady was demonstrating how she paints the porcelain bowls.
In this demonstration, a suave french man is showing how he creates a saddle for a horse. Hermes first started with horse-riding accessories and saddles. So although they don’t sell horse saddles in Singapore (which they do abroad), they are demonstrating this as it’s party of their history and heritage!

In this demonstration, a younger and charming man is showing how he ‘plants’ diamonds on the hardware for Hermes jeweled bracelets. As the diamonds are very small, he does it via a microscope and its… no easy feat!
For the last and perhaps one of the most interesting demonstration is how Hermes masters conduct their silk-screen printing on the legendary Hermes scarfs. The master explains how back in France, they would place 150 scarfs in a row and print all at one go. For tedious prints, there can be up to 40 layers and that would mean they would have to go up and down the row of 150 scarfs 40 times! O.O
This showcase has definitely deepened my understanding and appreciation of Hermes heritage and their strive in delivering luxurious products to their clients. Hopefully you have also gained greater insight about Hermes from this post! 🙂



Robinsons and mio TV presents PRIMETIME FALL FASHION

Hello all readers!

Sorry I’ve not been updating for almost two weeks! Pretty ironic as I had a school break for the whole of last week but I didn’t update because I was sick and still had to prepare for a CCS presentation today! Thankfully I’ve recovered since and the presentation today went well! Hallelujah! 😀

As you can tell, my post today is mainly to inform you, if you don’t already know, that Robinsons is collaborating with mio TV to present PRIMETIME FALL FASHION! You can join in the fun by checking out ! 😉

And since we’re on that topic, I shall show you a few images that I think are the BEST of Fall Winter 2011! Awesome or what? Here we go!

Starting with Givenchy‘s iconic prints on a bright yellow to chase your winter (or rainy for that matter, in Singapore) blues away. I love Givenchy’s entire FW 2011 collection btw. Their prints on scarf are definitely collector’s item and their fierce Rottweilers T-shirt designs have already sold out!

Before Bini and I attended Hermes’ launch party for their showcase at Paragon almost two weeks back, we visited the Givenchy store and the staff expressed their surprise at how hot the Rottweiler top was. They didn’t think it would spark so much interest and be sold out so quickly. Indeed, fashion is a capricious industry, there’s no telling which is the next item and why! Although the reason could very well be associated to the media – publicity made it popular. Although it could also possibly that people just liked the print and how ferocious it looks, a like tattoo design.

Next up, I am loving these summery colours on Fall Winter clothings… You simply can’t take away the summer love in me.

60’s Mod look in Pink and Orange combi from Bottega Veneta.

YSL – can’t really tell if this is a dress or a a coat with a furry or feathery skirt – in bright plume.And of course, we can’t go through Fall Winter without having some of Burberry goodness.

 I simply love the berets and the simplicity in colours, it’s tres parisian. I love how the arms of the red coat poufs up like princess sleeves and the white coat reminds me of a poodle! Both coats are fit for a princess.

Talking about princess, leads me to the last and my favourite collection out of the lot – Jason Wu’s Fall Winter 2011. The collection is simply sublime. He is said to be inspired by Baroque, which he incorporates in his designs through the lace (also a big Fall /Winter trend). I love the simplicity and refinement of his designs which exudes elegance.

In a series of looks, Wu empowers women with very manly forms that resembles the italian mafia, suit-ed up man and dandy man’s wardrobe respectively…

In another selection of designs, Wu create looks for women that are formal and just enough part of lovely with the prints, lace and dotted leggings without being overly saccharine. And more impressively, they still come across cool in every way. (I am certain the sunglasses had a great part to play.)Lastly Wu’s gowns are simply gorgeous. One’s in my favourite pink and black combination and another beautiful long gown with a sexy high-slit cut.

Ending of with an image of the man himself!

If you haven’t, do check out ‘s succinct and beautiful Fall 2011 Trend Reports here:

Image credits to:

If you would like to, feel free to check out more Fall / Winter 2011 trends: – Shoe Trends – Colour Trends


Gifts from Korea & more!

Hello All! I would like to specially say hi to my new subscribers & thank you for subscribing! It’s very encouraging to have new subscribers and I plan to continue to boost the content of my blog as well as the frequency of my posts. Very exciting times ahead indeed.

A quick update, life’s been good, praise God! 🙂

My sister’s been back home from her Korean internship, although for a short 10 days and she’s leaving tomorrow already! Oh how fast time flies!

She bought back a dozens of snacks, drinks and a birthday necklace for me. So here are the pretty pictures! 😀

A pretty Hello Kitty Necklace~ I have not worn it yet. Slightly over-blingz for me, but it’s really cute. ^-^ I really like the packaging, it’s very beautiful and makes the gift feel precious.

Now for korean snack goodness~ Have not actually tried most of them. But they look oh-so-pretty & deliciously packed!

Korean Starbucks rice chips with citron-pear jam!

L-GA Blueberry chocolates, Lotte Ghana chocolate sponge cake with chocolate filling, covered with chocolate, Lotte Margaret soft biscuit. I just realized that the Lotte Ghana is kind of a racist product name… But I tell you, it tastes heavenly! If you are a chocolate and sponge cake lover, you will love this!

Market O Choco cracker. My sister says this is really really good. That the biscuit is slightly fermented and she loves it. Quite excited to try this! ^^,Market O Real Brownies has such a pretty, updated vintage packaging! And the individually wrapped brownies sachets look even lovelier! It’s interesting that they added the ‘real’ in the product name. What does it mean exactly? Could it mean ‘original’ recipe or ‘handmade’? It can be misleading. Do you think it makes a difference to you, as a buyer of the product? 😉

Japanese Green Tea Kit Kat is particularly raved about. My sister likes it and some friends of mine also love it! If Kit Kat has a ‘Singapore’ flavour, what do you think it would be? Durian? 😛

Orion Natural Chicle chewing gum. I didn’t take this cause I’m not a fan of chewing gum (I get easily tired of chewing). But check it out, the packaging is cute with polar bears and it’s bigger than the usual mint box sizes we have in Singapore.Lastly, check out this cute CJ Quail egg packaging! My sister likes this so much, she has two packs and she’s bringing both back to London! I’m not a huge fan of quail’s egg, but if my sister likes it so much, it must be really good! 🙂



Recently I found out about online store G-market. My best friend and neighbour, Ying Ling once told me about it before but I never did checked it out as it seemed quite complicated and daunted. (New user barriers) However one day I decided to check it out and boy, was I delighted!

The stuff there are really cheap. I found a dress I bought from an online blog sold there but at a lower price! I recently bought 3 dresses, will upload my reviews when they arrive. 🙂

So today I received 2 cute cable wire holders which I bought last week and I would like to share my reviews with you! 😉
I bought for myself a really cute pink girl cable wire holder and I would recommend you buying if you want one as it’s just really cheap at $1.90 (free shipping). You can check out more cable holders and buy them here.

I bought this giraffe cable holder for my sister as a gift. It’s only $1.60. However the first image of the giraffe holder on the site is yellow and I presumed I would get the yellow one. So if you want the yellow one, you have to specify to the seller when buying. You can get it here!

As mentioned, I’m planning for a series of posts coming ahead, so stay tuned! 😉


Wrapping up SS 2011

As we are transitioning into Fall Winter 2011, I reckon I’d better review two of my favourite Spring Summer 2011 collections before it’s too late.

First up, we have Dolce & Gabbana’s incredible collection of seamless integration of lace with floral and leopard prints. Not surprisingly, these fabrics are SS 2011’s top trends.

I’m not one who hankers after branded items, but if I could pick any 2 item from all of SS 2011 collections, I’d pick the the lace and leopard dress and the see-through lace bag from Dolce & Gabanna. ♥-♥
Next up we have Emilio Pucci‘s grecian and breezy collection. My first impression from this collection was how much it reminded me of Charlie’s Angels. Charlie’s Angels inspire and oozes sexiness, hotness and power. Now, that’s a standard perhaps many designers try to reach but few do.

I believe the pictures pretty much speaks for themselves but I shall stress that I simply love and adore the prints, the feminine, soft and flow-y designs featured in this collection.
If summer is meant for the beach, resorts and everything related to holiday-ing under the sun and on the sand, this is one collection that hits the nail and brings it home. Well done, Peter Dundas.
All images credits to

Stylin’ in August!


August is zooming by and soon it’ll be September in a blink of an eye! I hope you’ve been enjoying August like I am! 😀

Here are the rest of the pics from Monday when Bini came over to my house for some playful styling!

Wore my heart-printed dress from Shenzhen to school that day! Matched it with red cardigan and white bow headband. Been carrying my LizClaiborne gold bag everywhere since I got it! (Gift from Mum’s friend :D) I think the red, blue and gold is very parisian, tres chic. Heh.

Look 1: Country girl~

Matched the dark blue lace dress (worn as top here) with denim blue vest. The lace skirt goes with the white rosettes on the vest. Beige heels completes the look!

Look 2: Chic girl

Here I’m wearing one of my favourite outerwear, a Korean multi-pastel-coloured tweed jacket with a plain white singlet underneath and H&M colour-block skirt.
Look 3: Girly Grunge
Matched the knitted brown top with lace-tiered skirt. Unusual and slightly quirky. For a more regular look, I can match the top with long skinny jeans as well.
Look 4: Boho-country
We were going kinda crazy and we got this look. Multi-layered top with singlet, Mango purple-blue plaid top, denim vest, pink skirt. The gold belt adds a zany twist to the look and the blue polka dot sandals makes the look ‘pop’! Hah! On the left photo, I was channeling my best Haute couture hunch-back pose and the look on the right is a candid happy pose. Heh.
Hope you had fun reading this post as much as we did coming up with the styles! 😛

22 Aug 2011: Happy Happenings~! :)


My school day started with Visualization and Presentation Digital class which consisted of everyone presenting their Concept board. I did my concept board on an advertisement for ‘Summer Time’ watch. I had fun doing the homework assignment! Heh.

After school, Bini and I signed up for French Elementary class at Alliance Francaise Singapore! Quite excited to have finally signed up for the class after saying we want to for a long time.

Then Bini came over to my house for a sumptuous dinner that my mummy prepared! Loved the wintermelon soup, braised pork, lemon spicy sauce fried fish. Should have taken photos of it, will do so next time! 😀

After dinner, a short impromptu dressing up fun ensued in my bedroom… 😛

Here’s a preview, I will upload the rest another day!

I really like my new H&M multi-coloured oh-so-summer skirt! 😀

I’ve been going for facial treatments at New York Skin Solutions (Simei Branch) lately and I feel my skin has been improving since! Quite happy about it! Should you require treatment for any facial skin condition, let me know and I’ll be glad to ask my consultant for a complimentary, no-obligation skin test and facial treatment for you. 🙂

A D-I-Y pic of Bini done my yours truly on photoshop! Hehe.

To fund my French language studies, I will be taking up tutoring assignments. I plan to apply online. However if you know anyone who require English, Literature, and/or Art & Design tuition (Primary to Junior College levels) please do me a favour and let me know via email at I will be glad to provide my resume and certifications on request. 🙂

God bless!


Still in holiday mood… oops!

School has started for 2 weeks but it honestly doesn’t feel like it. My friends and I have been enjoying lectures and classes and even collecting research for our project! After classes we’d go for lunch near by and watch movies! 😀 So for now, I’m definitely one spoilt student… 😛

Some photos from the past 2 weeks!

Here’s what I wore to Nation Pride launch at Millenia Walk Parco Next Next showcasing works by young designers!

Ian asked me to check out the event but I didn’t have a ticket. So I asked Kenny, designer of Depression for one but it turned out that the event was pretty open and one didn’t need a ticket to enter after all. Check out Fever Avenue’s coverage of the launch here. Unfortunately for me, they posted a not-so-pretty photo of me there. If it was nice, i’d have uploaded it here. Haha!

And then on 6 August, I went for Elle Beauty Box Make-over, courtesy of Benefit! I actually won it by sms-ing in after reading the advertisement on Elle Mag. 😀

The make-up artist’s called Jia Hui (like my sister) and I like the apron skirt she’s wearing.

This is the array of make up they have for the make-over!

There after I went to meet up with Bini for a bit at her home. Here’s a pretty photo of the gal. I was pretty impressed with her dress, at the unique plastic like material and the wonderful sewing, you can’t see it from this photo but the lines on the dress fits perfectly at the seams. So I said to her, “This is a really pretty dress, where did you get it from?” And she replied, “Of course, it’s LV!” Hahaha can’t expect no less from this girl. 😛

Here’s a pic of me at her home.

There after, I met up with my cell at Kallang Leisure Park Mall for dinner before heading to Festival of Praise! Check out the pretty lights and venue packed with christians! 🙂 I enjoyed the praise and worship led by American band New Life and the sermon by John Bevere, author of “Driven by Eternity”.

To end off, here’s a final pic of a healthy snack/dessert/breakfast meal! It’s a very simple recipe.

Blueberries (I recommend Oregon)
Cornflakes (Kellogg’s)
Milk or Yougurt

Wash the berries
Slice strawberries to desired size
Add Cornflakes
Add milk or yougurt


Sponsored Review | Club Couture

Hellllooo Everybody! I hope August has been treating you all well so far! 🙂

Today I have some pictures to share, of the dresses that Club Couture has so generously sponsored me! 😉

In the first grey dress, I’m channelling art-school-hippy vibe with the addition of the vibrant scarf and silver ‘peace’ symbol earring.

Over here in the second photo is a black dress that’s perfect for a formal dinner. I love the black and gold classic combination (yes, there are days when I am not going for black and pink combi :P), so I’ve matched the black dress with black and gold accessories, bag and shoes!

Last but not the least, check out this colourblock fuschia dress! I paired it with matching fuschia earrings, studded shoes and bracelet! I imagine this is a what a rockstar producer/manager (someone who produces/manages rockstars) would dress like! 😉

You can buy the colourblock fuschia dress here.
Club Couture has just launched their Club Couture Premium collection so be sure to check them out their for to-die-for dresses, here!
Quote offer code CCBLOG15 upon checkout and you’d receive a 15% discount for being my awesome reader! 🙂
Credits to my sister, Lu Jia for helping me take the photos. Thank you jie jie! 🙂
Trivia: I took the photos in my bedroom. And the canvas with the heart is a mini artwork done by yours truly. 😛

Studded shoes!

I went shopping today! I meant to head down to City Plaza (Near Paya Lebar Mrt Station) to check out the store, Skim. City Plaza has a lot of wholesale/retails stores so you can get clothes at quite a bargain if you buy a few pieces at a go, ideal when shopping with friends! So the store Skim is one such store and I like their designs that I saw on their website. But when I went down to see the pieces, I didn’t buy anything from the store but I ended up with several other stuff from other stores!

Among which are two shoes, like this studded pair…

And this flat with skull decor! 🙂I promised myself that I won’t buy cheap shoes, especially after purchasing Rubi’s 2 for $30 (or something like that) but I couldn’t resist buying these… They were only $12.90 each, I reckoned I should get them cause my heart won’t break even if they do. Lol!

I also got pretty vest, tops and skirts. New clothes for school, yay! It’s nice that I’m a fashion student so I can wear fancy clothes to school when I like it. It can be a pressure to dress up sometimes but we mostly dress simply, albeit with style. 🙂 We don’t wreck our heads as to what we’d wear to school each day (although Bini does sometimes, lol) and when we’re running late, anything goes!  I think I will try to take more pictures of what my friends and I dress to school when school starts! I dare say that Lasalle students are the coolest and most stylishly dressed bunch in Singapore. 😉

School timetable’s not out yet and I was just talking to Azalea, a classmate about it on FB. We are getting quite psyched about school starting and happy that our “orientation” is on Monday morning and not held this week, which is the case for other level 2 fashion comm/design students. Woohoo!

Enjoying my week thus far, hope you are too!



Members Only Retail Sites | Singsale Vs Ideeli

Update: @Ideeli actually tweeted me back after I tweeted about this post, to inform that they don’t ship to Singapore, yet. Oops, sorry for the assumption! Let’s wait till Ideeli ships to Singapore! But even if they don’t, can still use Vpost service ya! 🙂


Have you heard of Ideeli or Singsale? They are basically members only retails sites that I’ve been introduced to by my friends recently and I’d like to share with you!

As taken from their website, “Singsale is a leading members-only online shopping club in Singapore and the doorway to affordable designer fashion. Every day we host sales for the top fashion brands in the world.  Singsale members can access these sales and enjoy savings of up to 80% on ladies, men’s and children’s fashion and accessories as well as beauty and homeware brands.”

Ideeli’s brand profile’s pretty similar. “ideeli is a leading members-only retail site that delivers a fun and engaging daily shopping experience with a curated selection of offerings across the categories of apparel, accessories, home, shoes, kids, travel and experiences – all available at privileged prices.”

After checking out their sites, here are the few differences I’ve found:

  • Singsale which is under APAC group, hosts mainly Australian brands while Ideeli, being American, hosts mainly American brands.
  • Singsale charges $8.50 for shipping to Singapore while Ideeli charges $9.95. Which is reasonable, as America is further than Australia.
  • Singsale limits members to one sale event at a time on their site while Ideeli allows their member to open as many tabs to as many sale events available on their site.
  • Singsale requires members to check out their items with each sale event while Ideeli allows members to check out with items from different sales event.
  • Singsale states a general 2-4 weeks for shipping period while Ideeli will specify how long the specific product will take to ship, usually from 1-2 weeks, which is faster.
  • Singsale rewards members with S$10, while Ideeli rewards US$25 if their invitees purchase from the site…
Which brings me to the point… Sign up for Singsale and Ideeli (which I’ve linked with my invite code) and not only will you’ll enjoy great savings but I’ll also be rewarded for inviting you if you make a purchase! You can also then invite your friends and stand to be rewarded! 😉 From here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!
Singsale (Prices in S$)
Cherrylane / Hood Biker Jacket-8451-Black $33.95 UP$110.00
Um, I’ve always wanted a leather jacket, but I won’t be buying this although it’s cheap cause I want one that’s not too thick for Singapore’s hot weather. And I assume it is thick cause it’s from Australia where it’s cold… lol.
Mavi Jeans – Butchers Hook / Rack Women’s s/s scoop V-Neck-XP1016100-White – $13.95 UP $39.00
I have to say, white V-neck tees is one of my favourite staples and this would be cheap especially if you buy more to make the most of the shipping costs. They have the shirt in other colours as well as in men’s!
Mavi Jeans – Butchers Hook / Chop – mens s/sl V-Neck-XP0002100-White Premium
The model looks awkward...
Board shorts with cool cosmic prints!
The Boot Australia / Ladies Short Ugg-Sbi002-Pink – $19.50 UP$81.00
Honestly I’m not a fan of Uggs boots cause they’re not really pretty and I think they look warm and weird for Singapore. But if you’re channeling cute Japanese style (like Xiaxue) you can totally grab these at a steal! Ok, there are actually a few more deals at Singsale right now, selling men’s clothes as well as Kitchenware and Kids-wear and home ware… which I’m totally not into. So you can check them out on your own! 🙂
Now going on to..
Ideeli (Prices in US$)
Michael by Michael Kor Colourblock Sweater Dress – $59.00 UP $135.00

I love black, white, grey and dresses in this combination! I’ve come to realize that I’m very, almost too conservative for a fashion student. But it could also be that I just like the professionalism of these grey-scale colours. In any case, I’ve been controlling myself to not buy too many black dresses and to explore more colours, like peach, navy blue and printed dresses. 🙂 Going back to this dress, i think that it’s a good deal for a brand name like Michael by Michael Kor. And the thing about prestigious brand names is that you know they won’t compromise on material and quality.
BCBGeneration Sweatshirt Top – $29.00  UP $88.00

I like the silver detail on the top, it’s both stylish and laid-back at the same time!
RENE ROFE Dot Girl Push Up Bra/Bikini Set – $10.00 UP $22.00
You should know by now that I really like black and pink colour combination… even for underwear, lol! I really enjoy “window shopping” on these sales sites because I am exposed to more brands out there. 🙂 Never heard of Rene Rofe previously, but after seeing their sales event on Ideeli, and a short google on them, I know they’re an American brand with cute and affordable designs! Not sure about their quality but it looks pretty decent and fitting!

I wanted to purchase a bra and boyshort set from Rene Rofe’s sale but alas, they didn’t have them in my size… Of course, there is the concern of fit, but as with most online shopping, going with the standard sizing is pretty safe. I digress, I’m usually size M for tops and dresses so it’s pretty easy to shop in stores or online! Thankful that shopping for clothes can be a breeze with regards to sizing cause there’s usually plenty in my size, hehe. 🙂
R&M RICHARDS Twofer Dress with Tucking – $39.00  $90.00
This is a pretty working dress! Good for office and teaching wear.
From my preliminary research into the two sites, It’s pretty clear that they are primarily targeting working office ladies, followed by possibly tech-savvy stay home moms, then working men. There’s abundant of female work wear, casual wear, accessories, shoes and bags in both sites. And majority are quite conservative designs. But it’s definitely still worth the time to check the sites out for the minority cool designs on big discount! 🙂
I shall repeat here and save you the trouble of scrolling up,  Sign up for Singsale and Ideeli (which I’ve linked with my invite code) and not only will you’ll enjoy great savings but I’ll also be rewarded for inviting you if you make a purchase! You can also then invite your friends and stand to be rewarded! 😉

Pictures | Rockin’ 21st Party!

Hello ~!

As promised, here’s the collection of photos from my recent 21st Birthday party! 🙂

There’s something I’ve been holding in a long time and I haven’t told anyone in particular about it. I won’t be naming names so here goes the story. About 1 year plus ago I was asked to be a friend’s date for an army ball. I wasn’t very close to the friend but I agreed. Then about 4 months ago I came to know that the friend’s gay. I don’t condemn gays and I have gay friends. It’s just that I feel… used. Because we’re not very close, when he came out (on fb, friends told me about it), he didn’t tell me about it and we also didn’t talk about it because although I’m pretty open about such things, it can be pretty awkward and I won’t initiate to talk about it. But I would have really appreciated it if he had told me then, before the ball that he’s gay and he needed a date. But then again, maybe he wasn’t clear about his orientation then. And I guess I just have no guts to talk to him about it now. Oh wells. That’s why I’m talking about it here.

Ok but why I mentioned this is because it made me feel like TIME PASSES SO QUICKLY!!! In this one year, that friend came out, posted a lot of photos of him and his other (I assume) gay friends on fb. And like I just feel that in one year so much can happen!  It really did seem just like yesterday that I celebrated my birthday last year. But like for me I feel like my one year didn’t have many things happening. It felt pretty stagnant, and that’s sad.

My last day of internship ends tmr!!! I bought presents for my colleagues – Merci chocolates, Cadbury Old Gold Liqueur flavoured chocolates, Alicafe premium gold coffee and Dilmah gourmet tea ! I <3 Coffee, tea and chocolates and they make excellent gifts! Going to wrap them now and go to sleep. 😀


Partyyy like a Rockstar, Tonight!


Tonight, will be the night I’ve planned for the past 3 weeks! It’ll be my 21st Birthday bash, 2 days early! With thanks to my parents’ and elder sister’s loving sponsorship.

The day will first start with me packing my bag with mascara, eyeliner, nail polish to give my friends a Rocker makeover and as well as my party clothes to change into after checking in and prepping the hotel room!

Then I’ll go to the Salon and get my hair Rocker ready by tie-ing the sides and creating a faux Mohawk. Then I’ll meet Yi Ting, my partner-in-rockin’ and we’ll go shop for snacks and alcoholic drinks, pick up my balloons and streamers which I ordered last night and cab down to the hotel to prep the room!

Then we’ll prep ourselves and head down to TCC @ Citylink for dinner with the rest of the gang. After our 1for1 Pasta or Main course (GSS promotion) dinner, we’ll pick up my Coco Exotic Birthday cake at Epidor before heading to Ying Yang Rooftop Bar at The Club Hotel, located at 28 Ann Siang Road. We’ll then drink the first round of drinks before proceeding to the room for more games and fun.

That’s the plan. Sounds good? I’m just going to kick back, relax and let it all happen. I’ve already put in a lot of effort and I’m going chill and expect Murphy’s Law to just come upon, so no pressure there. Just hope it’ll be a day/night/party everyone who’s coming can enjoy!


(Belated) June Visual Inspirations!

I didn’t fully upload the images I collected over the last month and more, I’ll upload them with those in the month of July. I’m also lazy to caption them one by one so I’ll just do a collective credit. In no order, the images above are taken from: LaModeOutre, Passivedreams, Altamira, NYmag’s The Cut, Xiaxue, Style Bubble, MDS, The Selby, friends’ Facebook.

What do you think about June’s cut of visual inspiration? It’s got a strong summery feel isn’t it? You’ll also see a lot of rocker chic inspired images for my 21st birthday party! 🙂 You’ll also find quite a bit of photos on Korean celebrities in recent korean dramas that I am watching, like ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘Best Love’. :p

Amongst the fashion photos you’ll also see photos of my ex church cell group leader, Matthew’s wedding! He held a church wedding in Singapore and had a beach wedding in M’sia, where his wife, Janice is from. All the best to Matt and Janice! 🙂

This is already a curated, selection of images of many that I see for the whole month but I think that maybe I should be even more specific and selective. I think it would be a lot more useful to be specific so it helps people who are conducting research online. But I really do like all of these images one way or another! It kind of make sense to keep them as keeping an eye on what’s trendy and fashionable. But I don’t know if you all appreciate them… Or am I only satisfying my own vanity in uploading these pretty images on my blog and no one actually appreciates them? :/

I have at least 7 blog post ideas, related to internship, spring/summer fashion highlights, book reviews but I don’t have time/have not planned when I will write them because I usually write my blog posts with spontaneity.

Yea. I am going to rethink how I do this monthly visual inspiration post. Any ideas, anyone? 🙂 Even if it’s to placate me… I wish more people would comment/leave love notes for me here. 😛

Pre-birthday party preparation angst & is holiday ending so soon? :(

I am half regretting for deciding to have a 21st birtday party. The main concern, as with many things in life, is budget and another is the stupid hair extensions I put today 1) doesn’t meet my expectations, as to where they should be place 2) hurts like crap now cause their skills sucks ttm. It’s a long story but in short, my experience with hair extensions is a pretty bad one. With meeting bad service and bad skills. :(((

No mood to talk about other stuff already. Amongst other things is that I got a sudden realization today that holiday is ending and that I haven’t really been reading up on the fashion books I bought!

Feeling angst-y about many things in life. Sighhh. I blame it on the hormones.

Travel Post: I <3 Shenzhen!

This is a long overdue post because uploading the massive amount of photos just puts me off. 😛

I had tonsss of fun in Shenzhen, one of the happiest moments in my life. Traveling is always so much fun, just relaxing and enjoying life. 😉

It was a very eventful trip and one that God blessed me richly with. Firstly many thanks to Bini for inviting me to Shenzhen, offering to bring me around and just hang with me and play host! Her family was most hospitable in treating me to spa treatment, massage and buffet! Secondly I was very blessed to coincidentally travel towards Shenzhen with American fashion designers for Timo Weiland, Timo and Alan whom I met at Blueprint earlier. It was good to be traveling with them, into a foreign place for the first time! 🙂

And then as you can see from the photo slideshow above, it was really 5 days worth of fun shopping, eating, enjoying. What more can a girl ask for in a holiday?!

We discovered that we make great travel buddies and that we’d like to go to Hainan Island beaches next year! We talked about how if I’ll have a boyfriend by then, we can double date on a travel trip. 😛


ClubCouture’s Summer Sale! :)

If you’ve been following me on twitter, you’d know by now that Club Couture recently sponsored me a few dresses to feature on my blog! Unfortunately with internship and my mother’s recent admission to hospital, I haven’t had time to schedule a photo shoot! But no worries, I’m on it and I can’t wait to post pictures of them soon! 🙂

So, Club Couture is having this AWESOME Summer Sale going right on their website that’s hard to miss and I’d like YOU to enjoy it!!! They are also offering free registered delivery on all orders – no minimum spend required! Anddd they ship worldwide! How awesome is that! Btw they did not ask me to write this post, I just wanted to share with ya’ll a selection of lovely dresses absolutely fitting to have fun, date and fall in love with this summer! 😉

Floral Chiffon Maxi Original $68, Special Price $39.99

I loveee maxi dresses but unfortunately for me, I am not blessed in the height department and so I very much prefer to keep to short,  knee length and above dresses. But you know, we always want what we can’t have so I picked out quite a bit of maxi dresses in this post. 😛

Summer Long Necklace $29

It’s summer and you have this necklace to prove it! With a rose crafted in ribbons and leaves signifying blooms in summer, what’s not to love? You could pair it with the Floral Chiffon Maxi as above. 😉

Khaki Tank Dress Original Price $36, Special Price $29.99

I am totally digging this khaki green coloured tank dress! Doesn’t it give off such a sense of adventure? I can totally imagine visiting the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, or riding an open top jeep into a Safari in this dress! Yet when you pair this lovely dress with pearl necklace and black heels as seen above, it channels an urban-girl-with-an-adventurous-spirit vibe! 🙂

Julianne Khaki Parka $79

For a solution to looking cool and feeling warm in the summer rain, bring on the parka! Don’t be afraid to pair it with a girly dress underneath it, the quirky mix is in trend right now!

Floral Maxi Dress Original Price $68, Special Price $29.99

In my opinion, this dress with its blue, red and yellow florals gives off a mexican vibe which is always good for a colourful summer! Ideal for a day at the beach or a walk in the garden! Remember to bring that lomo to capture all the memories of the day! 🙂

Strapless Chiffon Dress in red $68

For a date you’d like to impress, consider this red hot dress that’s sure to blow the mind of any guy who sees you in it. 😛

Anddd if you’re reading this AFTER 13 June, no fear! Just quote offer code CCBLOG15 upon checkout and you’d receive a 15% discount for being my awesome reader! 🙂


May Visual Inspirations!

Hello! It’s time again for another month’s visual inspiration updates! Haven had time to really venture/read online this month so I find that the depth and breath of this month’s update is quite lacking but I do really like the bright colours in this collection.

I have tried to credit as many images as possible but have left those that I am unsure off blank. They should be credited to either NY The Cut, Nylon or Refinery29. Oops. I need a better way of keeping track where I get my images.

Uploading and crediting these images is really quite time consuming but I really like doing this so I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my labour! 🙂

Post #Blueprint Reflections

Now that Blueprint is finally over, I am glad that I can take a breather and soon leave Singapore for Hong Kong and meet up with my best friend, Bini in Shenzhen! 🙂 But before I leave, I want to note down my thoughts of my Blueprint trade and emporium experience.

Joining Blueprint as a project intern is a valuable experience which I am grateful for as I have made many new friends through it. Although the monetary reward is abysmal, I feel that I would still do it all over again given a chance because of the exposure I gained.

As a project intern, my tasks were mainly mundane and unglamorous. Prior to the events, it mainly consisted of compiling and/or editing lists of names, brand profiles, images, liaising with the designers to remind them of their show fittings, rehearsals etc. When the event took place it was mainly ensuring the designers outfits came in backstage on time for preparation and ensuring the soles of the shoes on loan were properly masked with tape so that they are returned in good condition.

The last week has been tiring as it required a lot of time on my feet (particularly tiring if I chose to wear heels that day). The first few days of the events were more eventful as the event just started and several on the spot actions had to be taken. Like how the VIP guest list for the designers we collated were not received by the events company taking charge of the registration booth so we had to rush to print for them about 1-2 hours before the event. And less than 15 minutes before the preview party started we were still deciding how to best arrange the accessory table that accompanied the show. It was hectic and exhausting but quite fun I must say.

Through this internship I saw first hand how a major event like this comes together and it is no mean feat!!!

The most rewarding part of the internship is meeting people in the industry. Especially friendly people! Dedicated people from Mercury like Jo, Denise, Cat, Michelle, Tjin, Jasmine, Dorothy and Charmaine. Designers like Jackie of J JS Lee, Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein, Jose Duran are all real lovely people. And meeting media friends like Sarah of Wottoncool, Mian Han of 360 Degree, Viona and Chuck of Fash Forward as well as fellow interns/volunteers like Mythili, Nidya, Victoria, Sherrilyn, Rita, Alexis, Elizabeth, Nicholas. 🙂

Mostly I just want thank God for blessing me with such an enriching experience although I complained quite a fair bit when meeting hiccups and even when I have not been waking up for Sunday morning service and also I overslept a lot…

I will follow up this internship reflections with two more posts of 1. Intern perspective: What to expect from an internship 2. Employer’s perspective: what you can offer and expect from your intern


(Belated) April Visual Inspirations! :)


It’s been more than a week since I last updated! And almost a month since I had my last visual inspirations update! So here’s a huge chunk of visual inspirations I’ve yet to upload from April!

You’ll find a lot of images regarding the Royal Wedding, Noel Caleb, Style Bubble – Susie’s outfit posts and a bit more of home decor inspirations too! 🙂

It’s nice to keep a visual inspirations log. From it, I can start to see that my favoured aesthetics skew a lot toward key word(non-exhaustive list) such as feminine, colours, sophisticated and tastefully dramatic. Keeping a visual log helps me to find out what tickles my fancy and what I appreciate. It’s also really an exercise to open my eyes to new and different visual approach as well as keeping myself up to date to trends.

Sorry I didn’t caption where I took them from because it’s just too many to cover! I will try to be more conscientious in future and update more regularly with proper crediting. 🙂 But if you really want to know what is from where, let me know and I will try to source out the original and let you know!

A short update on how life’s been:

It’s been a great 1 week plus so far, interning with Blueprint/Mercury MC is turning out real fine, working alongside friendly colleagues – having good meals from nearby food places and knowing of like 100 over new/upcoming local and regional brands- is quite like summer school for me.

Royal wedding was all the buzz when it happened end April (the last post on my blog) and then the next was all about Singapore Elections. My batch turns 21 this year so it was a slight wet blanket when we found out only those who turn 21 on 1st of Jan gets to vote. (Why is the school intake not like this huh? :P)

I will reserve my thoughts on elections in a separate blog post titled “Post #Sgelections Thoughts” which I’ve already thought of the points but just finding the time to blog it down.

Will start to get real busy for Blueprint as the event, next weekend draws nearer! I might even be staying over at MBS if they need me to stay! Follow me on twitter (see side bar for my latest tweets)—> if you haven’t and you can read more about my daily “happenings” and cool news I read online. 😉

Twitter is like micro-blogging so I think that’s partly why I have not updated the blog for so long! Go read my tweets to see what you’ve missed out for the past 1 week plus ok! 😛

Lastly I fell sick *again* due to a flu I caught from the office… but I’m on the way to recovery so Thank God for that! I’m also very thankful for my Blueprint internship and another one coming up in June/July. 🙂

Been slacking off spiritually lately, need to be disciplined and take time for God! 🙂

Shall head to bed naooo


Noël Caleb; On-stage glamour, Off-stage grace.

Noël Caleb's Logo

A new local designer label, Noël Caleb means Christmas and Devotion combined. With the spirit of thanksgiving, here’s a label sewn with every fashion designer’s heart and love.

Noël Caleb 2011 Debutante Collection: The Ballerina Diaries

For their debutante 2011 collection, Noël Caleb is inspired by the archetypal Parisian ballerina. The collection is a juxtaposition of gentle float with structural strength. A collage of the feminine from boardroom to ballet. Drapes and weaves bind in a spirt of unconventional chic. From fresh-cut cyan to candyfloss pink, Noël Caleb carry the modern Lilith through the days, and holidays.

For the Noël Caleb’s Blogger Styling Competition 2011, I collected 3 pieces from their debutante collection, styled two looks and engaged my sister, Jia Hui’s assistance for some fun photo-taking!

Please vote for me by LIKING and then LIKE my pic from tomorrow onwards!

For the first style, I paired the Noël Caleb outfit with a Topshop Cyan bag and Rubi Hot Pink shoes, matching the colours of the Tatiana top. The look gives a youthful and funky vibe. Perfect for a lunch date at a restaurant or a girl’s day out!

Take a look at the contrasting cyan with pink polka dot fabric on the reverse side of the skirt!

I really like the outer sleeveless jacket Paloma. Makes me look and feel like a modern warrior. ^^

For the second look, I styled the outfit with a vintage Rose Bertin bag and D&C red and white stripped shoes. It channels an old-school charm, fitting for teachers and office executives.

This look is really ideal for a tea-time break where you skip off to an alfresco cafe and dive into your favourite read while sipping coffee.

Dressed in a vintage style, I couldn’t resist posing with the bamboos and looking all old-school in it! 😛

Close up photo showing the details of the Noël Caleb attire.

Before I end off, please take the time to like Noel Caleb on Facebook here to receive updates on their brand and as well as like my photo (when it’s up tomorrow) so that I can win the contest! 🙂

To end off this post, here’s a last image of me with a beautiful bamboo backdrop! According to chinese culture, Bamboo symbolizes the Scholar. According to Living Arts Originals website, “The bamboo is considered a gentleman with perfect virtues. It combines upright integrity with accommodating flexibility; it has the perfect balance of grace and strength.”

I hope you enjoyed the post and I would like to wish you & the Noël Caleb label all the best for your future ahead!

All photo credits to my sister, Jia Hui. 🙂 You may follow her on her Twitter, here.

If you like, you may purchase Noël Caleb designs online here.

In the above photos, I am wearing:

1. Noël Caleb’s Tatiana Top, Pink with green polka dot, M size. (Although S would have been a better fit for me.)
2. Noël Caleb’s Paloma (Sleeveless), Pink, S size.
3. Noël Caleb’s Nathalie, Red, L size.